Friday, September 22, 2017

A Majority of One (The Mentally Ill....I mean, "Left")

I am often asked, "My Lord, how is it that you are so easily able to write such fabulously articulate and accurate counters to Leftist ideology?"

And my typical response is, "Mostly, My Minion, it is due to the poor intellectual quality of the Left and it's followers; the fabulously articulate and accurate counters write themselves".

To be fair, it's almost unfair.

We're not dealing with particularly bright or well-adjusted people when we discuss the intellectual shortcomings of the average leftard. Debating them, or merely countering their nonsense, is a task on par with pushing someone in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs.

The Vast Majority of those who identify with The Left are handicapped in the realm of ideas before they even begin to try to sort out and make excuses for the inherent contradictions in Modern Leftist....I hesitate to call it such ...Thought. You've all encountered this obvious handicap at one time or another in your daily dealings with the poor bastards when they start drooling meaningless words and try to string them together into a coherent argument.

All Leftist tropes begin and end in contradiction. I'll give you some examples:

1. Race does not exist, but Racism is ubiquitous.

2. Gender is a construct used by society to cruelly oppress people, however constructing your own gender and using it to oppress society is perfectly okay.

3. Global Warming causes Climate Change, even Ice Ages.

4. Stereotypes are harmful and untrue, unless you need to stereotype everyone who voted for Trump as a White Supremacist Nazi fuckbag.

That'll do to begin with.

In psychology, this ability to simultaneously hold -- and believe -- in two ideas which cancel one another out, and not recognizing the obvious contradiction, is known as "Cognitive Dissonance". There's a lot of other mental disorders in the leftist mindset -- projection, anxiety, paranoia, and even worse -- but you get the idea; to be a leftist requires a certain, non-normal mindset.

Primarily, this is because the basis for most leftist thought is not, strictly speaking, intended to appeal to the intellectual, but rather to the emotional. The leftist begins with a feeling of discontent, anger, sadness, depression, hopelessness, most of it vaguely felt and ill-defined. Often, there is a rational reason for such feelings, but the patient is unable to make sense of them and sort them out, so as to take effective action as a remedy. Along comes "Leftist" ideas and ideology, and these supply an intellectual and ideological framework which appears to give meaning to the jumbled mass of feelz, which provides a sense of comfort, a set of directives, and a sense of belonging, that the victim was unable to previously find for herself.

I use "herself", because most leftists tend to be overly-emo females, and even the ones with nominal penises probably believe they can menstruate, if they can just empathize and pretend hard enough.

Most forms of Leftist ideology have a variety of other qualities which might make them attractive to the irrationally emotional, as well.

It often has a fantasy-like quality to it which largely consists of "let's pretend" and "if only..." which lends itself to helping the patient (mentally) avoid the consequences and effects of Reality.

It often has a naughty or immoral nature which appeals to those who have a variety of axes to grind, who are concerned to do as much mischief as they can as a means of getting even for slights real, perceived, or imagined.

It often involves delusions, mostly concerning power (as when it promises to make the weak strong, the poor rich, turn women into men and vice-versa, and so forth), or visions of a Utopian society without distinctions (distinctions need to be erased, because the leftist is usually a non-distinctive personality/intellect/talent), or in which some great injustice (real or perceived) is committed against the Leftist can be remedied by an even greater injustice), or, finally, a promise is implied in which someone will be punished for something by some Cosmic Force (or just The Government) for the benefit of the aggrieved.

And of course, the Left is famous for it's Double Standards.

I'm painting with a rather broad brush, admittedly, but only if you consider that while not all Leftists suffer from ALL of the maladies I've just mentioned, they all suffer from SOME of them, at the very least.

This week, I was not terribly surprised to see three more examples of the unhinged mindset of the left, which I'm about to clue you in on.

But let me qualify that preceding statement just a tad before I get to them.

The fact that only a leftist could come up with three ideas this fucking bad (and even get paid for them!), this fucking dumb, and this fucking non-sensical was not surprising, what IS astonishing is that they could be taken seriously, even by Leftists themselves.

At some point, even the delusional, cognitively dissonant, emotionally shallow, intellectually slow, living-in-a-fantasy-world dingbat HAS to see the irony, not to mention the stupid on display, in these three examples, don't they? I mean, even the absolute dumbest of human beings has, one might imagine, at least enough intellect to recognize farce, don't they?

Apparently not. As I've said, we're not dealing with the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree here.

So, here are your three examples, with a bit of commentary:

Two white non-cisnormative Walruses from Washington have come up with an idea that fairly screams "Cognitive Dissonance!" and "Projection!" from the rhetorical rooftops.

Apparently these...I hesitate to call them "women"...believe that black people are unable to confront and adequately defend themselves intellectually against racism, so they've taken it upon themselves to do it for them.

