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Defeating the Left, Part Three: The Endgame...

 "Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, that the task that has been set before us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us..." -- Winston Churchill

(Apologies for the slow turnout: the Overlord is suffering from some severe dental issues and the process of getting a dental surgeon in Sodom-on-Hudson to fix them in this Age of Chinese Death Snot and mindless government mandates are manifest).

In Part One, we discussed the lack of ability and utility of the rank-and-file liberal. We discovered that they are not very good at accomplishment, nor very bright. If you needed proof of this last dictum then think about this: Joe Biden has called upon his minions to suddenly give up their childish tantrum and engage in a sweeping campaign of "Unity"...with people whom they have called "deplorables", "Nazi", "Ignorant", "Dangerous", "Barbarians", "Rednecks", "Racists", and a lot worse, and have harassed, beaten, spit upon, ridiculed, and attacked for the last four years.

They are stupid enough to believe that you are stupid enough to believe that, after all this turmoil, they really didn't mean it.

In Part Two, we discovered how the liberal operates: he does so through unaccountable government  mechanisms, perversion of law and through a series of gradual "progressive" initiatives that involves incremental destruction of  mores, norms and democratic process, and which relies solely upon the acquiescence of those who are most-affected and most-opposed. He finances this program through extraction from the taxpayer.

Today, we're going to lay out a plan for putting a stake through the heart of this vampire.

I'm going to discuss multiple means of ridding ourselves of this pernicious influence that has produced little more than chaos, national debt, and rancor. I will post the solutions to the various problems of liberalism alphabetically. These problems may not be capable of being solved at the federal level, seeing as how the Left has a slight advantage in the House of Representatives and may hold an advantage in the Senate, pending the outcome of the run-off elections in Georgia. 

The Right however, holds the advantage at the STATE level, where republicans hold 31 state houses/governorships as against 18 for the democrats. If you can't get what you want from the federal government, then start in your own backyard and put the magic of federalism to work for you.

This all requires that you, My Minions, be a better and more-involved citizen.

In alphabetical order:

1. Civil Service Reform - you are not ruled by Presidents, Governors, or Congresscritters; you are ruled by bureaucrats. Bureaucrats who, by-and-large, do not have the skill, talent or intelligence to compete in the private sector and who "work" in government agencies that are supposed to be beneficial, but which, on the whole, turn out to be little more than jobs programs for the functionally-illiterate and part of a spoils system used to reward political allies with highly-paid, low-responsibility sinecures.

And these sinecures often re-enter the private sector, armed with knowledge of how the bureaucracy works, valuable contacts within the bureaucracy, itself, and access to the politicians who put them there, to make themselves a tidy windfall after their "government service" ends...only to re-enter government with a new job -- and a new opportunity for graft -- when the next leftist administration comes to town.

The other problem in this regard is the unionized government "worker". To quote Kathy Shaidle (formerly of Five Feet of Fury, best regards for a speedy recovery!), "no one who works indoors needs a union". Neither does anyone need a union in a day and age where government -- in the form of labor law and anti-discrimination law -- has made the union redundant and little more than a mechanism for funneling taxpayer money back to the democratic party and of protecting the incompetent.

This is The Swamp.

It exists at the federal, state, county and municipal level, so it's really FOUR swamps.

Bust the "public sector unions" and you cripple the Left. Demand that your local government get this beast under control. In the states where there is republican leadership, there is hope this can happen. Make every state a "Right to Work" state and see how quickly the Paper-pusher unions disappear.

2. Decapitation - The best way to kill a snake is to cut off it's head. It is the first thing any military commander attempts to do before engaging in combat -- destroying the enemy's leadership and his ability to command, communicate and organize.

It is also the best way to destroy a political movement.

Now, we don't need to actually kill anyone. As I've said in previous posts, if you do such things all you manage to accomplish is to provide truly stupid people with martyrs to emulate.

You also need to understand who the true leaders are. They aren't politicians. Politicians in the Modern Age are not leaders; they are, by necessity, followers. As an example, remember that time when Crazy Granny Nan told us that in order to discover just what ObamaCare was, it would have to be passed? Many ridiculed her for what appears to be a truly stupid statement; others have argued that this was a clear indication that our "betters" pass laws they don't even bother to read. In all actuality it was a graphic indication of how government works.

