Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Mask...

 "The Mask is the new gender-neutral burka..." -- The Overlord

I hate the facemask.

I'm sick to to death of having to wear one to mollify a crowd of pussies living in fear that they might get the sniffles.

I'm about to choke the next vaccinated bitch who demands I wear a mask because her grandmother died of complications of constipation and the flu. Nine years ago.

This -- this entire, manufactured COVID-19 panic -- is, and has always been, theater.

The Mask has become a new symbol of oppression and new means of identifying just who it is that it is okay to discriminate against.

And like the burka, The Mask represents a loss of civil and human rights, it is a fundamental denial of humanity. Not a "safety measure", not a prophylactic to help "slow the spread", nor even a prudent and courteous precaution to take to protect the most-vulnerable.

The Mask is a visible sign of "who belongs" in a world separating into two, distinct camps -- the Sheep and the Individualist.

The Sheep is a product and client of government. Alternately, The Sheep is a fucktarded moron who does things simply because everyone else is, or because someone else told them to do so. The Sheep is the predominant sub-species. You find them everywhere.

Usually on a line, standing six feet apart.

The Individualist is a disappearing breed. You can find them being assaulted while driving to work through a herd of sheep engaged in "protest". Of what, they do not know.

I'm excruciatingly annoyed at being confronted by the same sort of fake-cheerful, intensely-nosey chick with a thermometer gun and a clipboard everywhere I go, asking the same stupid questions, so that I have to give the same answers designed to frustrate her:

Have you had COVID-19 in the last year?

No, but I've had the Clap and Jock Itch. How about you?

Have you had any of the following symptoms (run off checklist of 35 symptoms that are present in everything from the common cold to a stroke) in the last 14 days?

No. How was your last menstrual cycle, by the way?

Listen I'm only doing my job. No need to be nasty about it.

I just came here to buy Windex. You're in my way.

Have you been vaccinated yet?

No, but I identify as being vaccinated, so you have to pretend to believe me. May I go now?

You can't enter the store without a mask.

I wouldn't enter you without a blindfold. Excuse me.

Excuse me...excuse have to wear a mask before you go in.

Call the cops, then. If they haven't been defunded already. By the time the social worker gets here, I'll be gone. Good day.

I got my fucking Windex, anyway.

This entire episode has been about hiding failure. Not a disease, not the deleterious effects on people who were mostly -- let's face it -- being artificially kept alive long past their sell-by date on a combination of "miracle drugs" and government "insurance" at someone else's expense.

This has all been about the failure of the Leftist Centralized Managerialist Utopia. It all came crashing down around their ears because Chinese people can't stop fucking and then eating bats.

Open Borders? The Open Borders allowed the "pandemic" to become a world-wide phenomena.

Diversity? The Diversity brought the virus here...through the Open Borders.

Government health care? The public health system failed catastrophically. What rescued it from complete and utter destruction was Operation Warp Speed and similar programs that let loose the forces of Capitalism to produce vaccines, bolster dwindling supplies, and to improvise and produce whatever was needed as it was needed.

High-Density Urban Living as a Means of "Saving the Planet"? Those high-density Urbans full of infected Diversity that crossed Open Borders were a natural breeding ground for disease.

Mass Transit as an Alternative to the Private Motor vehicle? Mass transit -- whether aircraft, buses, trains -- helped spread the disease faster and more-efficiently through the High Density Urbans.

Rule by Expert? The Experts have shown they have no expertise. In anything. They can't even stay on the same side of the street for five minutes on anything COVID-related -- masks, hydroxychloriquine, NSAIDS, oxygen therapy, vaccines.

The Panic was, and still is, being driven by Baby Boomers who are afraid of anything that might make them uncomfortable, slightly dizzy, or give them pain. This plague of locusts insists it has the right to live forever, free from of any complaint, which is why they take 30 medications costing thousands of dollars every year, most of it to counter-act the one inconvenient side-effect of the med they took to "cure" their itchy, aging vagina or limp dick.

This is all a drama of the Left and it's dependents and clients in government. Or rather, OF government.

And no, I refuse to get a vaccine based on untried technology (mRNA) which requires that I give a sample of my DNA (either on a swab or through a blood sample) to the government, just so that I can get a card that says I can enter the supermarket and buy a fucking bottle of fucking Windex without a fucking third-degree and threats of police intervention.

I noticed you didn't take any temperatures or ask any fucking questions to the fifteen black people who entered the store before I did, Toots.

What was that about? White Supremacy?


Anonymous said...

Haha. Hell yeah.

Theloniou$ said...

Can I get a witness! Say Hallelujah Brother!

Weetabix said...

"Have you been vaccinated yet?

No, but I identify as being vaccinated, so you have to pretend to believe me. May I go now?"


And I agree with you completely on everything.

(and that one image wasn't a motorcycle. It was a scooter of some sort.)

Anonymous said...

right on! right on!

may God bless you!

EFG said...

"And no, I refuse to get a vaccine based on untried technology (mRNA) which requires that I give a sample of my DNA (either on a swab or through a blood sample)"


Much respect brother, but what do you mean you had to give a DNA sample?

I got the vaccine, and at no point did I have to give any DNA.

Is that a New York thing?

Matthew Noto said...

If you were tested for Corona at a government-provided testing center (NY City and State opened hundreds), they swabbed the inside of your nose or took a blood sample.

The swab and blood is tested.

The swab or blood has your DNA on/in it.

Now, having been in the IT industry for 36 years, I can tell you this without any doubt, whatsoever:

If the City Health and Hospital Corp or the Board of Health or associated government agencies swabbed you in order to test you, they built a database with DNA samples in it. I can also tell you that data is NEVER destroyed because it's too valuable.

That database, which matched your sample to your identity (address, Social security number, age, underlying health issues, medications you take and all the other questions they asked -- in writing -- before they swabbed you went into that database.

I would NOT put it past any politician or bureaucrat in NY state to have had someone's, anyone's, DNA mapped out -- probably in the name of "Corona research" -- and have stored that information somewhere.

Free DNA samples are rare. being able to collect them, ostensibly for scientific purposes, is a godsend to whoever wants that data for reasons OTHER THAN scientific research.

One hundred years from now, all the DNA samples and all the data collected from them will still be in existence...and your guess is as good as mine as to what government will do with it.

EFG said...

Got it.

I never actually got tested for Covid, I just got the jab.

Much obliged for the courtesy and depth of your reply.

Matthew Noto said...

You're welcome.