This is not only the VERY FUCKING DEFINITION of a racist mindset, it's goddamned presumptive and insulting, too.

Although to judge by the gushing coverage from (I assume) the Hispanic "journalist" who wrote that piece for HuffPo, you would think this was the greatest thing to hit Black America since the 13th and 14th Amendments, the bestowal of Civil Rights, and getting MLK's birthday declared a National Holiday, all in one.

So, I guess there are times when Racism serves a greater good, Hispanic Journalista Dumbass? 

The patronizing attitude on display here, complete with useless Virtue Signalling, is absolutely horrific, and quite frankly, is proof of one of the points these two landwhales were trying to make.

There IS such a thing as "institutional racism".

It's just that no one has noticed the "institution" calls itself "The Left".

Incidentally, I thoroughly encourage my readers to troll the fuck out of these people, just to drive them nuts,and to keep them busy. If they're too busy responding to trolls, they don't have time to invent new nonsense to destroy society with.

The second example is something that makes me laugh every time I see it.

What I'm referring to is the propensity of the Left to "eat it's own". To sort of-kind-of answer the question I've asked earlier ("I mean, even the absolute dumbest of human beings has, one might imagine, at least enough intellect to recognize farce, don't they?"), every so often the Cognitive Dissonance becomes too obvious to ignore, because the competition between the identity groups that makes up most of The Left (for special protection, attention, funding, and so forth) becomes so fierce that choices need to be made; one group must win, and the other must suffer (preferably die), because the Left has one other peculiar quality about it that often leads to just such rancor: they see politics as a "Zero-sum game" which can only have ONE winner.

For all of it's talk about co-operation and tolerance and diversity and all that other bullshit, The Left is all-too-eager to jettison, modify or ignore it's own rhetoric in the quest "To Win".

In this case, the battle is between Straight Black Males and Homosexuals of All Stripes. Two important constituencies of The Left go into the Arena, and only one can emerge alive.


Note the deliberate use of racial overtones; accusing Straight Black males of being "White". Of enjoying a "privilege" which Leftists of yore once attributed only to White males or The One Percent.

 The attempt to claim a moral high ground by waving the bloody shirt so recently the banner of Black Lives Matter. Ans assumption of symbolism, that in another context, might be denounced by Leftists as "cultural appropriation".

The assertion is that while white men, in general are oppressors, SBM -- who are oppressed by white men -- then turn around and oppress black women and black homosexuals. Somehow, they become both victims and perpetrators at the same time. Which is it? Note the systematic and repeated appeals to a sort of mystic entitlement that comes with the title "victim",and how when two victimized groups attempt to occupy the same space, how one has to be portrayed as an even bigger victim by shaming the other.

This is not normal. This is indicative of a deep-seeded mental disease, most likely centered around some form of self-loathing that just hasn't reached "slit my wrists" intensity....yet.

Our final example comes, like Herpes, courtesy of the feminists, who, if they have proven anything in the last 60 years, it is that there is truth in this old adage:

A liberal is someone who never knows what they're talking about, and yet can't seem to shut the fuck up about it.

Here ya go:

White Women have betrayed the Sisterhood by Voting for Trump

Oh, where to fucking begin?

So, white women are guilty of betrayal because they vote according to their own, personal interests, and not according to their gender? This from people who tells us that gender doesn't matter on nearly a daily basis?

White women are free to make any choices they like, except for the ones that other women disapprove of, and when it comes to voting, you either vote one way or you are somehow the Worst Fucking Human Beings to Ever Live. So much for Diversity and the Independent Woman!

If there was ever a reason to repeal the 19th Amendment, there it is. Obviously, White Women are voting all wrong, and can't be trusted to make good decisions while exercising the franchise, and are hurting others when they do so, so why not just take the vote away from them? And if all women are supposed to think and act the same way, then we'd better take the vote away from them Women o' Color, as well, before we're all well-and-truly fucked.

Not voting the way Women O' Color deem you should makes you a racist white supremacist, because apparently Women O' Color can't muster enough votes of their own to overcome all the overt racism in America. Noted. So, your vote is really an Affirmative Action program for Women O' Color who would otherwise claim that they don't need no stinkin' Affirmative Action because Vagina, because Racism.

Got it.

Again, take note of the fault line forming wherein one group (White Women) are being pitted against another (Women O' Color) in another one of those internecine death matches. It's a race to the bottom -- who is the bigger victim.

And then, to make her case, the Frothing Fuckhole who wrote this makes an appeal to authority to...a Man...the rather disgusting and mentally-suspect, Ta-Nahesi Coates, no great intellect, and a proud --if overly verbose -- racist, himself.

I mean, I could go on all night debunking this last one, but, like I said, it's akin to pushing the quadriplegic down the staircase. It's only fun for a little while, and then you quickly tire of it.

This is all going to get very interesting, very quickly.

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