Sunday, November 26, 2023

Simple Suggestions...And a Word on Pregnancy...

 "Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error..." -- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Some Simple Suggestions for solving some of the most-obvious problems that have arisen as of late. In no particular order:

1. "Refugees"

Having already left the doors and windows wide open for every unwashed reprobate who can claim any sort of oppression -- real or imagined -- or economic hardship for several decades, it may already be too late to solve the problem of immigration, both legal and no.

But it's still worth making the effort to put the stopper back in the bottle and then to clean up the mess beneath all the rugs that have been swept under.

It will not be long now, it may have already happened, that we will soon be hearing of "Palestinian" "refugees" and how the "oppressed" little twats are deserving of a place in America, provided with everything their tiny hearts (and minds) could ever desire, and then lavished with Welfare, all courtesy of the American Taxpayer.

Who they will wish death to.

No. No. And FUCK NO!

We have enough of the human garbage that comes from the dankest recesses of the Third World, thank you, and the last thing we need is more of the sort of people whose major exports usually include drugs, terrorism, previously-eradicated diseases, and exotic forms of diarrhea. The cities of America are bursting at the seams with the huddled masses yearning to get Section 8 housing and a monthly stipend from Uncle Sugar. We can't take any more.

We certainly don't any from a Middle Eastern sewer with penchants for Jew Hatred, exploding, gang rape, beheading gays and infants, killing their own daughters and face-fucking livestock.

(Remember when Feminists were against rape? And are now curiously silent about mass gang rapes being uploaded to the Internet? Good times, right?)

And those are their GOOD qualities, I'm led to understand. We're not allowed (by whom?) to mention the more questionable attributes of the typical Sandbastard Misfit, which include an allergy to soap, prolific inbreeding, high rates of mental disorder (from said inbreeding), disgusting women so ugly they have to be wrapped in carpets, drinking camel piss, buggering children and a proclivity to go berserk when the blonde girls won't fuck 'em.

(Years of watching Western TV shows, like "Baywatch" or "Desperate Housewives", "Charlie's Angels", for example, have given these miscreants the warped idea that the streets of America are paved with oral sex and that Western women -- American ones, above all -- are easy pickings. Reality soon sets in, and Abdullah finds out that Sperm-burping Barbie, who can usually be had for a few tequila shots and an old Jimmy Buffet T-shirt, has standards after all, and draws the line at severely aromatic retards who eat and wipe their behinds with the same hand.

Sez me, if these guys were getting laid regularly in their own litterboxes they wouldn't be attacking us. Aren't there enough sheep to go around?

I harken back to the last three years and the experience of COVID: the damn thing was brought here by people who traveled to and from China, many of whom are immigrants, legal or not, or people who simply overstayed visas. This is not to imply that Chinese in America are a BAD thing (they don't, for example, explode unexpectedly or worship a child molester), but the Worker's Influenza originated in that shithole of a country where people eat vermin three meals a day, if the can afford that many.

Did we learn nothing?

Did we not learn from that episode that letting tens of thousands of people that come from disgusting little piles of rocks and human waste travel willy-nilly into and through our country has deleterious, potentially deadly, effects? 

Have we not learned after numerous attempts to blow things up, to shoot up gay bars and Christmas parties, watching innocents get beheaded in Western streets, the riots, the truck-driving killers who attack Christmas fairs, who see a pogrom as a rite of passage in Paris, who have turned Sweden into the rape capital of the World and who hurl bombs at the very same Swedes, perhaps the most inoffensive people on Earth? Have we learned nothing after seeing the United Kingdom, once the pinnacle of human civilization, overrun by grooming gangs of Pakistanis with small penises and bad attitudes?

Have we not seen the error of our ways with the waves upon waves of Somalis who turned Minneapolis into a cesspit, while ripping off the taxpayer to the tune of billions? Who have populated cities in Michigan to the point where even the Section 8 welfare queens want out of them? And then voted for the likes of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib?

Well, NORMAL PEOPLE have. The politicians, not so much. But this is mostly because American politicians are all possessed of a peculiar species of brain injury that makes them incapable of doing anything but the same thing, repeatedly, and making excuses for why the results aren't quite as bad as you think they are (*cough* Diversity is our strength *cough, cough* Natural Conservatives *cough).

No, not a single one shall enter, sayeth this Galactic Tyrant, even if it means condemning them to death in the billions by starvation, by Climate Change, by oppressive governments that are the natural outgrowth of their own inferior and diseased cultures, or their own, natural dumbfuck. The second anyone of these turds we elected starts making noise about this sort of thing there should be a mob on their front lawn bearing torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers.

Many of these "refugees", particularly the "Palestinians", add absolutely NOTHING to our society and are little more than a plague of locusts. If they were all that great, why isn't Haiti, Afghanistan or Gaza anything like Budapest or even Boise?

