Sunday, January 15, 2023

Great Moments in Dumbfuck (Your Children Are Retarded)

 "Magnifying small offenses, mind-reading by identifying subconscious thoughts even the offender is unaware of, and labeling others as aggressors are all integral to the microaggression program, but possibly harmful to mental health..."

"Microaggression complaints arise from a culture of victimhood in which individuals and groups display a high sensitivity to slight, have a tendency to handle conflicts through complaints to authorities and other third parties, and seek to cultivate an image of being victims who deserve assistance...".

 --- Bradley Campbell, "The Rise of Victimhood Culture: Microaggressions, Safe Spaces and The New Culture Wars"

Three recent articles about the babies now reaching what used to be called "adulthood" and their most-un-adult-like behaviors regarding the workplace.

Unfortunately, there are no do-overs in Evolution.

In this first article we are informed that Gen Z (the second-worst generation alive; the Boomers have them beat, but not by much) has, collectively it seems, decided to send professionalism out the fucking window in their work lives. In this case, by simply refusing to give the customary two-weeks notice before quitting a job (that most of them probably do in a shitty fashion, anyway).

And then they make a TikTok video to advertise their lack of class and intelligence.

In a second article, we are told that Gen Z absolutely enjoys confusing the older folks by using slang in the office environment. It does this, even though in my experience it is common to hear complaints from these overgrown infants that no one understands them.

And, just because I like you, My Minions, here's a third report on the despicable work habits and lousy work ethic of Gen Z, in which we learn that disgruntled Gen Z'ers -- that's just about all of them -- will readily give away merchandise, meals, whatever the fuck isn't nailed down, just so that it costs their employers money as a means of 'getting even'.

Why not? It's not their stuff, right? That they guard jealously. It doesn't register that the cost ultimately falls upon them in the form of unemployment, lower wages, and lack of opportunity. After all, they plan to quit, anyway, and that curse will just land on someone else in that case, right? Until someone does it to them, of course, and then it is cosmically unfair.

This is the generation that lives in a continuous state of fear and anxiety about the "microaggressions" of others (they're fucking surrounded by those), but then displays a streak of spiteful passive-aggressive that I will refer to as "mega-aggressions", fully convinced that whenever their pwecious feelz are bruised that the correct course of action is a self-righteous temper tantrum paired with an acute sense of drama over invented persecution that somehow automatically deserves sympathy.

They respond to a slight (real or perceived) with a greater sin and feel wholly justified and morally correct.

Because they're fucking stupid and spoiled rotten. And it appears as if the biggest offenders are little girls pretending to be functioning people.

In our first example, we discover a young idiot who sweeps hair off the floor in a salon (that's what a "Drybar" is, a hairdressers shop) who was upset because someone asked her to do something that she didn't wish to do. Or, at least felt entitled to more money for (most of this, incidentally seems to revolve around money and perceived status. I'll get to this a little later).

Now not having any experience of my own when it comes to "Drybars" (I prefer the sort where you can get a straight-up margarita, which should be wet) I can't imagine just what sort of paperwork or clerical jobs they had this young lady doing that so tweaked her vag. Outside of taking inventory or managing an appointment book. In either case, doing such should be no problem for anyone with even the lowest level of literacy and above-hamster intellect.

Perhaps the problem (which is never explored nor explained) is that they asked the little snot TO WRITE, something a generation used to typing with it's thumbs or pointing and clicking can't seem to do very well, and resents when pressed to do so.

But, you see, our intrepid stuck-up twat found true happiness (for now: none of these mental midgets ever experiences joy for more than a few seconds) by landing a primo spot folding T-shirts at Footlocker. Even better, they gave her a "supervisory" position, which probably means she watches other people fold T-shirts at Footlocker. Who knew that sweeping up after someone else's haircut was the path to middle management?

Way to go! Now THAT'S upward mobility: from sweeping hair off the floor to putting shit on hangars, or supervising same, and probably for the same wage. But there's more prestige, I reckon, in being a "supervisor" of a menial task than in performing same.

