Sunday, November 14, 2021

The "Scooby Doo" Moment...

 "...and I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids and their dog..." -- Every unmasked "Scooby-Doo" villain.

Once upon a time, on Saturday mornings, during an age when (more) reasonable people abounded and everything was not to be judged through the lenses of color, gender and sexual perversion, children used to watch cartoons and other assorted entertainment aimed primarily at them.

Some of these programs, like the Schoolhouse Rock series, actually could be said to have served a genuine educational purpose. The same could be said for the weekly fare offered to children with shows like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, The Electric Company, and, of course, Sesame Street, decades before the people who produced that decided to move the neighborhood from "anywhere in Manhattan" specifically to "everywhere in Greenwich Village".

Some of it bordered on the macabre, like H.R. Puffenstuff, which could be argued is possibly responsible for more cocaine and heroin addicts than broken homes. Or the New Zoo Revue which probably introduced more young boys to the joys of salivating over a smokin' hot southern chick in go-go boots.

But most of Saturday mornings were dedicated to pure entertainment, as mindless and pointless as it might have been. And one of those shows was Scooby-Doo.

For those of you of a certain age, like me, who are infinitely familiar with all things Scooby-ish, allow me to digress for the benefit of the younger set who might not know what I'm about to talk about.

The premise of Scooby-Doo was that there was a quartet of above-average-intelligence teenagers, apparently riding around in a psychedelic van, for the purposes of solving great mysteries which occurred with astonishing regularity in the backwaters of America. Such mysteries always involved a faux supernatural or protoplasmic antagonist, typically motivated by greed, who went to some astronomically-measured lengths to convince whoever he (it was almost always a "he") was out to screw that something in the local area was haunted by malignant spectral forces.

Typical settings were amusement parks, abandoned mines, dilapidated mansions, ancient ruins, and other stock settings of the fantasy/sci-fi/horror genre.

And then, just by chance, here comes a gang of teenagers -- all of them exceedingly white -- the blond-haired-blue-eyed Aryan jock; the perpetually-in-peril, pre-feminazi fair maiden (made a redhead for reasons you can guess); a chunky, borderline lesbian sporting thick glasses and a sweater that obscured everything; a homeless-looking stoner with a terminal case of the munchies; their dog, an anthropomorphic, addicted-to-dog-treats Great Dane with a penchant for cross-dressing, included mostly for comic relief.

Within the scope of the 15-20 minute mini-drama/comedy, these four uber-White teens and their talking, cowardly dog, would, by both inductive reasoning and a series of humorous accidents, discover that, lo and behold!, there is no ghostly danger here, the whole thing being an elaborate ruse created by a greedy white dude in a mask (no George Floyds here!), and local law enforcement -- presumably having done nothing about this situation, or even to have investigated it for months, because stereotypical-backwater-in-flyover-country where everyone is an inbred idiot -- shows up at the last moment to unmask the miscreant.

Whereupon the phony phantasm, his crimes and motivations revealed by our teenaged super-sleuths, chimes in with his retort that he would have gotten away with it all if it hadn't had been for these meddling kids, etc, etc.

Fast-forward to today, and Scooby-Doo (although I'm sure it is still being shown somewhere) would be considered greatly problematic by the "woke" crowd and subjected to "cancel culture" as being too-white, not gay enough, having no people o' color in it, no trans characters, and the unmasked douchebag at the end is always admitting his guilt without the benefit of Miranda.

Mostly because "the woke" have no sense of humor and, therefore, take everything literally and then judge it against their own very-questionable (double-)standards. Let's face it; you have to be a humorless, dumb-as-dogshit, non-contextual, hypocritical fucktard to be "woke", otherwise it don't work. Otherwise people will figure out it don't work. Otherwise, people will laugh at you unless they think you're liable to have a psychotic break any second.

Now that we know where I have been, it's time to start talking about where I'm going.

This week, to date, I am beginning to see a whole lot of Scooby-Doo moments occurring all over America.

We'll begin with the sordid mess that is the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Rittenhouse, for those who live under rocks, is a (white) teenager being charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder for defending himself with a rifle against a mental patient (white guy), a crazed rioter (white guy), and a professional Communist agitator (white and probably gay, in an ambiguous way, guy) who chased him down in the midst of a riot, assaulted him with a skateboard, attempted to stomp his face and grab his weapon, and last but not least, pointed a loaded pistol at him.

