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Destructive Narcissistic Paternalism

"If drunk with sight of power, we loose
Wild tongues that have not thee in awe,
Such boastings as Gentiles use,
Or lesser breeds without The Law,
Lord God of Hosts, be with Us yet,
Lest we forget -- lest We forget!"

-- "Recessional", Rudyard Kipling

"Lesser breeds without the Law". For years, I've heard and read how this single line is proof positive that Rudyard Kipling was a racist, imperialist bastard of the worst kind, but that idea is usually promulgated by people who have never read Kipling, nor have ever made an effort to understand him in the context of his times.

These people assume that "lesser breeds" refers to the fuzzy-wuzzies (another Kipling-ism) of the British Empire, the Indian Coolies, the African tribesmen, the inbred denizens of the Muslim nations, but this is not true.

It actually refers to the Germans. But that's a tale for another time.

The problem is that the person who automatically equates "lesser breeds" with the utterances of a (falsely-) accused racist is, in fact, the true racist. I'll get to that in a bit.

Kipling is despised in "highbrow" circles. But not for anything he did, said, or wrote. He is despised because of who his audience and biggest supporters were -- the old English Imperialist class, and their hanger's-on. Kipling was to Victorian  England what Donald Trump is to modern America.

Hating Kipling is/was a means of Virtue Signalling; it is/was a method of Class Warfare. This too enters into our little discussion later on.

I must explain the title of this post.

There is a disease in the air, these days. It has festered and incubated in the body politic for quite some time, but it has reached full virulence only recently, and it's something that threatens the very institutions on which the United States was built, and upon which the continued existence of the United States may very well depend.

I have chosen to call this disease Destructive Narcissistic Paternalism (DNP, for short) because these three words encapsulate both the nature and the effect it has on people.

The first thing to do is to describe the symptoms:

The DNP sufferer displays the following symptoms:

1. S/he has an over-inflated sense of their own importance. This typically manifests itself in an obnoxious attitude, a reflexive sneering, an automatic dismissal of anything they cannot understand or disagree with -- often culminating in an effort to "ban" the disagreeable thingy --  or at the lesser extreme, labeling such things with a word ending in -ism which is supposed to indicate the offending idea is beyond human decency. They display little decency, themselves. They believe they form an "elite" which entitles them to interfere and direct the lives of others, deserve immunity to the results of what they advocate others endure, and to avoid responsibility for failure. In fact, they consider themselves immune to failure, such things being the fault of others who didn't do what was demanded of them.

2. S/he has a deep need for adoration, praise, validation, admiration and excessive attention. They want desperately to keep others from sharing the spotlight, or from shunting them into the shadows of irrelevance. Anyone who threatens to upstage this emotionally-needy person must be silenced, demonized, accused of mental illness, cast in an odious light, in order to persuade others to pay the offender no mind and to reject them as the worst sort of devil.

3. S/he displays a total lack of empathy for others. On the other hand, they are easily slighted and demand that others consider their own feelings constantly; they actively seek to take offense -- to deliberately twist words, to misunderstand context -- so as to create the circumstances under which they are permitted to climb upon their high-horses and berate others. It is a reflexive defense mechanism. This is a means of making themselves feel superior to others, silencing or shaming them into submission before the DNP's own, inner fucktard is exposed.

4. S/he is very good at emotionally manipulating others. Especially for personal gain. Their own emotions are childish and excessive; they cannot feel emotions in moderation, nor control them. They have but five, in any case -- anger, fear, envy, (self-)pity, contempt.

5.  Behind the mask of excessive self-esteem and confidence, however, lies a very fragile ego that is hyper-sensitive to the smallest of criticisms. They harbor secret feelings of shame, vulnerability, insecurity, and fear discovery, ridicule and a demonstration of their mean intelligence more than anything in the universe.

6. Knee-jerk reaction to rejection, disagreement or criticism, that is often violent, hurtful, mean-spirited, and always out of proportion to the stimulus. Rage is the default response. The need to not only defeat a perceived enemy, but to destroy him, becomes an obsession.

7. A sense of entitlement. This includes a belief they are entitled to special favors/treatment/consideration, and instant compliance with their expectations. They have a hair trigger and become enraged when the expected (automatic) reward fails to materialize.

8. A desire to have others conform, often by force, to their systems of belief and politics, tastes, activities, wishes, thoughts and ideas. An independent thinker or someone who simply says "No" to the DNP suddenly becomes a deadly enemy. Failure to comply with their wishes results in a call to have others imprisoned, killed, dispossessed, hounded out of the public square, harassed, beaten, unemployed and rendered unemployable.

