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Liberal Lexicon (First Edition)

"Political designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind." -- George Orwell

This is the first installment of what will be a continuing project to identify and define ordinary words as they are used by today's so-called "liberal". All of these words have either been invented out of thin air, or have had their accepted and customary definitions and meanings deliberately distorted and confused for political ends.

It is by no means exhaustive and will continue to grow as time goes on.

In future, new words appearing in this list will have the entry listed in GREEN type. Any new definition of a new word, likewise, will also appear in GREEN type.

Old words on the list that have been redefined will be highlighted in RED and, likewise, have the new definition appear in GREEN.

Let's get started, shall we?

* 1% - a mythical collective constructed of over-privileged, greedy, soulless conservatives and republicans who have "stolen" the wealth and productivity of others, as opposed to having created and produced wealth by their own talents and activities.  CEO's, Hollywood actors, musicians, professional athletes, lawyers, politicians, media figures, and academics who all make a fortune decrying the evils of capitalism while extracting a very good living from it who give to or espouse liberal causes are excluded from this mythical and detested caste.

* Activist - useless, talentless rabble-rouser, usually supported by government or extraction from the taxpayer, who does nothing useful, says nothing useful, produces nothing of value, and who exists to make a living by complaining. Usually about things they have no need, right, or purpose (other than personally profiting) in complaining about.

* Affordable Housing - low-cost housing units built to shelter the slum proletariat, built at someone else's expense, and in which the builder/owner is expected to take less-profit for going through all the trouble of building homes for deadbeats.  Preferably in some area far away from where the liberal lives, so that the riff-raff and the new, soon-to-be shanty towns they now inhabit will not affect the liberal's property values, offend his sense of smell, embarrass him via visual comparison of wealth, or remind him that said prole once lived -- affordably -- in the slum building the liberal has had gentrified.

* Antifa - (Anti-Fascist) severely retarded, violent and petulant children, poorly-educated, organized into criminal bands, instructed to disrupt normal life, make civilized life impossible, perform acts of physical assault against innocent bystanders and perceived enemies in true Fascist fashion, sent into the street to act as the "shock troops" of angry liberals who are otherwise too lazy (or frightened of retaliation) to go out and violently protest themselves. See also: Fucktard,

* Bi-partisan - any act of government that has significant republican support that was obtained by using shame, guilt, or fear to get the republicans to vote for it, and which represents a victory for liberalism. See also:
a) Any act or policy of government that has just enough support from the opposition to implicate them, as well, in the expected failure, and which can be expected to be totally ignored by the opposition for fear of being branded as the true cause of said failure, or of being equally guilty in any criminal outcome.

b) Any act or policy of government that gives the liberal what she wants in defiance of a clear majority for the opposite.

 c) A plea for mercy after an electoral loss. Example: "After Donald Trump won election, Nancy Pelosi called for a new age of bi-partisanship."

* Border, The - imaginary line drawn on a map, intended to establish boundaries between countries, but which can be completely ignored for the purposes of importing an entirely new welfare-dependent underclass who will support liberal policies funded by other people's money and illegally vote for liberals.

a) A boundary which can exist or not-exist, as one sees fit, for the purposes of making an emotional argument.

* Choice - exercising the power of decision in a way that the liberal finds acceptable. For example: one does not have the right to choose own a gun, smoke cigarettes, vape, or drive an SUV, vote republican, or educate their children outside of a public school,  as these are activities the liberal frowns upon. However, one does have the right to choose to abort an unwanted child, choose welfare over gainful employment, vote democrat, or change genders on an hourly basis.

* Communism - an effective form of government that will make everyone happy, and ensure endless supplies of purple unicorns who pee lemonade, shit Skittles, fart rainbows, sneeze glitter, and puke cotton candy. Successful versions abound. See; Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, South Africa, Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, Laos and Mussolini's Italy.

