Thursday, July 16, 2020

Douchebags of the Week (Week Ending 7/18/2020) - Empty Heads And Empty Vaginas

"Obstinacy and vehemency in opinion are the surest proofs of stupidity."  -- Bernard Barton

"When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty." -- George Bernard Shaw

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are stupider than that." -- George Carlin

Yes, we required three quotes this week because there's a bumper crop of Douchebag this year.

Normally this honor of the Douchebag of the Week goes to an individual, but recent events have indicated that the prevalence of douchery has exponentially increased and merely pointing out a single example both minimizes it's extent and understates it's effect.

You need to be warned, My Minions!

It would seem the only things more contagious than COVID-19 are douchebaggery and stupidity.

Examples abound, but for the sake of brevity (and sanity) I have narrowed it down to the most-egregious examples.

Our first douchebag is this woman (although far be it from me to assume this horror show's gender) who was arrested in Wisconsin (nothing good ever happens or comes from Wisconsin. It is to America what the Soviet Union was to the rest of the planet) for assaulting a man who had the temerity to remove his mask upon exiting a store, and then spitting in his face, claiming she had COVID-19.

A few observations:

a) This mask-shaming bullshit has got to stop. A mask or bandanna will no more prevent the Chinese Yuck than the welfare state has prevented the creation of a permanent underclass.

b) One assumes her beef was that by removing his mask prematurely (in her opinion) the man was endangering public health, thus deserving of an assault upon his person. Having spit in his face, however, and declaring herself to have been infected (if true), then she's done precisely -- and more effectively -- what she's accused him of doing. This kind of mindset -- where a perceived evil justifies retaliation by means of a greater evil -- is the foundation of Deconstructionism, and is the driving force behind ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and every pernicious and destructive totalitarian movement to ever exist.

People like this need to be beaten into a coma whenever you encounter them because they are far more dangerous and persistent than any virus.

c) This woman's (we assume) actions reinforce something The Overlord has said for many years, mostly in jest, but which is seemingly becoming a really good idea with each passing day: we should chain women -- particularly the fucking ugly, insane, obviously self-hating ones -- to stoves and force them to have children they don't want against their wills.

It has been remarked to me by others making a joke is that her bad attitude is probably connected to her serious lack of aesthetic qualities, and there is something to that train of thought, but it has been my experience (long, often painfully-acquired experience) that what motivates this kind of unhinged feminine spitefulness is a combination of factors, which include personal disappointment, a late discovery that the precepts of feminism were all bullshit and not a program for female happiness, not enough anti-depressants, and possession of a vagina that no man in his right mind would touch with a stolen dick.

People like this suffer from a severe form of self-hatred and live in denial about hating themselves, and so they project their hatreds and the reasons for it onto others. A female who's not getting laid and who has reached a certain age without any form of personal fulfillment is a fucking ticking time bomb, more dangerous than any terrorist, school shooter, or Gavin Newsome.

The therapeutic society we've created wherein people are excused their grossest behaviors, or given excuses to enact them, has to come to an end. It's about time we started preaching a Gospel of self-reliance, personal responsibility, and learning to make lemonade when life hands you lemons (like when genetics played a nasty trick on you and gave you a nose like a can opener).

Our second example also touches upon the therapeutic society and adds a dash of plain ol' dumbass for flavor.

See if you can follow both the logic and the language in this. The truly frightening thing is that while she is making absolutely fuck-all sense, she's convinced she's being profound, astute and scientific, and comes off as defiantly and smugly ignorant.

As best as I can decode this fountain of dumbfuck, what this poor dingbat is saying is that anything that is a motivator or emblem of success -- White Culture specifically -- is somehow tainted by evil and incomprehensible and icky to everyone else, i.e. the Unsuccessful, who are apparently transformed from lumps of useless flesh to Paragons of Virtue, because feelz.

Therefore, because of icky whiteness and personal fucktard, we need to erase the entire experience and accomplishments of Western Society, and start a brand new regime of discovery and learning based upon the feelings of truly stupid people.