9. An expectation that others will recognize them as superior without any achievements that warrant such recognition. A limited social circle of those who attribute superiority to them, and association only with others of "equal" specialness. They look down upon and despise anyone outside of this social circle, believing them to be inferior. They are disconnected from the Common Culture, and from this lack of first-hand experience, assume it is bad (because they are good).

10. S/he will tend to exaggerate their achievements/intelligence/talents, and belittle those of others. They tend to take jobs or enter fields where these things often don't even matter, in the Grand Scheme of Things, and are often not even required for success in them: the arts, government, the non-profit sector, journalism, academia, administration, but in most cases, these will be occupations in which the creation of something does not lead to "success", but rather from which the extraction of benefits from others does.

11. S/he is preoccupied with ideals of perfection, success, power, or brilliance. Seeing themselves as "perfect", they are conceited, arrogant, boastful, tend to monopolize conversations, and are pretentious. When "perfection" (defined as "I got what I've wanted/I am entitled to"") eludes them, they become depressed, angry, anxious, vindictive, violent and can scapegoat anyone or anything with little difficulty, or little reason.

12. S/he is envious of others, and believes others are envious of them. They will lay claim to a special knowledge, wisdom, perspective and expertise that is not evident in either their actions, expression of ideas, work or lifestyles. They are hypocrites, just barely aware of their hypocrisy, and frightened to death that someone will discover and expose it.

Who does that sound like to you?

Nancy? Chuckie? Sandy? Rashida? Maxine? Schiff-for-brains? Nadler? Anyone in a vagina hat? ANTIFA? Feminists? Anyone named Obama, Clinton, or Kennedy?

They have a strange origin, the DNP'ers. It's time for a history lesson, My Minions, and bear with me, for it will be informative, and show you that this disease is neither new, nor has it existed in anonymity.

Our story begins with the Non-Conformist sects (cults, really) of Protestant Europe (but mainly England). The most-severe forms of Christianity, to be exact (but, wait? Don't people like this usually reject God? Wait for it, Son...simmer down now).

If the Reformation and resulting Counter-Reformation in Europe of the 16th-18th Centuries proved anything, it was that people who harbored a deep religious faith, even to the point of sacrificing themselves for it, were complete assholes. All the Judeo-Christian ethics were abandoned. All that stuff about Thou Shall Not Kill/Steal/Covet/Bear False Witness, and the Love Thy Neighbor/Turn the Other Cheek/The Meek Will Inherit the Earth bullshit flew right out the fucking window. The proof is in those burnt at the stake, those killed in interminable wars over interpretation of Scripture, the fights between Powers Temporal (seeking to eliminate a rival/impediment to their rule), and Powers Spiritual (seeking to carve an ever-increasing list of special privileges for itself from the carcass of the State).

Martin Luther's real problem was that he didn't get his cut.

Anyway, some of these ultra-stupid sects got the idea in their heads that Man's real purpose was in obeying -- to the letter and within the spirit -- the Word of God, despite the fact that God never seemed to intervene on their behalf while their families and friends were roasted like marshmallows by both Monarch and Inquisition (the inability to deduce from these tragic events that God either doesn't exist, or gives a fuck, is a defect built into these idiots). The resulting sectarian turmoil made many of them politically dangerous to both Pope and Royalty, and many led a difficult life of exile and constant fear. What they sought, more than anything, was the peace to go on being a fucktard, safe from retaliation or suspicion.

One particular group of these silly people have been beatified in American History as "the Pilgrims" (Calvinist Puritans, seeking separate settlements not beholden to the Church of England). This is a lovely bit of propaganda, intended to portray them as simple, peaceful, pious folk, who only wanted to be left alone to practice their faith in the way they felt was best. Like many of their compatriots in the other sects, they sought a place where they could build "A New Jerusalem" on Earth, because Europe had proven to be unsuitable to the task.

They were chased from England as dangerous subversives, and fled to Holland, where the Dutch were much more tolerant (because the Dutch are bigger assholes and considered this bunch rank amateurs). Pretty soon, they annoyed the fuck out of the Dutch, too (this is, by the way, their major talent), and needed someplace else to go, but they were not welcome in Stuart-Dynasty England, where religious tensions had flared up again in the wake of Elizabeth I's death..

