Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Thoughts on Islamofascism...

 "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible ye dislike a thing that is good for you and ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not..." -- Quran (2:216)

I'm sorry I haven't been writing much, lately. Real Life is intruding upon my Simple Pleasures, these days (more on this later). But I'm going to unleash my mental vomit here, now, and in great detail. This will be long and you will not get this 15 or so minutes of your life back, so deal.

The events of the last few weeks have caused me to take pause and evaluate.

The Overlord, having been a witness to, and victim of, terrorist attacks had at one time advocated for the destruction of the entire Islamic faith. I guess that is a natural reaction to having been nearly killed for simply existing by a bunch of fanatical, sexually-frustrated inbreds from a failed culture, but with the passage of time -- and the influence and experience of some neighbors -- my passion for genocide cooled over the years.

And then October 7th happened.

Nope, I'm back to extermination as the only viable option for dealing with Islamofacists and with the dreck we call "The Third World".

Just think of all the Carbon Footprints we could eliminate!

I would like to jot down some initial reactions to those events and then a few fully-formulated thoughts.

I fully expect to have Google flag this post as "violating community standards" and that would be a laudable thing if one didn't already know that Google has no community, there are no standards, and the only arbiter of whether a post is in violation is the political leanings of the censors and their slave drivers. 

The Attack
The mark of a true coward is his treatment of the helpless, particularly those who have done him no wrong and who pose no threat to him.

When a coward strikes out, he typically does so in some nasty, sneaky fashion in which his intended target is caught unawares, or he strikes at things and people peripheral to his supposed tormentor. This is because the coward is unable to come to grips, directly, with those he is afraid of.

And make no mistake: it is fear that drives the coward. Always.

And so when you're a rabble of unwashed, genetically-stunted, imbecilic losers facing a major military power you cannot, as a rule, attack that major military power directly. So, you strike at targets that are unlikely to shoot back (or kill you immediately and so put an end to your cowardice). This is what we saw on October, 7th:

Babies beheaded. Gang rape. Kidnapping the elderly. Sneak attacks. Slaughtering people attending a concert intended to foster peace.

I find it fascinating that the first thing Muslim terrorists usually do -- assuming they don't blow themselves up -- is to engage in gang rape. This tells you what sort of society you're dealing with, right off the bat. Their only coping mechanisms are fear, rape and explosives.

It is also a major tell that you're a sniveling fucktard when the targets happen to be women and children, who, as a rule, aren't able to defend themselves very well, while you simultaneously hide behind women and children in an effort to avoid retaliation because YOU can't defend yourself very well, either.

The "Palestinians" are perhaps the worst examples of human beings to walk this Earth.

(There is no such place as "Palestine", never has been; what you mean to say is "the former Jewish Kingdoms of Judea and Samaria". The appellation "Palestine" is one applied to the region by the Romans, and resurrected by the Balfour Declaration, League of Nations and later the U.N. It has been a useful propaganda tool in the hands of the aggrieved, and little else).

One wonders "on what day did God create this genetic potato salad, and couldn't he have rested on that day, too?" (ten points to anyone who gets the reference).

Ever since 1948, these inbred little shitstains have been offered peace. They have flatly rejected every offer. They cry for negotiations and then don't show up for them. Alternately, they drag negotiations out demanding concessions they know cannot be given.

The Jews have ceded land in exchange for peace, and have gotten none of it. They have released prisoners (murderers and criminals who will go right back to terrorism) by the hundreds for same, and no payoff.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been poured into the "Palestinian Authority" by the United States, European Nations and the Arab Countries, and the first thing these little bastards cry about is that Israel cut off their power and water (as if that's a disproportionate response to the slaughter of infants?).

Why didn't the PA use any of that hundreds of billions to build power plants? Water systems? Because the PA is a scam. It's not a legitimate government and its only claim to authenticity is that the greater mass of of diplomats regard it as the only entity capable of maintaining order.

And, oh my, how orderly the whole thing is!

So, with regards to the attack, we have to conclude that both the attackers and the "authority" under which they attack, are both invalid. And if they are invalid then the rules of warfare don't necessarily apply to them, do they? They are not the recognized army of a recognized nation.

Besides, their own actions have been in violation of the conventional rules of warfare since the very beginnings, haven't they?

You poke the bear, Achmed, and you get what's coming to you. Cry it's unfair all you'd like; hide behind your own children until the skies fall from the heavens, and it will make no difference. You've finally gone too far and there is, nor should there be, any mercy coming your way. You don't deserve any.

No particular order...

The Response
I will put aside for a moment the stunning lack of preparedness on the part of Israel here, and concentrate on what the Jews will do in terms of retaliation.

