Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Mass Shootings and (M)assholes...

"In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule." -- Friedrich Neitzsche 

For fuck's sake, people, can we go at least one week without shooting each other?

Apropos of the shootings in Dayton ad El Paso, if you came here looking for the tired and shopworn pablum of "thoughts and prayers go out to the victims" or your boilerplate leftard canards about "sensible gun control", you've come to the wrong place. The Overlord has made his feelings on these particular brands of virtue signalling abundantly clear, previously, and I see no need to change tradition.

It's fucking senseless.

Until you start applying common sense to the problem.

And herein lies the issue: there is a lack of common sense, across the board. Law enforcement has no answer to this problem; lawmakers have no silver bullet (no pun intended); so-called "Community Leaders" usually turn out to be no leaders, at all, and are, likewise, useless. This is a social problem many decades in the making - it stems from our modern(?) attitudes and politics and habits -- and there is no combination of new laws, stricter enforcement of existing laws, or politicians making stupid statements that is going to cure this disease.

There are too many people with vested interests in maintaining the status quo for personal benefit for that to happen.

The Overlord knows what the "root causes" of these abhorrent acts are, but no one listens to him, because White Privileged Male and brilliant. We live in a society that condemns the former for its success as a culture and ignores the latter to avoid being confronted by it's own stupidity.

In a nutshell, here's your problem (no particular order):

1. The breakdown of the nuclear family. Thank you Welfare State, Feminism, Progressives and (non-)Education Establishment.

2. Social isolation. When one has to continuously walk on eggshells for fear of giving offense to another who is a whining dingbat--- who just needs a good beating, rather than to have her (it's usually a "her") ridiculous feelings catered to -- and being severely punished (with social ostracism, loss of a job, expulsion from school, doxxing, sometimes legal penalties) for violating an ever-changing array of non-sensical "rules" and social conventions, we should not be surprised when people feel isolated and unable to connect with one another, or even to see one another as fellow human beings.

3. In regards to 2, we should also not be surprised when lonely, socially-isolated people don't know how to approach others for all the stupid social conventions and practical minefields, and descend further into loneliness and isolation.

4. Also in regards to 2, we should also express no shock when isolated, lonely, confused, and perhaps angry and depressed for lack of human contact people take to the internet, where they find people struggling with the same issues, and they manage to merely reinforce one another's anxiety's, fears, depressions and manias.

5. We almost always discover that the shooter(s) are Known Wolves, rather than "Lone Wolves"; they've had run-ins with the law; they've stood before a judge; the social services are aware of their existence; their friends and relatives all know there is a powder keg running around free. No one does anything. Ever. Thank you, "non-judgmental" (emphasis on "mental") society that makes it almost a sacred duty to never, ever pass a judgment that might save someone's life -- many someone's lives -- and demand something be done about this crazy fucker before they open fire.

We have the same problem with Radical Islam in America: the friends and relatives of the potential "Lone Wolf influenced by YouTube" makes no mistake about announcing his intention, but then no one does anything to stop or report him. We could eliminate a great deal of terrorism and crime in a relatively short time if those around the terrorists and criminals simply spoke up in time.

But then again, that won't happen because the "moderate" Muslim is afraid of not only the potential shooter/bomber, but his friends, too, and in the case of the inner city career criminal, no one wants to send their baby daddy, son, nephew or whatnot to jail. In the middle-class suburban set, the immediate reaction tot he realization that you've raised a potential Charles Manson is to protest ("Not my kid!") and then retreat into a bubble of denial and inertia.

After all, what would the neighbors think? The guys at the Club? The people in the office?

Courage is lacking across the board.

6. The state of Mental Health Services in America is beyond the ability of the State to repair, primarily because it was the State that fucked them up and the State which runs the most-available options for those who need help. And if there's anything a politician or bureaucrat hates more than a basketful of deplorable rube taxpayers, it's having to admit their expertise is lacking, confess that their skills and ideas are suspect, and having to bear any responsibility for the resulting mess they've made.

Your typical state-run mental health contrivance comes in two flavors:

a) State-run facility that is administered/staffed by an outside contractor whose greatest virtue was that they were the lowest bidder.

b) State-run facility staffed/administrated by a combination of fucktarded, unionized douchebags, with a sprinkling of not-ready-for-prime-time-second-rate-barely-passed-the-licensing-exam "professionals" in psychology and social work who, on a good day, might be able to find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight. Why, if it weren't for the State to provide them with sinecures, paychecks and hefty benefits, these people would be walking dogs, working at the car wash, panhandling or selling fake Rolexes on street corners.

