Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Nation of Damaged Navel Gazers...

"America wasn't founded so that we could all be better. It was founded so we could all damned well be anything we pleased..." -- P.J. O'Rourke

Outrage is all the outrage.

I was thinking about this the other day when one Mike Millbury, a hockey analyst for NBC sports, made an inartful comment that elicited what has become the automatic response of people with tiny fucking minds and too much free time, freed by Modernity from the sordid drudgery of what used to be called "Real Life".

That would be Outrage.

But not a naturally-occurring form of outrage, as would be a result of seeing/hearing/experiencing something of a disturbing nature. No, nowadays our outrage comes pre-fabricated. manufactured, packaged, marketed, and probably in designer colors and styles, all of it low-cal and no-carbs.

(Because the Modern American is a fucking pussy who pays more attention to his social media profile, wasitline, and A1C number  than he does his IQ).

To summarize what Millbury said, it is necessary to give a bit of background for those who are not hockey fans (and if you aren't, you're probably having sexual relations with farm animals or having a member of the same sex shove artificial sex organs in your erogenous zones. Fake sex seems to be part of the set that comes with fake outrage).

Due to the scourge of Yu No Lung, the National Hockey league is holding it's annual playoff tournaments inside two "bubbles". One is located in Edmonton, Alberta and the other in Toronto, Ontario (for those of you who got into an Ivy League school due exclusively to your skin color and interesting extra-curricular activities profile, despite the criminal record, both of those cities would be in Canada. As further aid, Canada is another country).

Within these "Bubbles", the players have been sequestered (I have nothing but contempt for the word "quarantine", these days) and kept isolated from the outside world. As a result, the NHL has recorded absolutely ZERO cases of Chinese Bat Flu, to date.

Millbury, in praise of the league for such an accomplishment, offered that (paraphrased) the "bubble" had the added feature that the players would not be distracted by the presence of women inside the bubbles, and so the hockey was much better than usual.

On cue, every Feminazi -- those people I've mentioned who use rubber sex toys in place of the real thing because no man with a brain in his head wants to screw one, even with a stolen dick -- slithered out of the fetid menstrual swamp which is their native habitat to scream holy murder and produce a tempest of outrage. The very thought that a woman was not necessary in a special environment, and furthermore, not welcome in such, was taken as an assault upon the very fabric of civil society.

The effectiveness of this inhuman keening in defense of social equality and good manners can be measured thusly: if I had not just told you, you probably would never have heard a thing about it.

The teapot tempest blew over in about 24 hours, and if you ask me, the reasons for it were that rational people probably agreed with Millbury, hockey fans don't give a flying fuck about what Feminazis think (because it's a Man's Game), and I'm starting to think the world is becoming increasingly fatigued by the omnipresent, seemingly-limitless supply of completely contrived outrage, expressed gratuitously, by obviously-ill, destructive people none of us would follow through our own front doors.

It would appear to this would-be Galactic Dictator that all of Modern Human Experience revolves around the concept of outrage. The other emotions, the good ones -- joy, love, humor, trust, modesty, nostalgia, satisfaction, kindness and the like -- have disappeared from the public square. The average lumpen pile of protoplasm and guts is incapable of feeling or expressing any positive emotion at all, and is a veritable Krakatoa of hair-trigger anger, rage, depression, fear, disgust, envy, despair, anxiety, and above all, simple BOREDOM, that the only thing that gets their juices flowing, is good, old-fashioned indignation.

Much like the concept of "hate crimes", it seems that when Reality doesn't provide a good-enough reason for this explosion of affront, people are quite capable of crafting some of their own.

Mostly for attention. Because if you're one of those people who is obsessed with your perversions of the bodily orifices, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and disability -- real or imagined (I'm looking at you, "fibromyalgia victim") -- it's the only way to get some. Just yell, scream, turn molehills into mountains, exaggerate, "protest", burn something, call someone else nasty names and infer nasty motivations to their every utterance and activity, and sure enough, you'll get some attention.

Even the negative kind is better than none at all, for some of you.

I am absolutely sick and tired of living in a society where the only way of making one's point is to gin up a mob of mental defectives and start them screaming (or worse). For a start, the mob of mental defectives often doesn't know WHY it's screaming; it's just joining The Herd, a reflexive action. When the Herd does know why it's screaming, we usually find that it has no solution or constructive suggestion to make to stop it caterwauling.

The cacophony, we find, often becomes the entire point of the exercise, and if we solve a problem, then the Herd that yells about it would suddenly find itself with nothing to do. There are people in this world whose sole purpose in life is to complain, to be mendacious and disagreeable, to howl and screech but never do anything USEFUL, because they've managed to turn it into a very good living.

