Friday, March 25, 2022

"Science" Run Amok...

"1. A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction allow a human being to be harmed.

2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such an order would conflict with The First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws..." -- Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, "Runaround"

Last week I was talking about an Artificial Intelligence project that a friend of mine wanted me to be involved in for his employer. I was skeptical, mostly because this is not my area of expertise, but also because what I was being asked to evaluate didn't seem to make much sense to me.

As part of the research I was doing into some of the new advances being made in the field, I programmed my trusty ol' desktop to scan the internet twice daily for new reportage or scientific papers on the subject, just to see how deeply my lack of expertise ran.

Turned out, it ran deep enough to bail on the project.

But I forgot to stop the scan. And it spit this out today:

An AI Experiment Generated 40,000 Hypothetical Bioweapons in Just Six Hours. 


Now, as a Geek, myself, I understand how someone might get the asinine idea that this is a "cool" experiment in their heads: Geeks are always trying to out-Geek one another. For most, it's a contest of brains for people who usually have very small gonads and manage to maintain facial acne and their virginity into middle age. They're usually not athletic, nor good-looking. Most have the social graces you might associate with a psychopath or a comic book villain. In a good many, hygiene is severely lacking.

But they have bigger brains than about 97% of the general population, so if they can't club you over the head with a porn-star dick, dunk on you on the basketball court, and will never get to fuck something that's not made of latex, they can do things to make you feel severely inadequate in the mental firepower category.

And then there's the Super Geeks who have a ton of repressed aggression and a disdain for humanity (I'm definitely guilty of the latter), for whom morality and ethics seem to be weaknesses of the human beings they secretly despise.

Geeks are mostly harmless. Most tend to engage in harmless (to others) and mainly self-destructive behavior, even as they're waving a fist in the air and swearing vengeance against anyone who ever gave them a daily Wedgie or Wet Willie, and harboring nuclear-levels of anger and disappointment because some girl in 7th grade wouldn't let them fingerbang her. No matter how mental some of them get (and the levels and variety of disorder are often shocking) there's a line between thought and action they won't cross. Mostly because they are, at heart, good people who got the shitty end of many sticks.

The Super Geeks, however, can be a whole 'nother ball of wax.

Someone probably thought this was a good idea because a) no one else had done it (making the first to do it a Geek Olympics Gold medal winner), and, b) because they could and such trivial concerns like, should we? or what might the consequences be? don't matter. What matters is that you get the Geek Equivalent of the Dirk Diggler Dong -- you did something outrageously badass with a computer that no one else had the brains or the guts to attempt.

And, of course, even if the end result is something completely and totally evil, being a fucking Geek and trying to be the Geek Zeus atop the Geek Olympus, you have to brag about it.

Hence that article. Which has this absolutely mind-blowing passage embedded in it:

"As a result the authors behind the new study are keeping some of the details of their research secret, and have seriously debated whether or not to make these results public at all."

The concern is a smoke screen; they did it and they want people to know they did it; that's why you issue a press release pretty much screaming "Hey, look what we did!". This automatically, within Geek World, triggers a stampede to be the next fucking idiot to do it...only better.

It's like a Geek Arms Race.

Eventually, what will happen -- because this almost always happens in the world of private and commercial IT -- when the Geeks who did it are finally finished, these Giants of Intellect will be walking the unemployment line, because they will no longer be needed. It's not like this is a government job, where you can create the most godawful, disastrous, deadly, and morally-bankrupt result and enjoy employment forever.

Do you know where the majority of hacks, computer viruses, Trojan Horses, phishing schemes, etc, etc, etc originate?

Disgruntled former employees who became excess-to-needs and who got less than what they feel they deserved in terms of accolades or rewards. Who better to exploit the weaknesses in software or a system than the people who put the weaknesses in them in the first place?

And most Geeks who do this sort of hacker/virus stuff don't even do it for the money, but just to "get even", and if in the process several million or billion people have to be hurt by it -- their personal information stolen, their bank accounts emptied, various aspects of their daily lives turned into major inconveniences -- well, that's just the price they are willing to make you pay because some MBA ordered their pink slip.

