Monday, July 17, 2023

Make it Stop...

 "The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?" -- George Orwell, "1984"

I have said this repeatedly, and I will go on saying it because apparently no one fucking gets it. When it comes to dealing with the Left you need to understand the following (no particular order):

1. These are ridiculously miserable human beings. So miserable that they can only find joy -- and that is short-lived -- by inflicting misery upon others. You can NEVER make them happy; it is a fool's errand to even try.

2. Being miserable sons of bitches, the object of this willful infliction of pain upon others is to simply destroy. Like every dictatorial regime in history, they are incapable of creation, only destruction, although it must be noted, they have the rare talent for being creative in their methods of destruction. "Equality" to them means "equality of misery" and they will pull down every edifice, smash every institution, test every limit and blow through every boundary in an effort to make everyone just as miserable as they are.

3. The reason WHY they are miserable cocksuckers is because society, by and large, has no use for them. This is, by and large, because they are useless. We live in a hierarchal society: we are all members of several hierarchies -- we are born into a family, we go to school, we enter the workforce, and even our leisure activities have a hierarchy. The hierarchy rewards those who have utility (that which helps the hierarchy achieve it's goals) and competence (those who are good at helping the hierarchy to achieve it's goals).

This is where "status" comes from.

When you are neither useful nor competent, the hierarchy spits you out.

This is WHY the political Left exists. It is of the losers, by the losers and for the losers. It forms a hierarchy of dumbfuck all of it's own, whose overriding goals are to change places with those who are rewarded by the hierarchy and to destroy the hierarchy so that no one gets a reward.

4. They do not care what damage they do. To anything. The family, the government, the country, the law, economic systems, religion, civil order, it's all fair game. It's all seen as part and parcel of the "oppressive" system that does not reward and mollycoddle the useless and incompetent. They believe themselves justified because the "system" doesn't reward stupid and inept.

5. These are professional victims. They can find anything and everything to whine and cry about. Personal initiative is beyond their capacity in terms of improving their own lives (because useless and incompetent) and so it becomes everyone else's mystical duty to fix things for them. And to pay for it.

No fix, no matter how fair, equitable, effective even, will ever be accepted by them. The screaming and wailing for a fix to this or that problem is merely a precursor to creating a new problem for them to whine and cry about and be victimized by.

6. You cannot reason with them. Ever. They are allergic to things like facts, objective truth, scientific data, observation. They are bottomless pits of absolute SUCK guided by their infantile emotions, mostly hate, envy, fear, and greed. No fact will get them to change their minds. Objective Reality is ignored, or at their worst, changed to suit their needs. Science is both a shield and a sword that protects the fragile psyche or inflicts the unhinged hysteria upon the world.

They can't be reasoned with. They can't be talked to. They cannot be negotiated with. They have no interest in coming to some form of consensus with you: they hate you. The want what you have, being incapable of obtaining it for themselves. They are frightened of you, and like cornered animals will strike at you every chance they get. They wish they could be you without having to do the work and so will simply steal what they cannot (will not) make for themselves.

This is a swarm of locusts. They destroy all in their path with about as much thought for the consequences as any swarm does.

7. They have no conscience, but they do know how to take advantage of yours. They inflict guilt and shame upon you -- often for things you have never done -- but possesses neither guilt or shame of their own. This is part of the scam they use to destroy you: they will make you feel guilt and shame for merely living and breathing (Global Warming), for what people who look like you did hundreds or even thousands of years ago (Reparations), they will smear that which is dear to you (religion, value systems), and all of it has one goal: to extract special privileges -- and money -- from you and to make you feel as if it were just recompense for the "oppression" they suffer from being a useless dingbat.

8. Whining and Violence are the only weapons in their arsenal. Both are easily countered.

The first by ridicule and by just ignoring them. What they want is your attention. They need and crave your attention, and will do anything to get it, like riot and burn down cities.

