Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Majority of One (Prevalence of Insanity Edition)

"You're all genetically defective, I tell you..." -- The Overlord

First things first: thank you to all the well-wishers who sent their positive vibes in the direction of Mrs. Overlord. She's home from the hospital and doing much better. She really appreciates your kindness and generosity.

The World is Insane.

If the planet, itself, is not insane, then a goodly number of the bipedal bags of crap that inhabit it most-definitely are. Whenever I begin to wonder if there's something wrong with me -- my almost- reflexive misanthropy, the propensity to dismiss most people as being beneath contempt, sometimes elicits pangs of self-doubt as to both the veracity of my opinion and questions concerning the level of narcissism necessary to hold it -- the walking douchebags go out and do or say things that reassure me that my original opinion was not just the correct one, but spot-fucking-on.

Couldn't be more right if I deliberately tried, it seems.

Three examples from the past week or so that would reinforce and validate my hatred for the Waste DNA of this World come to mind. I will take the least-offensive example first, and then work up to a crescendo of fucktard.

The first example is one Greta Thunberg, Swedish Teenaged Doofus and Herald of the Apocalypse, poster child for child abuse, the veritable Pippi Longstocking of Armageddon, and an example that the Swedes were probably wrong to drop their "democratic-socialist" eugenics programs, adapted almost wholesale from the Nazi party.

And having written that, let me take a small step back, for my real issue is not with Greta, but rather with her parents and the insidious cult to which they belong.

It has long been known that the Modern Left hides behind children. The Modern Left hides behind just about anything it can, because every Modern Leftist, at heart, is a fucking coward. The Left hides behind children who call themselves "anti-fascists"; it practises fascism in schools and on college campuses, pretending that it is shielding young, fragile minds from painful and despicable ideas; every dumbass running for president to the left of Stalin in 2020 will eventually pull out the "it's for the children" routine.

Greta is just one more prop of the Modern Left. The real pernicious influence here is not Greta, but rather her parents. Excuse me, I meant "gamete donors". Because "parents" would never do this to a child.

If you missed the speech on Global Warming this young lady gave to the United Nations this week, you can be forgiven: it is the United Nations; it is a speech about a non-existent problem, and given the amount of media attention it garnered, this is an indication that it wasn't important.

I watched the speech, but in my defense I had no choice: I was getting a haircut and the salon -- which normally has "The View" and other such sub-human, IQ-lowering fare on the screen -- had it on television and the ladies there were not terribly concerned about changing the channel to suit my toxic male tastes.

Here's what I took away from it:

Greta Thunberg is an abused child. Not physically, but mentally. And I'm not talking about her Autism here, I'm talking about the obvious mental torture and torment her parents have inflicted upon her in the name of their stupid ideology. If there were any justice in this Universe (just wait; I'll eventually assume the authority to mete it out) Mr. Sperm-Donor and Mrs. Sperm-Bucket would be hung by their thumbs, beaten bloody with a thorny switch, and then fed to a pack of hungry pitbulls.

That child is frightened to death. She is angry. She is frustrated and constipated and flummoxed. She is a fountain of misdirected hatred, fear, confusion, and acrimony. She savaged the U.N. for it's "inaction" on the subject of Climate Change. She accused the world body of depriving her of her future. She berated the greatest collection of useless pieces of shit in the history of Life on This Planet for their part in a conspiracy to cause Mass Extinction.

And in the end, they applauded her. She dumped copious amounts of emotionally-overwrought shit upon them, and they cheered.

No embarrassment, no shame, no reticence, no silence brought about by deep and sober reflection.

A fucking standing ovation.

That tells you all you need to know about the U.N. and it's collective belief in the bullshit of Global Warming. When you've just been verbally ass-raped, and said anal ramming was intended to produce a mood of collective self-reproof, and your response is to cheer your assailant on, then it's quite obvious this isn't really a priority for you. In fact, it's probably a truly good indication that even you don't believe the bullshit you spout on this subject. The implication is that you know you're lying and the applause is a form of mollification and mock solidarity intended to make the subject -- and speaker -- go away.

I don't know if it was the Autism or not, but that child was so overflowing with grief and disgust that one wonders just how much of what she says she even understands or believes. After all, 16 year- old girls are not particularly noted for their sophistication or scientific acumen. Any time a 16 year old, regardless of gender, ever heard a good idea it usually turns out to be the last idea they've heard, ever, and there is little to no reflection before action.

But a 16-year-old Autistic Girl who is obviously laboring under the monumental mental and emotional stresses of believing we're all gonna die, any second now, is the perfect shield from which to lob Molotovs from in perfect safety. For only a cad and a despicable person and a Nazi/Racist/Hater would dare to criticize a mentally-ill child who is obviously upset, and so the purpose of Greta Thunberg (other than the welfare check her parents probably get for having produced a defective child) is to prevent the Other Side in this debate from responding.

Particularly with facts. Which beat raw emotions any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

That's what Greta Thunberg was and is: a great, big, "shut up and take it" machine in braids.

The next example of the Prevalence of Insanity is one Justin Trudeau, nominally the Prime Minister of Canada, but more like the Harlequin in Chief of America's Biggest Supplier of Maple Syrup and Hockey Players.

