Sunday, February 19, 2023


 "But was there ever a dog that praised his fleas?" - William Butler Yeats

I have been in the bucolic hellhole that is Raleigh for a week thus far, and I have this much to say of it:

I haven't found anything, so far, to speak well of it.

Perhaps it all just requires more time and familiarity, but to date I have found this city to be little more than Long Island with bigger dumbfucks living in it. Considering many of those bigger dumbfucks are, in fact, former Long Islanders, this should not surprise.

But the barbeque is exquisite.

Much like the Midwestern Imports have done to New York, I'm hearing much of now the Northern Invaders have performed a comparable feat in sanitizing the local culture until one gets the impression it was delivered in over-sterilized, ecologically-friendly packaging from Whole Foods.

And that the packaging probably has more nutritional value than the contents.

But more on this later...

Right now, I wish to speak of another form of parasite, which masquerades as human beings pretending to labor under the banner of "Our Leaders".

If you haven't been in a medically-induced coma these last few weeks (decades, really) you will have noticed, too.

Balloons and Chinese truculence.

Train derailments and the government-approved-and-coordinated fucktard that came with them.

North Korean ICBM tests and the complete inertia of response.

A border crisis and the illusion that anyone in a position of authority actually gives a fuck about it, until, of course, the illegals start invading the gated communities and suck vital resources away from municipal slush funds.

A war in which we have no stake, where Ukrainians are sacrificed for the benefit of Germans and American defense contractors upon the altars of "collective security" and "Green Energy" tomfoolery.

The incompetence is staggering. The lack of attention given any particularly important issue is mind-boggling. The shitty quality of the results, wherever there IS any attention paid, is stunning.

While the World burns, the population is still being hammered daily with the the threat (more threat than reality) of COVID, while people are being poisoned by chemical spills in Ohio and by fentanyl in New York, or by human waste in the streets of San Francisco, while the evil that is totalitarianism spreads like an oil slick in a kiddie pool, while your children are being indoctrinated in the crazy idea that their genitals don't matter or have consequences, a parade of truly-venal and bulletproof stupid people appear on the Idiot Box to tell you that this is all in your imagination.

Despite the fact that reality is fucking objective and indisputable.

China sends a mess of balloons into the skies above the United States, which could be carrying anything from merely cameras to a new-and-improved Worker's Influenza, and the Pentagon and White House tell you there's nothing to be worried about.

And then, stung by criticism of their lack of concern or action, start opening fire on anything floating in the sky anywhere.

And usually reported to them by a non-government worker.

But they have the issue firmly in control, you see. Never mind the World's Largest Office Building and the Home of the Chief Idiot admit to not being able to track the things as they made their way into American airspace over the course of months, that they seemed to linger with purpose over American military installations, or that given the recent Chinese track record with regards to their actions and veracity, no reassurances of the "peaceful" mission of said inflatables the size of multiple school buses can or should be believed.

And when American fighters start blasting Chinese balloons (and any other balloons they belatedly manage to not spot despite having the best goddamned whizz-bang tech EVAH), The Chicoms get all fucking uppity about the whole thing and accuse the US of warmongering.

Oh, and by the way, we'd like the wreckage of our Spy Balloon back, you imperialist running dogs.

Nothing like adding insult to injury.

The whole ball of wax, COVID and Balloons -- has the air of the relationship between a hairy-backed, guinea-tee-wearing serial abuser and his battered girlfriend:

First, China refuses to admit it did anything.

Then China admits that maybe, yeah, it did something.

But China only did it because America did something first. That "something first" is never, of course, identified. It's just part of the denial dodge and a means of transferring responsibility to the victim.

Okay, so you caught me, but what are you gonna do about it?

Well, we've seen what "do about it" is. We're going to send up F-16's to drown $12 Hobby Lobby recreational balloons in Lake Huron. We're going to blast relatively-cheap plastic gasbags with $400,000 missiles and jets that cost a million bucks an hour to operate.

So that the Biden Administration can have the appearance of being tough and serious, but not have to come up with any effective response.

And much like the battered spouse, the response is much the same: nothing of substance happens and the abuse continues.

Of course, it could be far worse if you're a resident of East Palestine, Ohio, and it's environs this morning.

One evening you're resting soundly and peacefully in your bed and the next morning you're standing in a toxic apocalypse with tearing eyes and burning throat with a thick, black mushroom cloud rising from your town center.