We should kill these people (I'm only half-joking,I think).

I'm looking at you, Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton, Moose Shell Obama, Nancy Watusi, Shmuck Schumer, Kamala Blowjob, Joe Hidin', and every so-called "activist" on the planet. If it were up to me, we'd put you all on national television and ask you a simple question for the entire world to see and hear:

What would make it better?

And the answer you gave -- or more-like, wouldn't give -- would either expose you for the mentally-ill douchebag you are, or expose your scam completely, and then we could take  a vote -- like on American Idol -- as to whether it's a good idea or not for society to let you continue living.

Staying within the realm of sports, there is another example in one Jemele Hill, who is supposed to be a sportswriter, but somehow morphed herself into a modern version of Sister Soulja (and, really, was anyone asking for another one?).

So, if, as Jemele says, America is worse than Nazi Germany, why is she still here?

Well, we know the answer to that. Given that level of discourse and obvious lack of brainpower, would Jemele fare so well in Iran? North Korea? Zimbabwe? Would she be given national press platforms to vomit forth stupidity -- and get paid for it -- anywhere else? Of course not.

And if you asked Jemele the simple question -- if you hate it here, why don't you leave? Your ancestors were brought here in chains, but you are free to go -- she'll have no good answer that, likewise, doesn't identify her as a mentally-ill hypocrite or a con artist. Her outrage, contrived as it is, lacking in all justification, is all part of the act.

But let's get back to this idea of the Modern Person being only capable of a single emotion.

I can't and won't attempt to trace the genesis of this weird condition, but only suggest that that the people who are, for lack of a better word, "best" at it, appear to have several common characteristics.

For a start,they're never satisfied. With anything. Even when they "win"whatever fight they've waged today, they'll be back tomorrow to complain that the victory is somehow hollow. Primarily, I would suggest this is because most of the things they "fight" for are, of themselves, things they already have or with which they become quickly bored (short attention spans). Concepts such as "equality", for example, are already a reality,and so when these concepts are conceded to them (for having already been fact), they find that the bottomless pit of suck that lies in the creamy center of every one of these fools is somehow still empty.

Speaking of that bottomless pit of suck, they all have it. It stems from a lack of self-esteem. Sure,the schools hand out certificates of self-esteem, the culture revolves around it to judge from all the self-help books and television programs devoted to making you a better person. But this goal seems a most-slippery eel, indeed. For all the puppet shows, for all the Oprah-fication of the society, for all the therapeutic shit we all must wade through on a daily basis -- all of it contrived for the Bottomless Pit Suffer's mental comfort -- it's all gone for naught. No one has any self-esteem. Probably because they haven't figured out that self-esteem is not a commodity sitting around on store shelves,but rather a result of accomplishment.

Which is a pity, because most of these people are non-achievers...and aware of it. It is this fact that serves as the foundation for all the mental anguish which they feel. They can't DO. Anything. Or at least anything useful. They are in the position of seeking applause for doing literally nothing that anyone wants or finds interesting or needs done (Ex: no one wants or needs serial bastardy).

When the non-achiever doesn't get a life-long pizza party for being a non-achiever, they don't bother to make the connection between being good at something useful and obtaining the rewards which it brings. Hell no; if the celebration is withheld it must be because of a vast conspiracy whose name ends in -ism.

They're a victim. Of something. Not of their own dumbfuck, naturally, as that would further damage their brittle self-esteem, leading to more internal turmoil, more suck, and eventually another round of yelling, winning, and being left unsatisfied. The Circle is complete.

And there is a minority among these idiots who has figured this out...sorta-kinda. The Victory leaves one unfulfilled because the -ism people were not sufficiently punished for not giving them a pony and a parade for total useless loser, in the first place. Nothing short of turning the tables -- the non-achiever swapping positions with the achiever, and monopolizing all the rewards -- will suffice, and when this zero-sum mindset comes into contact with Reality (they're still useless, angry and possessed of the Bottomless Pit,and no one likes you. Nothing has changed) then all of Heaven and Earth must be pulled down, destroyed, trampled underfoot,all vestiges of Reality must be erased, so that they can pretend to have "won" least for a little while.

This is a cycle of mental illness. It has been researched and documented millions of times, and I liken it to the path taken by addicts of various sorts, for it is EXACTLY the same cause-and-effect loop.