And so they petitioned King Charles I for the right to found a new colony in the New World. Charlie was only too happy to oblige, seeing an opportunity to put 3,000 miles of ocean between himself and a potential threat to his rule. Actually, he had hoped that either the passage or the hardships would kill them all off. In any case, these dickheads found themselves in what was to become Massachusetts (which has remained a veritable fountain of fucktard ever since), and set about building their New Jerusalem in earnest, by burning each other with false accusations of witchcraft and killing the local Indians.

Good job.

But something funny happened: the New Jerusalem failed to materialize. Like I've said earlier, the repeated failure of God to deliver is never a sign that you may be an idiot to these people. It simply convinces them that they didn't try hard enough.

Radical Islam does the same shit.

Anyway, let's fast-forward a few generations.

Someone finally got the message; if we've failed it isn't because of a lack of effort. They also retained the ridiculous idea that it wasn't an indication of the non-existence of God, or loss of divine favor. Instead, they were handed a ready-made excuse for their failure by someone named Charles Darwin, who did something stupid with turtles (perhaps buggering them?) on some deserted islands in the middle of no-fucking-place.

Darwin gave them the dumbfuck idea that the reason they failed wasn't because they were imperfect-- it was because the rest of humanity was.

And if species could be supremely-adapted to their environments through a program of selective breeding, avoidance or lack of outside influences, over the course of generations, careful nurturing, and deliberate attempts to improve the species  -- just like livestock -- then Goddammit, so could Men! God gave way to Science. Thus was born the White Man's Burden (another hat tip to Kipling!).

The first subjects of this experiment in social reorganization were championed by the Abolitionist Movement. The crucible in which the new ore of the New Man was to be forged was the American Civil War and Reconstruction. The African slave would be elevated by the careful guardianship of his "betters"; the reprobate, unsophisticated, inbred Southerner would be reformed by cold steel and government diktat.

We know how well that worked out. Instead of a New Jerusalem, they built a New Plantation, with government taking the place of Massah, and making the trusteeship of the former slave everyone's responsibility, though few had asked for it.

(I would go as far to say that the call for Open Borders and unfettered immigration by these dickweeds is an attempt to import another class of deplorables to continue the experiment well as to work for pig's wages, because they're all also fucking cheap with their own scratch. Apparently, Blacks weren't perfectible enough? Isn't this all racist?)

But, undeterred in their moron, these doofuses forged ahead.

Soon, new "scientific" theories emerged from the cesspools of really bad German "thinkers" and the French Revolution. Things like "Socialism", for example. But, these dimwits hadn't abandoned their older methods, either. Things like the "Experiments" of Lynchburg and Tuskeegee were still in the future.

All buffed up with "science", these jerkoffs began calling themselves "Progressives", a title that indicated that they had thrown off the shackles of superstition (religious belief) and accepted the primacy of empiricism and careful planning. Socialism and Communism soon became methods of creating the New Man (pre-requisite for the New Jerusalem). "The New Man" was all the rage in those days: The Russian Revolution set out to create Him; so did the Fascists; so did the Nazis. In America, it was to be the State which would become the purifying force, first by the abuses of the Wilson Administration and then the "New Deal" of FDR  -- to be followed by "The Great Society", "The New New Deal", and more-recently, "The Green New Deal", Prohibition, The Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, Gay Rights, Rights-for-mental-patients-who-refuse-to-recognize-their- tallywhackers, and so forth, all aimed at a reformation of American Society.

Now, to be fair -- because your Beloved Overlord always seeks to be Objective -- not all of these ideas were, in and of themselves, bad. Where they went off the rails is because even though having rejected God, the DNP still retains that streak of religious-like fanaticism that keeps them in a jihadi mindset. No excess in the pursuit of their Holy Goal is a sin. No bad consequence of the attempt -- whether unintended, accidental, easily-foreseen-but-ignored (and in some cases, a deliberate feature built into the program) -- can ever be admitted. No fault an ever be accepted. No second of doubt can be allowed to transpire, because if it did, then the self-anointed elitist would come face-to-face with their own imperfection, and probably transform into an emotional puddle of self-pity and despondency, requiring either mass murder in order to hide the failure (see: Planned Parenthood, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and on a smaller scale, James HodgkinsonConnor Betts, Robert Bowers), or mass hysteria with the violent aim of intimidating everyone into not noticing (see: ANTIFA).

Somehow, this New Man never materialized after all this "dealing" and "New" stuff, but like I've said earlier, that the results never manifest is never an indication our intrepid shitheads are wrong -- just an indication that they haven't gotten it right ...yet. They are ENTITLED to keep trying until they succeed, because they see themselves as the only legitimate authority on everything, because they are the only perfect people. Because they mean well, and dammit, that's what counts.

