Thursday, March 3, 2022

TDS Versus TBS...

 "The fact that the stupid person is often stubborn must not blind us to the fact that he is not independent. In conversation with him, one virtually feels that one is dealing not at all with him as a person, but with slogans, catchwords, and the like that have taken possession of him. He is under a spell, blinded, misused, and abused in his very being. Having thus become a mindless tool, the stupid person will also be capable of any evil and at the same time incapable of seeing that it is evil. This is where the danger of diabolical misuse lurks, for it is this that can once and for all destroy all human beings..." -- Dietrich Boehnhoffer, "Letters and Papers From Prison"

Before I begin, three points:

1. As I am asked countless times: no, I don't simply lift quotes from the internet to post here. The Overlord has always been a voracious reader; he has an extensive library -- and prodigious memory -- from which he has drawn inspiration. Contrary to accusation (by the truly fucktarded, usually Liberal Arts majors), this is not a false erudition; I really am this fucking smart and well-read and you're a blithering idiot.

2. We will be discussing the Buddhist principle of Shunya, in a roundabout way, which I will define here:

Shunya (n) - A state of emptiness; a void.

I do this because what is about to be discussed is not a new phenomenon, nor is it peculiar. Reverend Boehnhoffer, quoted above, fought against precisely this sort of thing and was executed for it by the Nazis.

3. I'm sick of listening to many of you claim virtues that you certainly do not possess, and attribute the same to people who, on a good day, you might shoot on sight, if you had any brains. The beatification of essentially banal and evil people is disheartening and sickening, and the fact that it is done by people who truly -- whatever twisted philosophical mishmash ferments in their gray matter -- believe they are acting from a sense of altruism, does not make it any less distasteful.

It's bullshit. Get over yourselves and take a good look in the mirror. I promise, that reflection of a sheep is not a magic trick; that's who many of you truly are. A mental herd animal. I don't tell you this to insult you -- I wish to liberate you -- to restore your power of individuality in a true sense, and not in this modern fashion where the mere appearance of such substitutes for the real thing.

You were born with a brain. Use it well.

The inspiration for this tirade was something I read this morning from my co-blogger at HMS Defiant (you should read him, because good stuff). I have to take issue with something he's posted today regarding the supposed virtues of one Donald J. Trump.

My personal appraisal of Trump, based upon observation and having the experience of living in a city in which his gaudy taste in faux marble and gilded plastic architecture, liberally festooned with neon and imbued with a creeping gigantism which is characteristic of the man with small hands (so to speak), is indicative of who -- or rather WHAT -- he is.

In 2016 Trump was not my 50th choice for president of the United States, the Overlord preferring either a combination of governors -- Chris Christie and Scott Walker -- or a level-headed thinking man, like Ted Cruz. I voted for Senator Cruz in the New York republican primary, and repented at leisure; he has since let me down in a few ways.

However, the mindless lump of protoplasm that is The Voting Public left me on Election Day with a choice between a midway hawker with a Day Glo Orange aura, and a known prevaricator, criminal, venal and brazen thief who should be measured for an Orange Jumpsuit.

Thanks so much. This circumstance, alone, should not only be proof positive of the need for voter ID in very election, but also for the administration of a fucking IQ test before anyone is allowed to vote.

That does not mean that Trump was a bad president. Given the low bar established over the last three decades, he can be, fairly, characterized as "better than average" by a generous person, and it's only a slight stretch to get there, considering the doddering old fuck currently occupying the office, his lazy, shiftless, demonstrably retarded, former boss (poster child for Affirmative Action), and his predecessor being a soft-headed chimp who relied far too much on his father's friends to tell him what to do...and then did it badly.

And let's not forget the Grandaddy of Them All, the wandering and indiscriminate (allegedly bent) penis that was stupid enough to marry the transgendered Ghengis Khan and produce offspring so ugly that oral sex with that horror show counts as anal. He only won because there happened to be three candidates in those two elections that split the vote into a plurality, but he declared his victories "mandates", in true psychopathic form, all the same.

The sordid tale that has become the story of the elevation and deflation of DJT, the constant attacks, the deliberate undermining, the unfriendly press, the corruption of the voting process, the sheer obstinate duplicity and stupidity of The Opposition, all ring true. You'd have to have been in a coma to have missed it. The boosters of this Shinola Salesman (because before all else, Trump is a salesman, and he's still at it) describe this reflexive and obsessive hate he brings out in people you wouldn't follow through your own front door as "Trump Derangement Syndrome".

This is also not a new phenomenon. It was a term used when George W. Redneck Bush was president; it was present to the nth degree under Nixon; Reagan was supposed to be the harbinger of the apocalypse. It is on Page One of the "We Hate Republicans" playbook -- any time the Left loses, it must be because the winner is some sort of Racist/Sexist/Homophobe with deep-seeded psychological problems, an anti-social type who wants people to die, who has probably raped and murdered more of anything -- human or animal -- than any Mongol, Cossack, Hun, Goth, Illegal Immigrant or Jihadi in history. Someone from whom "evil" oozes out of every orifice, and whose soul -- assuming he has ever had one -- is blacker than Michelle Obama trapped in an abandoned coal mine.

