Sunday, November 28, 2021

Refreshed and Vindicated...

  "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you have was once among the things you only hoped for..." -- Epicurus

That quote, my friends, was to be delivered on Thanksgiving.

However the Overlord took a week off from anything screen-related, and then discovered he liked it, so he took three more days.

Hence, why I'm late with a new post.

I think I'm going to start making a habit of this.

Anyway, since I don't have a specific topic tonight, let's take a peek at what else has happened on the intertoobies I've seen today that just happen to have coincided with several topics I have recently written about.

Back before Columbus Day, I penned this screed about the supposed claims of "Native" Americans to "their lands", and lo and behold!, this pops up today, echoing everything I've said on the subject:

Whose Land Did Native Americans Steal Before Europeans Stole It From Them?

The entire case for "Native Americans" rests upon science that is terribly shaky and which has a history of being interfered with on a grand scale. Mostly because if someone proves that Sitting Bull and Montezuma's ancestors were NOT here "first", the entire welfare structure and pity industry the little feathered drunkards and paint sniffers depend upon to guilt Americans into paying their freight would collapse quicker than a Joe Biden economic policy.

As to the state of both the science and the history, they have been stalled for decades because anytime someone finds or digs something up that might tend to cast doubt upon the Indian case for extravagant pity, the progeny of Powhattan and Pontiac scream "sacred burial ground!", tie the examination up in legal and political knots for years, and so knowledge creeps forwards by comparative centimeters in the fields of historical research, anthropology, sociology, and archaeology.

Generations of scientists and professors, likewise, who have come to prominence in these fields also reject new evidence or examination of same because the new knowledge threatens to erase their work, and thus, take away their rice bowl.

Unfortunately for people like this, both the self-interested man of science and the self-interested ward of the state, other sciences have stepped to the forefront to challenge their "facts" and they can't keep stonewalling forever. One day soon we'll discover that the Americas weren't devoid of people before the Mongoloids supposedly walked here from Siberia without freezing to death in massive numbers on the journey from the Artic Circle, or die of lack of food, water and shelter on the trek to the tip of South America, but rather killed or absorbed the people who were already here.

You know, like Columbus did.

And then the Original Welfare Queens in the original Housing Projects can STFU.

Mark my words on this. That day is coming soon.

Something else I mentioned not long ago has reared it's ugly head in a more-insidious fashion than I believed possible (but by which I am NOT surprised) recently as I begin the search for a new line of work.

That is the truly horrific story of the abuse of the H-1B visa system.

For those who are not familiar with an H-1B visa, here's how it works (nutshell version, because we don't want to wander off the reservation. That was sarcasm):

An American employer has a need for a worker for a highly-skilled job. The Employer purports to be unable to find qualified Americans for the job, and so asks the federal Government for permission to import a foreign worker. Foreign indentured servant is issued a work visa to enter the U-S-of-A to work for what amounts to pig's wages with galley slave's hours. After 18 months, assuming said imported coolie from India, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, Malaysia is still gainfully employed, s/he becomes eligible for US citizenship.

This means they can import the rest of their disease-ridden relatives and then attach them securely to the welfare teat, while the original worker continues in his quest to break a living wage.

I have recently enlisted the aid of a "Career Counselor" to aid me in finding something new to do with my life, and asked if there were any IT opportunities available I might sludge through until I get a definite idea of what's the next chapter. What she told me made me both angry and sent shivers down my spine.

It was never a secret that the reason why American employers often "cannot find qualified Americans" for these jobs is because Americans will expect higher levels of pay and benefits than the "employer" is willing to part with. In many industries, the H-1B is now the preferred candidate for this very reason.

There was always some of these shenanigans taking place and companies took great pains to hide the scam.

For example, they would advertise the job somewhere obscure, meaning few, if any, knew it was available, and then after, say, 30 or 45 days, yank the ad for a job they never really looked to fill with an American in the first place. Or, they might go through a deliberately-slow and cursory (almost perfunctory) process of finding candidates, but then offer then terrible deals with the intention of having them say "no".