You discover the Federal Government, the parasitic entity that feeds on your tax dollars left the business of cleaning the disaster up to the people who caused it (because the Federal beast feeds on them, too), while a cavalcade of C-list officials make disaster porn that raises their public profiles and gets them into a few more press corps rolodexes (for that sweet gig at CNN after your failure in government), but then won't answer questions.

Because answering questions exposes how totally ineffectual these assholes are.

FEMA won't even come to you...until Trump threatens to do so.

What government activity there is is apparently limited to testing the air, water and soil for 10 minutes, and then urging you to drink up.

Oh, and to get your COVID boosters, because that's OBVIOUSLY a priority right now.

And by the way, it was all Trump's fault.

The hole in the air that is supposed to be the Secretary of Transportation -- who, curiously, never seems to be around when there's Transportation shit to do, like avert railroad strikes, manage baby formula shortages, or ensure the safety of the air travel system, or check to see if those goddamned extraneous, free-floating Chinese Spy Balloons aren't presenting a threat to commercial aviation. Probably too busy chest-feeding the children he and his "partner" are very likely grooming right now -- is absent.

As usual.

Except when he goes on television to promise that the clean-up crews will not have too many white guys in them, because the people of East Palestine will only get the aid they need (and deserve!) if it conforms to the latest and stupidest mandates of "woke".

As determined by a guy so useless that he's probably not even worth the post-mortem recycling that has become the latest environMENTAL craze.

"Mayor Pete" is really only a cardboard cutout, selected for his ability to resonate with a very slender voting bloc, and because someone thought it would be a good idea to give this complete incompetent a cabinet post to raise his profile with regards to his political future.

Because people who really suck at their jobs one day potentially gaining higher office is just what America needs.

Oh, right -- advancing by fucking up, but adhering to the orthodoxy of the moment, is how democrats have always advanced in any case.

But it could still -- and does -- get worse.

You could be a resident of Pennsylvania and suddenly discover that the stroke victim you (maybe) sent to the Senate is still, surprise!, a fucking stroke victim, and has all the deleterious health problems associated with a stroke victim, which call into question -- not like anyone brought his up before, right? -- his ability to do the job.

As if his very presence and demeanor didn't call that into question in the first place?

That's in addition to looking like Uncle Fester and Lurch had their own Buttigiegian love child.

But then again, you voted for Biden (allegedly), too, so you got what you asked for.

Then the stroke victim's wife -- one of the most-annoying people I have ever seen on television; she could give Ryan Seacrest a run for his money -- seems to be salivating at the possibility of taking her husband's Senate seat, as if it were an inheritance, like the life insurance policy or the family home.

She's got nerve. No one voted (or cheated) for her, after all.

This reminds of the time when democrats in Missouri performed the impossible and got live people to vote for a dead guy (overturning decades of democratic party process) only to see his Senate seat passed on to his widow like the fucking silverware.

I'm unaware of any provision of the Constitution that says political office becomes part of the deceased's estate, are you?

But, hey, the democratic party cheated (maybe. Yeah, right!) for that Pennsylvania Senate seat in a fair-and-square manner, and shouldn't have to risk losing it by letting the voters have a second bite at the apple where they might make the grave mistake of correcting their previously grave  mistake, right?

If this morning you feel as if you've you awoken in a Bizzaro world where Spanish and Chinese have become the chief lingua francas, where those who violate the law are treated with more largesse and respect than those who are unnecessarily paying their freight, be comforted...

...because we have a Vice (emphasis on vice) President/Border Czar who is on this shit -- to use a non-politically-correct phrase -- like white on rice.

And by that, I mean she's (but far be it from me to misgender anyone) conspicuously AWOL, as well, and it's arguable as to whether she can even spell "border", "czar" or even her own fucking name, on a good day.

So while fentanyl and illegal aliens pollute your local landscape, and kill your neighbors or maybe even members of your own family, rest assured this walking unintelligible word salad is hard at work avoiding being hard at work.

But she, too, was selected by the left as a standard bearer for no standards at all, as well.

She simply checked a box and sucked the right penises (allegedly) to get where she is, which is one lousy heartbeat away (literally) from obtaining the office currently occupied by the King Leech.

And speaking of (P)resident Biden, could there ever be a better advertisement for the heartbreaking effects of Alzheimer's disease and Old Age?

