Monday, July 3, 2023

You All Suck (#56 - Retards on Parade Edition)

 "Be careful what you ask for, lest it comes true!" -- Aesop

Just a few notes about some things chapping my behind.

(Obligatory Disclaimer: For the 4,267,491st time in print, the Overlord must state that he does not care if anyone is gay: He has his own problems, thank you. He objects to being repeatedly told that he must care, and furthermore, prove that he cares -- under threat of loss of employment, social ostracism, legal wrangling, and occasionally violence -- even if it is an empty gesture, or by enduring interminable, accusatory lectures from tiresome idiots. There is no one more-intolerant that those who scream "Tolerance!" the loudest and then behave in the most-intolerant fashion imaginable. But everyone else is a fascist, right?).

Last week saw a plethora of "Pride" parades (as if there's something to be proud of?) around America as every degenerate imaginable crawled out from under their rocks, and out of the closet, to collectively celebrate their perversions and, by extension, to thumb their noses at the society that "oppresses" them.

You know, by letting them live, not tossing them in jails or mental institutions, not torturing them or lobbing them off rooftops or beheading them, by not dipping anyone in gasoline and setting fire to them, and by providing the protections of Constitutional rights, law and social acceptance.

You know, THAT oppression.

Among the more-disgusting displays of "Pride" in accepting another man's penis in your rectum, was the contingent of "Trans" folks screaming "We're here, We're Queer, We're coming for your children!".

There's video and news reports aplenty concerning this happening, at least, in New York City, but I wouldn't bet against it happening elsewhere, either.

Now, within a day or two of the video making the rounds of the internet, the people who are responsible for this parade nonsense and the leadership of the groups involved all responded to the, rightful, outrage this chant created by claiming "we didn't mean it".

It was "a joke".

A "scare tactic".


There is something about the warped functioning of the Gay Mind (having witnessed its contortions in hundreds of individuals from close association and drug/alcohol counseling over a course of decades, I know it when I see it -- it does exist), there's only two possible reasons why hundreds of people would simultaneously scream such a horrible thing in unison.

It gets attention, first of all.

This is, after all, what all the gay is about. These people want, more than anything in the world, to be noticed. Positive or negative attention matters not. These are narcissists, very often malignant ones. All they ever want is to have people paying attention to them. If you've ever wondered why some of them are so goddamned campy and over-the-top this is why: they crave attention like you crave oxygen, and in their little social circle of negative reinforcement they are in (a fierce) competition with other malignant narcissists for attention, too.

Therefore, the more-outrageous, more-obnoxious, more-alarming the behavior, the more attention it garners.

It is the Overlord's considered opinion, sans any scientific evidence to the contrary that I'm aware of, that Gays are Made, Not Born.

This is because Greg can bang Lance's bunghole raw and bloody every night of the week and the result of such of a thing will not be the creation of another life.

One does not propagate the species, so to speak, by engaging in activities guaranteed NOT to propagate the species.

This is why "grooming" exists. And it is a real thing, for after having listened to literally thousands of hours of drunk or drug-addled misfits giving you all the gory details of their sordid lives, complete with every horror story you might imagine, this is a literal truth.

The process, itself, involves violation, mental torture, manipulation of shame, guilt, rage and fear, as well as physical torment. It results in a self-hating bag of protoplasm who either figures it's not worth anything better, and so carries on with that sort of behavior all through life, or it results in a desire to do it to others as an act of revenge.

When someone chants "We're coming for your children", it isn't "a joke". Given their own life experiences and histories of often self-destructive behaviors, this is a fucking serious threat.

This is where you need to be careful about what you ask for: because as far as this shit has gone, already, it cannot go much further and by proclaiming the secret part out loud, you have thrown down a gauntlet. A challenge that will be answered, and you will be very sorry because it's not difficult to see how this very possibly ends.

All that glitter will be mixed with blood.

Hopefully that blood isn't infected with AIDS.

On to the next piece of tomfoolery, and this is the recent SCOTUS decision that Affirmative Action is not only unconstitutional, but harmful to it's beneficiaries, not to mention damned un-American.