* Compassion - a feeling of pity, sympathy and sorrow for the plight of another, driven by a liberal's pathological guilt and compulsive need to make someone else suffer for it. A humane quality that absolutely no one but liberals possess.

* Conservative - a malevolent person who kicks beggars, starves the elderly, and leaves children to die in poisoned water and filthy air in the names of greed, profit and evil. The Great Enemy of the People.

* Constitution, The - an archaic piece of paper written in a style no liberal can read anymore by slave-owning, dead, white men, which purports to lay out the rights of the individual and the prerogatives of government, but which only serves to prevent the liberal from doing all the things they'd really like to, like screw farm animals in public, kill conservatives/Men/Christians/heterosexuals, and re-introduce slavery as a "federal jobs program".

The Constitution must be subverted, reinterpreted, or ignored as necessary by a liberal, otherwise the liberal cannot have "nice things" (defined as "free" everything, including drugs and pedophilia).

* Construct - any cultural practice, custom, or idea the liberal does not agree with, or which current political orthodoxy insists the liberal cannot agree with. Breaking with usual liberal groupthink regarding the existence of Objective Reality (see: Objective Reality) the Construct, usually a vague, non-existent, emotionally-based opinion based upon shallow feelings, is deemed to be a physical barrier that exists as a solid object, invisible organized movement, or any form of obvious opposition to the liberal agenda or to an individual liberal's wants, and which the liberal claims is an impediment to freedom (see also: Patriarchy, Glass-Ceiling, Systemic Racism, Sexism).

* Democracy - a system of government in which the majority rules. Especially if that majority is liberal and it results in the liberal getting whatever shiny object they have their eyes on right this minute. Otherwise, it is a system of really mean and stinky oppression that denies the liberal their right to have what they want, when they want it, and to have someone else pay for it because it meant having to win an election (See also: Republic). It's only "democracy" when the liberal wins, otherwise, it is dictatorship (See: Dictator).

* Dictator - any Republican who occupies the White House, regardless of political policy, actions, or temperament, who threatens the safety of liberal-approved groups with any and all of the following: the return of slavery, copious back-alley abortions, the return of Jim Crow laws, daily Klan cross-burnings, the death of the elderly by neglect or design, the starvation of children, destruction of the planet, continuous and perpetual (nuclear) war, concentration camps, unlimited public shootings, forced deportation of millions of illegal democrat voters, rape of the environment in the name of profit, imposition of a Christian theocracy, putting millions of government "workers" on the unemployment line by insisting they do their work or get fired, depriving the liberal political establishment of (shotgun-marriage) voters and funding.

Liberals who march political enemies to the ovens, deport them to concentration camps, kill million by faulty policy or deliberate effort, export violent revolution to otherwise-peaceful lands, steal their nation's wealth, decry "Wars of Choice" while starting three more for no stated reason while leading from behind, engage in wars of conquest, rape babies, flaunt the law and abuse the levers of government power for their own enrichment and to cover their own crimes, are not dictators because shut up.

* Education - formerly the passing on of knowledge in a variety of fields and subjects from one person to another, based upon careful study, acceptance of irrefutable facts, and the accumulation of a knowledge base, this has now come to mean a systematic program of brainwashing that takes place inside a liberal-dominated, government-run building, lorded over by unionized labor that can't be fired for criminal actions or gross incompetence (see: School). Education is the means by which new liberals are created, destroying the natural curiosity of Man, denying him access to the accumulated information of the centuries, and neglecting to engage his critical thinking skills.

* Electoral College - an evil system established by dead, slave-owning white men to deprive the coastal-dwelling liberal majority or women (who no longer exist, homosexuals and People O' Color, that is clearly intellectually, morally and ethically superior to that mess of pig-ignorant DNA between the Rockies and the Appalachians of their rightful seats at the levers of government power.