Perhaps it was bad parenting. Bad education. The Internet. The stupidity and low intellectual content of our entertainments. Perhaps it's a birth defect. The inability to grasp the fundamental nature of how society works. Bad politics dressed up as fashion, fad,or scholarship. Psychobabble oozing out of the Boob Tube 24/7/365. Maybe it's all of the above.

And so, when self-destruction fails (that's how useless you people are; you can't even fuck yourselves up enough to die), even denial of that low achievement must be the result of an -ism.

Burn down department stores.

Pull down statues.

Start race riots.

Blame Wall Street for your lack of a six-figure salary after 7 years and $250k for a degree in Eco-friendly Mongolian Archaeology, or Holistic Astrology, or Medieval Plumbing, or whatever you wasted your parent's money on (because "follow your dream!").

It's all a pattern of self-hatred undertaken by people literally too stupid to understand how useless they are, fed a steady diet of Positive Reinforcement for Dipshit, uneducated to the point where your Dachshund could beat you out on an IQ test. Lacking in the coping skills and mechanism that should have been taught by parents,.or learned through dealing honestly and suffering the pangs of failure and adversity.

Instead, these idiots were protected from these things. Fed a steady diet of lies and soothing whispers of deceitful lunacy, given every excuse to avoid having to face painful truths.

You're a victim, you're told.

And yet, deep inside your brain, you know this is not true at all.

All the burning, looting, statue-defacing, erasing, the destruction, the Cancel Culture, all of it is an attempt to fix the Outside World, while totally ignoring the pile of shit that is in the Inside World.

It's called "Denial".

And the most-disturbing part of it all is that the Cognitive Dissonance required to think this way -- to be (barely) aware that your problems are not all externally-caused,and yet seeking solutions that are external to the self -- is infinitely treatable.

To erase Objective Reality is the ultimate goal.

If Bob does not like himself, he becomes Roberta. He is aware that he is still Bob, but everyone must help him by denying Objective Reality and join him in his fantasy. Or else.

If you're a functional illiterate with no job skills, no education and a criminal record as long as your arm, it must be because of Racism, so history must be scrubbed of all references to Slavery. When the lack of success persists, it must be because Racism is "institutional" and "sub-conscious" so that those who you consider racist (despite showing no racist tendencies) are guilty, even the inanimate foundations they work in are guilty, because if everyone and everything isn't guilty, then you aren't innocent.

If someone has more than you do, it must be because they stole something from you.

If someone has success and your life is a long list of abject failure, it must be because of your vagina, your skin color, religion, socio-economic class, or it's Tuesday. Never because you haven't exercised any personal ambition or adjusted your goals in the experience of reality.

If being a fucktard is all you have, then we must find some way to celebrate or normalize fucktard.

It's self-hatred, writ large, and unleashed upon the public square.

Outrage is born, often, of frustration. Frustrated people who can find no constructive means to alleviate their dissatisfaction have nothing but outrage and violence left in their toolbox.

Some of these mental defectives have plenty of outrage and violence to dish out, but for all the fury, they lack the one thing that would be most-decisive.


Courageous people accept that failure is often a part of life and an unavoidable consequence of bad decision making. Courageous people understand that to examine one's self and make positive changes is a power beyond mere money or laws. Those who have the courage to deny the label of victim and instead embrace the descriptor "autonomous human being" do wonderful things. People like this are not hampered nor hindered by feelings of inadequacy; they are much happier in their lives; they manage to achieve things they once thought were not possible.

It takes far more courage to get up every morning and go to work than it does to join a cosplay mob in the streets reveling in the romantic -- but ultimately pointless -- aspects of "struggle". Their only struggle is against their own innate doofus.

It now takes courage to simply call a spade a spade. As Orwell once observed:

"To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle".

All of this -- the riots,the political acrimony, the re-writing of history, the make-believe about genitalia, the racial and ethnic strife -- ends when One Side makes a display of courage that exposes the Other Side's lack of it.

So, tell your children to shut the fuck up. With menace. Watch how quickly they retreat.

Beat the unholy snot out of a "peaceful protester"and watch how the rest run away like little girls.

Tell the "activist" to get a real job that doesn't involve exploiting the very people they claim to be "helping". Point out that all the Playskool "activism" in the world hasn't changed the human condition one iota.

Get back in their faces. Play their game by their rules. If violence is all they can manage, return the violence. If scorn is all they can muster, return it five-fold. If stupidity is all they can bring to the table, counter it with intelligence (and a baseball bat). They can't stand up to their own tactics, and they only engage in them because they believe that YOU, My Minions, lack the courage to do anything about it -- because they have a mob at their backs.

A mob of self-hating navel gazers.

Push back and the mob vanishes.

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