Most will have no ability in their chosen field, because Dumbass, Affirmative Action, Federally-mandated employment quota and Incompetent.

Your alternative to a State-run facility with a revolving door in the front is private practice, where the level of care (and competence) is somewhat higher, but more expensive (and often not covered by insurance), and where there is little agreement on both the nature  and treatment of mental illness (mental Illness is either, according to the two major schools of thought, a chemical imbalance in the brain to be treated with (expensive) pharmaceuticals by a dickhead who charges $400 for the 35-minute hour, or a combination of experience and learned behaviors which can only be examined and corrected with a long (and expensive) program of (often questionable) non-drug therapies.

Both "solutions" smack of the "one-size-fits-all" variety, and it's why they are rarely, if ever, successful. There is a third school which attempts to combine the other two approaches and which, sez me, only manages to apply the worst aspects of each in order to create something new (and perhaps just as dangerous?) altogether.

From personal experience, antidepressants are bullshit, talk therapy works, and the world becomes less scary and easier to manage when you learn proper coping skills and acquire the tools of maturity.

You will find none of this in a State-run facility which is designed to either warehouse the incurable or go through the motions of treating people in return for a permanent job and legal protections.

7. The Culture - Disregarding entirely the Left's contention that Mass Shooting is entirely a "White Male" phenomenon, I wish to note that if one looks at places like Chicago (where 48 people were shot while El Paso and Dayton took center stage, because politics and narrative), it seems it is not possible to put three African-Americans in the same space without gunfire erupting.

And usually over stupid shit or criminal activity. But we don't talk about that.

But, IF...IF...mass shooting is an exclusively-white male undertaking, the Left bears a great deal of the blame for it. It's not only the destruction of the nuclear family (see above) caused by Leftist policies at work here; it's Leftist rhetoric and activities, as well.

If you're a young, white male in today's America, from the time you're able to understand the English language, you are continuously told by the left that you are a piece of shit. A hopeless, irredeemable, soulless, bottomless pit of unmitigated evil. You're the descendant of slave owners (even if your ancestors owned none); you're a rapist (even if you haven't ever raped anyone, it's only because you've never had the opportunity...yet); your culture and history are diseased and worthless; your heroes are all flawed people who deserve to be regarded as criminals by applying modern standards to their less-enlightened circumstances.

You go to school and discover that there will be few males, of any color, there to relate to you in positions of authority. You will be stuffed into a classroom with the mentally ill, the handicapped, the truly stupid, the preternaturally incompetent, and given the same low-standard-no-accountability-feel-good "education" they are, and to spice it up, subjected to Diversity Training in which you soon discover "Diversity" does not include you, you fucking Nazi. These themes will be continuously reinforced throughout your "educational experience" and follow you into the workplace, as well, as you find yourself compelled to continuously grovel, apologize, feel shame and remorse, and be penalized by Affirmative Action for things that you never did.

His school is no longer a place of education, where he will learn mathematics, and critical thinking skills, but a political RE-education concentration camp, where he will be taught to reflexively hate himself.

He's probably often bullied by The Diversity, racial and gender, as well, on a daily basis and well-aware that retaliation will only visit punishment upon him out of proportion to the offense.

Feminism has made normal (as we people of a certain age might describe them) relations between the sexes impossible. How does one approach a member of the opposite sex when your first impulses -- acquired through continuous indoctrination -- is to fear "misgendering" someone; trying desperately to avoid giving offense to someone trained to have a hair trigger; where clumsy words or advances can be considered "sexual assault" even when no sexual contact takes place; where one must acquire "consent" in almost documentary form, only to discover it can be withdrawn retro-actively depending on whether the recipient of your affections suffers any form of social disapproval for having consented in the first place, or merely discovers that there is a personal advantage in re-writing history (like getting rid of an ex you'd rather not see, or to avoid the teasing of the other girls over your choices by making a false accusation of rape after the fact.).

In a related rant on this, I have a theory that if you've ever wondered why you can open your newspaper on any given day and see YET ANOTHER story about a female teacher sexually assaulting their charges, bear in mind that most of them were subjected to the same indoctrination program. I wouldn't doubt the reason why so many cutesy blonds choose to pork the adolescent set is because they've been taught TO FEAR MEN. They've also been taught -- and soon discover this isn't true, past a certain point -- that Men can be manipulated with sex. Confronted by the failure to manipulate the Men in their lives to their satisfaction/advantage, they instead prey upon the inexperienced and more-emotionally unstable (because this makes them the perfect match).

