Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Under The Weather

 The Overlord is a bit ill these days -- not COVID -- and needs some time to see a few doctors and find out what's what. 

I'll probably know more by the weekend.

I don't think it's all anything serious, but some strange stuff has been happening to my body as of late -- I've written about the cancer scare this past summer -- and I really need a thorough once-over.

Thanks for your patience.


JB_Honeydew said...

If it's not too crass to say, I recommend chicken soup, red meat, bourbon, beer, coffee, Twinkies and THC. You might still be sick, but you won't feel it ;)

Seriously though, my best to ya. Give the crud a swift kick in the ass and get better soon.

- JB

Matthew Noto said...

Not the crud.

This is chest pain that is not the usual kind that I've dealt with ever since 9/11. It has been accompanied by a slight "brain fog" that has left me unable to concentrate very well on anything and some fatigue.

I'm off to see the cardiologist tomorrow.

I don't know what to make of it, because I don't think it's a heart attack -- my oxygenation and pulse rates have been normal, and I don't think it's a stroke because I've passed self-administered FACE tests.

The crushing, very-localized headaches are new, too.

Given my history of history of anxiety/panic disorder it's sometimes very difficult to self-diagnose what is serious and what is just out of the ordinary. Given that I have made radical changes in diet (stopped drinking soda by the gallon) and recently quit smoking, it could just be my anxiety returning with a vengeance.

It's al enough to warrant attention, certainly.

Mis. Hum. said...

I'm happy to hear you are following up on medical care. I hope and pray for the best.

Mis. Hum. said...

Hoping and praying for the best. Glad you are following up with a specialist.