Thursday, May 18, 2023

Fighting With Google...

Blogging has been slow in recent weeks because Google has started -- retroactively, years after the fact  -- labeling my posts as being "In Violation of Community Standards" and putting them behind warnings.

Two things:

1. I know the Community you're speaking of, and they have no standards.

2. There is a pattern in what is being put behind a warning and what is not, and one suspects the usual assortment of feminists and transsexuals.

I am now officially DONE with fucking Blogger.

But I am not going away, Gentle Reader. 

Check in every so often for news on this front. Podcasting and subscription blog services are so much better, and I'm headed in that direction.


SCBen said...

well CRAP! Why can't WE have good things?? So what if some little peckerhead is "offended"? I'm offended by nearly EVERYTHING that is presented by media, I read it, dismiss some, and move on!

Thank you for providing your insights and humor!

Kyle said...

Don't you just LOVE communism? It's all hidden right now under various guises but we literally are being controlled by the CCP and we have no blame but to ourselves for allowing it in the 1980s/90s believing China could never be evil and could never ever take over. BIG MISTAKES!!! We couldn't have been any more stupider.