Friday, February 19, 2021

Praising the Fleas...

 "A dog does not praise it's fleas..." -- W.B. Yeats.

Just some remarks on a curious habit of mind of our current age: why is there such a compulsion to praise and congratulate, elevate and encourage those who obviously hate the country in which they live, but yet don't seem to hate it enough to leave it?

On the one hand, I would gather from the available evidence that this strange psychosis springs from a peculiar state of mental illness combined with a monumental stupidity, both hallmarks of the American Left. The "woke" leftist is infatuated with BLM, ANTIFA, or the current Rogues Gallery of the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party because, by and large, the "woke" American leftist is a deranged fool. After all, these are the same people who will make statements like "there is no such thing as race" and then practically soil themselves in what passes for joy in their little club pointing out all the examples of "racism" their fevered little imaginations can conjure.

To the point where inanimate objects, languages, systems of science and mathematics, food, music, literature and eventually air, time, space, matter and energy, are all eventually labelled "racist".

On the other hand, the recipient -- and beneficiary -- of all this unfettered dumbfuckery manages to play a particularly sly and nasty game in which she (it's usually a "she") manages a very good living, public acclaim, international fame, and the erection of a consequence-free bastion about her personage. She is a parasite living upon a host she claims to despise, but the simple fact of the matter is it's the only host in town, or that even matters. For if she tried to pull this shit in whatever Third-world shithole originally vomited up her mentally- and culturally-inferior ancestors, there'd be no money or bullshit awards in it.

For the people at the top of the Leftist Pyramid of Skulls it is not only the monetary rewards that accrue, but the means by which their defective worldview can be advanced. That these rewards and the ability to disseminate pure nonsense are all more or less products of a Capitalism that their God, Marx, says is doomed, but which history has proven to be stronger and more-effective than any system of government or economics founded upon envy and spite, does not elude them.

In fact, they intend to use Capitalism as much as possible to further their agenda of a world Communist state. However, this state is not the Utopian wonderland that Marx, Morris, or any of the other Just-Like-Disneyland dickheads figured it would be, but instead a new form of Feudalism in which they become the Lord of the Manor. The purpose of modern leftist claptrap is not to usher in a new world of human dignity and brotherhood -- it is merely to swap places with their enemies and enjoy the same privileges.

So that far from creating the Earthly Paradise of truly equal human beings in which disease, poverty, dirt and misery are eliminated, the new brand of World Socialist/Communist poobahs are instead the very rich who, having "made it", simply wish to pull the ladder up behind them so that none can follow, and having established a new hierarchy rule as the Pharaohs of old over a worldwide slave state. They state purity of methods and morality of intent, while hiding their true intentions behind the shield that conveniently presents itself of mental illness and stupidity wielded by their own followers.

To give some examples:

While Bill Gates can tell the First World that it should eschew beef in favor of artificial, plant-based forms of meat, he neglects to inform you that he is now the single-largest owner of farmland in America.

While Warren Buffet complains that he isn't taxed nearly enough, he neglects to inform you that the method by which he is paid is specifically designed to avoid income taxes. Warren doesn't get a paycheck subject to personal income taxes -- he's paid in stock options, which when exercised, are only subject to a much-lower Capital gains tax, while his company pays all of his living and travel expenses.

That Warren could change this all by simply going to his Board(s) of Directors and demand to be paid just like everyone else, goes conveniently unmentioned.

While Nancy Pelosi and her demon spawn on Capital Hill demand that you remain locked in your home, subject to an ever-increasing program of oppressive mandates regarding masks, vaccinations, restrictions upon travel, communications and gatherings, and forced unemployment, she's eating gourmet ice cream from a $24,000 freezer, getting paid to do nothing useful except engage in political theater, and using her position in Congress to make herself and her husband stupid wealthy, all the while demonizing others about their "privilege".

I think it was Orwell who once wrote:

"A millionaire Preaching the Sermon on the Mount...that is our greatest danger."

The strange circumstances are that Orwell was writing about the political RIGHT when he put that to paper. He recognized the hypocrisy within his own cherished leftist movement, often and with great insight, but he apparently never imagined the Left would eventually settle into a program of merely becoming Conservatives spouting Leftist boilerplate.