2. "Students"

If it wasn't obvious before when you asked anyone under the age of 35 a simple question, it should have been indelibly impressed upon your eyeballs by now by images and reports of anti-Semitic protests, people gluing themselves to the street or throwing soup on works of art, or buying anything Taylor Swift or a Kardashian sells, that the American Education System has been a colossal failure.

The public schools turn out ignoramuses on an industrial scale, and the ignorant get ever more so with each passing day, it seems.

The Public School is little more than an aquarium full of brain-damaged Sea Monkeys overseen by some of the dumbest (and sexually-abusive) people ever to walk the planet. Some of these cutesy blond ditzes with teaching licenses would give the grooming gangs of Manchester a run for their money.

The process of reform has already begun, at the elementary school level, with parents fighting back against the indoctrination of their children into the worlds of trans and gay by protesting, boycotting or confronting local school boards across America. The process should be expanded, speeded up, made ubiquitous. The faster you can bring the Education Bureaucracy to heel, the sooner you get the demented out of the teaching profession, the earlier you can embarrass the "Educational Establishment" by exposing their own douchebag and fucktard, the more alacrity in saving the youngins before the REAL damage can be done by college.

And here I must take issue with the Republican party, who has been chasing the wild, non-domesticated waterfowl of the very-racist DEI regime and it's Ur-racist predecessor, Affirmative Action. You are focused on the process of LAW. Specifically, how colleges and universities are finding ways around the Supreme Court's ruling, and so wasting time, effort and patience.

Leftie don't obey any laws, dummies.

So, you won't win a legal battle; there's far too many liberals to ignore the law, too many libtard judges who will serve for another 30 or 40 years out there who will overturn you, rule against you, delay you, and paper you to death with stays and injunctions.

No, if you want to bring the Unis to heel you have to hurt them in the right way.

You have to attack their revenue streams.

Like ObamaCare did to the insurance companies.

Investigate the shenanigans that constitute the NCAA, for instance, where Baccilus T. McGrady, functional illiterate, can get a free ride and get paid for dunking a basketball despite his fourteen arrests and 10 convictions, in a system where 'academics" doesn't even come into play. Where Big Ass Schools routinely pay patsies to lose games so as to benefit in the rankings. Where dishonest "boosters", coaches, athletic directors, will go to any length to make certain that Excedrin D. Nyquil IV gets to take a scholarship away from a deserving kid (with brains) because he can catch touchdown passes and generate enormous sums of cash for his "institution of higher learning".

I don't know where you come from, but in my parish that's the very definition of "game fixing".

When Gigantic U shits all over Mudd Puddle A&M and gives them a 77-0 thrashing, while ESPN gives their coach high marks for "being classy and not running up the score", is it really sport? Are we really talking "amateurs" here?

Why is it that a basketball or football coach can make millions more than, say, the President of the United States, be a complete dick, knowingly recruit known criminals (who will commit more crimes as "students"), and retire (or more likely get fired) with a golden parachute that would give the average American a decade-long erection? What, exactly, is this idiot doing that warrants that sort of pay?

Investigate the NCAA and see how quickly DEI and Diversity disappear. Watch as the curriculum is scrubbed of porn, gay, trans, feminist and racist claptrap with amazing speed. 

And when that has started the process, go after the next revenue stream -- government subsidy. Why should any University or College with it's own multi-billion dollar endowments get anything from the Federal Government, or better yet, MORE from the taxpayer who is already subsidizing them by paying taxes, going into hock to send their children there, buying merch, watching the commercials during the "Dick's Sporting Goods Masturbation Bowl"? College is a racket, almost on par with the Welfare State, The Military-Industrial Complex, Big Pharma and Green Energy for it's ability to suck money from the government tit and produce garbage.

One need only look at what is happening in the street, to walk into any modern office or the local Starbuck's, to see the educational system is about as effective as prayer is in removing an anal wart, or about as useful as Kamala Harris at a Science Fair.

Do rational, clear-thinking, intelligent people decide that in a war that has been started with a sneak attack, the murder of children, the taking of captives, gang rape, mutilation of corpses, deliberate targeting of those unable to fight back to take the side of the AGGRESSOR and to insist, sans evidence and in contravention of objective reality, that the AGGRESSOR is in the right?

I think not.

And no $250,000 diploma denoting a Master's Degree in Prostate Massage, Binge Drinking, Claiming False Rape, or Taking Up Space Because Getting a Job Would Really Suck makes it true or righteous.

You've only paid for a credential and ended up a cretin.

And when one considers that the majority of that $250k came courtesy of loans made through the Treasury by the taxpayer, simply cutting the source of that funding off in the absence of anything other than a true educational experience, free of indoctrination, is a no-brainer.