The second is even easier to counter. They all have a great, big streak of cowardice in them. Every last one is a physical and moral coward. A yellowbelly who only finds backbone as a member of a mindless mob. The Mob -- made up of other useless and incompetent people -- gives them strength, but the Mob's power is fleeting. It has a built-in defect other than being comprised of deficient members: it turns on itself quickly enough. It can only retain cohesion for a short time before the competing interests of those who make it up begin to make themselves known. 

The Mob can only exert power for as long as it is not resisted. And since it's aims are generally small and low achievements, it quickly dissipates when these are met, or, it quickly disperses the second someone pushes back, at which point, the small and low goals don't seem worth getting your skull cracked open for.

Let the violence fester and it turns, very quickly, to terrorism. When you've reached that stage, all bets are off.

9. They are living proof that the dictum "All Men Are Created Equal" is not an objective fact, but rather the expression of an emotional wish. No one is "equal" in the objective sense. if we were, then LeBron James would be writing AI code and I'd be dunking basketballs for a billion a year.

If we were all equal my dog would be Vice President and Kamala Harris would be drinking out of the toilet. For all I know she really does.

It is this very inequality, intrinsic, natural, baked into the human DNA that makes them the miserable sots they truly are.  Inequality is a part of life. Some inequalities can be overcome by dint of effort and a genuine attempt to change one's circumstances. Others are smoothed over by the Social Contract of Rule of Law.

But nothing improves when you're useless, incompetent, dumber than dogshit, lazy, a whiner and complainer, who daydreams about taking from others -- through a third party, like government. Avoiding responsibility and personal initiative! -- what one cannot earn or make for themselves.

The Left, collectively, is like the Islamic Empires of old and the Soviet Union of the recent past; it's "glories" were built on the remnants of what came before, what others have created, and when those accounts have been drained the usurper finds it hasn't the wherewithal to repeat the process. 

The thieves will then complain there's nothing left to steal, and in their greater misery, turn once again to the only weapons in their arsenal -- making civilized life as difficult as possible and violence.

10. They have no standards. Standards imply boundaries and boundaries imply a limit to behavior. The Leftists can abide neither. They cannot accept standards because that means there is something of an effort expected of them. They cannot tolerate a boundary because that limits the destruction they can inflict in their quest to make everyone else a cheerless, fallow, emotional wreck like they are.

Standards, therefore, are "oppressive". Oppressive being redefined as "anything that keeps me from attaining that which I desire, but have no right to". That the source of oppression is mostly INTERNAL never occurs to them. It is easier on the fragile ego and soothing to the juvenile feelz to believe that oppression is an active, outside force.

This is the "struggle" which all Leftist movements engage in. It is an externalizing of all their own defects. It is the transposition of all of their own failings onto others. It then becomes weaponized and used to extort anything from others at any time.

I write this because it is about time that some of you here on The Right finally got around to understanding just what it is you're dealing with.

For decades I have listened to some of you pour forth the most intensely ridiculous dribble about compromise, about "reaching across the aisle", about forming consensus, and doing things in a spirit of friendship and "bi-partisanship", to the point where you've surrendered on all fronts to the Left without even putting up much of a fight.

You expect civility to be returned. You declare yourself "above the fray" and beyond such necessary actions like standing your ground.

William F. Buckley once described conservatism (I'm paraphrasing here) as a lonely, stupid bastard standing on the tracks attempting to stop the runaway train of progress.

In the last twenty to forty years, what, exactly, have you stopped?

What, exactly, would you call "progress"?

Is the Welfare State dismantled? No.

Are social mores respected  and upheld? No.

Is the government an instrument of the People and not of the connected? Fuck no.

Is the world at peace, or reasonable facsimile, thereof? Not even close.

Is the economic security and innovation provided by capitalism intact and free of such petty and unnecessary annoyances like DEI and CRT? What drugs are you taking?

Is the Rule of Law something that is upheld and respected? I've got a dozen burned-out US cities that would say otherwise.

The Right talks a good game about "The Culture War", but that battle was lost a long time ago. If you doubt that, ask your daughter how much she enjoyed showering with a boy in a dress after gym class.

