Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Obligatory "Get Out The Vote Post"...


"Elections belong to the People. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their backs to the fire and burn their behinds, they will just have to sit on the blisters..." -- Abraham Lincoln

"When one with honeyed words but evil mind 
Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state..."
-- Euripides, "Orestes"

"The Government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principle device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can't get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten, the promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is an advance auction sale of stolen goods..." -- H.L. Mencken

The Overlord is sick and tired of politics. 

In his past life, he wrote about the subject endlessly, almost obsessively. Part of the reason for this new(er) blog was to NOT talk continuously about politics, and I've failed at that -- the subject unfortunately comes up in too many contexts to ignore. Ultimately, the effort is wasted and the motivation flags, once one becomes aware of several salient points regarding American Life and the Political process:

1. The People are morons. I don't say that just because 50% disagree with me politically and ideologically. I'm not that petty, I should like to think. No, I mean that at least 50% of the American Population is dumber than a box of ancient dogshit, that this can be demonstrated on a regular basis, and for those of you who have missed the demonstration, just look at your television screens and see for yourself.

Unless you're one of the morons, yourself; you won't notice.  In which case, you can go back to masturbating like a caged chimpanzee.

Here's the plain truth about the Election of 2020:

The Right has stood a candidate whose main qualifications are that he isn't a politician who drives the left battier than they already are. There may be something to be said in favor of that, however, the fact of the matter is that in some respects (sez me) he could be considered WORSE than the politicians, under the right circumstances, for the simple fact that for many years, he's one of the people who paid them off in return for favors funded them.

He wasn't in the first 2,500 on my list for 2016 -- I remember writing somewhere that Trump was going to get screwed by the bureaucracy during his term, because he was a threat to the Managerialists -- and I was right --  but the alternative was far, far worse. I have been pleasantly surprised, though.

Giving the devil his due, Donald Trump is, indeed, a breath of badly-needed fresh air in the political system, but given the Managerial nature of American Politics and the vast machine of professional bureaucrats, professional political appointees, party apparatchiks, political advisors and strategists, media douchebags, and identity groups that are in reality dependent clients of government, he could quite possibly be the last breath of fresh air we get.

Even if he wins a second term, The Political Profession will -- and already has -- close ranks against him, and people like him, and ensure that another such anomaly will never arise again. The whole "Russian Collusion"/Mueller farce/Impeachment melodrama/Kavanaugh-Coney Savaging/the 24/7/365 anti-Trump propaganda campaign is proof of this. His crime was not so much to win, but to do so while ignoring the rules and protocols these self-appointed defenders of the republic wrote for themselves, for their own perpetual benefit.

He embarassed entire regiments of "experts" in all sorts of government-related arcana, exposed them for the charlatans they all are, and tweaks their butthurt on a daily basis. His achievements are astounding, considering the array of forces aligned against him, but it must be remembered: they're all temporary. Even if we get four more of Trump and eight of Pence, The Other Side will simply reverse course if it ever wins again.

His successes, to date, have largely been a product of working outside of the traditional political infrastructure, not with it. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, I'm just saying there are millions of people from the lowliest bureaucrat to the most decrepit and venal Senator who depend upon that infrastructure for their very lives, and if Trump proves you don't need it to get (the right) things done, then these people are all out of a job.

To change America requires more than just a new face at rallies: it requires a cultural change. While Donald Trump is quite capable of fixing this item at the margin, and focusing attention on that other marginal bit, correcting wrong-headed policies that have led to national decay, he cannot change the underlying cultural attitudes and systems that led to the rot in the first place.

That can only come from the People, and as I've said, the People are Morons. They've been locked in their own homes for months on end now, because someone's grandma got the fucking sniffles and passed on, believing that if they do so -- on the orders of government, and according to the contradictory and confused, often-biased, information from supposed "experts" -- that we can somehow overcome death, itself.

You have to be an idiot to believe that.

The Left is standing an unusual combination, to say the least.

On the one hand, you have a doddering old fart with wandering hands and who looks like he used to entice children into his van with promises of candy and puppies, flirting with Alzheimer's, who wants you to believe that during 50 years in government "service" he's somehow fixed everything in America, while simultaneously blaming a guy who has the job for only 3+ years for fucking everything up with one side of his lying mouth. And then it gets better, for after claiming to have righted every wrong in History dating back to The Great Flood, Joe Biden then opens the other side of his mouth and says that even though he's fixed all the problems, everything still sucks, and needs even more Biden-style renovations.