Now before someone gets a stick up their ass and complains to me about perhaps not understanding this young...ahem...lady...and "her situation", let me just say this:

The purpose of giving notice before leaving a job is twofold. The first being it is a courtesy to your co-workers who are expected to pick up your slack (or, in this case, hair off the floor) on short notice. It also gives an employer a bit of a head's up that they're about to be short staffed and should do something about it.

Courtesy is a puzzler for Gen Z in that they expect to receive it in every circumstance but heaven forbid you suggest they display any of their own. A generation raised to believe they are entitled to everything just because they want it and who have been lavishly rewarded with watered-down awards for simply breathing is incapable of courtesy because their entire existence has been spent with their hands out and being given things that they haven't earned.

The second reason why you give notice is because you may have to depend upon your soon-to-be ex-employer to give a good reference to your new one. Nothing invites revenge in the form of a poor or devastating reference like fucking screwing your boss in this fashion. It's a self-defeating move.

Our second example is pure lunacy. Deliberately deploying poor communication skills for a lark in an office environment, where good communication is at a premium and often key to advancement, is a dick move that will only cost you later on.

Because it won't be so funny once you cause a problem originating in misunderstanding and get your stupid ass fired, Genius.

Which is something else these little fucktards don't get: business exists to make money. Instead, they see business as a replacement life support system for their parents. The demands put upon business by this new Paradigm of Prissiness is such that these bottomless pits of suck look to it to solve all of their problems -- especially the mental ones. 

A modern manager must wear several hats, already -- leader, communicator, facilitator, administrator, planner, discipliner, mentor -- and then these little douchebags come along with their whining, complaining and permanent menstrual cycle and demand that he put on a few more; therapist, psychiatrist, mind reader, cheerleader, and also wield an emotional lint brush, so to speak.

In the meantime, this tiny-minded shithead is usually the sort that prevents efficiency, creates chaos for the sake of doing so (typically to cry about being a victim later, when that suits her needs), behaves in other unprofessional ways, creates tension between co-workers, and invariably ends up in your office crying three to five times a day.

Mostly because "everyone hates me" and "I don't feel like part of the team".

When I was in business, my twentysomethings would send memos out crowded with emojis. It was like reading hieroglyphics, which was strangely somewhat easier then reading the misspelled words and twisted grammar when they did bother to put actual words in it. Mind you, this task is usually performed with an application that has a built-in spell checker and grammar helper, which apparently goes ignored and unused.

Mark my words: in 50 years there will be no one alive capable of reading this post. Language, writing and even reading will have been replaced with a new version of electronic cave painting, an electronic voice providing constant narration, assorted grunts and squeals, and all of it adapted for the oversized thumbs future generations will develop through Natural Selection, perfectly designed for punching symbols displayed upon a tiny screen.

The English language will be regarded by the future in the same way we currently regard Sanskrit or Cuneiform today, archaic and indecipherable. It started when none of them learned Cursive or penmanship in school.

That last article is self-explanatory. It's encouraging theft, it facilitates theft, and encapsulates the leftist-oriented philosophy that has polluted what's left of our children's minds.

I say "what's left" because the bulk was already destroyed by X-Boxes, "smart" phones, Common Core, New Spelling, the Public School Racket, Virtual Reality, the instant gratification that comes from binge watching and Amazon and the drugs handed out for everything from fidgeting to phony autism which are supposed to serve as a surrogate for effective parenting and discipline.

There are those who will complain, because that apparently is all anyone can do these days with any expertise or skill (I'm doing it now!) that I have painted with a very broad brush and to forestall the expected avalanche of butthurt, I'll just respond in a way Gen Z seems to understand:

I don't give a fuck.

And that attitude is yet one more symptom of the disease that these little pustules display. They love to regale (bore) you with a monologue of their self-bestowed virtue about how they "care" about everything from the environment to what others pretend to be and then turn around and display the most dishonest selfishness one might imagine.