Nancy couldn't tell you what was in ObamaCare because she didn't really know. Because she didn't write the bill and had no hand or say in how it was constructed. This job was left to the unofficial ruling class -- bureaucrats, lobbyists, congressional aides -- who were given a vague command ("Do Something"), and so something they did. All that was left to Grandma Expensive Freezers and her pals was to pick and choose what they thought were the best pieces presented to them and then cobble it all together into "a bill".

3. Defunding - no political movement can survive without money. Political movements that cannot depend upon the very wealthy to fund them must, by necessity, find ways to acquire cash through fleecing the taxpayer.

As we've previously discussed, the leftist usually takes "a job" which produces little to nothing of value and is usually funded by The State.

The college professors who misinform your children about the pernicious poison of communism are funded by The State (even tuition is funded by government-backed loans).

The people who run "Public-Private" enterprises (see: Green Energy) are funded by the state in the form of subsidies.

The "Non-governMENTAL Agencies" are creatures fed on taxpayer cash.

Every pork barrel project from your "Community Garden" to the "essential" extension of yet another road to nowhere in West Virginia is fertilized with taxpayer funds. What isn't stolen outright is washed through several layers of bureaucracy, produces a few no-show jobs for the connected, and then ends up in Maxine Waters' campaign coffers.

If the States used their power to fund the public universities, if republican governors are given the line-item veto, if the blurring of the lines between government and business/charity were a rarity instead of a modus operandi, the left would wither for lack of funds.

4. Electoral Integrity - As we've known for decades, the Left cheats. There are literally hundreds of jokes about the dead voting in Chicago. We were treated to the farce of Al Gore trying to convince us that people too stupid and feeble to poke a hole in flimsy cardboard with a sharp piece of steel really meant to vote for him, and now we have millions of unverifiable votes showing up in the dead of night in shopping bags and suitcases.

The voter rolls need to be cleaned up. The process of voting needs to be fraud-free. The left has no interest in doing any of these things. It is up to you to demand them.

Simplify the entire process and make it more-difficult to cheat: you need to show up; you need to show ID, and a simple paper ballot and a purple thumb were good enough for Iraq and Afghanistan. The Media should be kicked out of the business of "announcing" winners and losers. That was never their job, anyway.

We can wait a day or two to hear the results.

We have a system that's easy to cheat. Wherever possible, get on your local politicians to make sure this doesn't happen again.

5. Language - the Left likes to police language for two very specific reasons: the first is to limit or stifle debate, and the second is obscure their true intentions.

Political Correctness, especially in the form of Speech Codes, is a form of intimidation. It is intended to either shut you up by marking you as a pariah, or its stupid and often complex jargon is the method by which true meaning is hidden behind a camouflaged word salad of tripe from which lies can be lobbed in secrecy and safety.

Don't let them do it. The next liberal who tells you "you can't say that!" should be smacked in the face. The next liberal who corrects you when you use the more-precise "unhinged mental patient" instead of "transgendered" needs a kick in the vagina (since the "transgendered" usually claims to have one, regardless of what chromosomes they're really packing). What PC really does is create an atmosphere where an unpopular (to the left) opinion can never be expressed and the scope of political debate can be limited for lack of "acceptable" words with which to fight.

Point out the contradictions inherent in, say, a construction that allows a biological female to claim to be male, and at the same time lay claim to being "non-binary" which is defined as "having no biological sex at all". The purpose is never to explain something straightforward or eminently evident; it is always to provide an excuse for whatever perversion of thought, deed, word or action the Leftist needs right at this moment.

As Orwell pointed out many times, words have definitive meanings. When the meanings are twisted to suit political ends, language, then, becomes useless. If language becomes useless, then there is no politics -- only conformity.

Some easy examples of this:

"Choice" refers to the "right" to kill an unborn baby, but not the choice to own a gun, and SUV or smoke cigarettes.

"Investment" refers to the forced infusion of taxpayer funds into a useless enterprise and not a free-thinking individual making a personal decision about how to spend his funds.

"Healthcare" does not refer to the actual service one receives from a doctor or hospital, but rather is a conflation between the service rendered and the means of (not) paying for it.

Every time you see a perversion of language in this way, call the leftie out on it. 

6. Lawfare - whenever the liberal cannot get something at the ballot box or through legislation, he uses the courts to establish "precedent". This requires a selective process -- you need the "right" court; you need the "right" judge(s); you need the "right" line of bullshit.