And that's when you realize he's talking out of his anus.

This does not matter to the typical democrat voter for three reasons:

a) 1/3 will be too young to remember Joe at his lying and hypocritical best. This bunch has no memory of anything that happened before this week, and only then because it probably went viral (in the Internet sense, not COVID sense), and then quickly forgets again when a new shiny object passes their field of view (limited to whatever can fit on the screen of a smartphone and expressed solely in emojis).

b) 1/3 of democrat voters are too old to remember...anything. They certainly won't remember voting seven times while never leaving the Nursing Home.

c) The final 1/3 of Biden voters just wants a handout or a special privilege granted by government, and so doesn't give a fuck, because their only hope is a democrat victory.

But it gets worse: because behind Joe (which is unusual because she's usually lying beneath a man or kneeling at his feet) is a woman, probably already anxiously anticipating Ancient Joe's untimely demise due to old age or removal from office for being Fruit Loops, whose only qualifications are that's she's not white and has a vagina.

That's apparently enough for the left. They want a female president so badly -- because right side of history -- and because of WHO she is (not white) that they give no thought to WHAT SHE IS. They made the same mistake with the Dowager Douchebag of Chappaqua.

What she is is a tawdry whore who has, we're told, busted the glass ceiling largely by helping older, connected men bust a nut. So, the Feminist Dream would finally come true, and in Kamala Harris be revealed for the nonsense feminism always was -- for here would be a woman, advanced in her career by MEN, trading sexual favors for promotions and office, waiting to inherit an office she would never have won on her own.

You've come a long way, Baby.

And at the end of it all, the question must be asked: how is it that in America, in the 21st century, in the most-technologically-advanced nation in history, did we end up with a choice between a bombastic TV pitchman and a confused fossil with a long list of obvious psychological problems, with the specter that an unqualified-except-by-fellatio guttersnipe is hovering over it all like a goddamned vulture?

The simple answer: because America voted for it.

Because Americans are morons.

So, if you're enjoying being imprisoned in your own home because of a virus that you can kill with soap and water for the last seven months, wearing a mask that's more likely to give you pneumonia from your own exhaled germs than protect you from the fucking Chinese Bat Flu, watching your cities go up in flames largely because your children are idiots and our ancestors didn't catch the smart Africans, still believing the "flatten the curve" nonsense, confused by dueling "experts" who all work for government and who don't seem to know jack shit,and  enjoy being harrangued about what a really bad person you are by the likes of Mazie Hirono. AOC, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the "say anything for votes, spend anything for votes" crowd, then you deserve what you've gotten.

2) Ever Notice How Nothing Changes? As something of a student of History, I have always been amazed that no matter what crises face the country, the Forces of Douchebag -- left or right -- never seem to miss an opportunity to insult you to your face.

The insult comes in the form of a rejection of the notion that you could possibly possess anything approaching intelligence, and as I've just outlined in 1), 2020 has proven the Douchebags correct.

For while we cower and wail before the ravages of a fake pandemic (there haven't been 200,000 COVID deaths, because any official number you get does not make the distinction between people who died OF COVID-19 and people who died of other causes but tested positive WITH COVID-19, tests that are, in fact, virtually useless. Note: I will post something on this this weekend, promise), you've forgotten or missed some important shit: the World As We Know It is headed for a collision with Fucktard.

For a start, the Left has embraced Fascism. Antifa and BLM are merely the (expendible) vanguard. The Left has openly talked about upending constitutional norms -- eliminating the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, using the Congressional Oversight power to endlessly investigate people within an inch of their lives for things that are neither criminal, nor even unethical. We have seen the federal justice bureaucracy subvert justice in order to unseat an elected President, both before and after he achieved the office. Censorship is becoming routine in America; the media practices censorship by not covering things that are of public interest, or lying outright about them. Big Tech suppresses free expression and doesn't bother to hide it's biases, in fact, it proudly proclaims them. The "Pandemic" has allowed governors to close businesses, schools, restrict travel, curtail freedoms of association and religion, potentially subvert the electoral process with mail-in ballots, and put some form of curb on a vast array of human activities.