(If only...).

The Leftist behaves this way because, according to the precepts of Shunya, there is a hole in their lives. Whether it's psychic. material, spiritual or physical is unimportant. The Hole exists because, to paraphrase Jordan Peterson, the sort of people who are attracted to leftist ideals -- or dependent upon their implementation/results -- are generally useless and incompetent, and incapable, on their own, of achieving anything. They are pushed to the margins of society because society has no practical use for them (see Orwell's "The Lion and The Unicorn" on this, too), and are aware of it, but are too stupid and lazy to do anything positive about it.

The alternative is eternal navel gazing and stewing in one's own mental and emotional diarrhea. The Cause gives them something that allows them even a momentary escape from their state of practical inertia, and acts as a narcotic that obliterates any semblance of rational thought they may still have left.

They have a need to belong to something and since they can supply no practical skill or talent to anything worth belonging to, it's easier to cleave to the other malcontents and form a mass of reprobate useless haters, bound by their common discontent(s). A cult, so to speak.

Unfortunately, this sort of blob of useless dregs also forms the perfect voting bloc for a Messianic figure who both promises to smite their enemies and to reverse their fortunes.

That neither ever happens doesn't matter; the Dream has to be kept alive for lack of anything else to believe in, belong to, or to do. Doing is beyond their capacity.

So when it comes to "taking down Donald Trump", their actions and attitudes are perfectly understandable, for a personality like Trump is interested in tangible results and efficiency, and treats failure -- whether of system or human -- like a disease. Even when Trump is actively courting the votes of the Useless and Ineffective it's not so much because he actually cares (he may: I don't really know) but because doing so is useful in the achievement of the desired result -- electoral victory, national rejuvenation (there can be no passengers on the bus of National Revival, only drivers, you see). winning a petty political squabble, seeing a particular viewpoint prevail. 

Trump's partiality to Twitter flame wars had little to do with "answering his critics", as is often asserted, but rather with a pre-occupation with always being right. The level to which he would often stoop so as to let no insult or mischaracterization go unanswered in 140 characters or less was not indicative of "a fighter", but wholly in line with the actions of a pure narcissist.

If by this method some substantial goal was coincidentally achieved, then it was all to the good, no matter how vain and petty it made you appear, no matter how unimportant the criticism -- and often the critic -- might be.

Conversely, any leftist who manages to become something of an icon, the metaphorical Avenging Angel, is elevated to achieve a demi-god-like status (until social tastes among the useless and shiftless change and then today's Leftist Hercules becomes tomorrow's Cancelled Attila The Hun, and yesterday's heartless republican bastard who wanted to starve children and bugger puppies suddenly becomes, retroactively, "a great statesman", decided as such by people who are confused by their own genitals half the time).

The Patron Saint (of the moment) of the Fucktarded is granted the proverbial Clean Slate in which their own crimes, trespasses, overreaching, venality, hypocrisy, etc. is conveniently forgotten. The new Paragon, automatically, becomes the Greatest Human Being EVAH, possessed of gold-plated-and-diamond-encrusted virtue, gargantuan intellect, galaxy-spanning compassion, and sometimes, a Nobel Prize (for being half-black, or for pushing an agenda of a global elite predicated on the idea that Man, who can't figure out the common cold or COVID, can manage to control the weather).

The fact there is something that can be described as "Trump Derangement Syndrome", therefore, is not exactly surprising; what is surprising is that such total idiots managed to carry it as far as they did, and continue to do so. As I've said, The Dream must be kept alive.

At  the other end of the spectrum is something I call TBS, or "Trump Beatification Syndrome" which is nothing more than TDS turned on it's head.

If the Left hates Trump, and you hate the Left, then Trump becomes everything the Left isn't...even when He truly isn't. If, tomorrow, someone else comes along with the Trump charisma, spouting the Trumpist line, then that person will automatically become the beneficiary of TBS, too, and also the victim of TDS.

In other words, the picking and choosing of Saints and Sinners depends largely upon the following:

1. The degree to which either agrees with you.

2. The extent to which either tells you what you want to hear.

3. The extent to which either promises to destroy The Other Side.

4. The depth of your own Shunya.

Demagogues are not born; they're made. They consist of the hopes, aspirations, emotions -- usually envy, fear, anger, confusion -- of the people who build them into towering bastions of righteousness. Those bastions are consistently under assault by their opposite numbers. The telling factors are how far one side or the other is willing to go to achieve it's ends, or preserve it's victories, and how stubborn and pliable the footsoldiers happen to be.

Yes, what has been done to Trump has been a travesty in any meaningful sense of the word. It has been a black mark on the nation's consciousness. It should never be allowed to happen again.

