Sunday, September 17, 2017

Galactic Housekeeping #3

Some changes are coming to this portion of the Galaxy....

The First has to do with comments.

Presently, all submitted comments have to be approved -- by me -- before they are posted. I took that step for a very good reason, which is the propensity these days for complete jerkoffs to assume that any comment with which they disagree (and which I do not delete, edit, or otherwise prevent from being published on this page) is a comment I automatically agree with and condone.

This is a source of potential trouble, for the Internet is full of stories in which some panty-bunched fucktard takes something written by a commenter and attempts to use the apparatus of the state, the media, or the conventions of shame, to tar the page's owner as the worst of human scum, or occasionally to turn their twisted titties into a lawsuit.

However, Your Overlord has re-evaluated this decision on the premise of "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke", and also because he's a believer in the right to free expression, particularly in the right to express an opinion which may offend, alarm, frighten, cause a co-ed to seek a therapy pet, or otherwise cause disapproving head-shakes.

It has also been pointed out (and not for the first time, as I've had this discussion concerning my older blog, too), that the opening of the comments section to a free-for-all would actually bring more readers in and spur an even livelier debate. The fact that I have to take time out of my day to approve comments discourages folks from commenting (because we all like to see an immediate response to our internet brilliance), and the lack of comments gives the impression that there is no debate...I'm just dictating...and people assume the comments are so thin because I deliberately suppress the ones that would tend to make me look bad.

Which is certainly not true. I just don't get many of those.

I agree with the criticisms listed above. The question is by what method. Because there's so many.

So, sometime in the very near future we'll have open comments.

Just don't leave a mess on the carpet. It pisses Mrs. Overlord off.

The Second concerns the Anonymity of Respondents

The Overlord gets hate mail. This is nothing new. In his former guise he's received hate mail and death threats, too. In the current state of the culture, hate mail and death threats are as common as Hillary's excuses for defeat.

Most of this vicious stuff annoys me not for it's content, but because it's anonymous. This is another aspect of the culture: people are moral and physical cowards, and most just reply to virtue signal, anyway, which is not really an engagement on an issue. People will literally create new e-mail addresses, or Google+ accounts, just to tell me that I suck, or that I should die, or that I should eat a bag of dicks and choke to death on them as I watch my accuser skullfuck my mother...and then they disappear.

None of this fazes me in the least. I am not frightened by it, and it doesn't hurt my feelings (although I know you hope it does).

As I have stated here previously, I don't really care what anyone thinks...about me, about what I write, about how I express myself. There's no point to it. I can't please everyone, and I have no intention of trying. I'm also not concerned with how others may perceive me because a) I don't require someone else's opinion to validate me, and b) most people aren't smart enough for me to give their opinions half a thought.

Intelligent opinions, however, and humor, are always worth engaging, and I do so willingly.

I also don't engage in censorship. Be as vile as you wish. I'm a big boy, and I can take it, so there's no need to post anonymously. I figure if you do so it's because you have something to hide, anyway, so there's another reason not to give your opinion much thought.

I'm not saying you can't e-mail or respond anonymously, just that when you do so in such a crude fashion it's a real dick move not to put your name on it. After all, fair is fair: if I offend, you know where to find me, and you know what my e-mail address is, and can engage me directly. If you had enough guts to send me an email that contains something like this...

"U fukkan cocksukker, u sux. Ur shure r tuff guy hiding behond ur keyboard. I fukk u up if u ever cum to my world."

...then at least have the common courtesy to give me directions to "Ur World" so I that might take you up on your offer of a potential fukking up (if I don't fukk u up first, you fucking illiterate), and make certain the world can properly identify the juvenile, fucktard, 5th-grade drop-out with the flair for the Churchillian turn of phrase.I mean, who's the real tuff guy, here?

Oh, right...I'm the only one here, you're in "your world". I forgot.

Third item, related to the Second

Criticism is welcome. Always. Even poorly-spelled, grammatically-incorrect, remedial-college-level criticism that looks like it was originally scrawled on a Men's Room wall in feces. I'll take criticism in any form I can get it -- constructive, destructive, threats, urgent directives to commit suicide, inquiries as to my sexual orientation and  preferences -- you know, things like whether I prefer goats to sheep, or questions such as do I prefer to be buggered by little boys or rhinos, accusations of being a Nazi, Klansman, Misogynist, White Supremacist, Islamophobe, or Trump's personal sack-licker (I have been accused of being all of them).

I get criticism on my style, the content of this page, the thought process behind it as deciphered by an armchair psychotherapist fresh out of Psych 101, the language used, my propensity to use the Oxford comma.

I like criticism, and never shy from it. You know why?

Because that's how I will improve.

I want to improve. I want to be able to one day rule the galaxy, remember? Galactic Emperors who do not learn from their mistakes, who cannot accurately gauge the thoughts, ideas, wants, needs, desires, of his potential slaves, will never be a successful Interstellar Despot.

Fire away.

Final Item: Do you have any questions?

Your Friendly-neighborhood-would-be-dictator is often inundated with requests for personal information:

Who are you? Do you really think this way, and why? Why so harsh? Why so hostile? You sometimes don't write about anything that really interests me, could you write something about X? Are you available for children's parties? Can I give birth to your children? You had two fathers, right?

And stuff like that.

You can ask anything you'd like to, either in comments or e-mail. You can suggest anything you'd like to, as well. I will clarify anything you don't understand, and, naturally, if you've caught me out on something as being (provably) incorrect, then please tell me. I'll correct it.

Incidentally, I'm not a hostile person: I just don't suffer fools lightly, and unfortunately, they abound. The problem is, being fools, they have no idea how foolish they often are, and so I have to give it to them profanely, insultingly, harshly, and sometimes rectally, so that they WILL get it.

Consider it a public service.

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