* Environment, The - a word used to evoke a vision of the entire scope of the Natural World and a (feigned) concern for the health of wildlife populations used as a euphemism by the virtue-signaling (see below) upper-middle-class, liberal, suburbanite, gated-community-dweller who wishes to avoid the pollution of his local surroundings by the lower classes, whom he secretly despises, so that the liberal may continue their ostentatious display of crass consumerism and commercialism free of the guilt, shame and blame that accompanies the destruction of eco-systems and exploitation of foreign coolies that the liberal requires in order to obtain an endless supply of granite countertops, exotic and expensive fabrics, iPads, Apple Watches, cell phones, Volvos, indoor spas, expensive exercise equipment, energy-wasting, cookie-cutter McMansions with inflated property values and organic foods that identify them as The Good Guys to others within their (limited) social circle.

* Equality - a concept in which unequal rewards and benefits will be bestowed upon liberal-favored groups at the expense of non-liberal-favored groups, because equal.

* Fair Share - mystical, individually-apportioned measure of material wealth based upon the premise that wealth is both static and exists in finite quantities. If one has "too much" as defined by the liberal, then the assumption is automatically made that one has stolen someone else's "fair share".

Of course, none of this applies to  the liberal, himself. Ask the liberal to quantify the "fair share" and what proportion of goods and services represents a "share" and they universally fail to. Because they're not very good at math, or numbers, or evaluating productivity...or economics.

* Fascist - anyone who manages to successfully expose the fucktard of the typical liberal. Usually applied as a pejorative to anyone who disagrees with a liberal, proves a liberal wrong, wins an argument with a liberal, or who espouses ideas and concepts the liberal cannot understand, but instinctively feels to be against liberal orthodoxy.

a) A liberal who beats up women and the elderly in the streets in defense of Free Speech whenever they lose an election. (See also: Antifa).

* Feminism - an ancient and archaic, 20th Century ideology based on quaint notions of Gender and Biology (see: Gender) that presupposed the existence of separate sexual identities based upon biological and physical differences, that then magically declined in the name of Equality (See; Equality), and then further receded by making common cause with homosexuals in the name of advancing Civil Rights (See: Civil Rights) that ultimately ended with men in dresses and pretending to menstruate winning women's powerlifting competitions. For all intents and purposes, Feminism is no longer an operative political ideology having successfully made the argument that women no longer exist (See: Construct, Gender, Identity)

* Gender - a former means of classification of people by means of biological markers, mannerisms, and sexual organs which no longer exists, since feminists (former Women) and Gay Men insisted it became "fluid" and by other liberal claims to non-biological determination (See; Subjective Reality), and which is conveniently resurrected when needed to screw a White, heterosexual male out of something he's earned, created or has a natural right to.

* Gun Control - a planned system whereby an armed populace who might oppose the liberal agenda will be disarmed in the face of an armed, coercive state, and therefore deprived of their inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A mean by which the criminal classes that typically vote democrat are able to rob, threaten, rape, and steal with impunity and in complete safety.

* Healthcare - a government-run rationing of medical resources, theoretically available to all, but to be reserved exclusively for the liberal and grudgingly distributed with thimbles and eye-droppers to those they find politically useful at any given time, to be paid for by people the liberal otherwise hopes will die from lack of access to medicine.

* Homeless, The - people who have no place to live, usually because a liberal gentrified their neighborhood, cut funding to public housing in the inner city to pay for Diversity Training for Kindergartners, set up free internet kiosks so that vagrants can masturbate to online porn in public, or that clean needles be given to drug addicts, insisted the mentally ill are safe to wander the streets, that criminals do not belong in jail, and that rent is fascist. The Homeless have the mystical power of invisibility, and disappear -- often for up to 8 years at a time -- and reappear as soon as a Republican is elected President.

* Immigration - the wholesale importation of the entire Third World to America for the purposes of ensuring an eternal liberal primacy in elective politics, paid for with crime -- against the dissenters -- and welfare -- taken by force in the form of taxes from the dissenters -- just so that no one named Clinton, Obama, Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi, Kerry or Cuomo will ever have to find gainful employment that is truly geared to their low abilities with correspondingly poor remuneration.

