Thursday, June 25, 2020

You All Suck (#38 -- The Collapse of Civilization Edition)

"The search for Nirvana, like the search for Utopia or the end of history or the classless society, is ultimately a dangerous and futile one. It involves, if it does not necessitate, the sleep of reason. There is no escape from anxiety and struggle." -- Christopher Hitchens, "Love, Poverty and War: Journeys and Essays".

Sorry for the absence, but there was something of a minor health scare for Mrs. Overlord. Fortunately, she has not fallen victim to any insidious Chinese pathogens or the confused response of the Medical Profession, and has recovered like a champion.

Regarding the Cavalcade of Dumbass currently sweeping the nation, some thoughts. In no particular order:

1. Black Lives Matter is proving that emotionally-constructed organization names coupled to a reliance upon tried-and-failed methods and politics produces a steaming pile of something ejected out of the back end of cattle.

Good job in destroying the inner cities by looting, arson and wanton stupidity in the name of a bunch of dead criminals. You have now ensured that your current predicament -- living a degraded lifestyle guided by the dictates of a slew of  pernicious sub-cultural impulses, deep denial about your own culpability in your "oppressed" status, wedded to a new Plantation of Dependency -- will hardly, if ever, be ameliorated.

Certainly not by the same types of people who "lead" you in this sort of nonsense, seeing as how they have a vested interest in ensuring that you remain poor, mentally crippled, physically lazy, perpetually angry and locked into a cycle of bastardy, drug use, crime, and welfare, because they need votes (see: Maxine Waters), they have no talent for a real job (see: Any celebrity), or continue to beat the dead horses of "Civil Rights" (See: Je$$e Jack$on, Al $harpton) as their path to riches, high public profiles, and assumption of "power".

Minneapolis is now dead. It will never recover economically or socially, mostly because the people who would have improved your neighborhoods, made your communities better, have all been rendered homeless or are leaving in droves to get away from the savages. No one with any money to invest will do so in Minneapolis (or Seattle, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York or Chicago, for that matter) because it's eventually all a loss.

CHOP, CHAS, Mogadishu-on-the-Puget-Sound, whatever you now call it, shows what happens when rappers, in conjunction with irrationally-guilty,self-professed elitist children, and the mentally ill, are allowed to have their way. They turn a 21st Century American City into Zimbabwe, only with more rape and soy products.

Enjoy your misery among the smoking ruins while you desperately seek someone else to blame for it.

2. Feminists, emboldened by the Slum Proletariat Uprising (see 1) that will soon devolve into a useless crack-smoking circle jerk among the Dependent Class, the He-Womyn's Man-Hater's Club is back in full menstrual fury.

Naturally, it is from the very back end of the mobs currently turning American Urban Centers into Day Care Centers -- only without food, shelter, or safety -- where they usually perch, the Femtards are making their typical noises about "Equality" and the "End of Patriarchy" that is supposed to come from the confluence of pointless violence and the Orient Distress. It's safer back there, and you're expected to do less work by the (bowel) "movement".

If there's anything I've learned about feminists in all my time on this planet, it is this:

The Vagina is an empty space between a woman's legs. It has a counterpart in the empty space between a woman's ears. All have these matching voids because women possess a pathological need for perfect symmetry in their stupidity (its why bookends, end tables, dish towels and trivets come in pairs).

If you could fill up the empty spaces they'd be a much more-agreeable breed, and a fair sight more-useful as human beings, instead of running for Governor of Michigan or Mayor of Seattle and presiding over a catastrophe of fucktard.

3. ANTIFA. If ever there was a campaign for increased use of birth control and a case to be made for retroactive Abortion, it is ANTIFA.

I have said repeatedly in these pages, and will re-iterate for those who still have not gotten it:

THESE ARE YOUR CHILDREN. See what you've done with your "Parenting Strategies" and Time-Outs instead of Asswhippings and Helicopter Mommy regimes of managed play dates, a steady diet of Stranger Danger, irrational fear of Autism and holistic child rearing programs (only $39.99 per installment!) in which taking a successful dump all by one's self gets a kid a Gold Star and goes on their application to Harvard as "a special skill"?

All of your phony "be-nice-to-other-people"-"You-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be", Diversity and Inclusion for appearances sake, soft, flabby, gelatinous, oleaginous, excremental "Feelz above Facts", validate-your-child's-inner-fucktard have produced multiple generations of seriously mentally- and intellectually-challenged people who practice fascism in the name of Anti-Fascism and who are so incapable of both expressing their outrage constructively and doing anything productive to change their own circumstances, are reduced to scattered bands of irrationally-violent, drug-taking, bandits who believe they have both THE RIGHT and THE MORAL HIGH GROUND to beat other people, toss bricks at police, burn down property, destroy cultural icons and heritage, because they happen to be in the positions of either having a useless, very-expensive degree, or being a complete retard, and usually both.

Your children behave this way because they have been robbed of the powers of self-expression (by bad education) and because every other time they fucked up, you came to their defense and raised a stink, whether it was the teacher who gave a bad grade, the coach that didn't give enough playing time, or what have you, who gave in to your tirade just to get you to leave.

You're a fucking hero.

The Chillun' then reflexively blame "Capitalism", Republicans" and "The System", but that's only because they have been systematically brainwashed -- BY YOU, so-called "parent" -- into believing you're their best friend, stalwart defender, champion, a title you assiduously pursued because "parent" meant work. You left them to be raised by their schools and a Purple Fucking Dinosaur on TV, and now they're Nazis.

Good fucking job!

You have also left them incapable of expressing themselves in any way except through violence and emojis, usually because you spent $60k a year on a "Top-Tier" university that taught them nothing useful, as you passed that responsibility on to someone else, too.

If anyone deserves to be beaten and attacked with bricks and bags of excrement, it's the people who created this Genetic Potato Salad, the Next Step in Human Evolution -- homo magnus pluteo vitreo -- or "Big-Thumbed Imbecile Man".

And that thumb is either texting grammatically-incorrect broken English to another functional illiterate, having McDonald's (Fuck Capitalism!) delivered to the Occupied Zone, or firmly ensconced within the child's (morbidly obese) ass.

All of these morons only do what they do because they're fairly certain there is no consequence to their misdeeds.

BLM and ANTIFA know that half the political class in this country will not retaliate against them in front of television cameras and the other half fakes affinity with their cause in order to use chaos as an excuse for greater government control.

Feminists know there will not be counterpart bands of Men running around smacking them in their stupid mouths and demanding they get back in the kitchen, because Men are usually too busy working to support a feminist's useless ass (and the special-needs children they often produce, who then go on to college and become ANTIFA).

It's time this came to a screeching halt.

Let the idiots who burned down their own neighborhoods live among the ashes. Don't rebuild a single block of any city taken over by these jerkoffs.

Give the feminists EXACTLY what they want. Let them then discover this means work, personal responsibility and requires good judgement, and they'll all be tossing away their Naomi Wolfe and Betty Friedan and searching for a husband in a heartbeat. Tossing blowjobs gets you more than tossing Molotovs, Sister.

Defund the Welfare State and the Universities. It's not like the "elite" ones are hurting for cash. It will stop this continuing program of creating a permanent underclass to be manipulated for votes and of removing all educational and cultural content from "education", and stop this scam of demanding several hundred thousands of dollars from impressionable young people robbed of agency by bad parenting, bad schools, bad policy, bad politics and Nickleodeon.

Let people FINALLY suffer the consequences of their actions.

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