Sunday, January 22, 2023

Experts, Shmexperts and The New Nazis...


'Experts' are always the last to discover the obvious and the first to cover their asses..." -- The Overlord

And so it was that another gathering of Nazis came to yet an another inglorious end in an otherwise sleepy Swiss resort town.

The prostitutes, both the professional kind and of the sort that lurks in the basements of world-spanning, secretive, and inter-connected government bureaucracies, and their sycophants -- the actors, the 'activists', the politicians, the NGO's (that usually find themselves curiously funded by governments. Funny how often that happens), and all the other assorted parasites and grifters liberally littered the atmosphere with their private-jet-provided carbon, their hot air and their slimy, smug, pretentious oratory.

If I were a citizen of Switzerland today, I'd demand the entire city of Davos be thoroughly scrubbed with a Brillo pad.

Then dipped in hand sanitizer.

Then burned to the ground.

But then again, I'm not a Swiss citizen who is probably freezing right now because of the lack of heating gas or oil, so I can devote time to being creative.

Not even the now-persistent threat of COVID (I believe we're on the 007-Man-from-UNCLE-Matt-Helm variant now) could keep these self-appointed paragons of virtue from signaling their intent to enslave the planet, promulgating their wrong-headed plans for a more-centralized world economy and unelected world government, nor keep an autistic Swedish Girl from making an appearance to pretty much regurgitate the same old tired garbage, or to pretend to be something she isn't.

Which is, an 'expert'.

But before I get back to shitting upon the Pippi Longstocking of the Apocalypse, a word from our sponsors.

Those would be the so-called 'experts'.

You know, the ones who never display any expertise in anything except the fine arts of extraction from taxpayers and hiding both their true motivations and five-fathom-deep fucktard.

We begin with a fan favorite, Dr. Anthony Fuckface Fauci.

In a newly-released trove of unredacted e-mails dated around the beginning of the pandemic, we discover that 'the experts' very seriously considered the idea that the virus was, in fact, man-made, that the theory (since denounced as 'conspiracy') that the virus escaped from a laboratory in China, and that 'the experts' circled the wagons almost immediately -- most-likely in attempts to hide their responsibility, protect their funding, and maintain their status as the Official Guardians of Science -- set about the task of covering their asses on both the source of the virus and it's release into the wider world.

Taken with what we already know about how research into Chinese coronaviruses was done, about who funneled money into the pipeline through third-parties, how it was done in circumvention of American Law, and how unbelievably disingenuous and dissembling the primary actors have been on this subject, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the first thought that popped into the head of an American Bureaucrat was, of course, "how do I cover my naked ass, here?"

And the answer, naturally, was to get a bigger collection of bureaucrats to agree to stifle debate, to strangle information in it's crib, to concoct a cock-and-bull fairy tale, obfuscate, deny, and lie in unison, hiding behind the mantles of Science and 'expertise'.

That is, behind argument to authority and brazen self-interest (or, rather, self-preservation).

When that wasn't working out so well, we now discover from the Twitter dumps that the power of government was abused and destroyed any credibility the experts had left, and in the process, creating a hostile environment in which Truth -- if it could ever be truly discerned -- was never going to be a factor in finding a solution.

In the process, we were treated to endless lectures from the likes of Fauci, Warensky, Birx, and compliant 'medical and scientific experts' in media that tended to boost the official narrative (i.e. COVID was a natural thing, it did not involve any taxpayer money, the Chinese were as honest as the day is long, government was doing it's absolute best to fight it, there were no conflicts of interest involved in the response, and goshdarnit, we're all being absolutely transparent here).

And it's all bullshit.

Anyone who had a theory, opinion, or statement to the contrary was simply one of those Ultra-MAGA, retarded, right-winger, Nazi-wannabes who's goal was to kill millions with their denial of science and secret wish to stunt progress.

Fauci, et. al. set out to destroy opponents, real and imagined, with a vigor that rivalled that of Corona, itself.

And when Fauci, that 'expert-de-tutti-expert' is put before a Congressional Committee, or deposed in a lawsuit, he suddenly loses all of his pretense to expertise. He suddenly knows nothing about Science, he isn't a doctor, he never said any of the things he's been recorded as saying; he's simply a bureaucrat following directives and trying to run a department of whose inner workings he's entirely ignorant.