* Impeachable Offense - any attempt to successfully implement a policy one has a right to implement by virtue of winning an election fairly and squarely that left liberals with a keen and persistent sense of butthurt.

* Intersectionality - a system of making excuses for failure based upon affinity with a liberal-approved "oppressed" identity group. Score is kept by the accumulation of Intersectional Pity Points (IPP). For example, if one is Black, one accrues a single IPP.  If one is a "Black" and "Female", this results in the award of an additional point (2 IPP) , and the identity of "Black-trans-female" results in the awarding of three (3) IPP. At present, much like Carbon Credits, there is no market for IPP's where they can be traded and sold for personal advantage, and much like stocks, IPP's come in additional varieties with higher or lower values that fluctuate with the political orthodoxy of the moment, so that it is possible that "White-Female-Criminal-Lesbian" confers lower status (based upon lower oppression status) and value than "Black-Male-Affirmative-Action-Hire when it comes to deciding who would be the democratic party's presidential nominee in 2008, in much the same way "White-Male-Socialist-Jew-with-Three-Houses" will be of lower status as opposed to "White-Female-Falsely-Claiming-American-Indian-heritage-to-get-ahead" will be in 2020. At present IPP's can only be cashed in for strictly appearances sake within limited liberal circles.

* Justice - any miscarriage of the Law that sees an enemy of the liberal screwed.

a) any perversion of law that gives the liberal anything she has no right to.

* Labor Union - a congregation of communists convened for the express purpose of extorting wage and benefits from Capitalism. Also, a method by which untalented people with a shitty work ethic may obtain higher wages for less work; also an organization that exists to fund liberal causes in return for special favors and considerations when sitting across from the negotiating table from the liberals it's just helped elect (see: Extortion, RICO predicate).

* Law, The - the principles and regulations established within a community by consensually-accepted authority, and applicable to it's people and government, in the form of codification, legislation, policy or custom, and enforced by Constitutional (See: Constitution) and judicial decision. Alternately, any such construction undermined by non-Constitutional and non-legislative means that gives the liberal what he could not obtain at the ballot box or through negotiation.

* Lie - a deliberate falsehood told to deceive, cover up or mislead, but which the liberal is expected to believe as a matter of maintaining the proper orthodoxy and membership in his social circle. A necessary feature of liberal thought and political actions, because if a liberal ever told the truth about his methods and motivations, no one would believe him, or more likely, kill him. The Lie has the power of becoming The Truth (see: Truth) by virtue of the liberal's ability to believe it -- even int he face of contrary evidence -- and through sheer repetition of the falsehood until belief becomes sub-conscious and reflexive.

* Morality - an artificial construct (see: Construct) or system of beliefs and cultural practices that denies the liberal her right to anything she wants, and which the liberal despises, in any case. Alternately, the artificial construct or system of beliefs the liberals claims use of to hypocritically extort whatever she wants or wants to do from people who's morals she is disgusted by.

* Nazi - anyone who denies a liberal anything they desire based upon logic, decency, morality, legality, or constitutionalism. Additionally, anyone who wins an argument with a liberal, forces the liberal to involuntarily acknowledge his own dumbass, or beats a liberal in an election.

* NGO - (Non-governmental Organization) a scam in which liberals pretending to be working for a non-profit institution dedicated to a particular cause profit by means of extraction, taxpayer subsidy and private donation, that are returned to other liberals in the form of campaign contributions, and which exist to influence government policy in ways which serve the liberal cause.

* Objective Reality - that which exists, either physically or as a result of logical process. Objective Reality is irrefutable; it is founded upon facts and demonstrable evidence. It is, therefore, hated by liberals who can't stand facts, evidence or reality, as these negate the case for policy based upon a system of make-believe. Examples: men are not Women, and vice-versa. Sex and Gender are determined biologically. People are NOT equal in all ways and cannot be made so by diktat of government. Socialism/Communism have failed dozens of times. Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez had a lower SAT score than my hamster, Wherever Objective Reality is present it must be denied and undermined, and those who believe in it threatened with physical violence.