Otherwise, Gravity and Math are racist.

Some observations on this example:

a) If we assume that all peoples, regardless of race or gender, are equally proficient in the arts of observation, abstract thought, building a continuous knowledge base, organization of resources, mathematics, and long-term planning, then it is safe to also assume that everyone would have been equally successful.

That is, after all, what people like this believe is a fact, isn't it? Isn't this what they tell us every time they open their stupid cake holes?

On the one hand, such people scream about all people being equal and all cultures being valid, and on the other, issue veiled, backhanded admissions that neither assertion is actually true. The proof?

I can't do math, therefore, math is racist.

I can't do science, therefore, Science is Racist.

I'm an unsuccessful moron from an unsuccessful culture of morons, therefore, successful people are racists.

But all cultures are equally valid, an' stuff...

To maintain this infantile method of thought requires that one be obsessed with questions of race and gender -- almost to the exclusion of anything else -- be incapable of observation, inefficient in building the database (that is, being incapable of altering "knowledge" based upon experience), really bad at abstract thought (or any thought, at all), disorganized, mathematically-challenged, and unable to plan long-term for the immediacy of their concerns.

b) This woman is apparently unaware that she's spouting this junk in a University. Which is an invention of Western (White) Culture. Where they were so fucking racist they let her attend, and in an example of the racist-y racism of the most-racist kind, no one -- not a professor, not another student -- challenged her. She rambled for several minutes, making absolutely no sense, spouting logical fallacies and pure, unadulterated asshole the entire time.

That may be the real racism.

c) The word "de-colonization" has apparently come to mean "cleansing everything of anything that reminds the unsuccessful of white people". Apparently, history and science hurt their feelz. This video is an indication that most people are probably wasting their time in college, and that colleges are wasting time trying to teach people this retarded. You now know why curricula everywhere have been dumbed down from the elementary to the collegiate level, and why "Race Theory" and "Gender Studies" exist.

If you can't teach the dull-witted then at least give them something that celebrates their halfwit and puts the blame for it on someone else. Then extract several hundred thousand dollars for it.

Never mind the Mafia: the American University is the real organized crime syndicate.

Academia's only contribution to society seems to be mass-producing morons for profit, while it's "professors" denigrate capitalism for producing...well...everything that makes a university possible. They are passing this idiocy on to future generations.

d) She is basically begging to be left ignorant, because the process of education is too painful for her to bear. She states this inside an institution of higher-learning, where one assumes she is either paying for, or acquiring massive debt, to achieve a degree and a diploma, the very marks of She is essentially advocating that an entire system of non-knowledge be erected and taught and that a degree bestowed that is worthless by comparison, but which should be considered "equal" to, the traditional one.

Because racism.

Her own racism, of course, she doesn't notice at all.

Moving on from individual examples of Douchebag, let's get to Douchebag on a Grander Scale.

Our first example is this story where the very communities that have, for years now, been complaining about aggressive policing and who have recently succeeded in getting local governments to decriminalize offenses, do away with bail, empty jails of "non-violent offenders", and eagerly been cheering on rioters, looters, arsonists, murderers, beatifying dead criminals, and forcing the de-funding of police departments, suddenly figured out this might not be a good idea.

The hypocrisy and stupidity here are obvious, and so I will limit my remarks. If I were a person in authority who had to respond to this sort of bi-polar, I would respond thusly:

a) Go fuck yourselves.

b) Having forced me to de-fund my police department in favor of more social workers and more midnight basketball, and more photo ops and graft for bullshit reverends, pony up. You want more protection, you can replace the revenue you just took away from your protection. Stick a crowbar in your fucking wallets.

c) Having demanded more-aggressive policing, stricter enforcement of laws, newer and harsher penalties for infractions because of the Crack Epidemic of the 1980's (another self-inflicted wound!), you got EXACTLY what you asked for, already.

d) Get your collective heads out of your collective, morbidly-obese asses (thanks, Welfare State!) and make a choice: you know who the troublemakers are; you know who the criminals are; you know perfectly well just exactly who it is that is killing and victimizing you on a daily basis, and somehow, you seem reluctant to give them up or help law enforcement identify and capture them when you call.