The clumsy male will get no help, or even share the experience of learning, from his clumsy and fearful female counterpart, who has been told a penis is a deadly weapon, worse than an atomic bomb.

The young man will find himself living in a world with conflicting massages about Sex: dating is a combination of bloodsport and means of rising up the social ladder; The Sexual Act, itself, has been sanitized of its emotional and responsibility elements in order "to free" the female; you are considered a potential felon until proven otherwise, and even then, baseless accusations are to be treated as if they are absolute truth that can destroy a life.

And that's before you discover "hook up culture" in which people are deliberately looking for anonymous, consequence-free sex without attachments, and who can and will arbitrarily alternately impose impossible conditions on this temporary association, or decide ten years later that you're guilty of something.

It's quite possible his school has been giving him mind-altering drugs, because female teacher...just...can' a six year old with energy.

The young man will find himself adrift in a confusing world in which his very essence -- his masculinity -- has been deemed and declared a deadly poison. He will be alternately regarded as unnecessary to the raising of a family he might create (Welfare state) and somehow still responsible for supporting children their mother had every opportunity -- and CHOICE -- to avoid having -- through birth control methods, through abortion on demand. If he manages a family, at all, the courts will be there to take half his shit, order him to support a vagina he no longer uses forever, and pay exorbitant amounts of alimony and child support, while stripping him of even the most-basic of parental/marital rights when the marriage of two truly confused, immature, emotionally-oriented  and stupid people, predictably, results in a divorce.

Given his own, probably, sketchy familial background, he will most likely have been raised by a single mother, without his father present, or if his father is, in a situation where both parents can barely tolerate one another. He will not learn lessons about Manhood --except from his mother and female teachers -- who haven't clue fucking one as to what this is or what it entails. Any male in a position of authority he comes across -- another teacher, a coach, a scoutmaster, a pastor -- who might be a helpful influence, will not step up to take the place of an absent father, for fear of lawsuit and accusation.

The democratic party (small 'd' intentional) has openly announced it's intention to eliminate or supplant the White Male (because they need the votes, and Blacks are doing themselves no favors by killing each other indiscriminately, dying early from preventable diseases, and being incarcerated at unheard of levels for sheer stupidity and lack of responsibility). "Open Borders" is all but "Open Season" on the White Male; the pulling down of statues and renaming buildings and landmarks is part-and-parcel of erasing the "stain" of White Male. Anything that ever sprung from a White Male has to be examined in a sickly new light of hatred, envy, arrogance and stupid by the less-fortunate-in-the-brains-and-accomplishments department. The White male must be denied every opportunity, every right, every freedom, and even the right to exist.

Because the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party insists that all White Males are a deadly cancer, what with their "Mansplaining" and "Manspreading" and their "Gun Culture" and macho sports culture...and success that others cannot emulate. White males are to be silenced. They are to be beaten in the streets. They are to be denied basic rights while every other shitstain in the United Colors of Dumbfuck has theirs elevated beyond Constitutional levels and by methods that are hardly "democratic". White Males are to be made to feel badly about themselves every minute of every day to atone for their "privileges", which apparently include being unable to get laid for fear of the police, acquiring the same watered-down education as the less-mentally-capable, paying the bills for everyone else, being routinely denied opportunity so that a total waste of gametes can get ahead, and fail, because "fair".

And then you wonder why they start shooting people in great numbers?

On the subject of political leanings of a shooter being of prime importance; this is true only if you'e a liberal, and only then if it can be spun into a conspiracy of the Other Side.

The Dayton shooter, for example, is a textbook leftist of the anarchist-pussy-ANTIFA type (complete with de rigueur manifesto!). That will be ignored, because "White Male Gun Nut" makes a better narrative than "One of Our Own Fucktard SJW's" in the run-up to an election year. No one in a position to do so will call the left out for it's dishonesty, and if someone does, the next shooter shows up on that person's doorstep, directed there by another leftist who helpfully provided an address.

Now, I want you to keep something in mind, My Minions, about this phenomenon.

There is an entire generation of these time bombs walking around. And while the left is busy screaming "White Supremacy!" and "Gun Control!" they will ignore every scrap of evidence that they created these pieces of shit. This means solving the problem will be a one-sided task, for the other side has too much invested in their narratives of race and guns to give it up -- it's too lucrative, it's too useful at the ballot box, it's a good way for a political nobody to raise their public profile.

EDITED for spelling and grammar. I am a terrible editor!

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