Monday, August 7, 2023

Shut Your Trap, Sister!

 "You can't raise Men. You know nothing about being a Man, for starters..." -- The Overlord

UPDATE: For context: The video has been taken down by Facebook. In a nutshell, we have a small boy of about 8 being loomed over by a very large man who is berating him for being disrespectful to his mother. The gentleman in question is in the kid's face -- but doesn't put his hands on the child -- and essentially tells him that this shit will not fly (in less-scattalogical language). He then DARES the child to pull that tough guy act on him. The child, naturally, is cowed. If I had to guess, the reason the video is now gone is because someone with watery insides and a boner for Marx cried that this was graphic "child abuse".

This chapped my behind severely. Watch this video, and then I'll tell you why.

Now, why is the Overlord angry?

Because of the usual noise this generates from a certain kind of moronic, effeminate, panty-bunched, wimpy, passive-aggressive, emotionally-overwrought, weak, fragile, stultifyingly-limited mentality that seems to believe that the Man in that video is some kind of monster.

That Dude deserves a goddamned Medal, sez me.

That kid hit the goddamned Dad lottery here.

The irritation began with some broad -- although far be it from me to misgender anyone -- complaining in the comments that this Man was a bully and was "traumatizing" that kid, presumably by yelling at him and looming over him in a threatening manner.

It's people who think like this who raise kids who grow up wanting to get their wedding tackle lopped off.

The Overlord is pretty sick and tired of stupid, clueless, pretentious, know-it-all females who insist that they have the right, nay, the Divine Mission, to tell other people how they should raise their own children. Furthermore, I find it disgustingly obnoxious that some chick that no one asked for an opinion should have suggest that she knows how to raise Men.

This is a common, feral noise that emanates from the modern woman, that only they are the arbiters of what is masculine (unless, of course, it's suddenly "toxic" to be masculine) and it's total hog dung.

You (women) can't raise Men. You don't know how. Primarily because you lack the experience (and equipment) to do so adequately. You have no idea of what being a Man is, no idea of what a Man is expected to do or to be. You are operating from a deep ignorance with any advice you might have on how to raise boys into Men, because you can't understand what being male is.

So, maybe you should sit these debates out, then, right?

Because, speaking as a Man, this kid is ridiculously fortunate that someone cared enough about him to set him straight, to send a message that there are boundaries, that there are limits to what you can get away with, that there are standards of behavior that will be enforced, and that if you think otherwise, then there's a great, big, hulking dude with rippling muscles who will beat those lessons into your thick skull, if necessary.

One of the main reasons why we have millions of wild boys running the streets shooting one another, rioting, ending up in jail, is because there is no father (or strong male role model) in the house, and these kids are mostly raised by mothers who -- if they even bother to give a shit in the first place -- haven't the first idea of teaching them what Manliness consists of.

Boys like that only have three possible destinations:

The first is prison.

The second is a wooden box.

The third is a doctor's office, begging for a boob job and a "bonus hole".

And the ones who don't take any of those routes will simply repeat the patterns of behavior that they are familiar with, so that they will, in turn, create the next generation of boys-raised-by-dumbfuck-women who will run the streets, end up dead or trying to trick straight men into packing their rectum with Manmeat and then pretending to be dumbfounded, excuse me, "victimized", when they get beaten within an inch of their lives upon discovery of the ruse or wondering (whining about) why no one likes them.

What's funny, in the tragically ironic sense, is that it's women like this commenter -- who believe that getting yelled at is "traumatic" -- are often the ones who raise boys who are most in need of the stiff talking to (at the very least), and who are making more Lost Boys without the benefit of a father on an industrial scale, and who spend their own lifetimes alone but for pumping out babies for other Lost Boys, all the while screaming that "there are no good men".

Maybe because the raw materials your lot have supplied are of low quality, Sister?

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, almost.

That "traumatic" tongue lashing is merely preparation for a lifetime of "trauma". To be A Man is to be constantly traumatized.

Men fight the wars.

Men support families, often at great personal sacrifice to their health and longevity.

men defend the weak and defenseless, often at great peril.

Men do all the dangerous and dirty jobs.

Men get the shitty end of the stick in divorces and custody fights.

Men have to compete for everything, constantly.

Females, on the other hand (please spare me the impassioned whining about how you're the exception to the rule?) have options: 

One day, some doofus with an erection that has cut the flow of oxygen to his brain will put a ring on it.

Failing that, The State will pick up her expenses, because "care".

The Overlord lost his father at a very young age. I was fortunate in that I had uncles and a grandfather who stepped into the breach and who set excellent examples.

Having a disciplinarian grandmother who could become quickly enraged and who had access to a variety of wooden spoons, slippers, and other implements of child "traumatization", also helped (and she was the best goddamned woman who ever lived, btw).

Outside the home, I attended Catholic Schools (beaten senseless nearly daily by Dominican Nuns, Jesuit Priests and the Christian Brothers of St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle), and when not in school, thank everything in Creation for the Boy Scouts.

Another institution that women have fucking ruined.

I shudder to think what would have become of me if the job of raising me were left to Mother Overlord, alone. I love Mother Overlord, but she's the poster child for professional victimhood (but that tale is for another day).

The know-it-all then chimed in that we don't actually know that Man was actually the child's father.

As if that mattered?

The point that she missed (because she was pre-occupied by all the sand in her vagina and her brain addled by libtard) is whether that man was the boy's father or not -- an uncle, a neighbor, a teacher, maybe even Momma's boyfriend -- He cared enough to straighten that kid out, and to do it in a way that scared the fertilizer out of that young man without recourse to a bloody pummeling. Or State intervention.

 (Although, if personal experience is any guide, that beating is still coming one day. Because young boys are fucking stupid).

Bless that Man.

Curse the feminized liberal with an opinion on everything but knowledge of nothing.


Dan said...

Well said! Today's society would be a lot better with more men like that.

HMS Defiant said...

I missed the video. The URL went to a page saying it was not available. Still, I admire what appears to be some struggle to import manliness into young men and boys.

Titan Mk6B said...

I had a good dad also. I yelled at my mother once and my father looked at me and said in a very stern tone "Don't you ever yell at your mother again". The information that flowed from the look in his eyes would fill a book.

I never yelled at her again. Actually, I think I never even got mad at her again.

GMay said...

"One day, some doofus with an erection that has cut the flow of oxygen to his brain will put a ring on it."

Wait, a ring on his brain or his penis?

I keed, I keed.

I submit that the following phrase at the beginning of some cosmic bit of female advice "A *real* man..." is a useful cognitive shortcut to tune out everything that follows. Because what usually follows is "...[does this thing that I will somehow benefit from]"

Anonymous said...

While living in military housing, I shoved the 5 year old neighbor kid on the ground and stuck my foot on his chest. "We don't talk to our mothers like that at MY house." While his stupid abused mom looked on. She was a yeller. Never backed up her threats or got up off her ass. His dad was almost worthless.

SCBen said...

Our two girls were not treated like pampered little things by me! I tried - TRIED - to instill in them the need to do whatever you were doing to the best of their ability and be proud of what they accomplished. I also wanted to make sure that I was the hardest person they had to deal with so when they hit the REAL world they would be prepared to face anyone and not be intimidated! It was kind of fun to watch them interact with other kids with confidence and abilities! My oldest could spin a football as good as most boys and when she was a Cheerleader and an errant ball came her was she would zip it back with a tight spiral that surprised the boys and the coaches! I also included them in home repairs so they would know something. Their Mom took care of the "woman" stuff!!