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Post-Christmas Roundup (2019)

No quote today, as this is just a little roundup of (very) recent events.

To begin with, the Overlord scored some quite-welcome attention thanks to Kim DuToit.

Don't know who that is? SHAME!

Check out his blog at Splendid Isolation and find out. I've been a huge fan for many years. You will become one, as well...Or else.

The next item on the agenda has to do with vaginas. As in "I can't believe I came out of that one".

Parents are often a source of embarrassment. Never more so when they're not very bright, self-centered beyond any conception that there might be other people in the world, and all-too-willing to give their opinion when no one asked for it. In fact, believing that the world should be subjected to their ill-informed, totally-selfish, and unwanted opinion because it's their opinion, and therefore, better than anyone else's.

Such was the case this past Sunday with the Overlord's Mother during a family get-together.

During a discussion of the Impeachment Brouhaha, in which she was not involved, The Overlord's (nominal) Mother injected her two-cents (overpriced) worth into the discussion and uttered this absolute pearl of wisdom, which should be printed on t-shirts and given to every fucktarded, numb-skulled, navel-gazing member of the Resistance Herd, for easy identification and later beating. She said:

"All of you republicans should be taken out and gassed to death."

Stunned silence followed.

I then looked her dead in the eye and said "And now you know why we all want guns."

Her opinion, as it were, is similar to something I occasionally have to scrape off of my shoe. My Mother, it must be said, is not the smartest woman in this corner of the Galaxy (after all, she failed at marriage...twice...child-rearing, and Life, in general). Her politics begin and end with what she perceives that someone else will give her owes her,  for she is a professional victim.

Look up "Martyr" in the dictionary, and you'll probably find my mother's picture next to the definition.

Look up "Pain in the Ass" in the dictionary and her picture will appear there, twice.

The woman never accomplished anything in her life that someone else didn't actually do the heavy lifting. In this way, she is the perfect Modern Liberal in that she doesn't do a fucking thing, has never tried to do a fucking thing, has her hand out as a reflexive action, and then cries as if cosmically wronged when the expected reward for fucktard fails to materialize.

MSNBC is her Gospel. She operates on a system I call "Strategic Planning By Wishful Thinking" in which if -- IF -- circumstance A should happen, and event B should simultaneously happen, and the planets all align properly on Thursday,(with Jupiter rising in Leo and in regression in Sagittarius), it's not raining in Barcelona and with a favorable tailwind, all will be okay.

When it isn't, cry victim and beg your children "for help".

Twenty years of therapy did not help this woman; this is probably because therapy doesn't work when one is neither aware, nor willing, to admit they have problems. Like the good little communist who keeps making excuses for the failure of Marx's brain fart -- hoarders and wreckers, bad luck, reactionary forces, infiltration by capitalist yellow running dogs, resistance in the form of racism and sexism from bitter clinger deplorables -- denial ain't just a river in Egypt: it's always someone else's fault. It's a conspiracy against you.

I hate to say this because of how it will be perceived by most people, but it's gone long beyond the point where I actually give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about the perception of others.

Never mind "The Home". When you finally become a doddering, drooling. Alzheimer's-riddled sack of brittle bones and loose skin, Mother, I wouldn't care if you wandered the landscape aimlessly. I've already paid enough of your freight (that would be 30 years of you in my pocket). I've never heard a positive word from you, ever. Even the Compliments are immediately followed by the Criticism (the entire point of opening your mouth, to begin with). You are a conceited jerk, and people like you are the reason why this country -- and culture -- are in such dire straits: because we let people like you be in charge of it for a while.

You are the by-product of the same world that vomited up Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, every goddamned feminist "icon" with an itchy snatch and no brains, and the world will be a lot better when your cancer is finally excised from it.

Goddamn Medical Science for keeping you all alive in return for Medicare charges.

OF COURSE once she had realized what she had said, and how it made her look, because this is more important than anything else, she began back-peddling furiously.

THAT'S not what she meant....

We all misunderstood what she said...

It's taken out of context...

It's like that scene in Forest Gump where the SDS Asshole smacks Jenny in the face and then tells her (paraphrased) "It's just this goddamned war...and that son of a bitch Trump!".

Too late! You let the mask slip.