Once "precedent" has been established in Law for any particular perversion of liberty, the liberal fights like hell to keep it, and sues everyone in sight who may be opposed. And even when the lawsuit is a frivolous one, that is to say, the leftie has no real case to make in defense of his nonsense, the very act of having to fight the suit becomes an expensive, time-consuming journey for the defendant -- who rarely, if ever, gets his legal fees paid back, even in victory -- that the process becomes, de facto and de jure, a form of punishment for having dared to resist the left's ardent desires.

This is not Law. This is not even an exercise in Civil Rights. This is another form of intimidation.

The legal system is a chaotic wreck because of this propensity to substitute a judge's opinion for a properly-written well-thought-out law. In a system that is supposed to be governed by Checks and Balances, there is, at this date, no effective check or balance to the renegade judge.

7. Personal Involvement - That means YOU. It means you have to get off the couch and do something useful to bring equilibrium and sanity back to "The System".

It means you need to knock on doors. Circulate petitions. Go to protests. Enforce common sense. Endorse common sense when you see it. Use the Sword of Damocles that is "recall" or "a primary challenge" to keep your elected Swamp Things in line.

It is a curious thing of the current age that when, for example, you ask the common man about his feelings on Congress, you discover he hates the institution.

And then you discover his own Congresscritter is re-elected roughly 80% of the time.

And then the phones to Rush, the Banter of Hannity, the Blather of Coulter, are stuffed full of an incredulous, panty-bunched, cacophony about how the politicians of The Right sell us out, but, the reprobates are the only things standing between us and a New Soviet Union.

A more-curious phenomenon, usually coming from the same Flapping Rectums of Conservative, Inc, is the propensity to treat every new face as a Conservative Messiah, the new Warrior of the Right who will slay all of our leftist foes with swift strokes of personality, fresh takes on stale ideas, and just the right number of calculated sound bites.

In recent years, I have seen this attribution of amazing powers to right the ship of state and destroy the left conferred upon personalities, various and sundry, by means of little more than the Chattering Asses of the Right bestowing them during the Worship Phase (there is ALWAYS a worship phase, because one of the hallmarks of the Stupid Right is to mix the religious with the political). 

 In no particular order, the following personages have all been hailed as either the "True" conservative, or "The New Reagan" or somesuch other nonsensical, almost pious wish, all destined to lead us into a more-Conservative future:

Scott Walker, Scott Brown, Sarah Palin, Mike Pence, Duncan Hunter, Herman Cain, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, George W. Bush, Ben Carson, Mia Love, Christine O'Donnell, and if we had 173 more hours to continue, the list would get longer and less-distinguished as we went on.

And, always, as soon as The Miracle fails to materialize, they're all denigrated as "RINOS".

If there's one thing the Right has in common with the Left, it's the ability to not only bury their dead (unless they're needed to vote!), but to bury their wounded, as well. Another consequence of Managerialist politics.

Stop looking for Saviors; there are none to be had. Just imperfect human beings who make mistakes or just as often see to their own self-interest. The Managerial sensibility that the Left perfected has found its way into the precincts of the Right. If Leftist politicians are mere apparatchik, ticket-punching, vote-the-party-line non-entities, then they have their imitators on the Right...seeing as how successful this sort of policy seems to be.

Your fate is in ultimately YOUR hands. You get the ineffective Cat Herders you ask for and deserve.

Don't like the guy on the ticket? Do the work to get someone else in there.

Don't like the policy? Then make your displeasure known.

The Left wins by organizing its discontent into an effective crowbar -- so can we. The Left demands that sacrifice be made by others; fixing the Right demands the sacrifice be yours -- in terms of time, effort, money and ability to mobilize resources to attain a goal.

8. Ridicule - The Left, collectively, has no sense of humor. People who see themselves as "oppressed" are congenitally incapable of laughter. Especially at themselves.

What passes for humor on the Left is psychologically not a "joke" but really "a revenge fantasy".

The old tropes of "A Priest, a Minister and a Rabbi walk into a bar..." is transformed in the hands of a liberal into "three Bible-Thumping, anti-science, racist Conservatives walk into a woodchipper...".