* "OK, Boomer" - popular, reflexive and mentally-flabby retort of retarded children who cannot formulate a proper or logical response to an argument, question or premise. A sign of belonging to a group known collectively as "Millennials" whose main attributes include oversized thumbs, limited intelligence, hysteria, extensive knowledge of modern technology but inability to use a rotary phone, can opener or rake, hair-trigger cry reflex, navel gazing, overly-high self-value acquired through a program of low expectations, and a belief that everyone gives a flying fuck about what they're eating at any given moment.

* Patriarchy - an invisible and mythical, presumably-criminal, cabal of males dedicated to denying and frustrating the natural rights, desires and rewards of females (who no longer exist. See: Feminism, Trans-person, Woman, Construct, Gender, Intersectionality). The Patriarchy supposedly meets bi-weekly in a hollowed-out, extinct volcano on a remote and uncharted desert island, where they smoke cigars, rape with reckless abandon, and pass secret messages to all the men on Planet Earth containing instructions on how to oppress females (who no longer exist) physically, mentally, emotionally, legally, professionally, personally, and sexually, in order to ensure that only Men own or control everything. Also: another excuse for failure by women (who no longer exist).

* Phobia - snap diagnosis applied to anyone to the right of Josef Stalin who expresses an opinion contrary to liberal belief, intended to convey the idea that anyone who disagrees with the liberal,fails to see the "fairness" in their positions, or give them whatever they want--- for free -- is a mentally-deranged lunatic who needs immediate and intense psychiatric help. That the liberal is usually the one who frequently suffers from a variety of mental disorders -- Cognitive Dissonance, Projection, Dunning-Kruger, Anxiety, Hypochondria, Addiction, Sociopathy, Pathological Lying, Disassociation Disorders, Borderline Personality, Hysteria, Low Self-esteem, Prejudices, Transference, Denial and Low IQ -- is routinely ignored by the liberal.

* Planned Parenthood - the place a liberal goes to rid herself of an unplanned pregnancy at someone else's expense.

* Rape - the default activity of all males, particularly white ones, who, when they aren't actually raping someone are obsessed with thoughts of raping someone. Usually screamed as a means of gaining attention, revenge or rewards from women (who no longer exist) who are unattractive and starved for normal human relations. Also, retroactive withdrawal of consent when the female (who no longer exists) seeks retribution for slights, real or imagined, or may get a better job for making a false accusation. Rape has been progressively defined downwards so that what used to entail physical sexual penetration of a female (who no longer exists) against her will, it now includes saying nice things about her dress, saying nasty things about her hair, looking at her in a way she doesn't like, having the temerity to speak to her when she doesn't want you to; a means of escaping social stigma and personal responsibility for poor-decision-making skills when a tryst with an unpopular person becomes common knowledge among the liberal's social group. She then gets to adopt the identity of "victim".

* Right, A - elevation of any activity or thing that a liberal wants, no matter how destructive to the individual or to society, at large, to the status of legally-protected privilege that must be paid for by people who will not enjoy the same privilege and/or who are denied reciprocity. Rights that have no basis in The Constitution (see above) or The Law (see above) can be constructed (See: Construct) out of thin air and powerful emotions and given physical substance by courts, and not legislatures. This is democracy (see above).

* Socialism - (See also: Communism) a system of government that promises a Golden Age of Plenty and Egalitarianism, but which usually produces an equality of misery by replacing a hated (but effective) ruling caste of normal people with a new-and-dumber ruling caste of hypocritical liberals. Hallmarks of the socialist state include bread lines, toilet paper lines, rationed everything, high taxes, and the return of formerly-eradicated diseases. In addition, Socialism introduces new and exciting daily menu options involving former pets, tree bark, acorns, and whatever can be scavenged from local trash heaps.

a) a system of government wherein two people vote to steal from a third (See: Democratic Socialism).