Or, rather, should do. It remains to be seen if they will do what is necessary in the face of an existential threat, or if they will, once again, bow to international pressure (and American money) and leave this persistent evil on their borders cowed, momentarily, but essentially intact.

Nations cannot, as a rule, afford to be generous or "follow the rules" when the question is one of continuing existence. A nation that does not retaliate with overwhelming force and an intention to destroy that which threatens it utterly, will not continue to exist for very long. In fact, I would make the argument that a nation that cannot or will not act in it's best interests (do they get any more interesting than continued breathing?) probably doesn't deserve to continue to exist.

When your enemy is shouting "Death to The Jews!" and "From the River to The Sea!" and slaughtering infants for shits and giggles, I think you should be able to understand what the stakes are and act accordingly.

Wipe this pernicious evil off the map. A Carthaginian peace is required here, and for those who would suggest that such a thing is unthinkable, I remind you that Western Civilization hasn't had much trouble from the Carthaginians in a long time, have we?

Good job giving the mullahs six billion more in cash, (P)resident Biden! You've just funded this operation (all the squawking that the money transfer has been "delayed" is a load of horseshit).

Now, as Israel stands ready to retaliate against the "Palestinian" scum, Iran threatens to intervene.

If I were President of the United States, instead of this demented, incontinent, drooling, inarticulate, motor-skill-challenged bag of protoplasm, my response to Iran would be this:

"Try it. I fucking dare you. I have the ability to turn your shithole into a glass-topped, self-lighting parking lot. Not a single one of you will be left. I will destroy you so utterly that the only way future generations will ever know there was something called "Iran" or that there was anything called a Persian culture, will be to visit a museum, or ask questions about why there's a blank space on the globe".

The Western Response
True to form, the squishy left is either a strident supporter of terrorism, or an industrial-strength excuse making machine for the terrorists.

On the one hand, this is due to fear: large Muslim populations in Europe hold the possibility of internal dissent, riots and terrorism if they are not catered to, in this case by supporting the Palestinians, or, at the very least, not being seen as being somewhat disapproving of what the Israelis do in response.

On the other hand, the Left, in general, supports anything that threatens and overturns an established order, because without disorder, chaos, threats, murder and mayhem the Left has no excuse to continue to exist. These are the tools of "revolution", i.e. that which destroys an established order in favor of an imagined "better" system (which somehow never arrives because the revolutionaries are no different, or better, than the people they replace).

The European response has been predictable: they Tsk-Tsk at Israel, hide the virulent anti-Semitism that has been a staple of European civilization for two millennia behind flowery words about "anti-Zionism", open their checkbooks to the miscreants who murder and rape, and then act as if they're doing something useful.

The American response has been not much better. Members of Congress openly shouting anti-Semitic slogans, demanding that America force the Israelis to submit to genocide, and presenting "resolutions" to denounce everyone but the guilty parties are all on full display.

It would be embarrassing if it weren't first disgusting.

When one looks at the Rogues Gallery of Shitheads riding this particular bandwagon -- the Rashida Tlaibs, the Ilhan Omars, the AOC's, the Ayana Pressleys, Pramila Jayapal  and others like them, you begin to see three of the most-damaging mistakes America ever made manifesting:

1. We gave women the right to vote. Particularly REALLY STUPID WOMEN. Then the really stupid women ran for office and feminized and faggified our society. Ninety percent of all of our current problems probably had some menstrual or post-menopausal source. These are the sorts of people who cancel Halloween and Orwell, because they are incapable of doing anything beyond finding fault with everything, especially that which they don't like, can't do, or don't understand.

2. We're not exactly being very picky about just who we let into this country, are we? We're certainly not being very picky about who we vote for, are we Minnesota?

3. The "democrat" party is an evil thing which has managed to survive despite producing nothing but discord, failure, insecurity in every avenue of life and massive public debt. It's continued existence is a threat to everyone and everything we hold dear. It's time it got tossed onto the scrapheap of history, with the rest of the Communists.

If one needed any further evidence that the American University System is little more than an expensive Day Care Center (with a football team!) for Special Needs children, you've gotten it these past two weeks, in spades.

Do I really need to go into detail here? 

Anti-Semitism is the rule of the day in these places, always making certain to condition it by making a distinction between "Jews" and "Zionism", which is sort of like insisting that there is a difference between a cocker spaniel and "a dog".

The attempt to at least try to make this distinction at all indicates that the people who do it understand, on some level, that what they're saying and advocating for is disgusting and embarrassing, but that they're quite happy to be disgusting and embarrassing, so long as it can be excused.