Never mind the cemetery plot, Mother. I have a Hefty bag with your name on it, suitable for dumping on the side of a random stretch of deserted road when the proper time comes. After all I've done on your behalf (until I'm no longer your son, but something along the lines of your third ex-husband), I deserve the Auschwitz treatment? So that you can get a few extra dollars in your disability check?

On a happier note:

Your Overlord has reprised his triumphant role as Santa Claus again this year, bringing joy to children at my cousin's Christmas party on Sunday (although we no longer have little ones, anymore. The kids are all teenagers, now. One of the drawbacks: none of the young (15, 16, or 17) girls wanted to sit in Santa's lap, as that's now considered a felony), and for another cousin's two little girts on Tuesday. I have another date -- still pending -- to do the same for Mrs. Overlord's cousin's children soon.

Your Would-be Galactic Dictator will do anything for the kids, you know. Perhaps when I get them, I'll post the pictures.

That's an entire generation of kids who have spent Christmas under the mistaken impression that I'm St. Nick, and in a way, I'm proud of that. Maybe, it'll be one of those memories and traditions they will pass on to their own children, one day,

Another holiday discussion: the subject of Andrew Yang came up.

If you don't know (and really, why should you?) who Andrew Yang is, he's one of the 470 assholes vying to be beaten to a bloody pulp by Donald Trump next November. His claims to fame are that he's a multi-billionaire, that he's promising a new welfare handout he euphemistically calls "Universal Basic Income", and he's another in a growing line of very rich douchebags who are telling you that capitalism is doomed.

Of course, it's only doomed....after it has worked for him.

The idea behind this sort of proselytizing is supposed to be that automation and artificial intelligence will make it impossible for the bulk of people to find work in the future. This may very well be true; the Overlord works in this field, himself, and has seen (has been the cause of) many thousands of jobs, and in some cases, entire occupations, simply go the way of the dodo bird. The implication -- and it has a ring of truth to it -- is that all of this computer-and-robot wizardry will create a world in which no one will work, for lack of anything productive to do. In order to avoid the social unrest this would cause, we have to find some way to anesthetize the masses with "free" shit, or else those affected will do stupid things like riot, have children they can't feed, or get addicted to drugs.

As if that wasn't happening, already.

So, here comes Yang, following in the footsteps of the other Capitalist Cassandra, Warren Buffet, in spewing out a platform of eternal welfare and "readjustment" of the economic system to prevent disaster. In Warren's case, he pretends that he wants to be taxed at a higher rate, knowing full-well that a) it won't matter to him and b) that most of his compensation comes in the form of stock options which are taxed as Capital Gains (20%), rather than ordinary income (33%).

If Warren is all hot to be treated just like everyone else, all he has to do is to go to his shareholders and tell them "give me a bi-weekly paycheck", stop his expense accounts, stop letting him live in housing owned by the company, stop paying for his travel expenses, and pick up the check every so often at a business dinner.

Because the LAST thing you do if you wish to do business with Warren is NOT pick up the check.

Yang screeches much the same nonsense.

George Orwell once said that "our greatest danger is a billionaire preaching The Sermon on the Mount" (and that's roughly paraphrased), and here it is, 70 years later, and we have at least three of them (the other two fucktards are Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomdouche...erm...Bloomberg) in competition for the democratic nomination.

Probably because it was the cheapest route to the White House.

Understand something about the Billionaire-Cum-Caesar-Chavez type:

a) They can advocate "taxing the rich" at inhuman levels because they have so much it doesn't materially affect them or their lifestyles. Like most liberals, they don't expect to have to pay the price for what they advocate be done to others.

b) Don't believe a product of the capitalist system when he tells you the very means he used to get to where is are suddenly inoperative. He's not making a pitch as some sort of saint -- he's engaged in an effort to protect his own status. Having climbed to the top of the tower, he wants to pull the ladder up behind him. The Greatest Fear of someone like this is about their status; if wealth should be come general, then it confers no distinction, and then Andrew Yang is no longer special. This loss of status offends him more than poverty.

c) They're usually not interested in acquiring power for what they can accomplish for YOU with it. Even Donald Trump isn't in it for the "good" he can do. For Trump, I get the feeling it's all about ego. It just so happens that his ego tends in a different direction than most of the others in his social circles, and the reward he wants is the applause, not the statues and mentions in the history books (although he would never turn those down, either).

There will be another post before the end of the year (concerning the Managerial Class that rules your life anonymously in government, because I promised).

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