Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Great Moments in Dumbfuck (Potpourri Edition)

"When people like this (Chelsea Clinton) start talking about "eroding privilege", what they really mean to say is, that having enjoyed their own (without really earning it) they'd like to pull the ladder up behind them so that no one can follow." -- The Overlord

And here's a link to the speech I've just referenced.

P.S. read Victory Girls more often. I love them.

Now, Chels, if you wish to speak with some moral authority on the subject of "eroding privilege" it might help your cause if you gave some of your's up, first. That way, you don't look like Webb Hubbell's bastard duck child a hypocrite, and it makes you both believable and serious about this "problem".

You see, Chelsea, among the things you lack -- the list includes humility, self-awareness, the ability to feel shame, and a host of mental disorders that begins with denial, before it vacations for a while in pathological dishonesty, and ends in cognitive dissonance -- is perspective. Let me explain what I mean.

Here you are, the very definition of a child of privilege lecturing others on how guilty they should feel about their own sense of (assumed) entitlement and (imaginary) leftist version of Original Sin (i.e. the crime of being born within a culture that succeeds largely because it does not piss in the same ponds that it drinks from). Not once does it appear that you have ever evaluated the source of your OWN privileges (which go beyond just being born white).

You suggest that one should serve penance by voluntarily "giving up" this imaginary "privilege", by which you really mean one should assist in their own personal, professional, and cultural suicide for the benefit of people who would never return the favor, and who are largely capable of matching and/or surpassing you, if only they tried. We should all do so solely because people like you feel irrationally guilty for the accident of birth that saw you bequeathed so much that you didn't earn on your own, and, well, someone needs to be punished for it.

Not you, of course.

No, you're a virtuous person because you've "brought attention" to this problem and feign solidarity with the huddled masses (who you don't associate with, unless they're cleaning your house,raising your children for you,or serve as convenient stage setting), and this clarion call for action (by others) is the metaphorical cross you will bear for all of our sins. This entitles you to one more bite at the privilege apple, which can be described as a sort of reverse Noblesse Oblige -- someone else can pay the bill to prove your (self-)righteousness.

You're too important as self-appointed mouthpiece and showed remarkable "courage" in demanding that others pay your freight in front of a room full of people who agree with you (because they suffer from the same mental illnesses). You've sacrificed enough, right?

Perhaps one day you can hop into your chauffeur-driven vehicle, suitably protected by the Secret Service, in your haute couture finest, your entourage of flacks, photographers, flunkies, assistants, and consultants in tow. and try out your "you should purposely fuck yourself in every conceivable way to avoid being called a racist" speech in my neck of the woods and let's see if your "courage" holds up then, and how much applause you receive.

On to the next rant...

I almost wish this was real.
Not because I think the NBA or NFL would be improved (it will take far more to improve just about every major sport, says me, except hockey), but just to see the racial bean counters and hucksters squirm in an attempt to avoid their own, circling torpedoes.

There is nothing funnier in the world as when a leftard is confronted by the consequences of his own fuckwit. Those are supposed to land on other people, not him. The committed leftoid has a strange relationship with the idea of race. For example, we're not supposed to "racially profile" people when it comes to crime, but racial profiling is all well-and-fine when it comes to deciding who gets to go to law school with a shitty LSAT score,medical school with a 4th grade reading level, a government contract, and so forth.

(Why isn't Affirmative Action a privilege? or Racist? Oh, right...because people like Chelsea need the fig leaf).

And if admitting people to the higher echelons of society based on the premise that we should equally represent identity groups in all endeavors according to their percentage of a given population, then let's go all the way. As an infamous douchehebag once said "make the other side live up to their standards".

After all, the 4' 11" Korean guy who does my shirts can't be any worse than Colin Kaepernick, right? My 5' 1", 125-pound, Salvadoran landscaper could probably hit a curveball just as well as Gary Sanchez (God, is he awful or what?). My sister should get the opportunity to climb into the octagon with that fucking stupid shanty Irish leprechaun dude (and I feel sorry for him if she ever did). I would love to see a trans-whatev take a puck to the face. Even if they can't do those things, we should at least allow them to do them (and pretend they don't suck) because equal.

(Which reminds me of this famous argument).

Speaking of athletes...

We've already seen NFL players "take the knee" (because even convicted felons have feels). Recently we were treated to the spectacle of players in the NBA, NHL and MLB refusing to take part in games in an effort to (like Chelsea Clinton) "call attention to" the "problem" of criminal riff-raff getting shot by police while resisting arrest.