Is it just me or does he look like Jeff Dunham's sidekick, Walter?

The saddest thing about Joseph Robinette (your parents fucking hated you, didn't they?) Biden is that the most-genuine thing about him may be his incredible hair plugs.

Whoever did that rug job on him deserves a goddamned Nobel Prize.

This is what The Other Side (allegedly) cheated to foist upon this country. A doddering old fool, a congenital liar, an influence-peddling, self-promoting windbag to take all the hits as the Managerial Class that really runs this country in secret goes about the business of turning us into a tin-pot dictatorship of the self-selected, only with Internet access.

With which China datamines every TikTok user.

In which the FBI compiles dossiers on Catholics.

In which the Department of Justice holds people in solitary confinement without trial for essentially trespassing.

Where Congress investigates Donald Trump three years after he left office.

Wanna run the list of A-list Incompetents you are forced to live under?

Rachel Levine, a Surgeon General who is genuinely confused by its own privates. One would think a doctor -- a non-binary, non-gender-conforming person of science, even -- would know about these things.

A (former-) deputy secretary of nuclear waste who is even gayer than Mayor Pete and the Surgeon Gender-al with a penchant for luggage larceny.

Nina Skankowitcz (whatev!), the former expert on (Russian) disinformation (that taught the Russians more about creating and disseminating disinformation) that was supposed to lead the Disinformation Bureau at the totally-not Department of Misinformation? Remember her?

A press secretary who appears as if she couldn't press a pair of slacks or a clove of garlic, but black and gay, so she's to be celebrated because "first" of her kind to be given a job that is essentially similar to that of Josef Goebbels or Lord Haw-Haw.

Do we need to start on the Congressional delegation of the leftist persuasion?

The former bartender with donkey teeth who plays out a self-inflicted (and wholly invented) melodrama on the internet, day in and day out, in which she is in mortal danger every second because someone, somewhere, is pointing out that she's an idiot. 

The long-tenured California Senator who is even more senile than the President.

A Senate Majority Leader who is unintentionally funnier than his supposed professional comedienne niece, and who makes Anthony Weiner seem genuinely warm and cuddly.

A collection of race-baiters who see racism everywhere because if it didn't exist -- even of only in their fevered imaginations -- they would have to find real jobs, discover they didn't have any fucking talent, and go on the welfare they've enslaved their own people with.

Look at the results. You tell me: do any of these people appear to have any possible value in any conceivable circumstance?

That's not to say the Right isn't full of morons, by the way, but it just so happens that the knuckleheads currently exercising authority at the highest levels these days are all spouting gender-neutral Marx.

Parasites. Every last one of them.

How the Republicans managed to lose as badly as they did in last year's mid-term elections would be a puzzler, if you didn't already suspect incompetence, chicanery, and cluelessness.

At what point does the Body Politic -- even the died-in-the-wool "liberals" who have to eat this shit, too -- start to notice and let its collective self-preservation instinct kick in, to start chucking these "progressive" dipshits who who speak as if we're still living in the 18th Century and who brazenly deny objective reality on a daily basis, out the window?

Oh, right...because there's parasites among the voting public, too.

And they feed on the same host.


A Grin without a Cat said...

To be fair, the former bartender probably could get- and hold- an honest job in the private sector, if she can mix a proper Manhattan,
and if she can keep her mouth shut.

Matthew Noto said...

She couldn't. That's why she became a Communist and ran for Congress.

ontoiran said...

c'mon man! you REALLY believe that ALL of that can be attributed to incompetence, laziness, neglect, and stupidity? i think we can safely assume what we're seeing is enemy action

GMay said...

"...if you didn't already suspect incompetence, chicanery, and cluelessness."

I'd add complicity.

Glad you've arrived at Moscow on the Neuse. Raleigh was where socialism and Bernie Sanders abducted my oldest and his wife. Good luck with the locusts.

HMS Defiant said...

Srysly, gain control of your animus.

BREVITY. dammit.

Matthew Noto said...

I love people who don't read, but then feel compelled to comment, anyway.

Don't you?

If you didn't read it, Sir, then how do you know there's an animus?

GMay said...

Self-appointed blog police curses another blogger for his animus.

Alternate title:

Boring blogger picks fights instead of improving content

Matthew Noto said...

I'm sure he means well, and I think his stuff is pretty good.