They're so blinded by the single-mindedness of their purpose that they fail to understand just how disconnected they are from the rest of humanity, and that their good intentions are nothing more than a shield behind which they hide their inhumanity. For the program is inhuman; it begins with the proposition that everyone not part of their club is a sub-human piece of shit in need of correction, and that in the course of providing the "proper" guidance, if the sub-human piece of shit should find his natural rights violated, if he feels threatened, if he is insulted, if he is bullied, harassed, and browbeaten, well, tough titty. Suck it up, Buttercup. We're trying to make you better.

Eventually, the old Blue-Blooded-descended-from-religious-douchebags set saw that their project was in real danger from the realities of demographics. They just didn't reproduce enough to maintain the manpower necessary to turn everyone into a carbon copy of themselves, and so they recruited future generations to their cause by means of the educational establishment.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Brown, Bennington, Bryn Mawr, Columbia, NYU, Stanford, Berkeley, Boston College, Boston University, Dartmouth, Cornell, Penn, Wesleyan, Tufts, Vassar, with a few traditionally-minority colleges thrown in for show -- like Howard or Morehouse. And no downclass state schools, here, Buddy. If elites were not being born, certainly, in keeping with the traditions of Darwinian Jerusalem Building, they could be made.

Mostly by indoctrination. Mostly by taking the most-stupid and making them even stupider.

And when you look across the blasted heath of the American Political Landscape, the swamp of American Bureaucracy, the sewer of American Justice, the cobwebbed halls of American Power, what do you see?

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Georgetown, Stanford, etc...

And what is the result? People with credentials up the ying-yang from schools with a manufactured cachet (they're "tony" schools, because the elite tell you they are), and no common sense.

A claim to authenticity that is belied by their alienation with the Common Man and Culture (as proof, watch Elizabeth Warren pretend to enjoy a beer and love her dogs, or Bernie Sanders try to explain away three houses and a multi-million-dollar bank account while spending most of his life unemployed, but for government).

These people are historically, culturally, and literally, illiterate (ask AOC (Boston College) to explain... anything. Ask Maxine Waters (Cal) to do basic math. Ask Barack Obama (Occidental, Columbia, Harvard) to speak extemporaneously.

We've left two threads hanging here, and it's time to pull on them until the entire fabric of this sham is unraveled.

The first has to do with the reflexive accusation of "racism' from people who are, indeed, in thought, in action, and by ideological descent, outright fucking racists. Even when a Sheila Jackson-Lee (U of Va Law) defends Affirmative Action as a remediation of a slave-holding past, she's backhandedly implying that without it, many of her constituents can't succeed; a relic of her "proper" education and indoctrination at the hands of DNP's.

When democrats like Elijah Cummings (Howard), Ayanna Pressley (BU), Barbara Lee (Berkeley) win (or continue to win) election, do they not understand (I'll bet they do, but don't care, because entitled) that they do so in districts which have been gerrymandered so as to produce a democrat victory and in which the party dictates that no one else can compete? Again, the implication is that without the ball set on the tee for them (by the White elites at the top of the party), they'll only swing and miss, and, egads!, we might get one of those true denizens of the ghetto that unmistakably demonstrates that DNP's efforts are truly in vain.

Understand this, My Minions, all the talk of racism, all the invalid accusations of such, the devotion to identity politics, is all a sham. These are all products of the racism of the original elitists, and they've passed it on to their adopted flag-wavers as "legitimate grievance" that somehow can only be assuaged by more racism, backhanded bigotry (like the lowering of standards in many endeavors), and continued excuse-making on behalf of the Little Brown Fuckers.

The real racists attend the Ivy League and "Signature" schools, look down their noses at everyone, pass -- but never exercise any good --judgment on us all, evaluated against standards they proclaim but don't even keep, and pray for the day when we're all in put in our rightful place under their divine tutelage. The AOC's, Elijahs, Maxines, and Ayannas, are merely the tools by which that goal will be accomplished.

The new (but it's always been there, because remember: this started out as a religious sect) acceptable racism is Antisemitism disguised as "concern" for the plight of "the Palestinians", a people who do not exist, in a place that never existed, and upon whom one can virtue signal their ass off while uttering terrible, mean, nasty, untruthful things that would see a republican burned (like a witch!) in effigy, and which is disguised as not hatred for Jews but of Zionists, a distinction largely without a difference.

Getting back to the idea of Class Warfare; this is what it looks like.

