Wednesday, March 6, 2024

It Has Come To This...


Alas, my minions, we have come to a crossroads. A fork in the road that leads either to servitude or unbounded freedom.

Your Galactic Overlord chooses Freedom.

And so should you.

I have been uncommitted to this page for some months now due to the pressures of work, but that impediment to my stream of mental illness begins to pale in comparison with the OTHER reason I haven't been spewing my mental diarrhea at you on a more-regular basis.

(Can one use "diarrhea" and "regular" in the same sentence?)

No, the real issue has been the evil conglomerate that provides this "free" "service" that I have been using for 20 years-plus, now. 

That would be the evil Leviathan that is Google.

I have made noise here for a few years now that I will move off this platform only to eventually not do it for sheer apathy and laziness. 

However, I must thank Google for giving me the impetus to finally break the bonds of internet censorship, continuous social engineering, political lecturing and posturing, the anonymous, unaccountable and un-contact-able "review boards", and it did so with a picture.

Generated by a crap AI called "Gemini" which is so woke that the wokest of the wokesters is shamed by it's sheer level of wokeness.

It takes either a mad genius or an evil fucktard to produce images of black Nazis in the name of Diversity (besides, that's what the democratic party is for).

It takes either a dumbfuck of epic proportions or a severely-handicapped mental patient to do the same to the Vikings.

I reckon it is a prerequisite that one must have no contact with physical reality, be surrounded constantly by people with the same shortcoming, and be absolutely convinced that unerringly doing the wrong thing is somehow the correct thing to do.

It takes a total fucktard to believe that lying on purpose is somehow necessary in order for "justice" to be done.

AI definitely has a future ahead of it. Just what that future is this technical genius cannot tell you. What he can tell you, however, is this: so long as the keys to this technology are in the hands of absolutely dedicated morons, overflowing with Marxist ideology concerned more with projecting their version of reality than with the truth, driven by a profit motive that goes beyond mere avarice and greed while they spout an anti-capitalist creedo, then AI's future will be loaded with peril.

It's all indicative of people who recognize no boundaries and of people who do things just because they can without asking whether they should.

We have given the keys to the liquor cabinet and the Ferrari to a bunch of people who haven't mentally progressed past junior high.

Yes, the programmers and engineers at Google are, technically, geniuses. They're certainly smarter than the average mouth-breathing galley slave at, say, Microsoft.

But they still possess the one flaw that all magnificently brilliant people possess (I know, because I have this handicap, too) in that, sometimes, they're not smart enough to know what they don't know and they aren't wise enough to stop and figure it out.

And so you end up with "Artificial Intelligence" that's programmed by people possessed of "Natural Stupidity" and too afraid, proud, or stubborn to admit -- and correct -- their mistakes.

To hear Google explain it, the problem isn't that Gemini was deliberately programmed to be a leftist diversity propaganda machine, it's that the rest of us are too fucking stupid to realize what an amazing achievement this is.

As if getting a computer to depict black women as fascists, or American Indians as the Founding Fathers is somehow an achievement?

If youget it wrong, what, exactly have you achieved? Unless that was the goal all along.

It is at that point that one begins to realize that despite any optimism that "things can get better", that maxim is only operative when the people you're depending upon to make them better are, themselves, better people.

Gemini is no great technical achievement. It is not a misunderstood technology that has "teething problems". It is a disinformation platform that was designed for specific purposes:

To show a world where White Men are erased from history.

To present an alternate history which never occurred.

To influence people's thoughts, ideas and beliefs in a devious manner.

To lie, to obfuscate, to cover up anything the left, in general, can't defend, explain coherently, or own for fear of retaliation.

To be so "inclusive" that it generates a lie every time its asked a question in order to do so.

It is the ultimate slap in the face wherein a corporation that has made so much noise over the years about "combatting disinformation" then went out of it's way to create it's perfect version of the ultimate disinformation machine.

Google's motto used to be "don't be evil" but the virulent strain of asshumping woke that now runs through it's corporate veins has affected it much like a technological version of mRNA and it has become what its founder claims he never wanted it to be.

I guess that was before it became worth a couple of trillion bucks, right?

So, gentle readers, this is a fond farewell, but only a short one. I will be back soon, on a new platform, and I'll post directions to the new Death Star here in the coming days.

Stay tuned.


dude said...

I, for one, will miss your mental diarrhea. Please don't forget to inform us all of where you end up.

GMay said...

Maybe Gemini took its cue from the coterie of half-shaved head, black lesbians that dominate the pop culture writing industry. You know, the ones that give you black Anne Boleyns, Cleopatras, Achilles, etc., to appease the Twitter addicts who complain about the lack of Actors of Color in movies like Dunkirk.

Somehow I doubt Netflix will manage to crank out a Hitler docudrama and cast Idris Elba for the title role. But I've been wrong before.

Matthew Noto said...

C'mon....everyone KNOWS Morgan Freeman was BORN to play that role, with the added benefit that he gets to do his regular schtick of lecturing white people while doing it.

SCBen said...

Looking forward to your new site and continued commentary! Hope it's not too long down the road!

Have a good one,


Will249fyi said...

I've missed your post . Came to this sight that I saved in my favorites . Waiting to hear you write again. Been reading you every since your lady friend pasted away. I'll keep checking this saved sight . To keep tabs on were you will setup shop again . I hope NC has been kinder to you than the problems you had in New York City . Till then Shalom .

Major Charlie Foxtrot said...

Idris Elba as a black Hitler. That's a knee slapper, but don't give them ideas. He gives every indication of evolving into your typical Hellywood smooth brain. Google jumped on the evil train a long time ago, when they decided it was more profitable to misinform than to direct people to actual, useful information. The silent part of their motto; "Don't be evil. . . until you've found a way to monetize it." & brother have they.