All Western leftist movements have an obvious Achilles Heel -- socialism ultimately depends upon capitalism, for without accumulated wealth and the ability to produce more, efficiently and on a vast scale -- that leaves them incapable of being truly honest about their motives and intentions, and to avoid having to face this glaring inconsistency, the left has simply done what it has always done when faced by such: it lies. It then terrorizes those who notice the lie into silence, guaranteeing the silent compliance of the rest. 

True socialism would mean -- by necessity -- lowering the standard of living. Including theirs. Doing so would mean two things: one, wealth would no longer confer any distinction, which is the only distinction these idiots have, and two, lower it far enough (as always happens) and the Masses revolt.

And as far as the "downtrodden" -- the fleas -- go, they are given free rein to burn, loot, riot, intimidate and antagonize. Their "leaders" are a curious mixture of sheer incompetent and untouchable by the voter, only good for a reliably-leftist vote. Hiding behind a vast array of -ism's, pretending as if their Holy Cause -- to merely switch places with their betters, despite not understanding how or why their betters got to be betters -- is a moral imperative, unassailable by facts, logic or any counter-argument.

All this as they have enjoyed (but never made good use of) the benefits created by others and given to them for free. Maybe we ought to apply the Bill Gates standard to the Welfare State: if you're using the tools and receiving the benefits of a culture and nation you hate, then perhaps you should be charged a licensing fee for it.

Just like Microsoft Office...

It is with something more than passing interest that I read this morning that the Fleas are waiting with baited breath to see if the "New Administration" (easy on the "administration" part, and only "new" in the sense that the old car that has had extensive body work, several sets of tires, several changed alternators, spark plugs, windows, brake pads, transmission and suspension is "new", for all the Clinton/Obama retreads) will pass a "Reparations Bill", i.e. they will get paid for continuing to be fleas, only on a grander scale.

I am reminded of something written long ago by Fred Reed (and I'm not even certain if Fred is the progenitor) concerning reparations that went something like this (I've modified it, slightly):

Fine, you can have $1,000,000 for having been a slave (if you can prove you were), and an additional $1,000,000 for every year you were held in bondage vile. And since Joe Biden is all about paying "your fair share" of taxes on money his sycophants will tell you nobody ever EARNED, we'll deduct the following charges from your newly-found-and-forcibly-taken-from-others largess:

The cost of the Civil War

The cost of Reconstruction

The cost of the Welfare State

The cost of Public Education

The cost of Food Stamps

The cost of Public Housing

The cost of Prisons and Police Forces

The cost of Affirmative Action

The cost of rebuilding Newark, Los Angeles, Oakland, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Portland, Washington D.C., Camden, Baltimore and every other American City blighted by the crime, destruction and mismanagement of The Fleas.

The costs of orphanages and foster care networks

The cost of Medicaid and Medicare systems

The cost of Public Transportation

The cost of Public Sanitation systems

The cost of "Midnight Basketball"

The cost of Drug Treatment programs

The cost of Illegal Immigration

The cost of enforcing Civil Rights law

...and I'm certain there's more.

And then you can claim whatever is left over, but only on the condition that you renounce citizenship in a country you fucking hate and then fuck off to whatever picturesque Heart of Darkness/National Geographic destination tickles your fancy, and never come back.

Assuming any other country is fucking retarded enough to take you in.

In this way, we'll solve several problems simultaneously: the Fleas can finally get "Justice", we can eat all the goddamned beef we like, the left's voter base will vanish to the four corners of the Earth, the issue of criminal activity will be largely settled, the schools can go back to teaching useful information instead of being a day-long petri dish of social experimentation, the wealthy communists can go back to being secret slumlords free of fear of retaliation, violence or censure, and Kamala Harris can return to the Escort Service, where she belongs.

Because I hear fleas are really good at sucking.

When your dog or cat has fleas, you kill them before they infest your furniture. Since we can only do so metaphorically without being castigated by the genocidal remainder of the planet, and without offending the good Christian sensibilities of the assholes who call everyone "RINO", this seems the best alternative. It simply screams "go fuck yourselves" and for that quality alone, is far more satisfying than any continuation of the present.

UPDATE: Fixed a glaring grammatical boo-boo.

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