The Treasury doesn't HAVE to make those loans, you know.

As soon as that happens both the quality of a "college education" will steadily rise, and the extortionate costs will precipitously fall, so that even Shaquanda Huxtable-Bubblebutt will be able to afford school on her McDonald's or Roadside-Motel-Maid's salary (her future career options, in any case).

3. Today's Facebook Asshole

I will spare you the thread and just give you a description:

A woman (but far be it from me to misgender anyone) posts asking people for suggestions for "Gender Neutral Baby Names".

Why one should take to Facebook for this endeavor when the Google thing will provide you with 10,000 sites dedicated to such nonsense, and the bookstores (the few that are left) have shelves sagging under the weight of tomes devoted to this subject, is beyond me.

But then again, most people in 2023 are fucking stupid.

Unless, of course, you had an ulterior motive for doing so, which becomes apparent just as soon as the responses start rolling in. 

You wanted to evoke responses. It is why you virtue signaled your woke street cred on Facebook, after all. 

But it soon becomes apparent that your true intention is not to gather aid in the naming of your soon-to-be bundle of on-the-spectrum fucktard (if I may infer the inadequacy of your own genes solely from your post). 

Just as soon as you get something that smells slightly of ridicule, that has the faint aura of disagreement, that may even have a tiny penumbra or modest nimbus of conventionality, you suddenly go from confused mother-to-be to full on menstrual wolverine in responding to your "attackers".

And this was, of course, the point, wasn't it? To get attention; to start an argument because you can't hack normal life without being angry; because you can't stand to go five minutes without claiming to be some kind of unjustly put-upon unfortunate.

So that you suddenly have to blurt out that "such close-minded conservatives should probably stop talking" in your feeble defense.

Maybe it's time the people who believe that men can menstruate and breastfeed should stop talking?

More like "barking at the moon", if you ask me.

For my own part, I don't care what you name your child; that's none of my business.

I simply hope -- sincerely -- that you have a healthy and happy baby.

Although to judge from the post and your angry responses to those who have a different opinion that may be problematic. The fact that you felt it necessary to do this calls your judgement and fitness as a parent into question, sez me.

However, the arguments were the point, the virtue signaling, as well ("Gender Neutral Baby Names"? Really? How fucking lame?).

Advertising your "woke" cred on Facebook to the general public and expecting to get nothing but positive feedback is indicative of a the really small mind you were so ready to accuse others of having. There's optimism, and then there's full-on dumbfuckery, and you chose to cross that boundary, Darlin', now don't complain that some made fun of you or disagreed vehemently by advocating some sort of traditional naming convention.


It's like handing out guns on a street corner to strange passer's-by, begging them to shoot you, just so that you can claim some sort of worthless and irrelevant martyrdom, afterwards.

It like when AFTIFA can't find any real fascists, and so engage in their own fascism in order to provoke a response, and then pray that they get black eyes, pepper sprayed, broken bones, and stiches just so they can say "Aha! We told you so!".

One last word on this subject because it bores me, and this is directed to a certain type of immature idiot who thinks that 99.9999999% of the people on this planet, especially online, gives a flying fuck that you're having a baby, or would like to vicariously take part in the process by "helping" you do something you can easily do yourself, but don't because you'd rather have the attention than do the work:

Having a baby is not an unique accomplishment. You haven't split the atom, walked on the moon, or swam the Atlantic for the first time. In fact, getting pregnant is not all that difficult an achievement, I'm told, unless, of course, you're a biological male who becomes disappointed upon discovering that tossing on a skirt and sticking a barbeque-sauce-drenched tampon up your ass didn't magically transform you into Cinderella.

Babies are born every minute of every day. Have been for the last 2 million years of human existence. In the time it took you to come up with the vaguely half-witted idea to ask complete strangers, idiots, morons and mouth-breathers online to "help" you, thousands of babies were born. Thousands, sadly, also died.

I wonder:

How long will it be before a parent who shops for "Gender Neutral Names" starts resenting her own child because of it's murderous, destructive and disgusting carbon footprint? 

This is the inevitable conclusion to this little drama: when woke meme meets woke meme the resulting explosion of douchebag makes for interesting dilemmas.

The solution to this problem?

Not only should abortion remain legal; it might be a good idea to start applying it retroactively.


dude said...

Not only should abortion remain legal; it might be a good idea to start applying it retroactively.

I am so stealing this bit of wisdom. Thanks!

dude said...

Not only should abortion remain legal; it might be a good idea to start applying it retroactively.

I am so stealing this bit of wisdom. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this. I hope you know there is someone out there who can't wipe the smile off his face after reading your stuff.

SCBen said...

Looking forward to your next post and Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Safe, Happy New Year!!