Naturally, the three affirmative action hires on the Court -- the Wide Latina, the Pedophile Lover Chosen Because Black Female and the Woman Who Got This Job for Not Prosecuting Hillary -- all disagreed with the majority.

They had to: without Affirmative Action all three would probably have enjoyed a long and very dull career of scrubbing toilets in fast food joints and seedy hotels just off the interstate.

But here's the salient question: Why does Harvard or UNC actually WANT unqualified candidates so badly that it will violate the spirit and letter of the law in order to find -- or, again, to create -- as many as possible?

The answer comes in three parts, the first being, there must be money in it. Accepting tuition money from people who have had to borrow it, will almost likely never pay it back, and to whom you have provided no useful service and will most-likely never graduate, with no financial/legal penalty being enforced on UNC or Harvard is a powerful incentive.

Secondly, it's simple public relations. A means of avoiding expensive and tedious lawsuits from those who would otherwise have been rejected. If avoiding paying the lawyers and garnering a few worthless laurels from society in general means a few drooling morons have to be let in, then so be it. It's a no-lose situation, because see: first part.

Finally, I'm guessing here that all the trouble and expense these schools went through creating Diversity departments and DEI guidelines (to avoid lawsuits) falls victim to the Bureaucratic Imperative, which states that once a bureaucracy has been established it must find a problem to solve, and failing to do so, create one where none exists so that it can solve it. In this fashion the very-expensive-but-otherwise-useless bureaucracy -- and the bureaucrats who extract a living from it -- justifies it's continued existence.

And eventually, a bigger budget to not solve problems that but for the existence of the bureaucracy otherwise don't manifest in Real Life.

Of course, admitting students who will probably fail before their first day on campus seems a self-defeating activity, sort of like yelling "we're coming for your children!" in front of television cameras is. But then again, in the topsy-turvy, eminently-retarded world of "equity", success isn't necessary.

In fact, it's a given that failure is the pre-determined outcome, and that lack of success is, in part, the reason why the bureaucracy exists. There's also the effort to extend the cachet of a Harvard diploma to someone who can't read it, so that they, too, can bask in the warm glow of an institution living on its former glory.

Having a Harvard diploma -- the appearance of being smart -- becomes more important than a Harvard education -- the act of becoming smart.

And that's the point.

Having unleashed untold numbers of diploma-waving dumbells upon American Society, many finding their way into government work, something Harvard is notorious for doing, we need not wonder just why it is everything in the country is fucked up. That credential, worthless as it is, denotes "ability". 

Objective Reality would beg to differ.

It is a key to rising within a sterile social class and acceptance within certain intellectually inbred circles that you wouldn't want to be associated with in the first place, and that's about it.

It would make much more sense if, instead of gerrymandering student bodies according to race and gender, and creating a cancer on society and government, that we just instead abolished the Ivy League.

As an aside, The Overlord was at work when this court decision was announced on television (ABC News was apoplectic!), and as expected, the black staff all reacted negatively. When the Overlord asked if this wasn't exactly what Dr. King had demanded and fought for that everyone suddenly shut up.

Guess you got what you asked for. Or was that "a joke", too?

I enjoyed the silent remainder of my shift in smug satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

I remember being a student at Loyola and getting a couple of degrees from them many decades ago. They had a program where urban black hs students could come in and take summer classes to get them up to par and be admitted to the university. They started as freshmen and literally none of them lasted a semester. It was a 100 percent fail rate. The university got credit for a higher black admissions rate, So they were pleased. But it came at the expense of kids who might have succeeded at another college with less stringent academic requirements. People believe this lowering of standards will help these urban kids. It won’t. It’s a setup for failure. They were obviously not qualified to be there and everyone knew that.

GMay said...

"We're coming for your children!" Yuk yuk! Just funnin'! See? Isn't that just so funny? To joke about sexually molesting kids??"

Groomers are never ever serious about this. It's all just fun and games and being super ironic.

Until a kid says "okay".