It speaks of "The Soul of the Nation" but that, too, went by the wayside.

Instead, today's right occupies itself with an internal battle between those who would put the Left in it's rightful place -- the dustbin of history -- and those who have their panties bunched because someone may have said something off-color on Twitter.

Every day I watch videos on YouTube or some such of the "Lights" of the GOP grilling the likes of Christopher Wray, or some dipshit democrats wanting a judgeship, some mealy-mouthed bureaucrat who doesn't answer questions, and the soundbites are quite impressive.

But where is the action?

The Left has infused itself into every aspect of American Life and it made all of them worse. The miserable pricks are succeeding in making everyone else miserable. And those on the receiving end have to endure watching their children being groomed in government schools; they watch their taxes continue to go up to feed the lazy, lame, halt and crippled, not to mention millions of others in similar circumstances from all the waste places of the Earth. Criminals openly ply their trade and practically dare someone to stop them, and if someone does show the courage to do so, they're the ones prosecuted.

But, hey, Ted Cruz and John Kennedy, Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert made some Biden admin flunky look like the drug-addled, bald-faced lying sack of subhuman ignorant sheep shit they are.

Here's your golf clap.

It is well past time when the good people of this country stopped taking all of this crap lying down. It is apparent that elective politics will not do the job; all one can hope for is a GOP that is at least not-as-corrupt-and-incompetent as the Left it is replacing. It is up to the general population to finally say "Enough is a Enough".

Some of this is already happening, as for example, when parents challenge school boards on trans literature in libraries of curricula. Occasionally, you get lucky and the Supreme Court overturns overt racism as the cure to racism, or decides that what was once "the law of the land" was a pretty stupid law that should be eighty-sixed.

But it's not enough.

And one wonders if it isn't already too late, when one stops to consider what absolute nose-picking ignoramuses Gen Z has become. Those are the people who will be in charge when we're older and more-feeble than Joe Biden, America.

You've all done a splendid job: you elected a complete moron with dementia and you've raised a generation of mindless sloths who think math is racist and who communicate in electronic hieroglyphics, marinated in a degraded culture bereft of values, vision or purpose.

Yes, Progress, indeed.

It's a good thing I'm working on Artificial Intelligence because the Natural Dumbass has become a civilizational handicap.

Make it stop.


SCBen said...

Awesome analysis of the MENTALLY ILL LEFT and the "accommodating right"!! I've often posted about the left's self loathing and pleasure in their misery and the jollies they get from making you miserable! I've likened this as like having teenagers and you tell them to clean their rooms but they don't and you get tired of telling them until it's a complete disaster with possums living under their beds and THEN you come in and DESTROY all their messes and their stuff! It ALL goes into a trash bag! The results are usually a lot of crying and temper tantrums and "you don't love me"!! It's for their own good but then later it just repeats itself! The ONLY way to avoid it is to take away EVERYTHING! OR just put them out of the home!

GMay said...

Trey Gowdy has to be the poster boy for the ineffectual Right. Dude could embarrass *anybody* in a congressional hearing. He could craft the bitiest of soundbites and I found myself cheering every time he wanted me to cheer. Until one day, during the Obama administration, I decided I was ready to cheer some actual fucking results. And on that front, he - and his colleagues who actually held some real power - never produced.

Now he pontificates and offers biting criticism, which, to be fair, a lot of folks on the Right do really, really well. But when it comes to actually doing something? As the popular question goes among those of us on the Right who are sick of this lack of performance, "What have you actually conserved?"

Meanwhile, the Left has a bazillion non-profits, voter outreach orgs, law firms, and community organizations dedicated to destroying the existing social order.

Matthew Noto said...

All of them funded by the taxpayer, to one extent or the other. GOP should start there: defund the left by keeping their spending amendments out of bills.

As for Trey Gowdy, he's the political equivalent of a topless dancer: he shows you the goods, he offers the fantasy, takes your money and then leaves you drunk and disappointed slumped over the bat at 4 a.m.