In the Ur-Time of Information technology, we tried to avoid bad results as if they came with a severe combination case of ass cancer and rabies; bad results were chucked, purged completely, never to be seen again. In the New Fangled Age of Artificial Intelligence, even complete garbage has value (and considering how AI "memory" schemes work, we keep the bad result because so long as it's stored on disk somewhere the system "remembers" it's a bad result), even something as completely demonic as this will BE KEPT SOMEWHERE FOREVER, no matter if the people involved decide that it should never see the light of day or not.

Data, even bad or dangerous data, is too valuable to destroy and ridiculously cheap to elevate to immortal status.

And too easy to lose control of, because some dipshit will store this on The Cloud.

Might as well leave the bank vault door open if you do that.

But this is not the only area of "science" where we have to question the intentions and the mindset of the people who are involved in it.

Because I read this today, too:

Organ transplants from donors who had COVID-19 Safe, Study Shows

Considering the complete panic, the deliberately-generated fear, the scientific confusion that surrounds COVID, we've come to the following formulation:

A formerly-COVID infected lung or kidney is completely safe, no need for concern...

...but snot, exhaled air and spit are positively deadly, so keep the mask on...

Or this one:

COVID vaccines are effective, no matter how many untested, unstudied shots you are forced to take need...

...Hydroxychloroquine (standard Corona treatment for 90 years, handed out like candy to people with Arthritis, MS or Lupus for decades, stockpiled in American hospitals to combat outbreaks of West Nile, Zika and Malaria) and Remdesivir (developed specifically to treat SARS and MERS, results of Corona infection with a two-decades-long safety record and a shitload of studies attesting to effectiveness) are deadly poisons and will kill you.

I can attest to the efficacy of the combination of Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine in treating a coronavirus infection, because these two drugs saved Mrs. Overlord's life when she contracted a Coronavirus in January of 2019. It's even quite possible that she had COVID-19 before anyone knew what it was or that it existed. It's quite possible that the "record flu outbreaks" of 2018 and 19 were COVID-19, but the medical establishment misdiagnosed millions, since the two maladies often present the same symptoms, and so assumed they were just seeing a lot of flu patients.

Had it not been for the fact that Mrs. Overlord's attending in the ER was a Korean, who had studied in Korea -- where Coronaviruses are a fact of daily life -- and decided her pneumonia looked a little fishy and warranted a test for Corona, she wouldn't be here today.

By the way, the NYC Board of Health traced the outbreak that got her to a Chinese restaurant we had eaten in on New Year's Eve...where it discovered that half the (illegal alien) staff had the virus.

And the more you think about everything COVID-related of the last two years, the more you see very little "science' behind any of it. Just bureaucratic diktats, politics, class rivalry, and plain ol' fucktard.

And speaking of the political aspects of "science", when you ask a Harvard-educated Supreme Court nominee to "define a woman" and she can't, is unwilling to, or claims she "isn't a biologist" because to answer truthfully blows the doors off a pseudo-scientific-politically-motivated movement backed by a certain party that claims to love "science", then you know the world has gone apeshit.

Suddenly, Biology is a taboo subject, and the people who position themselves as the defenders of science and everyone else as a "denier", have somehow become the defenders of the denial of science -- refusing even to engage in a scientific debate on established fact-- and claiming this serves some greater good.

If you'll bear with me for a moment, this refusal to even admit the basic facts of biology ties into another circumstance which used to be discussed only in hushed tones behind closed doors, but which has been pushed to the forefront by political stupidity.

That would be the left's attacks on both Parental Rights and attempts to teach schoolchildren all they (don't) need to know about buttsex, transgenderism, pedophilia, and simultaneously, presenting these "choices" and "realities" (remarks on this in a moment) as something perfectly normal, even like something of a goal to aim for in life.

And in a backhanded way, the backlash against "Don't Say Gay" bills and the attempt to smear people who object to their children being taught how to be homosexuals in class, is something of a scientific proof of the idea that people are not "born gay" but rather that "gays are made".

Or, more precisely, "groomed".

It can be considered as a form of proof that "transgenderism" is not natural -- people are not "trapped" inside a the body of their opposites, but rather they are being convinced that they are for a variety of reasons. Most of them having to do with mental patients needing everyone else on Planet Earth to willingly suspend their perception of objective reality in order to both validate their disorders and make them feel better about themselves so that they can continue to live in denial about being sick.

If the sickness is normalized, then no one is really sick, are they?

It's easier to not treat them, too, while the psychoanalysts and head shrinkers go on charging $300 for the 40-minute-hour rah-rah session.