The arbiters of all that is good and acceptable, permitted and valid, sacrosanct and forbidden, the deciders of what can be said and what should be silenced, what constitutes taste and manners and what the consistency of boorishness is, the ones who elected themselves to decide who must give and who must receive, to rule upon what is a viable baby and what is just a clump of cells, who is an enlightened individual and who is a fucking bitter-clinger-deplorable Nazi-in-a-basket, see themselves as a class, something above the normal human ken.

They felt this way when they were wearing black felt hats with gay little buckles on them, chasing imaginary witches. They're still chasing witches. Their original Calvinistic streak denied them the ability to find any joy in life and their descendants go into fits of apoplexy with the very thought that someone, somewhere, can be content without their direction and order. The idea that a thought that may be inimical to the goal of the New Jerusalem -- the "perfect" society -- exists anywhere sends them into a menstrual, self-righteous tizzy. Without discontent, without perfection (defined as conformity to the vision of the elites in all things) they can have no self-bestowed moral authority to justify their behavior.

And even the term "moral authority" is problematic for them as they have more-or-less abandoned conventional morality, something that has been an impediment to their project (otherwise, they'd feel shame about how they behave). They don't have it because they haven't strictly earned it, but they assume they are entitled to it just like they assume they're entitled to everything else.

Because they're the best. They've said so. They've declared their goals are beyond moral question, and if you disagree, you're deserve a punch in the face and to be beaten with a crowbar.

Kipling has been considered beyond the pale in modern literary circles because Dead-White-Male-Imperialist-Racist, but that has been the pronouncement of people suffering from DNP. Their real problem with Kipling is that he attracted (still attracts) a mindset diametrically-opposed to that of the DNP. He appeals to the so-called Lower Classes; in the past, this was the British Soldier, enlisted as a mercenary for basically rum, and the capitalist who followed in his wake "exploiting" The Diversity (I'll write about this tomorrow or Saturday!). He is a fan favorite of unenlightened folk who do not understand "good" poetry -- like Ezra Pound (the fascist/progressive), or T.S. Eliot (the gratuitous iconoclast of conventional society) -- but of the Common Man, whom Kipling not only understood, but celebrated.

And your typical DNP despises the Common Man. Which is why everything the Common Man likes -- guns, sports, cars, greasy fast food, independence, his religion, his comfort, his masculinity, his family, and now, Donald Trump -- must be taken away from him. The real Lesser Breeds Without The Law have deemed these things as bad for him, perhaps even dangerous. Only the Common Man has had enough of being bullied, socially smeared, ostracized, otherized and targeted, and he went out and told those who thought themselves better that they're really not in 2016.

They probably will again in 2020, provided Trump doesn't do something spectacularly stupid and Mitch McConnell can get his head out of his ass and give Trump his tailwind (to be fair: Mich IS doing a stand-up job in stocking the federal courts, though).

As we've established, any rebuke of the self-selected elitist DNP evokes a primal convulsion from the self-elected Perfect, en mass. This convulsion runs down the chain of command until it infects the hanger's-on (the Congressional Black Caucus, the AOC's, Ilhan Omars and Rashida Tlaibs of the world who owe their positions to the racism of the New Pilgrims), it makes it way through the organs by which the Witch Hunters shape opinion and taste (the Media), and finally gravity pulls it further down the chain until it infects the masses of the slum proletariat and Wanna-bes majoring in Queer Theory, Gender Studies and Green Urban Planning, who are too stupid to do anything except react to the Dog Whistle.

Identity Politics, anti-Capitalism, Fascism masquerading as Anti-Fascism, Trump Hatred, the labeling of others as "Fly-Overs" and "Haters", the sheer fury unleashed in the streets, the attempts at intimidation, the deplatforming, the Safe Spaces and the plaintive wails of "Hate Speech" by the biggest haters in the history of Man is all a smokescreen behind what really matters: this self-selected, self-appointed class of fucktards has had it's way for far too long, and it is losing it's grasp on the control it has used to extract wealth, privileges, special favors, and power from others against the Other's will and usually at the Other's expense, because they believe they are entitled to it by virtue of being part of a cultivated class still doing God's work, only having exchanged the religion of Christianity for the religion of The New Man.

These people are not only insane, they're fucking dangerous, especially now as they've been discovered and (for the moment) thwarted.

They need to be put back in their place.

Which is either the Nursery or the Rubber Room.

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Mad celt said...

They also discovered it is very, very expensive to lord it over others and their own purses couldn't bear the expense. So they found a way to fund their fanatism by taxing the very people they sought to convert. Thus way the converts pay for their own inquisitions!