Friday, November 19, 2021

The Video Every Libtard Should Be Forced To Watch...

 "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light..." -- Plato

The Overlord has watched something tonight that restores a glimmer of hope. It is a slight glimmer, still in danger of being overwhelmed by creeping darkness, but it is has the potential to become a burning beacon.

The Overlord occasionally watches videos and reads articles produced by The Other Side (i.e. the left), because it is a good thing to know what your adversaries are doing, thinking and plotting. I will watch and read such things just to ensure that I have as much information as I possibly can before formulating an opinion, as well. This is what rational people do, and above all things, I strive to be a rational person.

One of my "favorite" lefties (in the sense that he's not a complete ideological doofus) is Jimmy Dore. If you have not checked out Jimmy's videos on YouTube, you should, for while he espouses leftist boilerplate that I disagree with strongly, he at the very least has the quality of honesty.

Particularly when it comes to his compatriots, who they are, what their intentions are, and what truly disgusting creatures they can be.

And for this Jimmy is as often derided and attacked by those supposedly in his boat as vociferously, as viciously, as any Trump supporter.

Tonight I watched this video concerning the Rittenhouse case.

You should watch it, too. It is an hour long, but you need to see it in it's entirety.

And then you need to find every piece of shit libhole in your life, duct tape them to a chair, pry their eyelids apart with toothpicks like it's an episode of Ren and Stimpy, and then force them to watch this...repeatedly.

Then stand by with the rope or sleeping pills these idiots will need to kill themselves when the shame of realization as to what sort of sewer-dwelling, sub-human, non-functioning bag of guts they are hits them as hard as Wile E. Coyote's infamous boomerang anvils.

If we're all lucky, we can save at least one of them apiece.

If not, the sudden realization of their own ignorance will do us all a favor and press them to jump from a great height.

It has been a truism for decades that the really dangerous element in American Society is The Press,

Always was, always has been. This is because The Press is a collection of very shallow thinkers who do little of actual value. After all, their job is to tell you what other people have said and done, what events have occurred, and so forth, because you're too busy doing important stuff during your hectic day to keep up with "the news". To be a reporter, excuse me, "journalist" is to be something like a hooker: if you stand on the right corner long enough, the johns eventually show up of their own accord.

It doesn't even require much in the way of effort, most days, because shit just happens. You just have to be there when it does and make sure you've got the order of events, the words spoken, the eyewitness accounts all straight.

However, the American journalist doesn't see that as his/her job; instead, they see their job as inventing stuff out of thin air and then presenting it as truth.

I want you to think about that for a second: they work at a job that only requires them to report accurately on what happens, and somehow, they feel it necessary to tell you things that DIDN'T, and they do it on purpose.

Jimmy Dore's usual take on that is that if they didn't lie, they couldn't get money. And while I ascribe to that up to a point, I have first-hand experience with what really dense, slow, self-absorbed, and truly moronic people these are, having been friends with more than a few and fucking another for over seven years (before Mrs. Overlord) and being subjected to her insipid "colleagues" at every office party, every award dinner honoring a non-entity for their hair, so I think I have just a tiny bit of insight into how the sausage gets made.

The job of a "journalist" -- in a perfect world -- is to collect information, sort it out, turn it into a clear, accurate, concise, objective package, and then present it for public consumption. Instead, it is obvious these J-school turds believe their job is to tell fairy tales, and what's more, to ensure the fairy tales conform to their ideology, their sense of self-importance and their belief that only they have the market cornered in truth. Our job, as far as they are concerned, is to simply swallow whatever slimy gruel they want to shovel down out throats, and then worship them for it.

The denial of objective reality here is startling. The ease with which they lie, lies of commission as well as omission, are beyond belief. The absolute GALL that one must possess to contradict evidence that is startlingly obvious makes these people dangerous.

The reaction of died-in-the-wool-Blue-Check Twitlibs upon discovering they've been lied to is either shocking -- they finally see they've been blue-pilled -- or predictable in that snotty, condescending manner they all resort to when they've been caught red-handed and embarrassed by their own stupidity:

"Well, yeah, I was wrong. It was evil of me to be wrong. I won't apologize for being wrong and evil  and hey, look, it's Trump, that piece of shit!"

Pass that video on to every libfart you know.

The following was written in 1930 by Humbert Wolfe, an English poet. It speaks of the English press, but it applies to the American, one thousand-fold.

"You cannot hope to bribe or twist, thank God!, the British journalist. But, seeing what the man will do unbribed, there's no occasion to."


JB_Honeydew said...

Not too shabby a video. It just reinforces my opinion that I made the right choice by turning my back on the journalism profession as a career opportunity for myself. I saw the bullshit firsthand in 1996 during my internship with a small local newspaper. The short of it is I was put into a position where I would have to compromise my personal ethics for a story. I bucked the company line and refused. They threatened me with an attempt to nuke my graduation. I caught them off guard by notifying my university of what had transpired, unbeknownst to the paper in question. The university agreed with me and assured that all was good and that I would graduate. Still have the diploma around here somewhere.

GMay said...

Came across a Jimmy Dore take for the first time not too long ago. Saw that video when it went up over at Ace's place.

He comes across to me like a Glenn Greenwald type - I can disagree with them all day long on policy, but they don't come across as lying twats. They're just folks you can have an honest disagreement with.

And I'm so glad I was wrong about it going to end up a hung jury. The media meltdown compilations are going to be epic.

Matthew Noto said...

My local ABC affiliate is STILL calling the case "racially charged".

GMay said...

That's journalism majors for ya.

We've given control of most of the transmission of information over to the academic bottom feeders: communications/J-skoolers and education majors. How awesome has that turned out?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Overlord, I agree it is healthy to be open minded with the opinions and positions of those with traditionally glaring worldview deficiencies, partially because they may be correct, but predominantly because it helps to sharpen the proper counterpoint. While watching progressives' postmodern denial of absolute truth can diminish one's faith in humanity ( Stelter, Lemon, Cuomo, Squinty et al) once in a blue blue moon there is a glimmer of hope that the egregious positions of the left finally will awaken the progressive hypnosis and the progressive will actually make some or much sense (Maher, Brand). Truth is the most noble of worldview currencies,and I believe it to be a reasonable request to always exchange ideas in good faith and avoid intentional counterfeiting. I have not had time to watch Mr. Dore, but I do look forward to it, as I welcome your suggestions regarding personal enlightenment on the planet. Once again, thank you for sharing your wisdom with the hoi polloi, and give Mrs. Overlord our best wishes for an enjoyable day. Oh, and uh, by the way, until next post Mr. Overlord, "Let's go Brandon."

Anonymous said...

Mr. Overlord, just watched Jimmy Dore and I agree the guy is virtuous in that he values truth and detests smears. That is the type of person that I admire, even though I would agree to disagree where we differ. At least he approaches all matters in good faith, to which all a reasonable citizenry should aspire. Thanks for sharing a valuable source of truth on the planet. You and Mrs. Overlord have a Happy Thanksgiving. Until next post, "Let's go Brandon!"