Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Voices Inside My Head #1

I can promise you; the average sack of morbid obesity that populates this country is neither: a) better than me (far from it!), b) smarter than I am (as if?), and c) in no position to lecture me as to what I can say, what words I might use, or how I should think or live. If you have a different opinion on these matters, then rip your diaper off, Snowflake, and let's throw down.

It begins, as much in American Life unfortunately does these days, with a Facebook exchange.

Facebook really only serves two purposes:

1. It gives complete retards the opportunity to display their stupidity to the entire world.

2. It gives one the means by which to more-easily identify the retards, so that they may be avoided and/or purged from your life.

It all began with one of those interminable Facebook "democrats/republicans are better than republicans/democrats" dialogues that never really gets anyone anywhere. I should avoid such things, as they get repetitive, boring, and because the truly committed Libtards deflect facts, verifiable data, and objective truth in the same way a horse's tail shoos away flies, and continue on their merry way, spouting today's New York Times- and (P)MSNBC-approved bullshit, pretending they didn't notice that you've just rammed their own incredibly execrable arguments back up their asses.

But I can't help myself. I have been conditioned to identify STUPID and make sure everyone else is aware of it. It's a community service.

Anyway. I wrote the following, with regards to the ex-President (and perhaps future washroom attendant) Barack Obama, in response to the question (paraphrased) "it's been 88 days, already. Why hasn't Your Trump Guy Drained the Swamp yet?"

(I will refrain from using Facebook screenshots here for the simple reason that I'm not really up to the task of blacking out names to protect the innocent..or the moronic).

"But I'm wondering where this sudden urge for efficiency and results suddenly came from..oh, right...the Magic (half-)Negro is gone and your side doesn't have to take responsibility, anymore.

Not that they did before.

But then again, it's axiomatic of the Leftist Mouthbreather that they are very good at complaining, but never any good at offering any useful solution to what they're complaining about.

There's a name for this sort of mental disorder, but it eludes me at the moment."

 A few comments later, another Progtard, this one probably just capable of scratching his own balls without a government program -- on a GOOD day -- wrote this gem of passive-aggressive, Social Justice Warrior balloon juice.

"half-negro". Sounds like you're the one with the mental disorder."

And there is it...The Virtue Signal. Delivered with all the gynic fury the modern effeminate Millennial/Metrosexual can muster. I can almost imagine the sneer and the disapproving sidelong glance, the pursed lips, the hand extended, palm-exposed, as if to say "talk to the hand, Girlfriend".

I'll bet he almost dropped his manpurse in his rush to type that.

For those who don't know what Virtue Signalling is, it is the implicit or explicit expression of moral values by an individual, primarily undertaken as a means of securing or enhancing one's standing within a particular social group. It encompasses the platitudinous, empty, or superficial support of certain political views on social media; and is also used within groups to criticize their own members for valuing outward appearance over substantive action, and doing so simply because it might tend to make one "look good" in the eyes of complete strangers.

On a deeper psychological level, it is a self-deceptive method of convincing one that they are a better person than they, in fact, sub-consciously believe themselves to be.

They do it to feel better about themselves. So far from being an altruistic expression of outward solidarity, it's really a narcissistic exercise in self-delusion. Nope, not too many mental disorders in all of that!

In simpler terms; it's someone pretending to believe something they probably don't, or the assumption of a position of higher moral authority as a reaction to what one views as inexcusable speech or behavior (speech or behavior which the signaller has probably engaged in more times than they care to admit).

In order to make his point really sting, the flabby little fucktard linked to a YouTube video of an old Oprah Winfrey Show segment in which a lesbian with a psychology degree explains that racism is a mental disorder. Because science.

And because EVERYONE KNOWS lesbians are the sanest people alive who don't have any interest in "proving" the worst aspects of human nature -- whether they exist or not -- in order to relieve themselves of the psychological burden of having to admit their own biases, and justify their own feelings of inferiority -- it's not me; it's EVERYONE ELSE who has the problem!

Trust me on this: I know a LOT of lesbians. But, I digress....

It's people like this who make you want to choke someone.

Apparently, his problem is with the use of the word "Negro".

Now, like a good little Snowflake, he threw his Molotov and then ran for safety, so he did not get the response:

"Is Obama not half black? Is stating objective reality now considered insanity?

And racism is not a mental disorder just because some lesbian with a degree said it is. People like that are prone to find and think the worst of humanit
y because, in the end, it's all about how they need to find a way to justify their own feelings.

And yeah, when I want pure scientific analysis, I always reach for an Oprah video on YouTube to prove my point.

You infer racism where none is. Probably because you harbor unresolved racist issues of your own, Sir.
There's a name for that mental disorder, you know. Projection."

However, the disapproval is implicit in the response. Only a Neanderthal would use a word like "Negro". That's racist, you know. Although Obama may be half-black, you see, and the word Negro in perfectly common parlance, "enlightened" people understand that it is a word fraught with racist implications that no self-respecting Citizen of the World would use, for fear of giving offense. Words, you know, have meanings (but the only ones he cares about are the ones he can use to accuse others of being Nazis).

The word has fallen out of fashion, you see, because it offends someone. My sin, then, is to write something that is not fashionable, hence no defense to the "yeah, but Obama is half black, ain't he?" question. I doubt it would even matter; there would be no granting me the point, as the goal of the exercise is empty gesturing for the benefit of other poseurs.
I'm sure he'll bring this important point of social faux-pas up at the next NAACP meeting, and lecture them with the same condescension, because only unenlightened Neanderthal Nazis would still use the archaic-and-dripping-with-racism term "Colored People".

So, just to reassure my Facebook friend that, no, racists are NOT hiding under every bed and inside every closet, let me make the following statements, publicly:

1. I am NOT a racist...I hate Barack Obama's White Half, too.

2. It is not your job to take offense on behalf of the rest of the planet. If you believe it is, then you're a dumbass. Most people are capable of expressing their own outrage. If you think them incapable or you feel an uncontrollable and reflexive urge to do it for them, perhaps that's an indication that YOU'RE the racist?

3. Before you take offense on behalf of the rest of the planet, act upon the impulse, and then make a fool of yourself, ask yourself the following question "Is this really my responsibility, or am I just salivating at the sound of the bell?" If the answers you get are "No" and "Yes", then kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP. 

Better to say nothing and be thought a fool, then to type it into the Internet --where it will live forever -- and prove it.

4. I reiterate: you are not smart enough to tell me how to live, think, write, or speak. After 50 years of living in a world where the Progtard point-of-view has been given free range, I'm more convinced of the validity of this idea than in the existence of matter. A smart Progtard is about as rare as a unicorn; you can tell because of the crappy results they always produce.

5. I don't care that you're offended. Mostly because people like you live to be offended. It's what gets you out of bed in the morning, most likely because your own life affords you no passion, no interest. If you couldn't take offense, most of you would probably have jumped out of airplanes without parachutes, overdosed, or mixed that fatal Drano-and-Prestone Cocktail, already. Then again, that's another problem with your sort: suicide takes guts, and all of you are moral, physical and intellectual cowards who would only dare to reproach someone like me from behind the safety of a keyboard.

(Author's Note: Updated for ease of reading).

Voices Inside My Head is a regular feature providing insights into the Superior Mental Process of Your Galactic Overlord. 


Pam said...

Bravo, my friend. I hate his white half, too. There are just too many freaks allowed to be running around without being knocked down. I just wish someone would do it before they train new ones.

ugene said...

10-4 on the facebook retards.