YOU are the problem.

Our next example of Colossal Asshole in an Institution goes to the medical and scientific communities.

Regarding treatment for the Shanghai Sniffles, it would seem these supposed pillars of society cannot tell their asses from their elbows.

Medications (like Hydroxychloroquine) which have been used for decades to treat Coronavirsuses are suddenly no good, because of politics and conflicting studies. The studies, themselves, particularly the more-recent ones, are of questionable or negligible value because they've been found to have been rigged, the peer-review process was faulty, or they're outright fabrications.

The question of the efficacy of masks in combating The Chinese Wheeze is likewise confused, partly because no one seems to really know and partly because of half-hearted admissions that telling the public not to wear them was a deliberate ploy to ensure supplies for doctors and hospitals (and probably the Elitists, too).

The expertise of people in the medical establishment -- as well as their motivations and intelligence -- have been called into question by a regime where today's established fact (because it was pronounced as such by "an expert", usually in government pay) is tomorrow's steaming pile of goat droppings, as we discover the disagreement is typically based not in principled scientific dissent or upon reputable and repeatable science, but rather upon a Herculean effort to save face, to cover asses, to protect jobs and funding, to avoid lawsuit, or the cause of politics.

When you read stuff like this and this, where "reputable" scientific journals have to retract papers because no one bothered to check them (or maybe even read them), when the science was knowingly gerrymandered or suppressed to achieve a specific result, when the people who published the paper had financial rather than scientific motivations for the study in question, and it cost the lives of millions that could probably have been saved, then the Institution is ruined.

No one will believe anything it has to say again. Ever.

No one will trust it.

People will demand scalps.

This is true of the Medical profession, the Scientific Community, the Scientific Media (as well as the Public media, which adds to the sense of confusion and outrage because it picks and chooses what it will report and how it reports it according to it's internal biases. The veritable Mouth of Sauron), the Scientific Community as a whole, and, especially, government.

If Science and Government knew HCQ was an effective therapy, if it knew that masks didn't work but mandated their use and then reversed course for reasons other than public safety, if the public hospitals and healthcare systems that spectacularly failed cannot be questioned and audited, if strutting Champions of Douchebag (like Andrew Cuomo, a two-time Douchebag of the Week winner!) cannot be held accountable for deliberately and knowingly sending thousands to their deaths just to cover for their own failures, then you might as well stop believing in everything else government and science (and the confluence of both) tells you about Global Warming, the possibility of extending government-supplied quality healthcare to every individual, the harmlessness of Open Borders and Unfettered Immigration (which helped bring the disease here).

They cannot be believed. They don't deserve to be believed. And the stink of it all is that they will claim they are the REAL victims when the greater bulk of Humanity questions them, demands to know what they are doing and how they do it, and demand accountability.

The Overlord has had experience with Coronaviruses before (Mrs Overlord had one in early 2019); He told you how she was cured right here on this page -- with a combination of anti-virals and Hydroxychloriquine and a fucking Bipap machine (not a "ventilator", which means "life support") -- and no one at the time was unsure of what to do or of how to proceed. We've known how to treat this all along and have for years -- this COVID-19, for all the panic, is still just a Coronavirus -- we need to figure out what happened to suddenly make the entire medical profession go simultaneously dumbfucked.

I'm putting my money on the need for government -- especially local governments run by democrats -- to hide the failures of their public health systems by ginning up mass hysteria and confusion.

So many douchebags, so few awards. This week's recipients will have to take solace in the fact that they all contributed, in their own ways, to the Shitstorm of Stupid that resulted in the bestowal of this week's honors.

Every last one of them can get fucked.

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