Monday, November 14, 2022

Galactic Housekeeping #19 (A New Chapter Begins?)

 "From the end springs new beginnings..." -- Pliny the Elder

A chapter of Life has now closed.

Mrs. Overlord's loss was a painful reminder that we all only live once.

She, I must say, at least understood this seemingly simplistic idea much better than I ever did. But then I wasn't told at 14 years of age that I was afflicted with a disease which would kill me young, nor had I watched it devastate my entire family, like she did.

From her perspective, since Life wasn't something that you could bank on, you might as well do everything you've ever wanted to do. 

And when that failed, then at least do whatever you thought you could get away with.

In this regard, I must admit, she was always much more realistic -- and braver -- than I ever was. She also happened to be right.

I have struggled these last few months in trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life now that she's gone. It has been something of an uncomfortable process as I keep considering "safe" options in the sense that I find I now want something closer to security more than anything else, in all senses of the word, and yet, a part of me wishes to recklessly throw all caution to the wind.

There was a phrase she used to utter, quite often, to me when we were younger, when I was, admittedly, a much more optimistic and far less cynical person than I have become in my old age:

"'re a dreamer."

It was often accompanied by a head shake that was an indication that I was a fool.

It was also often a backhanded way of her saying:

"If you think you can do it, then just do it, already."

So, I'm going to do it.

What am I going to do, you ask?

Why, I'm going to make a more-serious go at this media thing. I will be blogging much more frequently; I will be pursuing my podcast opportunities much more whole-heartedly.

If absolute morons can become "influencers", then why can't I?

The first step, unfortunately, is to add a tip jar to this blog (coming soon). 

After doing some serious research, I have discovered that close to 5 million people have read something I've written, here and elsewhere, and I have never made -- nor asked for -- a single penny for any of it.

I've left money on the table. 

I'm done giving away the brilliant (ha!) insights and deranged ideas bouncing around the inside of this skull for free. For the time being, any financial support you may offer will be strictly voluntary. This might change in future. No promises made.

(It certainly will not be happening on Blogger or any other Goggle product, either. Stay tuned for a relocation announcement).

I will also be keeping an eye open for freelance writing opportunities (if anyone has one, I'd be glad to listen to an offer!).

I've been told that I'm pretty good with the written word (as for podcasting, I'm still struggling a bit with the spoken word, but I'm getting better...I think). The difference is that when writing I have more of an opportunity to organize my thoughts and more-precisely express what I wish to say.

Off-the-cuff, I sound like an idiot.

Let me hear from you, Gentle Readers, and let's see what the consensus is.

On the podcast front, The Idiots Perspective is doing rather well for something still in its infancy, but could do much better with a little more support. We're currently trying to organize something we call "The Drive for Five", which is a feeble attempt to find 5,000 new followers/subscribers before January, 1st.

Give it a listen, if you dare, and be sure to send me feedback. It would be greatly appreciated.

You can find it on Apple i-Tunes, Spotify, Anchor, and everywhere else you get your fine podcasts.

I'm still digesting the stunning results of the 2022 midterm elections. I have to say my assumptions were way off base, but then again, former optimist (and alcoholic). The results, however, did sort of kind of prove something I've been saying about the GOP for years, which is to say we're dealing with a leadership (if you can call it that) which still doesn't know which century it's living in.

I'll dive into my takeaways later this week on everything from really poor candidates to incredibly dumb timing by Lindsey Graham to the ridiculous internecine battle of (lack)wits between the Trump Cult and The Professional Right.

Suffice to say, what the vox populi shouted, loud and clear, is that while they trust republicans to run a government at least marginally better than the Left, they also don't trust them not be as monumentally stupid as their opposite numbers.

What should have been a Red Wave instead became a Red Puddle, and the facts of this fizzle seem to revolve around three issues I will tackle later this week. Those would be Trump and Trumpism, a more socially-permissive society that wants it's conservatism served chilled, and the fact that the top ranks of the GOP either still fondly remember World War II or are only in it to sell merch.

But that's for later.


GMay said...

Congrats on deciding to dump Google. As for your dreams, get your ass in office.

Surely you've got a devoted following in Staten Island, given your warm personality and frequent community outreach in local places of business. ;D

spleenman said...

Keep writing. I love to read what you are thinking.

Anonymous said...

I suspect there was no shouting on the part of the people. And I never believed there was going to be a Red Wave. I expected the Dems to hold everything, and they came damned close to it.

Elections are now completely fictional enterprises thanks to quasi-legal things like ballot harvesting and universal mail-in voting.

With every passing day, we get farther from a republic and closer to tyranny.


Felid Daddy said...

I don't know how old you are but I suspect I'm a little bit older. My point is I've been where you are now also. Some free advice for you; do what you wish with it:

Throwing caution to the wind is just a release that feels great(!), but in reality it's just a reaction to your new found "freedom." Sooner or later, you need to get back to what had you grounded before. Think about the closing scene to "The Graduate" where Dustin Hoffman and Katharine Ross are sitting on the bus expressing their throwing caution to the wind moment, when suddenly they both realize "Oh shit now what?" as the weight of what they just did hits them both.

Do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy, whatever gets you excited for the journey ahead. Just don't forget the past and those same exact things that made you happy then.

Peace on your new journey!