Monday, April 22, 2019

Step Back and Breathe...

"There is something that unites magic and applied science (technology) while separating them from the "wisdom" of earlier ages. For the wise men of old, the cardinal problem of life was how to conform the soul to objective reality, and the solution was wisdom, self-discipline, and virtue. For the modern, the cardinal problem is how to conform objective reality to the wishes of Man, and the solution is a technique." -- C.S. Lewis

As predicted on this page, and elsewhere, the "Russian Collusion" investigation turns out to be both a tremendous waste of time and resources, and an indication that the American left -- particularly that part of it which considers itself "elite" (despite any evidence to confirm this belief) is is both criminally insane and criminally incompetent.

It is also criminally dangerous.

For the plotters of the Trumpian Coup d'etat seem to be cut from the same cloth -- they are career bureaucrats; they are committed lefties; they have politicized the organs of government; they ignored things that were once their stated areas of concern when they become inconvenient -- like the law, truth, fairness, the sanctity of constitutional government, the integrity and finality of the electoral system. They even disdain the English language, routinely twisting words, systems and concepts to suit their (always immediate) purposes, so that "Conspiracy" (for which there are criminal statutes and clear requirements for evidence) becomes "Collusion" (for which there is no criminal statute, and therefore, no need for evidence if the cause is to abrade and corrupt justice by spreading of rumor, innuendo, and carefully-planted leaks to a compliant Press. Which, on a good day, might collectively be able to write a coherent sentence and chew gum simultaneously).

So, the entire scheme has come to a crashing halt: Robert Mueller, who should be ashamed to show his face in public for having been played so easily, with the vast and limitless resources of the American government, justice system, and intelligence communities at his disposal, the means to compel testimony, to demand documents and interviews that had nothing at all to do with "collusion", to force plea bargains in order to "flip" so-called conspirators, came up with absolutely nothing.

No "collusion".

And since there is no "collusion" there cannot be any "obstruction of justice". This is all elementary, and you would expect your goldfish to have enough IQ points to understand this all, but then again, your goldfish probably does not vote "democrat" (air quotes and small 'd' intentional).

Because none of this matters to them. They still believe a crime was committed...Trump just hasn't stupidly given them the evidence to prove it.

Because if the Directors of the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, working in concert, couldn't uncover the evidence of wrongdoing, well, that's just because they haven't found the right would-be defendant with a suicide wish and the mental defects necessary to hang himself. This is the main indication of just how truly unhinged these assholes are: they expected that Trump would just hand over evidence (assuming there ever was any) of a wholly-fabricated (by them) "crime" for which no law currently exists, and so grant their wish to see him prosecuted and impeached.

Like everything else a Lefty does, they lied about their intentions, then they over-promised, they predictably underperformed, and then they expected someone else to do it for them. And somehow, they're the victims.

As we've discussed before, the typical Lefty has serious problems with Objective Reality. It's a serious problem for them, because Objective Reality continually manages to fuck up whatever day/wet dream the Leftist conjures up in their fevered imagination. Some examples:

Socialism works.

It's not a baby.

Welfare is socially and economically good for people.

Government-run healthcare is the best healthcare.

If we simply take guns away from the law-abiding, the problem of social violence will disappear.

Everyone is equal.

Each one of these cherished leftist beliefs runs up against the solid walls of Objective Reality and proves by harsh experience that Marx was a fucktard; that it is a child; that dependency upon the state destroys the human spirit and is a drain upon scarce resources; that people die in VA waiting rooms or hospital wards awaiting often minor treatment, or being denied treatment altogether; that mountains of evidence in terms of IQ tests, social surveys, and every day experience disproves the notion of human equality, at which point, the Left invents new standards by which we're all to be judged unequal.

The solution to these quandaries is a technique. It's called "Denial".

Trump isn't innocent, despite what the best legal scholars and the man who investigated him for two years have to say on the subject (note: tale a look at the comments in Dershowitz's tweet: see how vicious and obnoxious these idiots are?). The attorney general who released -- not WROTE -- the report is a lying sack of shit. Congresscritters who have crowed for two years about the "evidence" they have apparently never shared it with the Special Counsel, and refuse to release it so that it may be evaluated and perhaps even change the judgment, altogether.