And then you tune into a presidential debate and it's all about "Global Warming" and fossil fuels? Abortion rights? You're subjected to a series of lectures about how Objective Reality isn't really real ("Antifa is just an idea", "peaceful protests" that leave cities in ruins), resisting arrest is now a Civil Rights issue? Wall-to-Wall trans-whatever? Gun Control?

I'm 53 years old, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember an election cycle where we HAVEN'T been talking about these same things. Endlessly. It's enough to induce vomiting because none of it is relatively important for the reasons I've stated above. Our way of life is being destroyed from within, and yet, all the Left can talk about -- and the right is forced to respond to it -- is the same four of five issues we've hashed, re-hashed, and regurgitated for the last 50 years.

I repeat: fucking morons.

Getting back to the student of history thing, if in the future we ever find an historian with objectivity (they're a vanishing breed) to tell the tale of 2020, s/he will point in dumbfounded amazement to just how ridiculously petty the average American was, that they can be taken in by such laughably miniscule concerns while simultaneously ignoring that the entire fabric of their society was being torn to shreds by the very people they entrusted that fabric to -- media, the political system, academia, judiciary, the professional bureaucracy.

As a commentator, you can point these things out every day, year after year, and explain in excruciating detail where it all goes wrong, and no one gives a flying whizz at a rolling donut because the majority of the people have their heads firmly ensconced within their rectums.

3) Our Politics have become increasingly childish. Which should surprise no one since the population has grown increasingly childish, itself.

This just might be age speaking here, but I'm consistently assaulted (I'm way past "being shocked") by the immaturity of the so-called adults that I encounter on a daily basis.

No one is ever resposnible, for anything. Ever.

Everyone is a victim.

Everyone is in therapy.

Everyone believes they are special.

Everyone is always looking for someone to do something for them, as the heavy lifting of doing is apparently now beyond most people's capabilities.

Everyone is a fucking whiner.

Everything should be "free".

Everyone is so goddamned physically lazy that they need refrigerators to write their shopping lists for them, their washer and dryer to send them a text message when a load is done. Your new car can parallel park itself. No need to cook or wash dishes, just use your phone and have everything delivered to you while you binge watch The Bachelorette.

And speaking of that, what a day and age we live in when it comes to personal relationships! Horny tonight? Just swipe right on Tindr. Want to skip the entire dating and getting-to-know-you thing and go right to marriage? Well, there's Married At First Sight, which apparently ends in Divorced Within Two Weeks. Can't find a wife/husband? Go on national television and have 25 people compete for your affections, complete with a rose for this week's winner. It's like a lottery for the lovelorn. Four million websites full of "attractive, healthy, well-off, well-adjusted, cheerful, adventurous, very friendly, funny, intelligent, honest" people of various interests who like to travel, who apparently have to advertise for dates online as if they were selling themselves like used cars, because that's how incredibly awesome they are (and yet still lonely?).

Colleges that no longer teach much of anything that doesn't involve navel-gazing and internalizing disappointment to the point of inducing psychosis. There is an entire generation, perhaps two, who can tell you everything you need to know about which official pronouns to use when confronted by a non-binary-asexual-genderqueer (or whatever), but who can't tell you what century World War 2 occurred in, or who think The Protestant Revolution was a band, Socrates was a rapper, The Atlantic Charter is an airline, and who believe, with every fiber of their being, that they're entitled to have their debts erased, jobs they're not qualified for, money they didn't earn, because ______ isn't fair.

I blame Oprah.

On top of that you have the rear-guard of the Hippie generation which is still laboring under the misapprehension that they've actually asccomplished something with all their Free Love and LSD and "Power to the People" bullshit. Considering how many of them still pollute our political landscape and have the medals of The Mortgage Crisis, Endless Wars, the Destruction of the Nuclear Family, the creation of a permanent underclass, and so much more that I would be here for a year to list it all, upon their chests. It is amazing that the greater bulk of Americans haven't risen up and killed these useless, self-regarding, conceited, utterly fucktarded Baby Boomer sacks of shit. They're all over the place: Clintons, Obamas. Bushes, Pelosis, Bidens, Cuomos, Kennedys, etc. still pretending the 60's are alive and well.

Even COVID is all about Baby Boomers because they're the ones dying of it! And just like their response to AIDS, they're making the same mistakes here (Note: Dr. Fauci was in charge of that response, too! That's 32 years ago, folks. See photo below).

So, it's no surprise that as time has gone on and standards have dropped in everything from personal responsibility to education to the timber our political leadership, that our politics should also devolve.