However, if you keep picking at these scabs you'll never heal. If you - the autonomous individual don't put a bandage on the wound -- in this case this means taking deliberate, calculated, effective action to prevent such future skullduggery; it means finding ways to hold the perpetrators responsible that doesn't depend upon their cronies to carry it out -- then you should probably stop crying. This shit happens because the Citizen long ago gave up their right to correct it when they left things to "the government" or "The System". 

Crying about Trump, accusing the Other Guys of being Communists (which they probably were before you even realized it) does little good. Reclaiming your rightful place, and your Rights, in this society does not depend upon a personality, no matter how charismatic or whatever powers you ascribe to them.

It's your job to fix what's wrong in this country, and so long as all you are capable of is living in the past and picking at your psychic boo-boos, you're just going to fall into the categories of useless and incompetent, yourself, and then you're truly fucked.

Stop looking for your Savior and BE your own Savior. 

Fill your own Shunya.

As to whether The Overlord (as if anyone cares?) thinks Trump should make a second run, I'll simply say the following:

1. No.

2. Fuck no.

3. You'll be just as old as Biden if you win, and one incontinent doofus with his finger on the nuclear button and another inserted into his own ass was enough, thank you.

4. I tire of your ceaseless prattle. Yes, we know you were cheated. What good does that knowledge do any of us right now, and what does it say about you that you allowed it to happen with all the powers of the Presidency at your command? How about instead of your Quixotic Quest to retroactively "win" and prove you were better than everyone else, you do something CONSTRUCTIVE, and perhaps put your considerable following behind a nationwide program of cleaning up voter rolls, fixing the holes in the electoral system, and re-establishing the power of a vote?

Otherwise, you're just an embittered old man shouting at the kids to get off your expensively-manicured lawn. Also liberally festooned with neon, no doubt.

(Lack of taste is, unfortunately, not disqualifying)

5. Thanks for the vaccines that don't work.

To the sufferers of both TDS and TBS your cure is to be found in reacquiring your critical thinking skills.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. The transition from the war mongering coalition of doddering boomers and "newly discovered by themselves as gay" millennials is fraught with peril. And yet, we must persevere.

JB_Honeydew said...

Not baaaad, Overlord, not too baaaad at all. 😉

I'll paraphrase George Carlin here. The reason why we get politicians that suck is that the population as a whole sucks. It's the best we can do.

That being said, the drugged out zombie currently residing, albeit sometimes, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is what we deserve at this time. Sure, you could probably thank the dude whose head looks like the frontal view of Volkswagen Beetle with its doors wide open for this travesty, but that's too easy. I'll refer you to Mr. Carlin's thoughts.

Yes, there were things that bothered me about Trump, tastes aside. What I did like is that, in a way, he represented what I believe to be the truest representation of the spirit of this country.....fuck you, we're doing it our way. Unfortunately, that spirit has been long diluted by many a number of "feel-good" causes. But that's just me.

So, for starters, I propose that we begin reestablishing this attitude by turning our attention to the Statue of Liberty. The entire arm holding the torch should be replaced with an arm that shows her giving a truly American extended middle finger. Hell we could event light that sum'bitch up for effect. We could even rig it to shoot fireworks out of the extended finger periodically.....even hold a national vote for said frequency.

That is all.

Oh yeah, Fuck you too 🤣


Anonymous said...

>>and what does it say about you that you allowed it to happen with all the powers of the Presidency at your command?<<

Alternative question: what does it say about the powers of the Presidency?

I think too many people expected Trump to be some kind of modern-day Caesar or Hannibal, striding in and smiting everyone that stood in his way. He was never going to be that.

The system is broken at a fundamental level, and I can't think of a way to fix it other than to simply disconnect from it, and hope that when it collapses it doesn't take the rest of us down with it.

I'm focusing almost exclusively on local and state politics because my state (CT) is horribly broken, populated by dumbfuck, and hasn't sent anyone useful to DC in my lifetime.


Matthew Noto said...

You make a valid point, Brian, but there's this:

The President is, above all, the Chief Administrator of the Country, who oversees a vast administrative bureaucracy. he is, in theory, the guy with his hands on the wheel.

And when you look at what was done to Trump, it was that very administrative bureaucracy that phucked him over, from the felony-committing Comey to the clueless-ass-covering Fauci, and everyone in between.

THAT was The Swamp.

That was the task he set out to accomplish -- to "drain" it -- and he failed.

The systemic failure does not lie in Presidents or Congresscritters who have, largely, abandoned their prerogatives and responsibilities, and placed them squarely in the laps of a professional and self-interested Bureaucracy.

You can't fix anything until that Bureaucracy is destroyed. Remember: "The Government" consists largely of mouth-breathing idiots who only have jobs because they managed a 62 on a test, they have unions to protect the incompetent, and when the union fails, they have politicians who they will sit across from at the bargaining table, that the mouth-breathers put there.

Destroy the labor union (an anachronism, in any case) and it is the first step in draining the Swamp.