Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Join The Jackass Army Today!


Join us in The Drive For Five!

The Idiot's Perspective Podcast is seeking to amass 5,000 more subscribers/followers before January, 1st, and we're asking for your help.

We're asking YOU, Gentle Listener, to make an effort to spread the word that the Idiot's Perspective is  a mentally-fortifying, emotionally-satisfying, and dare we say it?, borderline sexual experience of tomfoolery and ghastly political commentary.

Tell ten of your friends about us.

Hell, ten ten of your enemies, too...because why shouldn't they suffer, as well?

Help us reach this goal of 5,000 dedicated sets of ears, the first  stage to lifting Joe out of staggering, Third-World-like poverty, and saving me from the Mental Institution that most assuredly has my rubber room and thorazine already reserved!

Join the Jackass Army Today!

We're available on Spotify, Anchor, Apple, Google, iTunes and everywhere else you get fine podcasts.

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