Watching any sort of political debate or discussion on television now is like watching Romper Room (you youngins can ask Alexa. It was like Barney, only with real people, and no gay/pedo undertones).

One side makes a baseless accusation and the other answers with the equivalent of "Oh, yeah? Your mother wears combat boots!", they call each other names, never address anything of importance, relativize everything, rationalize the absolute worst, point out each other's excesses while trying to hide their own, and in the end you're surprised they didn't start throwing food and/or feces at one another.

A generation of retards watches this and believes this is normal. That it has always been this way, and they behave accordingly. That politics is all about your feelings and your personal attraction/revulsion to someone, and that we can excuse our own bad behavior by accusing the other guy of being worse. And if you don't agree with us, we'll just shut you out of our lives. Understand, the generation that is about to vote this year for the first time has been raised within a nurturing and mentally-numbing closed information loop; if Pundit A calls Pundit B a "poopyhead" on MSNBC (the nurturing and mentally-numbing network) , then B -- and everything he stands for -- must be rejected.

And the stink of it all is the scene has been deliberately set in this way -- the topics have been simplified; the actors are all playing their pre-ordained roles; the confrontation, though it may be gripping, is both staged and ultimately POINTLESS, presented as it is through a biased lens, by a media (The Mouth of Sauron) that deliberately targets specific audiences (yes, Fox does this, too), so that it can preach to a choir.

A choir that is inherently misinformed, mentally-unstable, maladjusted, taught to regard themselves as the arbiter of all that is true according to their feelings, and highly anti-social for all the time they spend staring at screens and believing that people they've never met on a "social network" are their "friends". The rhetoric, the subjects, the issues, all of it is dumbed down for an electorate that was previously dumbed down by their educational experience and hooked on the dopamine that comes with every "like" and "retweet", and entitled because they all got trophies for coming in last.

All of it orchestrated by the Baby Boomers -- who run government, academia, media, big business, and most if not all of our institutions -- who still haven't figured out that they've never been right about a goddamned thing in their lives, even when the reality of what they have wrought slaps them dead in the face.

Mostly as they try furiously to wipe their fingerprints off everything they've fucked up, so that no one notices that the Flower Children were really all thieving, conniving, self-absorbed little cocksuckers (including the actual one running for Vice President on the Dem ticket, right now)

I blame all the acid they dropped at Woodstock.

And it has pulled all of us down into the sewer. You can't discuss politics these days without people taking offense at an opinion, even a well-reasoned one. People are capable of the extraordinary ability to refuse to admit facts, or if they do admit them, to brush them away as unimportant, especially if they interfere with your stunted worldview. How does one get through to a mass of people who have a vested interest in remaining stupid? Who expect to get rewarded for their stupid? Who trake great comfort -- even pride -- in it?

You can't. I'm preaching to a choir of my own. So, there's little opportunity to change many minds, or even to have my own changed because the possibility of persuasion is forever gone, or at the very least, tainted to the point of unattractiveness. Who wants to go through the motions of tending a dead garden?

So now you know why I dislike discussing politics.

That doesn't mean, however, that I would discourage people from engaging in the political process, regardless of how pusillanimous and puerile it has become.

You have a choice to make in 10 days; you can choose to continue backing a blowhard who at least has the quality of effectiveness, for however long he can keep it up. You may not get your Border Wall, but you will get to keep your job (assuming your local democrat governor doesn't still have you under house arrest to hide the fact that he killed 4,000 people or that she cheered on looters and rioters), who at least remembers to mention that this is a wonderful country that is capable of fixing what ails it by it's own actions, exclusive of government diktat.

Or you can choose to be one step closer to becoming North Korea, only with indoor plumbing, lorded over by a bunch of mouth-breathing, dishonest wokescolds determined to remove all the vibrancy from life along with your rights and bank accounts because "fair", who stand for racial disharmony, immorality, beatifying criminals, sticking their unwanted noses (and other body parts) into every nook and cranny of your life in order to remain a sort of American nomenklatura, while it refers to you as a "racist" or a "deplorable" denigrating and undermining the very system that made their own (questionable) success possible.

Not to mention taking bribes arranged by their crackhead, alleged-pedophile sons, because the Turd does not fall from the Asshole.

Choose wisely. You may be the single vote that stands between a continuance of civilization and a descent into Hell

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