Rittenhouse fired three shots; he killed the skateboard assailant, killed the mental patient, and blew half the arm off the pistol-pointer. A clear case of self-defense, verified by video, some of which the prosecution failed to turn over to the defense during discovery. If you've been watching this farce, you're witnessing the modern equivalent of a Soviet-Era show trial.

The NRA couldn't have produced a better "How-to-Defend-Yourself" video.

And before I continue, a word about the "prosecutor", a fucking degenerate libtard apparatchik named "Binger". 

"Piece of shit" does not begin to describe Binger, who has, thus far, can be said to have withheld evidence, suborned perjury, and put witnesses on the stand -- including the surviving, so-called "victim" who pointed a loaded pistol at someone -- that are so poorly-prepared, confused, addled, conflicted, and stupid, that they keep torpedoing his case.

Which is being generous: his "case" already had more holes in it than Joe Biden's head.

And when I say Binger is not worthy of the appellation of "piece of shit", I need to clarify. If Binger, is, indeed, a piece of shit, then he isn't the tiny nugget that falls cleanly out of your ass. No. He's the sticky, thick sludge of a piece of shit that clings to the inside of your rectum, no matter how well you clean up, that comes back to haunt you with a sudden, burning itch, that mixes with your ass sweat and leaves a slick feeling down under, and which you can still smell an hour after evacuation, that leaves skidmarks in your tighty-whiteys.

He's THAT kind of a piece of shit. The annoying residue of a bigger piece of shit.

Binger's entire case revolves around the ridiculous premise that IF ONLY Rittenhouse wasn't there (with a rifle), there would only have a been a riot event -- that such event included arson, vandalism, destruction of property, physical violence against other, innocent people is to be conveniently ignored because "justice" -- and no one would have been shot, and no one would have been killed.

In order to advance this ridiculous theory, Binger has been forced to make the equally-ludicrous case that looting, rioting, arson, etc, etc, are all hunky dory and perfectly acceptable, so long as it is people his bosses are politically-aligned with perpetrating some ridiculous form of "restorative justice" against the very system his political bosses oversee, of which, Mr. Binger, himself, is also a member of.

I guess this makes Mr. Binger fair game, too, no?

(The Overlord does not recommend or advocate that anyone attempt to harm Mr. Binger: he already has to suffer the public opprobrium of having been unmasked as a political shill, a complete moron, a rotten attorney, and we'll probably soon find out his dog craps in his slippers on a daily basis because even dogs know a Binger when they see one).

Kyle Rittenhouse is going to be acquitted, if not at this very trial, where the jury just may find something to convict on as a matter of self-preservation against the mindless mob, then definitely upon appeal of any conviction.

The rioters would have gotten away with their riots and looting and arson and wanton destruction (which "restores justice" to the world just how?) if it hadn't had been for that meddling Kyle Rittenhouse, you see.

Two other examples:

* The Trump/Russia/Collusion "Scandal" is found to be a (predictable) concoction of some very venal people that annoyed everyone alive for 4 years. We discover everyone knew the "Steele Dossier" was fake, it was a creation of the Clinton campaign, it relied upon very unreliable sources peddling water-cooler gossip and dirty jokes, and the thing formed the basis of the devastation of people's Civil and Legal Rights, and constitutes one of the worst abuses of power in history. It also revealed the depths to which professional bureaucrats and political appointees will sink in order to cling, like Bingers, to power and privilege.

The people who have committed real crimes in that saga have yet to pay for them, mostly because the people we depend upon to make them pay are very much like those cartoon Mayberry-wanna-bes who can't figure out that a) ghosts don't really exist and b) hey, Asshole, someone gave you a badge for a reason, and so they must depend upon a very not-Diverse-enough collection of teenagers of undeclared sexual identity and a fucking dog to do it for them.

It turns out that in these little dramas, it is The Law that needs to be unmasked.

* The COVID Kapers are being revealed day-after-day to be both a conspiracy of government bureaucrats and the scientific and medical communities who did stupid shit and reaped benefits, and then lied like a battalion of Nazis at Nuremberg about their roles, what they knew, where the disease came from, how it came into existence, masks, hydroxychloroquine, and even fudged the distinction between "dying from" COVID and "dying with" COVID, for money and to protect their phony-ass jobs and to throw an election.

