Saturday, January 7, 2023

Galactic Housekeeping (# 20 -- What's New In The Galaxy?)

 "...he knows changes aren't permanent...but change is!" -- Neil Peart

Ah, but how The Professor is sorely missed! Sorry (but not sorry) about the Rush reference here, but it is fitting, for The Galaxy is about to undergo a..umm....err...cosmic change.

I will be incommunicado for the next few weeks, as I've just accepted a new position at IBM that requires relocation to another state (pending background check and drug test. Do Valium and tequila count?). For the second time in the last five months, The Overlord will have to move the Death Star.

This is work I WANT to do, rather than the sad story of My Professional Life in which I usually ended up doing what I HAD to do. This will be a breath of fresh air, the first step on a voyage of New Beginnings. I took a stand and demanded that I get what I wanted and though it has been an aggravating (and financially-difficult) process, I have prevailed. Through sheer stubbornness. The follow-through is now all that counts.

With that change will come another.

This dreck that some of you seem to find entertaining will also be moving.

Like off the Google platform.

Because Google doesn't pay you when they owe you money, and the rules about WHEN they owe you money are such that Google can make a case that it never does owe you anything, except when they get to skim something off the top, or the amount is large enough that they can't hide behind TOS.

Until that move is completed, I will continue to stop by here to furnish updates on the progress of my Great Migration through Cyberspace. Substack is looking mighty fine. No final decision has been made on this front yet, however.

Stay tuned, My Minions.


HMS Defiant said...

Good luck and Bon voyage!

GMay said...

Even if I don't get to shamelessly enjoy your content for free in the near future, I'll take comfort in the knowledge you're ditching Google...and getting out of New York!