Monday, September 25, 2023

Hollow Be Thy Name, Part One

"Society will develop a new kind of servitude which covers the surface of society with a network of complicated rules, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate. It does not tyrannize but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is shepherd..." -- Alexis de Tocqueville

Just  some notes on a few random thoughts and some recent experiences to jot down here, but all of them have a common theme: the Hollowing Out of America.

I must admit to having had some of these nightmarish thoughts for some years.

I must report that they are not merely thoughts: I have confirmed that they have a physical form.

In this series of essays I will lay out a frightening array of All Things Wrong With This Country from the point of view of someone who once knew more expansive days, of someone who was probably the last generation to be gifted with a "Classical Education", and as someone who wishes, with all of his heart, that we were allowed to kill stupid people on sight.

Or, at least as soon as they open their mouths and make the dumbfuck evident.

I often hear people much like me lamenting the hollowing out of all they once knew -- institutions that were once trusted and have betrayed that trust, the obsequious nature of modern youth before authority, the closing of the American Mind to any idea which might cause discomfort. The total destruction of the educational system so that it resembles a toddler's day care center more than anything else, all the way up to the collegiate level. The interminable fights over class, ethnicity, race, sex (or perversion, thereof), religion, and so forth.

Can it all be saved? Is there a chance that the America We Once Knew, where ideas were freely expressed and accepted or rejected on the basis of their quality, where Science was the study of all things by the empirical method, where government was accountable to voters, where The Law was sacred and inviolate, be recovered within my lifetime?

Will I, before I shuffle off this mortal coil, be allowed to breathe the air of a free man again, to be guided by my conscience to do what is right rather than cajoled by a mindless mob into committing evils in the name of right? Will the balance between "rights" and "responsibilities" be restored at some point, so that future generations might know the freedom that I once knew?

To judge from the walking flotsam and jetsam that now represents Mankind, I think not. 

For a start, these idiots don't know what freedom is: they have been raised and educated in a Nanny State and so they know nothing except dependency and groveling obedience to authority. The Authority, itself, goes unquestioned, particularly its right to call itself such. Since the human refuse does not recognize freedom, and does not question the authority that feigns to grant it, it knows not what that sweet nectar is, and thus, does not know what it is good for.

Except doing stupid shit with your genitals.

I say: Freedom is good for the soul. 

These tiny-minded little twerps have no soul.

Twenty years of "nation building" in the Middle East should have taught us the lesson: you cannot "give" freedom and equality to people who have no idea what either truly is, or what they should do with it. They only end up, thanks their microscopic brains, twisting either concept into it's direct opposite.

Freedom must be restrained by supposedly well-meaning Tyranny wielded with all the subtlety of a chainsaw.

Democracy means Fascism.

Free Speech means "only things I want to hear".

Tolerance becomes a deadly Intolerance, and is an excuse used to gin up a mob -- real or virtual -- to unperson you (as Orwell would say) because reality frightens the small-minded.

How did we get here? I have some ideas, but The Overlord is merely-a would-be dictator and not a social scientist or a psychiatrist, so my musings may not satisfy everyone. I'm just putting them down here because I'm getting sick of having them bounce around my skull, unexpressed.

And because I need to make a perfectly vital point: if one were to set out to deliberately destroy a nation and a people, what better way than to produce this molten stream of fucktard and then unleash it to torture and terrorize those who have known and experienced better?

In no particular order:

Exhibit A - The Stupid...It Hurts!
The Overlord attended a little social gathering among the neighbors this weekend. This was a welcome relief from the usual dystopia which is the nightlife of the Greater Raleigh-Durham Area (a.k.a Dante's Fifth Circle of Hell). 

The Overlord was introduced to one of the neighbors who is very much like himself. We are of the same age, we have memories of the same events, we both share an interest in history. A conversation ensued (the subject matter is not important here, only what happens next)  and we were really having at it, a vigorous, but respectful and friendly, back-and-forth upon the subject at hand.

And then his wife showed up.

I'll spare you the details, but this is the sort of woman for whom the term "Karen" is insufficient. She fancies herself the Mayor of the Neighborhood and keeps strict tabs upon everyone and everything that passes within. She seems to express no emotions except disapproval (such as when you change your own spark plugs while parked in the street), sensitivity to everything (the lawnmower is too loud, your porch lights too bright, could you close your drapes -- I don't want to watch your television from my own living room).

She does things like tape notes to your front door (or on your car!) with some piece of nonsense that has somehow flustered her. Personally, I don't see why or how she was invited, since no one seems to like her, at all. I guess she comes with Hubby in the same way that a tumor comes with cancer.

Having, I reckon, made herself about as welcome as a syphilitic's prick at an orgy, she came to stand by Hubby. Sighing and tsk-ing the entire time we spoke, her mouth opening and closing like a landed fish, waiting for her opportunity to say something...anything...probably just to hear the sound of her own voice, or to virtue signal on some minor issue. But The Scowl was ever-present.

Finally, she heard something pass between Hubby and I that activated her Libtard Radar and, finally!, gave her an excuse to toss her two rubles (Da, Comrade!) in where no one asked for them. I said something that ended in I-S-T.

Which particular "-ist" is unimportant: since they have all come to mean the same, exact thing.

Now, mind you that what I said was factual -- it had happened, the place where it happened does exist, people wrote things and took photographs of the event to prove it happened, there is copious amounts of physical evidence to indicate the factual basis of my utterance -- it did not matter. Her menstrual cycle had now been activated, and she was going to have her say. And she had it.

