Monday, March 21, 2022

Great Moments in Dumbfuck -- Halftime Report...

 "Stupid people are asked for their opinions all the time, and quite frequently, their ideas are taken seriously. On a wide variety of topics, ranging from who should win American Idol, to who should run the country, to what we should do when confronted by a Chinese Superbug that has escaped and almost-exclusively started killing people who already had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Take a good, objective look at the world you presently live in: Does it appear that asking stupid people what they think -- and then acting upon their opinions --  has worked out very well?" -- The Overlord

If you need an indication of "how things are going", on my way to the local Lowe's this morning, I passed a fucking pawn shop holding a "Going out of Business" sale.

I was going to post something regarding my newly-rekindled love affair with the mainframe computer, and subsequent distaste for the intellectual abortion that is "Artificial Intelligence" today, but other matters have come up that I believe need to be addressed and which are more-important than assaulting your eyeballs with an almost-salacious narrative of what happened Friday when I came face-to-face with a bona fide, old-fashioned, data processing complex that was so Old School that I waxed nostalgic and then almost metaphorically waxed a certain portion of the anatomy over it.

Because Dumbfuck has (once again) invaded the thoughts and musings of your Galactic Overlord, and because OCD, I have to get this out.

Let's look at the first result of asking stupid people important questions and then responding with alacrity to their stupid answers.

The (P)resident of the United States is obviously someone whom COVID decided to pass over. Making it not only a virulent pest, but one with a severely sick sense of humor.

On a good day, Joe might be able to scratch his own balls without any help. Granted, this is an extremely low bar, vis-a-vis cognitive ability, but one stops to consider the man never displayed much of that in the course of his entire life. If one needed a physical demonstration of the awesome power of  the autonomous nervous system in action, here it is: if it weren't for involuntary muscle movements, I question whether this piece of shit could ever have learned, and remembered to keep on, breathing or maintaining a heartbeat. The fact that he's possibly maintaining body temperature without any conscious effort of his own is a testament to both the facts of biology and the sad circumstance in which it is possible for complete retards to not only survive in the Modern World, but to thrive.

I could give you about 400 recent examples of Joe's inherent dipshit, but you already know them by heart.

So we can safely, and efficiently, move on the other great example of the stubborn power of Life and the autonomous, sub-conscious will to survive despite being encased within a literal prison of (retained) water and guts that makes Patricia Arquette (I'll get to her in a moment, maybe) look like a veritable Einsteinian intellect.

That would be the Vice (P)resident.

Recent examples:

Kumswalla identifies Ukraine as "member of NATO".

Princess Kneepads embarrasses herself in Poland.

White House has to "clarify" -- retroactively and without announcement -- Lady Spermburper's "misspeaking".

Now, to be fair to Vice President Fellatio, if her speeches sound like they've been written by a fifth grader trying to fill the dreaded 1,000-word essay assignment by using filler words and repeating herself endlessly for no apparent effect, it is because the people who write them have to take into account her own, limited intellect, and totally ignore their own.

Even when she "ad libs", she's nothing but a bottomless pit of exasperating, circulate word vomit which is supposed to give one the impression of great import and deep philosophical merit, but which end up sounding like a landed fish slapping on the pier struggling for breath.

This woman couldn't talk her way out of a wet paper bag with a tear in it, but let's face it -- her ability to use her mouth in quite this fashion was never her strong suit, was it?

Here, you can see her desperately attempt to avoid a question, even imploring a foreign dignitary to answer for her and failing.

Moving on to another aspect of fucktard, there's an attempt being made by someone who should just thank whatever he holds holy that he isn't in jail, hasn't been executed for gross incompetence, or mysteriously disappeared like Amelia Earhardt, to make appeal to mass dumbfuck in an effort to rehabilitate what left of his career.

Andrew Cuomo is back, friends, and running a series of television ads in which he asserts that a) because no one bothered to prosecute him, he's been innocent of the charges levelled against him all the time, and b) he is a victim of a political hit job.

On a), 21 women isn't exactly a lack of evidence...

And on b), of course you are. Everyone knows it. But then again, no one likes you, so suck it up. You seem to have no problem tolerating this level of vicious dishonesty and abuse of the judicial and legal system when the target was Donald Trump, right?

There's people in the New York democratic (small 'd' intentional) party that wanted Cuomo out of the way, and having accomplished the goal -- aided and abetted by his off-putting demeanor, and propensity for grandiose  asshole -- succeeded. They didn't need a prosecution, just the appearance of an impropriety, constructed or no, and a resignation.

Mission accomplished!

Now you know how Trump feels. Now go fuck yourself.

Speaking of fossils desperately trying to rise from the tar pits, Mitt Romney is back. Like we needed this? A man too dumb to beat Barack Obama. A man who took his beating lying down and apologized to his attackers for it. A man named fucking Willard.

Yes, Mitt, you were right: Russia is the main antagonist. Unfortunately, you could not make that case during a time of bad economic policies, rising world tensions, complete catastrophe at home, the attempted destruction of the American Health Care System (COVID did that, so maybe the Chinese warranted attention, too?), and an apparent regime of compete jackasses who couldn't find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight, on a good day, many of whom have risen from the Obama Mausoleum to reoccupy the White House.

How much it must rankle you, Willard, that the man who accused you of wanting to reintroduce slavery on the campaign trail is now sitting in the Oval Office, eating pudding and soiling himself, while you howl from the wilderness about how right you were.

Here's your fucking cookie. Now beat it.

And then there are the (allegedly) 81 million idiots who voted for, or vigorously advocated/defended this sort of stupidity. They're ultimately responsible for this pile of dogshit.

Where is Darwin when you need him?

Update: Fixed a couple of grammatical boo-boos. Editing is not my strong suit, sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Is to say welcomings from Ace Horde, and Miklos

Earl Schlobodowicz said...

This is good reading.

Dan Patterson said...

Blammo! as the saying once was in comic books.
Did we always listen to stupid people and use them as models for decision making, or are there just more of them these days?

Anonymous said...

Thought I had something intriguing to say but I am one of those morons that has tons of opinions (yeah, I measure them by weight cause there's sooo many).

Great read - looking forward to more.

Thank you for stating ever so eloquently that which I seem to have a difficult time getting out without a few hundred FUCK JOE BIDEN AND THAT MISERABLE FELLATING SLUT OF A SIDEKICK tantrums.

Dabitterpill said...

Everyone is experiencing the result of what happens when you let Feminists with "Studies" Degrees (that would include incompetent man children) run the military and the country.