The attitude was best expressed during the "mostly-peaceful" arson, rape, looting and destruction festival during the George Floyd/COVID/Russian Influence/Dobbs Decision Era when millions of 20-year-old dumbfucks from all walks of life engaged in a time-honored and very-productive program of "if we can't have nice things just because we want them, we'll fuck everyone else's shit up just because we can. In this fashion, we'll all, finally, be truly equal". Making decent life impossible for everyone else is the only response these annoying little bastards have to everything that displeases them.

And then nothing ever makes them happy. They have been programmed to be eternally unhappy, and that unhappiness is reinforced second-by-second by the Idiot Box in their palms. They enter this world, they move through it, but they cannot understand it nor enjoy any of it because the educational process and the dopamine generator in their hands deprives them of the ability to think or experience without easy-to-manipulate filters.

Weep for a future where the inheritors have been trained in a program that induces psychosis, where they are herded like sheep into a singular existence while being told they are "citizens of the world", and insular life that consists largely of chucking personal interaction overboard and communicating with the world outside your personal bubble through Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Facefuck Facebook, YouTube and ISP's. Isolated by a social media that is quite unsocial, driven into a self-centered universe where they regard themselves so highly they actually believe that strangers give a shit about what  they're eating and share photographs of their kale and avocados.

Inhabiting a world where they have "friends" they've never met.

Responding to everyone and everything with a petulance that would make Barack Obama stand up and applaud.

Spending their days stewing in a bottomless pit of suck created for them and perpetuated by themselves, deathly afraid of everything from the fucking flu to "missing out" on who knows what non-essential, unimportant events that they only know about because it "went viral".

A generation that is illiterate, innumerate, historically and culturally ignorant and lives with it's nose planted firmly into a tiny enstupidation machine that becomes obsolete every six months and which requires them to fork over another thousand bucks so as to not lose status for not having the latest and greatest.

Speaking of status, this, ultimately, is what it is all about.

Keeping score among idiots.

The biggest idiots become "internet influencers", it seems.

The new version of "keeping up with the Joneses", only expanded to a global neighborhood. Everything they do is about broadcasting their current status and comparing it against the status of absolute strangers.

The unprofessional twit who quits without notice is angry about her status -- sweeping up hair from a salon floor -- and so broadcasts her disenchantment to the world to see via TikTok (the new cocaine), and the New York Post gives her four-and-a-half minutes of fame for exercising poor judgement and engaging in bad behavior. The truth of her status -- she's a menial laborer, lucky to earn minimum wage -- is erased by the new, cooler status of having been momentarily elevated by media for being a dispshit.

The rush of dopamine she's received will quickly wear off, however, as people forget all about her (they've just taken a picture of their breakfast and must share it with the starving in Congo) and I wouldn't be surprised if that girl ultimately ends up swinging from a pole begging strangers to slip dollar bills into her g-string. 

Given her current career path and attitude that's pretty much where she seems to be headed. Of course, she'll only be accepting money from grimy men in a dive bar because...all together now....victim.

The idea that giving her extra work might have been a test of her abilities and potential and that if completed successfully might have led to a higher status -- say, washing and drying towels in the salon, or counting shampoo bottles in the stockroom -- apparently never occurred to this pile of brain-damaged protoplasm.

That quest for status, and the short, crack-like high that comes with it, is easy to spot if you've ever had to have close contact with these little shitstains on a regular basis. Like if you've ever had to hire any of them to do something approaching productive work.

They are continuously obsessed with what everyone else is doing, or more-importantly, getting. Their own work is typically shitty. They are preoccupied to the nth degree by the fear that someone, somewhere, has it ever-so-slightly "better" than they do right fucking now.  Something easy to discover, since they all can't help but broadcast the most-intimate details of their pathetic lives to the entire planet, 24 hours a day.

 As if anyone gave a shit?

They will narc one another out in a heartbeat for the slightest perceived infraction while simultaneously professing a love of everyone and demanding a more-understanding, less-selfish, "more-inclusive" world. They regard other people -- and other people's property -- as a symbol of their oppression. if they don't have something it's because someone else magically (or in a sinister fashion that is described as "greed") took it from them or denied them for a laundry list of reasons all ending in -ism.

Hypocrisy is most-easily missed by those who hope to benefit from it.