One needs only to look at the dry, cob-webbed, simplistic, primitive landscape of the modern incarnation of Saturday Night Live, the recycled-and-lame memes on Late Night Talk shows ranging from Conan O'Brien to Jimmy Kimmel to John Oliver to Stephen Colbert (who USED to be funny), and the decidedly kindergarten mentality of the no-talent Trevor Noah to understand there is nothing like humor to be found to the Left of Stalin.

They are certainly incapable of laughing at themselves, or of noticing the illogic of their positions, which is why an Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez can believe she's a serious person.

Even the standup comedian, once a keen examiner of the human condition, is extraordinarily constrained by Political Correctness to NOT tell simple truths through humor. A comedian that makes an incisive remark that offends someone else's overly-sensitive feelz becomes the new victim of the rampant Kancel Kulture of the Kampus.

The left can't abide humor because the Left is made up of humorless bags of shit. They either wail like widows at the exposition of their nonsense through humor, affect an air of grievance and plot revenge when they're the target of humor, nor can they defend themselves against an attack on their dumbfuck delivered with a punchline. They cannot stand to be mocked for their obvious retard.

The only acceptable humor is that which reinforces their own, preconceived notions, so that when "a joke" is told by Jimmy Fallon it is not a humorous vignette, spoof, dissertation on the human condition, exposure of a contradiction, or even a silly rib-tickler: it is an act of affirmation intended the be shared by a specific audience, and deliberately constructed for just that circumstance: laughing at the non-funny-but-directed-at-The-Other-for-the-sake-of-spite is a sign that one "belongs", just as wearing the right ribbons, waving the right signs, shouting the right slogans are all badges of orthodoxy, methods of identification of just who "the in-crowd" really is.

And that's why you need to mock them...relentlessly...mercilessly.

They can't retaliate. They don't know how.

This is why websites like The Babylon Bee, and individuals like Iowahawk and Titania McGrath are like nuclear weapons in the fight against pre-school Socialism and the Juicebox Lenins.

9. Term Limits - I am not going to make an argument in favor of these. I have spent years making arguments against this manifestation of asshole.

As I've said earlier, the problem is not with your Congressman -- he's getting re-elected 80% of the time, remember? -- your problem is with The Other Guy's Congressdouche. Especially a particular brand of machine Congressdouche who is particularly untouchable because of a gerrymandered district or who panders to a particular community with a voting edge. You know who you are, Congressional Black Caucus. or anyone who has served more than 5 terms and never has faced a serious opponent because the fix is in (that means you, Pelosi, Schumer, et. al.), or the Fossil that will never leave until The Angel of Death comes for her (that means you, Diane Feinstein).

You can't touch that person at the ballot box, so "Term Limits" serves as something of a balm to soothe your raging butthurt.

I don't wish to rehash all the (obvious) arguments against this sort of idiocy, so I'll summarize, thusly:

If you're convinced "they're all crooks" then all you manage to achieve with a Term Limit law is to give the crook the motivation she needs to steal faster and on a vaster scale, because expiration date. It's also liberal-stupid to believe that the thieves will voluntarily put a restraint on their own ability to steal. There's the double-edge to this sword, too: what happens when you have an honest, effective human being in place, and you have to lose them because of a deadline set in a fit of anger?

You already have Term Limits; they're called "elections". Go out and win one. This is what was meant by "Personal Involvement" (see above). If you are not personally involved, if you do not strive to get the people you wanted instead of the people you just have to accept, then the result is YOUR FAULT.

And, finally...

11. Unrelenting Vigilance - the price of liberty, I'm told, consists of this. Politicians and political parties/movements get away with what they get away with because the citizen is uninformed, lazy, psychologically and intellectually detached from events, convinced that his/her individual action is meaningless, or unwilling to make any personal sacrifice (like a leftist).

This state of affairs can not continue. The results are manifest -- a bureaucracy that believes it is empowered and entitled to break laws in order to remain in power or "correct" the results of an election; deliberate nullification of duly-passed laws because they run counter to political interests; fraud in the electoral process;  a welfare state that exists as a jobs program for the otherwise useless; an educational system that educates no one; waste and abuse of taxpayer funds.

This all occurs because John Q. Citizen, who ultimately pays for all of it with the sweat of his brow and the loss of his liberties, allows it to happen, or worse, doesn't notice it happens.

Open your eyes, get off your fat ass, and DO SOMETHING USEFUL to defend your way of Life.

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