But he somehow made money on the deal and deserves to retire with a pension larger than the President's salary.

Which brings us to the next display of 'expertise', which is the doofuses who 'developed a vaccine' that doesn't cure anything, doesn't prevent the spread of the COVID virus or it's bastard variants, which were never adequately tested, but which are endlessly foisted upon us on threat of unemployment, social pariahhood, name-calling, and application of guilt.

That the vaccines are possibly killing people they were supposed to save, is, likewise, a subject you can't speak about openly.

For all intents and purposes, these vaccines were rushed into production with virtually no testing done, and no matter how many times Neil DeGrasse Tyson embarrasses himself (a non-expert assuming expertise?) trying to convince you to the contrary, it was very likely known before the process even began.

But 'something' had to be done. Better an ineffective and deadly something than nothing at all, right? People's reputations and careers -- and funding -- were at stake. What's a few million excess deaths compared to that?

Pharmaceutical companies do not get immunity from lawsuit and the ability to hide their test data from audit for no particular reason, you know.

One would assume that anyone who is or was an 'expert' on this sort of thing would be able to present an alternate point of view. One might even be forgiven or believing it productive and constructive to have a robust debate and exchange of ideas in the application of Science.

But no. The 'experts' all knew better. In order to save you, you had to be misled, you had to endure becoming human guinea pigs, you had to have your life wrecked in a thousand little ways, so that the 'experts' could boast of their 'expertise' and continue to get it all wrong.

And be rewarded for it.

Which brings us to the conclave of douchebag that is the annual clusterfuck of 'experts' in Davos.

The usual Rogue's Gallery was in attendance.

The jet-setting John Kerry, the poster child for Diarrhea. When Kerry isn't busy marrying the wealthy widows of his friends in order to advance, or attempting to make deals with dictatorships for a footnote in the history books (his current footnote would read 'Galactic asshole'), he's busy sailing his yachts, zooming around in his private planes, riding in multi-vehicle motorcades of carbon-spewing SUV's, and generally reminding the world just why he lost to a lightweight George W. Bush.

The failed politician, climate-alarmist, billionaire, self-described inventor of the Internet, Al Gore, who has made the climate graft his personal domain. And who owns more tony beachfront property than any single individual in America, to boot (allegedly). All of which, according to this blowhard buffoon, will all be underwater one day. That's when he isn't groping the hired help in a Harvey-Weinstein-like fashion. If ever the phrase 'hanging chad' had meaning, it's probably in relation to Gore's obviously-small tallywhacker.

The new face of Fascism, who calls itself Klaus Schwab, son of an ardent Nazi, purveyor of a dystopian future of world-wide government dependency and prayed-for benevolence of The Power Elite. In reality, this is a lizard person, an alien being from some distant planet in a galaxy far, far away, who considers it your duty to Humanity (and his pockets) to live in an unheated, government-approved carboard box, eating insects and dying of preventable disease, while he counts his extracted-by-government Danegeld in a heated palace with only the finest European courtesans and plenty of everything.

Orwell, even, never conceived of such a vile person. Compared to Schwab, O'Brien was a goddamned saint and Big Brother more akin to a Scoutmaster than an invisible dictator.

These people are, de facto, Nazis.

Not in the sense that they are German, but in the sense that they are devotees of the Hitlerian program of elevation of the Master Race (in this case, the bureaucrats, the 'experts', the connected elitists) at the expense of the Untermenschen, the unenlightened masses upon whom they will wipe their boots, and who, quite frankly, would do the world a favor if they just died, en mass.

But not before their betters made them suffer, because where's the fun in just letting them expire on their own?

There are positions to prop up. There are important personages who need to feel more-important than they are. There is propaganda to propagate. There is more that can be stolen under the false flag of altruism.

And there are a myriad of fellow-travelers orbiting around the periphery of this stupidity who call themselves 'academics', 'economists', 'climate scientists', 'foreign ministers', 'plenipotentiaries', and even 'Member of European Parliament' and 'United States Congressman'.