This is the Baby Boomer generation on steroids. Not surprising since the Boomers are the grandparents that mollycoddled them, the politicians who pander to them, the executives who decide what they watch and what they should buy, the "professors" and teachers who (mis-)educate them and misinform them every second of every day.

This is a generation consumed by a need for "individuality" that can't decide what defines an individual to the point where they can't identify "a woman", speak their own minds without fear, or decide what they should do with their private parts, that religiously believes Men can give birth, that has the rhythm of their lives dictated to them on a continuous basis by machines and Kardashians. 

Do you think the explosion of "trans" bullshit is about truly sick individuals struggling with mental illness or some medical issue? No, it is about someone trying to be someone they aren't, because who they are sucks and because it's just another means to get something you're not entitled to, nor have earned, because you won't put in the work. It is a means of acquiring status of an extra-special sort that comes with some pretty cool perks like the right to bitch about how it sucks to be you, to shame and browbeat others into giving you what you want.

It is a license to steal, a shortcut to a higher status in a society they simultaneously wish to destroy and extract benefit from.

This is why no one takes you seriously, Children.

The Overlord is not a violent man, but sez me, it would probably do the world a shitload of good if every one of these genetic turds was taken behind the woodshed and given a vicious beating. It is argumentative as to whether it will solve the problem, but the thought is at least satisfying.

Postscript: Found another example of this nonsense. The New York Post is rapidly becoming the go-to source for all things fucktarded Gen Z, I reckon.

Post-Postscript: Duplicated that last link. Now fixed. Apologies.

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dude said...

Dipshidiots. All of them.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone get two weeks notice before getting fired?

Matthew Noto said...

@ Anonymous,

All the time. Employees on Wall Street, for example, are often given warnings weeks in advance before mass firings or layoffs begin. Just happened at Goldman-Sachs this past week. In my own experience (where I was either on the receiving end or warned) I've seen that happen at CitiGroup, ADP, Smith-Barney. SO, yeah, people often get two weeks notice -- or more -- that they're being fired.

Union workers (both government and private) routinely get notice that layoffs are coming before they happen.

Sweeping hair off the floor is not that big a deal. If you expect to be paid a high wage AND get warning for being fired for doing that, especially when youy show no class afterwards, you're probably a mental patient.

Dan Lane said...

I have worked with, trained, and mentored Millenials, Gen Z, and so on for a while now. Everything from construction work to office work, telecom to warehouse to managing editor of a magazine. If anything, the OP is *understating* the magnitude of the issue.

That said, they're not all bad. Just most of the memorable ones you run into. Say, 90%. At least.

Barbarism is a descriptive term. It is quite different from civilization, the definition of which was beaten into my own head as a child. A civilized man keeps his word. Takes responsibility for his own actions. Works hard. Manages his finances at least adequately. Respects others. Shows up on time. Learns from his mistakes, and those of others. Follows the laws of the land. Is courteous and presentable.

Barbarism is quite the opposite.

Man's very nature is barbaric. Take toddlers, for instance. They are often violent little sociopaths. They don't take responsibility. They don't give one solitary shit about most other people that don't feed them and take care of them. They're tiny little barbarians that need careful training to turn them into civilized, responsible adults.

Barbarism is low trust where civilization is more often high trust. Barbarism thinks nothing of lying, cheating, stealing, or violence to get what it wants. Barbarians do not create technology companies. They don't manage trade networks and logistics. They do not make careful plans, or think very far ahead. It goes without saying that barbarians are not careful with their personal finances.

That said, the classic barbarians (the Visigoths et al.) were quite likely superior in raw intellect to your random Gen Z poofter. I rather suspect that, should we manage to perfect time travel and bring one such to the present, they would rather quickly grasp the possibilities of instant communication and a vast library of knowledge and training tools...

Bird of Paradise said...

The Labor Unions started off with good intentions but now their totally corrupt with ORGANIOZED CRIME and violence

Matthew Noto said...

Labor unions are, and always were, the first tendrils of Communism in the United States.

They are now an extortion racket.