Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Coronavirus Theater...

"Darwin's theory is as dead as he is. Everyone is surviving, fit or not. Years ago, any kid dumb enough to chase a shiny object down a well was dead and out of the gene pool. Now they got the technology and medicine to save the fool so he can breed more open-mouth breathers..." -- Lenny Bruce, Comedian

Yesterday saw your Galactic Liege taking his mother (yes, I DO have one) to a hospital in Manhattan so that she could have her second (and last) post-operative examination after a hip replacement several months ago.

Considering the hospitals of New York City were Ground Zero for the devastation of Mao's Revenge, I undertook this task with the greatest of trepidation. Even the Powers of the Dark Side may not be enough to keep the Panda Plague at bay, and the overriding concern was not to bring home something that could be passed on to Mrs. Overlord. We've just recently passed a year in which she has not had to deal with some respiratory infection, and we'd like to keep it that way.

And so I was somewhat relieved by the greeting one receives in the doorway of a New York City hospital, these days. For there stood a phalanx of nurses, armed with a thermal "gun" of some sort that they aim at your face to discover if you have a fever, and, most-re-assuring, one of those nasally-voiced, annoying, super-enthusiastic paper-pusher types armed with a clipboard and a series of penetrating questions that I'm sure are all impregnable defense against Yu No Lung.

Stuff like (slightly exaggerated for sarcastic effect):

"Did you sneeze today? Did you sneeze yesterday? Have you had a runny nose anytime in the last 14 days?"

"Have you had a fever in the last week?"

"Have you noticed any changes to your senses of taste or smell?"

"How are your bowel movements?"

"What is the Atomic Weight of Vanadium?"

Now, this all strikes me as somewhat strange, for on the one hand, what happens if you answer Clipboard Lady incorrectly? Do they bar your ass from the hospital (because you assume they're trying to keep sick people out to keep them from making everyone else sick), or do they immediately admit you because you're carrying the Ancient Chinese Secret; on the other hand, given the fact that the hospitals and other "health care facilities" were the epicenters of the outbreak here, it would seem to me you'd be more-likely to catch your deadly dose of Sino Sinus Syphilis HERE than anyplace else.

I've seen this movie before.

The masks, the social distancing mandates, the continuous public service announcements about hand-washing and "getting tested", the stupid questions-on-a-clipboard, the electronic scanning before you enter a building, the great show of mobilization of resources...

...and I've seen it AT THE AIRPORT, courthouses and office buildings, post-9/11.

It's Security Theater. And it's aim, far from protecting you from catching and spreading the Kung Fu Koff, is to protect the fragile assets behind the lines of phony precautions. In the airport, the security -- the visible people in uniforms, the metal detectors and x-ray machines, the bomb-sniffing dogs, are all at the gates, near the planes, but the rest of the airport is a Target-Rich Environment. Should someone shoot up or bomb the terminal, the response will be to extend the "security" to the curbside, and eventually to the parking lot, pushing the perimeter further outwards into the Public Space but never in setting the same level of resources to combating the Real Problem.

In the world of terrorism, the Real Problem is sexually-frustrated, very-excitable religious fanatics who go "BOOM!"; they should be relatively easy to find because they tend to come from certain countries, follow a certain religion, and, for the most part, congregate at mosques.

In the world of post-Yellow Peril, the Real Problem is people older than dirt but younger than the Sun and possessed of a myriad of underlying health problems that makes them vulnerable, coupled to a rampant immigration problem that brought the virus here.

A thermal scan and a series of questions about my bowels does not seem as particularly good or effective defense as putting the elderly, the very ill, or the non-English-speaking-parasite in isolation, either in a hospital or a jail cell.

And much like the response to terrorism and AIDS, the protocols being used to fight the Flu Manchu seem to me more concerned with not insulting the sensibilities of certain segments of the community (while simultaneously "protecting them from backlash") while doing nothing to ensure these people aren't sick and then deported back to where they came from.

For I doubt all these "Track and Trace" teams (these are what they are) are asking questions like

"Are you a citizen?"

"Where do you live?" and

"Names and addresses of people you've recently come into contact with?"

Because that sort of information would be so useful to ICE, and officials here in Sodom-on-the-Hudson are dedicated to the phony, virtue-signalling high they get promoting "Diversity" and being a "Sanctuary City"... no matter how many of us it ultimately kills.
Which is strange, because Coronaviruses, I've been told, are ridiculously easy to treat, so long as your doctor doesn't have his/her head stuck in their ass. And apparently not taking any direction, at all,  from the CDC.

This one has a 98% recovery rate.

You'll be interested to know, that despite all the questions concerning my mucous output, regularity, and medication allergies, I awoke this morning with a hacking cough.

You'll also be interested to know, this happens to me every time I enter a medical facility; I'm slightly ill for the next few days. It would seem the risk is not OUTSIDE the hospital, so much, is it?

I'm guessing that temperature gun is super effective?

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