I'm guessing Schiff has Schiff?

There is no crime, but they'll impeach, anyway. So what if the law says they can't? After witnessing this debacle did you think -- do you still think -- they actually care about the legal system and the law? This whole mess has been nothing BUT a perversion of the system and the law and the Left has cheered it on. They've wished with every fiber of their beings that it was all true.

They NEED it to be true; if it isn't true, they have nothing. If they have nothing, then they have no rationale for remaining in power. If they can't remain in power, they might have to get real jobs and fail miserably for being such mentally and physically lazy fuckwits.

And since Objective Reality has thwarted their desire and need for the veracity of the Russia nonsense, they will turn to Denial, their old friend, to turn their wildest fantasies into realities.

Just like it's done with every other fantasy they've had.

Take a good look around the world you live in and you tell me; have any of the Left's professed beliefs ever come to fruition? Has the Left come within NASA range of achieving any goal it started out with? Is the Utopia they preach and fervently expect to arrive any second showing any indication of actually manifesting? Anywhere? Ever? Have the results not always been a diminution of human freedom under the banner of "liberalism"?

Policies and pronouncements based upon wishful thinking and schoolgirl-diary-level rhetoric always fail. They must; lacking in any substantive and logical  foundation -- for the dream is always the bastard child of a subjective feeling, and a poorly-understood and articulated one, at that  -- Irresistible Force of the Feelz eventually meets the Immovable Object of For Reals, and is dissipated, uselessly, but for the mess and the noise.

It is at this point, and this is the thing that makes a Lefty truly dangerous, that rather than learning a lesson from (repeated) failure and adjusting the formulation of feelz+stupid policy+intellectual vacuity = spectacular disaster, they simply dust themselves off and retreat into Denial.

They scapegoat; they move the goalposts so that their stated aims were never really the aims they were aiming for; they would have succeeded if it weren't for _____; they were underfunded; it works, we just haven't found the right people to run it; if you point out our failure, you're a Nazi; you don't understand because you're not "special" like they are; they never said _____; it's all taken out of context; someone cheated or stole something.

Denial will ensure the Left never lets this go. Think about it -- Cognitive Dissonance (the people who once said fear of Russia was overblown now see Russians under their beds. People who destroyed or ignored requests for evidence now demand evidence of anything and everything), Denial of Objective Reality (Mueller clears Trump doesn't mean Trump is cleared), Obsessive behavior (Impeachment being the original goal, they will continue despite having no legal or compelling reason to do so), congenital lying (Comey, Clapper, Brennan. Ohr, etc), extreme Narcissism (Strozk, Page, Hillary, Obama).

Fuck, I have a Facebook friend who for SIX YEARS trumpeted Obama and Billery and the superiority of the Left, who was sure Trump couldn't win, who stated his beliefs a billion times that AOC and Bernie Sanders were the future of Mankind, that ObamaCare was a success, who, in the wake of this unmitigated disaster for them, suddenly announces that he "never said" he was a liberal or a supporter of the democrats.

This is not healthy.

The solution to their problem, is of course, a return to the recognition of Reality. This is something, however, that the typical Leftard is incapable of doing, or at least not achieving without having to admit that they are both ignorant and driven by petty desires for power over others instead of merely over themselves. They can't admit they are incapable of creating and so are bent upon destroying the creations of others. They can't earn or work towards rewards, and so they long for a world in which they can steal the rewards of others with impunity.

They must be incredibly unhappy, self-hating, despicable, treacherous, dishonorable, insanely jealous, contemptible people, and here's the funny part -- they can't deny any of it to themselves; they recognize THAT Reality, but to freely admit it would be humiliating, so it HAS to be someone else's fault, so that Denial makes a return, anyway.

I implore my leftist friends, for the sake of your own sanity, and perhaps to put you on the path towards a healthy, happy life -- stop what you're doing, take personal stock, use the innate human intelligence that you have to analyze your beliefs and ask just why you believe them and evaluate how they have measured up to Reality. Be willing to admit to mental mistakes and errors. Educate yourselves.

Take a step back from the cycle of stupid-denial-more dumbfuck and finally breathe.

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