Then they gnash their teeth, rend their garments and cry to the Government to help them find the people they need...

...which is to say, someone willing to work for far less, accept often deplorable working conditions, and be beaten like a rented mule at a fraction of the cost of an American, because the Golden Ticket is only 18 months away and it is worth the suffering.

Now, many corporations are not even TRYING to hide their duplicity in this regard.


More COVID news:

The Overlord has been telling you for the better part of two years now that every word -- including "and" and "the" -- spoken by a so-called "health expert", especially one who "works" for government, (at any level) is a blatant lie, particularly on the subject of COVID and vaccines.


The term "Breakthrough Infection" is a not-so-cute euphemism for "the fucking shot doesn't work".

Hydroxychloroquine, a standard Coronavirus treatment since the 1930's, suddenly became a deadly poison to people with COVID...and all forms of life in the galaxy...despite the fact that American hospitals have stockpiled it for years as a precaution against outbreaks of West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and others, have dispensed it for decades to people with Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and other maladies for decades with no ill effects to the population, and Dr. Anthony Fuckface can't keep his stories straight concerning masks and who funded the Shanghai Shitstorm, and that just after we're told that this drug is a deadly peril because someone tried to kill someone else with fish tank cleaner, and Congress had a bill before it -- fully supported by the AMA -- to make the shit over-the-counter just a few weeks before lockdowns started.

We're constantly enjoined to "follow the science" on Corona vaccines, but conveniently not told that there is little science to follow. These vaccines didn't exist a year ago, were rushed through quick-and-dirty trials, and there's been no time to do long-term studies so that you can have some idea of what mRNA vaccines like this can do to you in say, a year, three years, five years. They were rushed into production and then people have been sledgehammered by a full-on propaganda blitz to get the vaccines.

No matter how many times you have to have "boosters" in the same calendar year.

Make of this what you will: 

Vaccinated British Adults Under 60 Dying at Twice the rate of Unvaccinated.

Coronavirus vaccine "research": is in the same state as historical research on the "American" Indian, and for much the same reasons.

And then, today, I read this:

COVID-19 Protection Wanes After Two Doses of Pfizer Vaccine.

A curious circumstance arises over just this sort of thing here in Sodom-on-the-Hudson. We are constantly harangued by non-shaving 30-something "doctors" who somehow became the City's "Chief Medical Officer", and this one is good, "Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer for the City Health Department"(I refer to these guys as "The Diversity Doctors") who, on the one hand, fill television commercials with all sorts of ditties about how New York is "beating COVID" (boasting of 6 million vaccinated), and then screaming in the newspapers and local TV news about alarmingly-rising rates of infection in the same city.

Five months ago, they reported a month without a single COVID death. Go figure.

Example #1.

Example #2.

Example #3.

The newest commercials target two specific audiences: African-Americans and Minority Youth.

African-Americans, it seems, are loathe to get several doses of Lord-knows-what-in-a-needle based upon little more than government insistence. And if you know your American history, they have a fucking point -- see: Tuskegee, Lynchburg, Planned Parenthood -- which were all "Progressive" schemes to essentially eradicate or lower the birth rates of African-Americans under the auspices of "Public Health".

Who could blame them?

So, Diversity Doctors get back on television and implore African-Americans to take their shots like good little drones and STFU, only with "inclusive" and "sensitive" language, and present such as a means of helping communities drenched in gun crime and murder "save lives".

The ad aimed at the teenagers is so fucking disgusting that it has to be seen to be believed. There seems to be an underlying thread that implies that a 13- or 15-year-old is qualified to make their own health decisions, and nary a parent is to be seen in them.

(Unfortunately, I cannot find the specific PSA video online. Trust me, it is as ludicrous as it sounds).

In more COVID-related news, this one had me choking on my morning coffee:

German Clinics Now Require COVID vaccination in order to get euthanized.

Germany was not bombed flat enough, sez me.

Too bad the Jews weren't all sick before they were gassed, huh? Such fucking humanitarians, the Teutonic Twits, no?