And the "new science" on this sort of thing is of the sort one would normally scrape off the bottom of their shoes after wandering into a cow pasture. "Science" is all about funding and social trends, now, and is done in such an incautious, slapdash way that every "new study" touted this week will have been proven flawed and faulty in six months' time.

As an anecdotal exercise, that is to say, an "un-science-y" retelling of my long experience with homosexuals, I can tell you the following.

Before I begin, I am obligated to do this:

The Overlord does not care if anyone is gay: he has his own problems, thank you very much. He does not hate you because of what you do to or with your genitals; he does not judge you on the manner in which you choose to express physical love with another. None of that is his business. He just doesn't need to hear about it. Certainly not all day long.

In fact, I say to my Gay Brothers and Sisters, that I often remind my pesky Uber-Christian relatives and friends when they begin spouting scripture or proselytizing over Thanksgiving Dinner, that while it's wonderful that you've found something that makes you happy and perhaps fills all the holes (no pun intended) in your life, how about you do me a favor and keep that "personal" relationship with God/ know... personal?

Take the fucking hint...

I have been (literally) surrounded by Gay People all my adult life. I worked most of my life on Wall Street, where there aren't closets deep enough for them to hide; when I was younger (and a fucking stud) Gay men would come on to me all the time (and they got the same answer: "Sorry, but my rectum is 'exit only'"); I have lived in fucking New York City all of my life.

I volunteer in a drug and alcohol rehab center, have for nearly 20 years, and about 1/3 of my "clientele" are homosexuals, of all stripes.

And when you hear their horror stories, whether it's the work colleague who's had a few too many at the Christmas party, the friend who trusts you enough to open up, the struggling-to-keep-it-together addict who needs to unload, I can tell you as an indisputable fact, (almost) every last one was groomed and/or abused.

The parish priest; Uncle Ticklefingers; the coach who took too much interest; the babysitter; the teacher who paid you too much attention; the doctor who made a joke -- but not really -- at having you drop your pants as part of the broken arm examination; the abusive mother or father; the handsy Scoutmaster. The number of ways children are indoctrinated into a gay lifestyle are numerous, and usually doesn't end well. 

The number of friends and colleagues killed by AIDS runs into the double digits; the suicides (successful and attempted) pile up, still; the sheer number of people I've seen who have lives destroyed because they were abused as children -- and who continue in this sort of behavior because they don't know what else to do -- by people who were supposed to protect them, is legion.

And in a perfect world where this kind of thing was ever stopped, the supply of homosexuals would probably dry up immediately.

Hence, all the hue and cry about "Don't Say Gay", all the crap that surrounds "identity" -- if these folks didn't stick together (as opposed to being stuck together) forming their own little colonies of mutual support, endless propaganda, the adoption of a victim mentality, and continuation of the cycle, they'd disappear but for a few lonely voices in the wilderness.

The power that comes with numbers would disappear, power which is measured in government checks, special legal status, and social exemption.

The Science on this is voluminous and extraordinarily clear; there is no "gay gene" and by their own behavior, homosexuals are not reproducing themselves.

But, they can adopt; they can influence others; they can even prey upon them.

Hence, gays are not born; they're made.

This is not intended to portray homosexuals as evil; most of the gay people I've known were perfectly nice and fine folks. But like every category of people, like the Geeks mentioned above, the science-denying medicos and politicians, there's always a dark underbelly where the demented and ill-intentioned always lurk.

Some will even deliberately infect others with their diseases, which used to be a felony in most jurisdictions, just to make sure the newly-infected can't leave "the lifestyle". Doubt that happens? Listen in on a group therapy session sometime. You'll have no doubts after that; the people who do this sort of thing are proud of it, often defiantly so.

As for the "Trans" thing, medical science knows this is largely a load of crap. The literature on it -- literally -- goes back thousands of years. 

And is being ignored for some strange reasons, usually having something to do with government funding.

As to why it is becoming such a prevalent thing now? 

Because just being "conventionally gay" ("Old Gay", if you will) is no longer cool. For some, being openly homosexual was an act of rebellion against a society that many felt had rejected and oppressed them.

But then came "Gay Marriage" and married gay couples have become just as square as the Ozzie-and-Harriet types they used to shit upon. Being "conventionally gay" has become normalized; there's no juice of rebellion or shock or defiance in it, anymore.