And while Scooby-Doo is a cartoon aimed directly at children who were raised in a less-obsessive and saner epoch, it's underlying themes are still operative.

The first is that people, in general, are fucking gullible. If you'll fall for a fake apparition consisting of fluorescent paint, fishing lines and really bad costumes in an abandoned amusement park, you'll probably fall for anything.

The second is that it becomes more credible with each passing day that civilization may just be on the brink of needing to be saved by an itinerant teenager -- like Kyle Rittenhouse -- who just happens to be passing through and can't mind their own business.

Unfortunately, these come without animals displaying human-like idiosyncrasies, and have their heads buried in a phone or their asses, depending upon which day of the week it is. 

The third is something that is only obvious if one devotes more than five braincells to it, and that is in Scooby's world the press does not exist, while in ours, it does, and it sees it's mission as creating it's own cartoon world to aim at childlike mentalities, too.

In the milieu of the Mystery Machine and Daphne barely avoiding (implied) kidnapping and rape by fifth-rate Freddy Kreuger yet again this week there is no media to "investigate" the mysterious happenings in the abandoned, lightning-illuminated mansion up on the hill and, therefore, the efforts and goals of Team Teen Busybodies are fairly straight-forward and intelligible.

In our own cartoon world of Big Networks and 24-hour news cycles the media, such as it is, is devoted to ensuring that the Bad White Guy In The Mask can continue his ultimately insane and unambiguous stupidity free of meddling...from anyone...let alone a bunch of hippie freaks.

A lot of masks have been ripped off in recent months, and we have discovered that the real villains are people who the population formerly trusted without question -- journalists, doctors and scientists, the law.


GMay said...

I do and don't look forward to your post after the jury delivers it's verdict or ends up hung. That judge's jury instructions didn't inspire confidence in a justice-oriented outcome.

And so a good kid who was just trying to do the right thing go to sleep worrying if their nuts are going to get crushed, while mass-murdering monsters like Cuomo and Fauci get book deals, media tongue baths, or cush protection on the Democrat rehab circuit.

JB_Honeydew said...

First off, Scooby fucking rocks, and anybody that says otherwise....well, there's no hope for them, and they should be put in a straight jacket, be administered thorazine via IV drip continuously and forced to listen to a perpetual loop of "Zoiks!"and scooby's laugh until they understand or die.

Secondly, Rittenhouse is a hero and deserves a medal. And for those that feel otherwise, see the above "Scooby" remedy.

Philip Horner said...

Worse yet the catalyst for the Kenosha riots was a dope addled felon who had been in trouble with the law and victimizing everyone who came in contact with him.

Rittenhouse was another snared in Saint Floyd's life of crime.

GMay said...

I'd also give my right nut for an edit function, holy shit.

Matthew Noto said...


The left has a long history of making martyrs out of criminals.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Overlord, it's great to see you are back in the saddle. Whereas I thought your Yoga pants stretching the space-time continuum commentary was the epitome of analysis, I see you were just getting warmed up for the Binger aka turdslick description, which I must say, was simply poetry in emotion. What you failed to mention, Overlord sir, was the fact that nearly every single democrat- progressive- communist-postmodern-humanist in this country bears the same turdslick pedigree. I wish it were not so, but the democratic party and their progressive braintrust has turned even the hallowed halls of the FBI into America's KGB. It is like the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers",where no matter where you turn, the awful alien presence has taken over; from the local elementary schools, to the universities, the military,the Congress, the Judiciary, and the Presidency, the progressive fabrications and half truths are there corroding the national human infrastructure, to the point where few decent patriot leaders are left to stop the self-destruction. The good thing about your planet, Mr. Overlord, is that truth is the major currency for any commerce here. I appreciate that and look forward to your next post. Until then, dear Overlord, cover Mrs. Overlord's ears while I shout "Let's Go Brandon" as the official planetary goodbye.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

I enjoy how realistic you are with your writing.
Nothing "saccharine", just stark and to-the-point.
Not sure we would get along all that well face-to-face, but I do enjoy reading your site.

Matthew Noto said...

I'm actually a sweetheart, Tal.

If I have a problem it is that I cannot sugarcoat anything, and can't stand to be sold a bill of goods, myself.