Justin apparently has a fetish for dress-up. Curiously, I find this adorbs; it is reminiscent of the decadent French courts, pre-Revolution and Guillotine, and a good indication that you can elect a man to be Prime Minister, sober, judicious, wise and intelligent, but at some point his inner Peter Pan will emerge and make you a laughing stock.

For all my Canadian friends who laugh at Donald Trump, I have this response: Donald Trump may be a lot of things (no need to list them all here, the flaws are obvious) but he's not a little boy playing dress-up with grandma's old trunk in the attic.

Now, to be fair, some of the ensembles Justin dons are purely for effect, such as when he visits India and goes full-on Nehru to the extent of wrapping his wife and children in native garb, and being photographed profusely in such a state. Yes, Justin is clearly enjoying himself in his opportunity to play Gandhi for a day, but the real reason he did so was a shallow display of his multi-cultural bonfides.

Justin is so "woke" that he will readily adapt his Western Ways, in fact, totally abandon them, in the presence of The Diversity, and enjoy it, as a means of virtue signalling his status as one of the First Citizens of the World.

Because if "Canada" means anything, it means hating being white, western, straight, next door to the United States, born of the British Empire, repository of the Western Tradition,  and advertising this to the entire planet.

So The Diversity won't hate you.

Unfortunately, your little Diversity Kabuki Play -- hey, look, I'm just like you; I'm rocking a set of hideously-colored pajamas that smell like month-old curry and dead vermin, too! -- cuts no ice with the Little Brown Fuckers because for all the garishly-pigmented silk in the world, they feel no affinity with you, and never will. Because you have everything they never will. Like food and water, money, and a successful culture. In fact, it probably makes them despise you even more because you've adopted their custom as a charade.

And the thing is, people like Justin are both aware of this and unaware of it, simultaneously. Dressing like a Dervish, a Bushman, an Eskimo, or a Brahman, ultimately, isn't aimed at fostering a feeling of mutual respect and comity between peoples, but rather at a particular brand of tremendously retarded voters back in Ontario or British Columbia, for whom appearances trump (no pun intended) substance. You dress the part to impress people who are just as shallow as you are.

So shallow, in fact, that when no one is looking (you think) it's quite okay to go all the way and not only appropriate food and clothing as a sort of back-handed joke, but to paint yourself blacker than the Ace of Spades when you do it.

Anyone else would be accused of the basest racist tendencies for doing so, but not for someone who has spent a lifetime and made his name and political career virtue signalling his inner dipshit as a lover of humanity. In the end, having been caught in blackface and accused of hypocrisy, Justin does what every Leftist moron in Creation has done; he simply ignores the grave, racist wrong he would have accused others of perpetrating, and uses race as a dodge.

He could only do such a thoughtless, reprehensible, disgusting, prejudiced thing, you see, because he possesses White Privilege. The fact that he routinely takes to "going native" when abroad as a means of making an ostentatious, deliberate show of shedding his White Privilege makes a mockery of his use of same as a defense.

And this is a problem I have with people, like Justin (and more-recently, the Duchess of Cambridge who goes to Africa and feigns affinity with the seething masses on the basis of being a "Woman of Color". Which leads one to ask, "which one will you be exploiting for personal gain  today?").

Here's the insanity:

According to the Trudeau's and Meagan Markles and The Entire American Left, it is perfectly acceptable to IDENTIFY as a black man, say, giving you the right to demand the entire planet suspend it's collective sense of Objective Reality in order to validate your mental illness, but the second you paint your face to resemble a black man, why then you've gone beyond the pale (pun intended).

In psychiatry, this is called Cognitive Dissonance.

In real life, it's called Hypocrisy.

Final example of the Rampant Insanity:

Last week there was apparently a debate among the 400 or so genetic mutations vying for the dubious honor of losing to Donald Trump in 2020. What was remarkable about this confab of dumbfuck -- other than the thought "how did they get them all on the same short bus and drive them to the debate?" -- was the repetitive nature of the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party's election pitch.

"Free " everything.

"More of the same, only with more of someone else's money".

"It'll work this time...really."


"Icky Guns!"

"My Vagina!"

Why, they even recycle archetypical candidates:

If you liked Hillary, well, here's Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren to reprise the role. One is an aging irrelevancy who is mentally and physically deteriorating before our eyes, claiming to have been under sniper fire and taking down criminal masterminds (Corn Pop? Really?) , and the other is a lying sack of shit who can't tell the truth about her own background and exploits to save her own, worthless life. All that DNA test did, Lizzie, besides expose you as a liar, is to prove that you might, in fact, be the very origin of the word "Caucasian".

If you liked Obama, well, here's Kamala -- a mixed race, and a feminist, too boot!, whose primary achievement has been to prove that despite all feminism's so-called progress, you can still get ahead by giving head. Affirmative Action with kneepads.

If you loved Bill Clinton, here comes Bernie Sanders, out to solve 21st Century Problems with a 20th Century Populist Pitch on behalf of a tried-and-failed 19th Century Political System. And if you call him out on it, he'll tell you that's not what he said, that people are out to get him, that he's a victim of circumstance, that he may be bad but others are worse, and then go over to the attack...until he's caught again.

The definition of insanity, it is said, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

These are the people who are supposed to our "leaders" -- a brainwashed child, a child who wishes he had a brain to wash, and a bunch of recycled stock characters from a third-rate Off-Broadway performance of H.R Puffenstuff and His Psychedelic Friends.

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