It was mostly "I don't like" and "that's not true" and much more in this vein. This is where the smartphone might come in handy, one would think. Here is an entry from Encyclopedia Britannica on the event.

"Propaganda written by white men to excuse their crimes...", she said.

Hubby interrupts to tell her the evidence is clear: one of history's great moments, did, in fact, occur, just as I said it had.

"Oh, right, two white males agreeing to the veracity of a lie? Like that never happens...", says the astonishingly-pale wife of one of those awful White Males.

There is a documentary on the subject. It was produced by the New York Times. Here...we can watch it.

"I don't have time for that stuff! I know what happened!"

How does she know what happened? She's a schoolteacher, you see.

What subject does she teach, you may ask?

Physical Education, don't you know.

Disgusted with us both, and having fulfilled the Libtard requirements of joining a discussion she wasn't involved in from the very beginning, not knowing what she's talking about but not shutting the fuck up, anyway, and having denied physical reality when it clashes with her feelings, she stormed off for home. She is now annoyed that Hubby did not "take her side" in the back and forth with me, nor defend her when I "insulted" her. 

By pointing out that she was wrong?

I wanted to smack her. Hubby shrugged his shoulders and stayed for another round before following her home, leaving early.

And here is an example of something that happens far too often: we waste our time listening to, in fact, tolerating, complete morons who feel as if they have the right and the intelligence to speak on subjects they clearly know nothing about.

In The Old Days we used to laugh at such people and they could be safely ignored; now, we're supposed to patiently listen to every syllable of bullshit they utter, pat them on the head for being a nincompoop, take them seriously and accept that whatever they had to say on the subject they clearly don't understand is just as valid as any "evidence", which, itself, can be rejected if it doesn't conform to some suspect mental pattern.

Worse, Congress often passes laws (they don't read) to validate this level of retard. 

And this person has authority and a responsibility for other people's children?

Exhibit B -- Parasites Feeding Upon Parasites
Last Friday I had occasion to go to the Wake County jail, a trip I could have easily done without, but I needed to be fingerprinted for some upcoming contracts at work, and the fucktarded government agencies (plural) who need yet another set of my digits will only accept ink on a specific type of government-approved paper (as electronic prints can be altered).

As I was waiting to get into the jailhouse through the main security checkpoint, there was a knot of women brain-damaged breeding stock on line ahead of me. They are here to visit their sons, boyfriends, Baby Daddies, husbands, whatever, who have run afoul of the legal system and who are temporarily housed at taxpayer expense awaiting trial (and, sez me, subsequent execution because that's how you fix the criminal issue, but more on that later. Wait for Part Three).

And because Deputies Jethro and Cletus run the security checkpoint with the same sort of skill, expertise, alacrity and efficiency as everything in else in the godforsaken state of North Carolina, I was waiting on line for quite some time. Enough time to catch snippets of the conversation among the various ladies parasites on line.  

Some quick notes on all of them:

Regardless of race, they all seem to be on some form of public assistance and this is the main topic of their conversation. This appears to be one of those times when complete strangers can join in the conversation and are completely free to air one's grievances with the government agencies involved -- for they all had pretty much the same grievances -- and all tried to one-up the others with their own particular tale of bureaucratic hell.

I reckon if you added all of their IQ's together...and rounded might start to reach Cocker-Spaniel-level intelligence.

But, they all have their ways to game the system. And they eagerly trade them. Like they were recipes.

This is the Ward of The State in action. They're all waiting on line at a jail to see criminals and pass their time discovering new and better ways to get paid for being about as useful as Joe Biden at a Spelling Bee.

These are disgusting people, one thinks, and then one realizes that there's an even more-disgusting beast out there.

That would be the "government worker" who gets a paycheck by handing out cash and benefits to these Baby-making, criminal-loving, system-scamming imbeciles.

There's "government employees" to investigate the recipients; to staple together various pieces of paper and then lose them, to "administrate" a bazillion things, to enforce rules and regulations about as well as Kamala Harris speaks, to "advise" people on how to become better leeches on the taxpayer's dime.

A symbiotic relationship, to be sure. The worst thing that could happen to either of these groups of sub-human waste would be for poverty to actually be eliminated.

The Recipients -- who probably went to the same school our neighbor Gym teacher works at -- is too fucking dumb and lazy to provide for herself, and the people who keep the dumb and lazy alive by handing out my money like Halloween candy are such simpletons that they "work" for government, unwilling or incapable to attempt the private sector.

After all, they had to take a test to get that job (written for a 3rd grade reading level, and the lowest passing scores get hired first, right?).

Parasites feeding upon parasites, and neither could survive the total disappearance of their host.

That's why the Welfare State continues; the "workers" don't have the talent for real work and their "work" is what continues to produce the people who feed on it, which justifies the continuation of the Welfare State...and then both are farmed by the same party for votes.

In Part Two, I'll tell you all about the invasion of the political into all things personal, the imminent collapse of the Two Party System, and the horribleness of the Modern Woman. 

Stay tuned. 

Part Two can be read here.


HMS Defiant said...

Like you, I was chatting with a stranger in San Diego and a girl behind us started venting in outrage at every sentence. She was a complete moron and libtard. They’re everywhere.

dude said...

I am eagerly awaiting part 2, and part 3, and as many other parts as you care to expound on...