The jokes write themselves here. This kind of fucktard is why Europe is constantly at war, and why the next time one breaks out there because the Germans, the Russians and the French are in a constant contest to see which country produces the biggest, most-stupidest dicks, that we sit it out and let them kill one another, like Nature intended.

These people are not especially bright,. all propaganda to the contrary, notwithstanding.

The French overthrow a monarchy in the name of democracy and end with a dictator. Who they then overthrow to restore the monarchy.

The Russians have "a revolution" to depose a corrupt, decadent, uncaring, mindless aristocracy, and then replace it with a vicious, corrupt, decadent, uncaring, mindless bureaucracy that makes the Czars look like choir boys and kills several score millions.

The Germans...well, let's just say that when Evolution ran out of good ideas, it created the Germans from the leftovers.

The European Union (i.e. either the restored Carolingian Empire, or alternately, So Hitler Won After All?) will eventually fail. It has to: no organization that has both the French and Germans in it can ever succeed. No organization with both the French and the Germans in it willing to sacrifice one another to the Russians can ever succeed.

And now to go back to ignoring screens.


Anonymous said...

Dear Overlord, I was somewhat panicked that something of a more dire circumstance had kept you from your regular planetary proclamation, but I was pleased to read that it was merely your enjoyment of some well deserved rest and relaxation that kept you from the golden keyboard. I remember a few years ago when commercials ran with a Dan Ratheresque voice-over which stated ITT schools would give students the skills needed for the jobs of the future, and then, lo and behold, the tech companies started lobbying for H-1B employees so that those ITT graduates could go back to looking for other jobs of the future. Even those recently unemployed coal miners and Buzzfeed journalists-- that needed to learn to code-- wound up unemployed yet again due to the importation of tech coolies. It would seem the quest to become a tech billionaire, and not merely a millionaire, has blinded those at the top from viewing their workforce in more patriotic ways. Thanks again for sharing your insights on various topics, and I look forward to your next post. Best of holiday wishes for you and Mrs. Overlord. And also, with gusto, "Let's go Brandon."

Matthew Noto said...

Back in the day, we used to see commercials for something called "The Albert Merrill School" which also claimed to be able to prepare workers for the high-tech future, but which merely prepare gullible people with money to do what we used to call "factory work in a tie".

The Overlord, paying his dues on the way up, did this sort of work, once upon a time. It's amazing how much physical labor was still involved in the "high-tech" world of the 1980's, because industrial-sized laser printers and reel-to-reel tape drives did not load or operate themselves.

This is how one learned "the business" back then, because other than computer programming, there was very little in the way of professional training. It was like tribal knowledge passed down through the generations like oral history and trial and error (a LOT of trial and error).

The printers still don't operate themselves. The tape drives have since been replaced with robotized "silos".

As to the mentalities of the "tech billionaires", chances are very good that few of them ever set foot in a data center or ever worked in data processing a day in their lives. You'll find that their "groundbreaking apps" are usually the work of someone else; they merely obtained the financing to turn it into a business. Facebook, Twitter, et. al., strictly speaking, don't do anything useful, nor do they do anything that wasn't already done by AOL, CompuServe, and Telnet in their turns.

In that regard, the H-1B is just a way to squeeze a few more percentage points out of the bottom line. The problem is not salaries; it's he mandated benefits and taxes. The US must be the only nation that penalizes employers for hiring people who will become taxpayers.

It's why most of the people I employed until recently were all classified as "contractors". If they were full-time employees I'd be liable for mandates and taxes that would make a 50k employee cost 100k, easily.

Anonymous said...

You're a hateful little mongrel, aren't you?
A bitter little incel who sits in his basement watching porn and railing against the indignities of the world.

Did you really post an Alex Berneson article?
What's next? Alex Jones?

Come on dude. Give it up.
No one takes your rants seriously.
Well, except maybe your shrink.

Matthew Noto said...

Is Mommy letting you play Internet again?

Matthew Noto said...

For someone who isn't supposed to be taken seriously, you seem to come here a lot, Troll.

Cognitive Dissonance...maybe your shrink can explain it to you.