The world, in its current state, these idiots will tell you, is 'unsustainable'. That is their EXPERT opinion.

That their 'expertise' is in large part responsible for the current state of affairs, is to be conveniently ignored.

Whether it is a washed-up, recycled lunatic re-emerging from his hibernation to repeat his blunders or a mentally-challenged teenaged girl crying like a bitch on subjects she obviously knows nothing about, the goal is the same -- the 'experts' must not ever be proven to be anything but, their past mistakes are to be blamed on everyone else, they must continue to exude a front of confidence in their own idiocy, and if you disagree, if you resist, if you won't comply, then you're the worst sort of person to ever live.

Even worse than the people who play with potentially-deadly viruses, the people who push poison as medicine, the people who have started wars, the people who advocate for a World State in which personal liberty, economic advancement and peace are not to be had without their permission (and their cut).

Never should an 'expert' or an 'elitist' ever be allowed to tell the truth, nor should they ever be held accountable for their mistakes is the credo of this new Nazi, assured of their own superiority by merely  insisting that they have some, but never displaying any.

If Fauci were a virtuous man, he would have killed himself by now.

If Gore or Kerry actually believed the shit they were spewing (which is more-deadly than the jet exhaust they regularly spew) they'd both be living a Ghandi-like existence in a cave, having given their ill-gotten fortunes away.

If Klaus Schwab or George Soros were the saviors of Mankind, they wouldn't be advocating for policies that ultimately kill people and make decent life all but impossible.

As Tucker Carlson put it so well this past week (paraphrased):

"(Davos is) a parade of self-confident dumb people. Rich in self-esteem, but poor in wisdom. Giving moralizing lectures to the sound of one another's applause."

These people are Evil.

And now back to St. Greta The Hysterical.

The Cindy Sheehan and Horst Wessel of Climate Change, all rolled into one.

You know the wind has been taken from your sails when you have to, allegedly, stage your own arrest, and do so in the teeth of a police force that is apparently both compliant and unable to cope with mud. We're now at the near-terminal stage of Thunbergmania where the only thing left to do is some kind of performance art for the benefit of the cameras, all carefully-arranged and prepared for the event ahead of time.

Like throwing soup on paintings, or gluing yourself to the street.

A sure-fire sign you're out of ammo; it is little more than a televised temper tantrum.

As an aside, there was a time when the world shuddered at the mere mention of Germans, but now the country is a laughing stock. It's Green Policies have come back to bite it on it's collective behind and Germany now finds itself burning furniture for fuel. Just remember: when the Germans decide to start burning something other than coal or oil, it usually doesn't work out well for all involved.

But even these Green Policies are a result of the Davos crowd and the Thunberg Cult, to a large extent, and even moreso sprang from the collective ideologies that Germans seem unusually predisposed towards, and even eager to participate in, historically.

That is to say that the same social, mental and political processes that led Germany to two disastrous wars and 50 years of partition are still alive and well. Add a hostile Russia to the mix, and you have the ingredients for a Fourth Reich, and one that would prove even more-destructive than Adolf's, for it would be run by people very much like Klaus Schwab.

That is to say, the insane and destructive on a level that makes the Austrian corporal look positively conscientious.

Two-plus years of Corona mayhem, energy crunches, economic downturns, supply chain issues, war close to it's borders, dependence upon NATO for defense, and now the need to quickly undo the damage done by decades of leftist-inspired dumbfuck now makes Germany a boiling pot.

And then Greta shows up to insist Germans continue to freeze in order to save a mud puddle? Clear the fucking decks.

It has now become crystalized, as if it hadn't been before, that Greta Thunberg is a tool. A tool of propaganda used by a mindset that hasn't learned any lessons from it's past failures. We're supposedly taking a teenaged high-school dropout's word about Science; and a teenager who is supposed to be mentally-impaired, no less. She's obviously emotionally immature; her hysterics are proof of this. The way in which she is trotted out to pump up the guilt levels and hides behind youth and disability to avoid criticism are on Page One of the Leftist Playbook.

It's now known that she doesn't even write the garbage she vomits up.