* Speech, Free - any verbal, written, transmitted, physically-demonstrated or exhibited of method of communication approved by the liberal. Conversely, any verbal, written, transmitted physically-demonstrated or exhibited that the liberal finds distasteful, or just plain fails to understand, is classified as "Hate Speech".

* Subjective Reality - that which does not exist, either physically or as a result of logical process, but which the liberal fervently believes SHOULD exist, so that the liberal may achieve by fantasy that which cannot be achieved by reason, logic, effort, consensus, or ability. Subjective Reality is  founded upon feelings and wishes and rumbles in the face of contrary evidence. Liberals love it, because it allows them to ignore liberals facts, evidence or reality, which might negate the case for policy based upon a system of make-believe. Examples: Men are Women, and vice-versa. Sex and Gender are not determined biologically. People are equal in all ways and can be made so by diktat of government when this cannot be denied by observation. Socialism/Communism have produced Utopia, dozens of times. Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez had a higher SAT score than my hamster, Wherever Subjective Reality is present it must be accepted and promoted, and those who believe in it rewarded with more Aderall.

* Subsidy - a cash payment to an individual or group favored by liberals (See: Welfare). When applied to non-liberal recipients the word is used to imply theft and ill-gotten gains, usually by any entity identified with the prefix "Big", i.e. "Big Oil", "Big Banks", "Big Pharma", etc.

* Tax - a tithe placed upon income and investments by government to be used to establish and maintain systems of common use and good.

a) Something a liberal expects someone else to pay so that the liberal may benefit.

* Truth - whatever lie the liberal needs to repeat today in order to obtain or retain power. Truth is not Objective, i.e. established upon facts and reality, but rather subjective, conditioned by the liberal's immediate needs and feelings. It is something to be avoided and ignored at all times, in case someone's feelz may be bruised.

* Victim - someone who continually suffers the dire consequences of circumstances, usually created by their own, inner fucktard; an excuse-making system that blames everyone else for the problems and shortcomings of the aggrieved which simultaneously and magically absolves her (it's usually a "her") of any and all personal responsibility for her repeated tragedies.

* Virtue Signalling - the act of uselessly, conspicuously, pretentiously, and egotistically espousing a morality one does not actually possess, nor has earned, in order to create the impression that the strutting peacock is a better person than he really is. This usually takes the form of a useless action ostensibly on behalf of a good cause (as defined by the liberal) that requires no sacrifice or risk from the liberal (see: Hashtag activism).

* Wealthy - anyone who has slightly more than a liberal has right now.

* Welfare - a system of remuneration in cash, goods and services -- taken from the productive in the form of taxes to be redistributed --  given to those who play no active role in pricing said cash, goods and services, and which is used to bribe the non-productive into continuously voting for liberals who promise ever-more of welfare. A means by which the non-productive are kept from rioting (and thus killing liberals) by forced extraction from non-liberals who are then constantly blamed for the plight of the non-productive.

* Woke - a state of brainfreeze in which the afflicted is consumed by issues stemming from irrational guilt, political correctness, per pressure, shame, anger, and/or stupid, related to race, sex, gender, sexual preferences, economic class, and social status which causes the poor fucktard to repeatedly and incessantly beg for forgiveness, issue insincere apologies for crimes and offenses he has not committed, uselessly virtue signal a morality he does not normally possess, all in an attempt to avoid the massive and well-deserved beating The Other would surely give him for being a spineless asshole.

* Woman - alternately, a being (formerly) classified by gender, sexual organs and biological markers that no longer exists (see: Construct,  Gender), or a being classified by gender, sexual organs and biological markers who suddenly exists again for the purposes of "not being male" when something of value is at stake and ready to be stolen by perversion of any or all of the following: Law, Feminism, The Constitution, or Right.

* Work - an activity undertaken to produce a useful or productive result. Something a liberal never does, but expects everyone else to do on their behalf.


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