All the nonsense about "de-colonization" (I'm sure your parents were happy when you de-colonized their house, you fucktard), "oppression" (people who can afford, or have someone else pick up the tab for, an American "education" are hardly oppressed and know nothing of it), the stunning lack of cultural and historical knowledge, the unabashed fashion in which this hatred and ignorance is paraded around in public, tells you all you need to know about the value of the modern "college education".

Seen on Facebook, recently:

"Never ask a man his salary, a woman her age, or a Harvard student what rank his grandfather held in the SS".

And in a delicious irony, when the backlash against your virulent and shocking bigotry is exposed -- as for example, when you get job offers rescinded or a truck shows up outside your home to identify you as a prejudiced douchebag -- how quickly the former wielders of the Cancel Culture Hammer squirm, cry and rend their garments about how "unfair" the process is as it is turned against them.

These have been said a million times, but bear repeating:

1. Actions have consequences. You should have thought of that before identifying yourself with a movement that makes most decent people sick.

2. The Game is just being played by the Rules you have established, Snowflake Asshole. Now enjoy some of your own.

Consider it "equity".

The Media
True to form, the most-useless profession (after yoga instructors and Diversity Trainers) can't seem to do it's job, or more likely, won't do it's job, a task which it professes to take very seriously and then delegates to very unserious people.

The BBC, for instance, cannot decide what to call the perpetrators of this vicious slaughter. Because they won't use the proper term -- terrorists.

They won't use the term terrorists because Britain is full of vicious, angry, sexually-frustrated, grooming gangs devoted to Islam, and we wouldn't want to get them excited, would we?

In the States, the left-leaning media is simply not reporting anything in any meaningful or balanced way. So that when the "Palestinians" bomb their own hospital, Israel is blamed without evidence, and when the evidence surfaces that the Inbred Goatfuckers destroyed their own hospital, it just simply does not get reported.

And then never mentioned again.

We don't get to see the photos of the mutilated victims; we don't see any video of Hamas douchebags setting up their rockets, beheading people or desecrating corpses (despite the fact that you can easily find such footage from Arab outlets, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. Hamas has advertised its barbarism more than any American Happy Pill ), and what "live coverage" there is is pretty much all from the Gaza side of the border where "brave" reporter in flak vest and helmet is probably "reporting" (repeating propaganda) under the cover of Hamas' guns.

Journalism long ago ceased to be about information. It has become a business that panders to a specific audience, and each of the "major" networks has it's slice of the population firmly under it's influence. Whether the sort of reportage you get depends on political ideology, race, sexual deviance, gender, relative IQ, no longer matters. You will get "the news" that fits your pre-determined opinion, thus reinforcing your pre-determined opinion and making you feel better about being a blithering idiot.

Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity are the same person. They're manure vendors and the only difference between what they sell you is the smell and the number of flies it attracts.

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are the same publication, the difference being that one is typically purchased as a status symbol of the perpetually aggrieved and useless, and the other is a status symbol of the venal and self-interested. One provides a modicum of useful information deliberately misrepresented and the other gives you a modicum of information presented in a deliberately formulaic context.

The real issue is the majority of the American population has an IQ that can be measured in single digits, and the rest have an attention span that can be measured in RPMs.

The Final Solution
I picked that heading on purpose.

Because this is an issue that needs to be solved, permanently.

It will never be solved by negotiation, bribery, diplomacy or politics, because one side in this existential fight has already announced -- and demonstrated -- that it will never be satisfied with anything less than genocide.

The crime of Israel, as they see it, is that Jews are alive and breathing, not just in the "Holy Land", but anywhere.

The Other Side, the Israelis, have tried all the other methods and get rewarded for it with rocket attacks from north and south, parachuting baby killers, and kidnappings on a mass scale. What is left for them to do?

Nothing but to fight. To the bitter end.

And they will prevail because their enemies are a disorganized gang of self-righteous, but wholly barbaric and uncivilized, mental patients who tend to run away as soon as they get any pushback.

The Israelis are fighting a tribe of cowards; the Cowards are up against the military and economic might of a modern, Western State. The cowards have finally kicked the hornet's nest.

The cowards cannot be allowed to survive.

Sez me.


Chuck said...

15 minutes well spent. We know what HAS to be done...i say we give the israeli's everything they ask for in TRIPLICATE and turn them loose to solve their problem!!

Bickus Dickus said...

Bravo, you state what the vast majority of us see and believe. We are ruled by idiots and spoon fed garbage by the media.

The Israelis have every right to defend themselves from these beasts and its about time.

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This should be required reading for all !!

Well said and 100% correct!