Greta Thunberg is to rational political and economic policies what Kamala Harris is to a spelling bee. She is nothing more than a ventriloquist's dummy.

But even dummies have their uses to the left.

And ruminating upon the absolute Murder's Row of Dipshit that followed this foray into World Government should leave you with no illusions about what the ultimate goal of all of this nonsense truly is: control, power, money, the ability to shape opinions and to destroy national sovereignty in the name of a program that has more failures to it's record than Joe Biden -- from Marx, to Lenin, to Hitler, to Mao to Thunberg and Schwab.

Lenin was always dismissive of what he called "Useful Idiots", and so as to not put all of the onus upon Teutonic and Scandinavian idiocy, the West has supplied, as usual, it's own parade of "Me Too!" scavengers who will readily sell out their countries, and humanity, for the cash that always seems to find its way to such altruistic souls (sarcasm) and the insufferably sanctimonious.

Gore, Kerry, Blair, Obama, Biden, bureaucrats and bankers from across a wide spectrum of countries, the activist class with no aims and very little action, all of them sucking great wads of wealth from the productive that eventually makes them less-productive.

When your lights are turned off by government decree every evening in Paris, when your work hours are cut (and pay falls, in turn) in Budapest because your employer can't afford to stay in business as usual due to high energy prices, when you're standing in line for bread that is primarily made of sawdust in Amsterdam because fertilizer was outlawed or because Ukrainian wheat shipments become rare, when the medicine you were panicked into taking starts to destroy your body, you can blame people like the ones who attend meetings in Davos and fugly, pig-ignorant teenagers preaching Armageddon.

And then look in the fucking mirror.

Because it was ultimately YOU that let this happen. You got too comfortable; too complacent. You left the important decisions up to people who were obviously not prioritizing the best-for-the-most but rather the best-for-the-selected-few. You gave them influence, you gave them power, you gave them money and you gave them no serious thought.

The New Nazis are here because people forgot what the Old Ones did. The two operate on the same level: they will decide who gets what, how much of it they get, when they get it, who gets to hand it out, who gets the contracts for the making the giving and the handing out, who pays for it, and the answers to those questions are always the same:

We do.

Except for the paying part.

And if millions have to die in the cold, starve for lack of food, or be relegated to a forced communal existence subsisting on beetles and rainwater while being pumped full of mRNA poison to ensure that Greta maintains her unearned beatification, Klaus Schwab can pork only the finest Swiss whores while dressed as something out of Austin Powers, John Kerry can spread carbon as injudiciously as he spreads nonsense, well, that's just the price they're willing to let you pay for salvation.

Because they ARE your saviors, as they see it, and their rationale for this belief is every bit as pernicious and retarded as those of the religions they routinely denigrate. Only instead of preaching Heaven on Earth or the Salvation of Man, these morons are preaching the Superiority of the Elite. They are Hitler's Ubermenschen, Lenin's New Soviet Man, they have just taken advantage of better public relations, dumber and lazier citizenry, and present their War on Humanity as a pious crusade to save Man from Himself.

With the benefits accruing to themselves, because 'special'.

You have to be forced to live like a primitive being so that they can lord it over you and prosper at your expense. For your own good.

The only thing missing from Davos this year was the goose-stepping and the choreographed torchlit parades.

But there's always next year, right?

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Anonymous said...

Overlord, you have written a righteous blast of honesty, and I applaud you for it.
Now, heed this pureblood underling's plea, and please use "its" and "it's" correctly.
"Its" is possessive.
"It's" is the contraction of "it is."
Example: " strangle information in it's crib..." literally means " strangle information in it is crib...".
They are distractions in an otherwise smooth and enjoyable read.
Retired Editor

bcongdon said...

Outstanding analysis. Learn the difference between it's and its, and you'll convince more people.

Matthew Noto said...

Why, thank you, Retired Editor.

I often type faster than I think, and I'm terrible at proofreading.

Arik said...

To be fair, a simple nuclear strike would accomplish the desired cleansing of Davos with significantly less work.

GMay said...

Did someone - who appears to read this blog regularly - really think you needed a lesson about "its" and "it's"?

Is there an eyeroll emoticon around the parts?