Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Galactic Housekeeping (# 21 -- Gratitude and Greener Pastures...)

Author's Note and Gratitude: About the middle of the month, the Overlord may be incommunicado, as he is about to take a new position with IBM in the somewhat more-civilized state of North Carolina (and I say that tongue-in-cheek, for having lived there once before, two-steps-beyond-Petticoat-Junction -- only with Wal-Mart -- is hardly 'civilized'). 

I'm busy preparing to move, getting my affairs in order, packing up my stuff and so forth, to make the great trek and so lacking in time to write things down.

I want it known that I happen to like (a good many) Southerners, so don't get me wrong. Although I am a loudmouthed, native New Yorker, I'm not one of those Yankees who will be coming to tell y'all what to do, nor to vote for any of the pieces of human waste that call themselves 'democrat' (small 'd' intentional).

Just hide the wimmenfolk because you're going to get some serious competition, Jethro, and this Yankee finds a soft southern accent attached to a large pair of boobs the (almost) next-best-thing to hitting the lottery.

(If you happen to be one of those and can fry up a chicken and make biscuits like Momma did, please drop a line. Please, also make no mention of grits).

On the subject of Gratitude, I'd like to welcome some new readers who have found this word vomit via link from some interesting places.

A big shoutout to Monster Hunter, Larry Correia's blog. In the past year, being mentioned anywhere in his blog and in Kim du Toit's, for that matter, is an honor and a privilege. Am I moving up in the blog world?

A bow also goes to some new (hopefully) friends at The New Catallaxy blog. Some really nice and intelligent stuff going on there, and I implore regular readers to check it out.

Another interesting read is at Flopping Aces, whose readers have bumped up the view stats in recent weeks and this is much appreciated!

Be back ASAP.


GMay said...

Oh, always up for checking new blogs. Thanks for the links, although it appears you missed the E in URL of (purely a point of function, not pedantry!) Although, I had to go looking for this Kim Du Toi person. What kind of barbarian makes me scroll through a blogroll?!

It's good to know that NC is getting a red vote. It appears to be sorely needed to offset the locust vote.

Regarding grits, grits aren't an end, but a vehicle for other additives. Any more negative vibes on grits and it's pistols at dawn.

Matthew Noto said...

Link corrected!

Kim du Toit can be found at the Splendid Isolation blog, which is on my blogroll if you need a quick link.

GMay said...

Crap, I just noticed you've got the wrong link up to Larry's place too.

Should be

Sorry I missed it before. I go there often, so I didn't click on the link.

Matthew Noto said...

Damn, I'm having a bad week! I'll fix it.

ElvisIsDeadDontFeelSoGoodMyself said...

Welcome back to NC! I'm sure you'll miss NY culture, but we're happy to have you here. Not all of us are brain-dead sister-humping trailer trash. We leave that to SC. LOL

Safe travels.

Matthew Noto said...

I have fond memories of the local nightly newscast in Charlotte typically opening with a story of a South Carolinian arrested for abusing his animals and/or neighbor's dog. Could set your watch to it, it often seemed.

Many years ago, I had the distinct...experience?... of working with TWO gentlemen from rural SC (yes, even here in Sodom-on-Hudson!) who used to while the evening hours on the night shift away by regaling me with tales of their barnyard conquests (no shit).

They also seem quite preoccupied with whores, since every folksy saying usually had a prostitute component, such as:

"The boy is as nervous as a whore in church...", or

"The belongs there the same way a whore belongs in the front pew...".

I'm out of here tomorrow morning.