This is a personal opinion based on experience (your mileage may vary), but the thing that always struck me about a sizable majority of the homosexuals I have known is the amount of attention many seem to require. It is as if they can never get enough attention -- at least the positive kind -- and so deliberately sought out the negative sort. It doesn't get any more negative than turning socially-acceptable, millennia-old conventions upside down and inside out, but once you were able to get a marriage license and a house in a gated community with a picket fence and accepting neighbors, the attention goes away.

So, like a Jihadi, communist or a democrat (small 'd' intentional) who consistently fails, the solution is to get more-strident, more-outrageous, more-vocal, more fundaMENTAList. Because doubling down on stupid always works, and so we get ever-finer distinctions, stricter enforcement of ideology and dogma, more hostility to those singled out for blame for the failures (because human beings swim in denial, especially about their own fucktard, 24/7).

The science is clear on this, too, but that gets denied, as well.

To beat the dead equine one more time, we come to one of the dumber "scientific" debates of our time, which is Climate Change.

Essentially, the argument goes that in order to "save ourselves from Climate Change we have to Change the Climate".

Circular firing squad time.

If you ever want to shut an "environMENTAList" up, or just get them to go away, try this argument on for size (I have: it works):

Tree Hugger: CO2 is a deadly gas that will kill millions! We need to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, by any means necessary!

Overlord: But isn't CO2 necessary for the continuation of life on the planet?

Tree Hugger: No, it is a danger to everything on the planet.

Overlord: You know what photosynthesis is, right?

Tree Hugger: Yes, what of it?

Overlord: The by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen. Every living thing on the planet needs oxygen.

Tree Hugger: What do you mean?

Overlord: Well, what happens if plants don't get enough CO2? They die, right? And if they die, they don't produce oxygen, and then everyone and everything suffocates, right?

Tree Hugger: It's not that simple...

Overlord: Well, since you're the expert, you tell me: at what point is there "too much" CO2, and what level would be perfect? Also, what happens if you go too far, even by accident, and remove too much CO2?

Tree Hugger: There's too much CO2 right now! I can't tell you what "perfect" looks like, but it's not perfect now, I can tell you! And I wouldn't worry about taking too much CO2 out of the atmosphere: we only need to bring levels down to an acceptable state.

Overlord: But you've just said that you don't know what that optimal state is. Are you sure you've got this right?

Tree Hugger (now confused, unable to offer retort) Fuck you, you science denier! (Storms off to change tampon).

But then again, these people are taking their lead on climate science from a 16 year old autistic girl who doesn't seem to be spending any time in school learning any Science.

We're outkicking our coverage here. Might be time to rein some of this stuff in.


GMay said...

The really juicy thing to bring up to The Gays now is the language they're using in opposition to transgender women (read: men) competing in women's sports.

My lesbian sister - from whom I've had to endure precious few personal victimhood stories, but who has no shortage of rants against fundamentalist Christians (that aren't in charge of anything) that want to oppress her and her kind - was recently lamenting, no, railing against the fact that a grown man was competing against women.

The things I hear sound an awful lot like the very opinions and belief systems she used to stomp around the house screaming about. It's all positively bigoted by today's standards, and it is glorious to behold. I still haven't figured out how to slip this observation in for maximum effect, but minimal damage.

Matthew Noto said...

Funny, but it would seem to me that at least half the lesbians of my personal acquaintance were in some sort of unspoken competition with real men.

Fat broads in Timberlands and flannel shirts don't occur in Nature, you know.

JB_Honeydew said...

This had to be almost 20 years ago, but I had a neighbor who was a lesbian. She and her partner took care of the partner's child. We were quite good friends. Everyday, we would hang out on the deck, which looked out over the bay, and just bullshit about whatever came to mind over drinks and a joint. This one particular day (a few drinks in and on our second joint) we're solving the world's problems and she says to me "Why do they have to gay everything up nowadays? I'm gay, and even I'm sick of hearing about it." I fell out of my chair laughing, accidentally extinguishing said joint. So I got back up, re-lit and asked her to expound. I don't remember verbatim what was said, but it was essentially that she found it odd that being gay was being pushed so hard in all parts of life. She just didn't get it. I always found that conversation fascinating and enlightening as to the way of things.

Anyway, good post as always and best to you and Ms. Overlord.

- JB