Now, as a strictly First-Amendment matter, I don't have a problem with any of it. We all have the right to say our peace; we also have the right to express ourselves in any way we'd like, provided we do no harm to others.

We also have the right to be horrendously, almost-pitifully wrong.

But, I have one question, and it seems no one has an answer to it:

Having made your displeasure known, having had your say, and having made your statement vis-a-vis Black Lives Matter and (alleged) Police Brutality...what, specifically, do you expect the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL to actually DO about these issues?

I mean, besides cut checks. Not that throwing money away fixes a social problem.

What specific, effective action do you recommend that the business of sports undertake that solves the problems (defined, says me, as a degraded sub-culture and a stupid belief that we should all think the same cheery thoughts so that no one...evah!....feelz the sadz)?

Or is this, like the useless gum-flapping of the alleged daughter of a former President and Alien Invader Secretary of State, just another form of virtue signalling that makes you feel better about your own lack of action while simultaneously revealing your own lack of a solution?

I don't think you've all thought this one out effectively, but then again, thinking was never your strong suit. It's why you get paid to sweat, jump, spit, pat each other on the ass and grab your crotches. You're the entertainment, fellas, not the Brains Trust.

Learn your place.

And, yeah, I'm sure it's really hard to be YOU...fuck off.

Another Pearl of Dementia from Joe "Hidin" Biden...

They let Joe out of the locked, cleared of all sharp-or-swallowable-small-objects room where he has been sequestered with his pudding and adult diapers all these long months to make a speech that effectively consisted of the following idea:

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves.

The only solution, according to Joe, to the current disharmony, discord, and degeneracy, that has plagued every city led by a democrat, in every state led by a democrat, that consists largely of low-IQ democrat constituencies acting out in a childlike tantrum with Revolutionary cosplay, is to simply give up and vote for former-Vice President Get off My Lawn.

Before I go on to tell you why that's about as good an idea as testing your food processor with your own balls, I want to indulge in a second of delicious irony involving a suggestion that has made the internet rounds in recent weeks.

See, Joe is never going to be President if he wins. Whoever he chose to be his VP was going to be. In this case, World Champion Cocksucker Kamala Harris. What happens under a particular scenario is that Joe gets declared mentally unfit to be President and then is removed from office under the 25th Amendment.

Which is exactly what the Swamp Dwellers tried to do to Trump, except in this case Joe really will be slap-happy, and so the left will FINALLY get an impeachment...but of their own guy.

And then Senator Kneepads gets to be the first (half-)black woman to be President to go along with the Drooling Left's other prized achievement of the first (half-) black man to be President, and thus, complete the set of retarded bookends that will simply go through the motions for 4 or 8 years while we all have to pretend -- on pain of being called "racist", of course, like anyone cares about that, anymore? -- that she's qualified for anything beyond giving a Miami Handshake under the Oval Orifice Office Desk.

Considering her preferred method of helping her man achieve orgasm, there probably won't be a stained dress left behind as evidence.

Just to prevent the reflexive accusation of racism in what I've just written, let me say this:

I am NOT a racist....I hated Obama's White Half, too.

I'm certain I will come to hate Kamala's Indian half, too.

Kurt Schlichter summed it up nicely in a Tweet last week:

Never vote for anyone who knows what Willie Brown tastes like.
Circling back to enjoying unearned privileges while lecturing others about their's, should The Force decide Election Day is a good day to get drunk and the worst should come to pass, I say Kamala will pull the Chelsea Clinton routine in less that four seconds after being sworn in, with twice the menstrual fury and gratuitous racism of Moo-chelle.

I'll wager $10...any takers?


MN DELIKAT said...

The mayor of Mpls MN has taken fuckturd to a whole new level.
The privileged boy king has announced a new use of force policy to take effect 9/8/20.

“Our new policy also broadens how the city of Minneapolis defines use of force to include actions such as unholstering or displaying a weapon and clarifies that threatening the use of force is a use of force in and of itself,” Mayor Frey said during the press conference.
For the sake of LEO and crime victims I wish it was the satire of The Babylon Bee.

Matthew Noto said...

I would sympathize, but I'm here in New York and stuck with deBlasio, Cuomo, Schumer, AOC and other assorted mental patients who hate our cops even more.