Saturday, July 6, 2019

To (Not) Tell The Truth...

"One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives." - Mark Twain

I write this at a moment in time when the very concept of civilized society seems to be standing upon a narrow ledge, crumbling beneath our feet, and threatening to toss us all into an abyss from which we may never climb out.

For it was yesterday that I read the story of "Mini AOC", an 8-year old child who has (I should say "had") gained a modicum of internet celebrity by relentlessly mocking the obvious and colossal ignorance of one Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez (Dimwit-New York). I have even watched some of her YouTube videos, and while I found the humor -- shall we say, simplistic -- it was, to be fair, not exactly a job where you needed to be clever, or to work very hard to deliver the joke.

After all, the adult (I giggle every time I use that word in connection with Alexandria) AOC is, herself, often childlike, not very bright, and all-too-easy a target, considering her paper-thin skin, reflexive snarl, innate retard and addiction to Twitter.

There are three things in life that are certain: Death, Taxes, and that even a mild, factual criticism of Alexandria will result in a stream of Twitterized crapspeak in which she will defend her right to be a fucktard with all the zeal, petulance, sullenness, and even-less-intelligent babbling of the typical teenager. If one were so inclined, one could entertain oneself for days on end just replying to AOC's public comments on Twitter, just to purposely evoke the rich, creamy, pre-teen mentality menstrual cycle before one of her people catches on to the trolling and blocks you.

There can be no jokes about Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez; it has been ordained by the arbiters of such things (who should probably be taken out sterilized with a rusty farm tool, because they're no better) that despite the accidental buffoonery and the exposure of her fake erudition, not to mention her false sense of self-importance, that such things are verboten.

The Lie that she is a serious person doing a serious job must be maintained. No matter how many times she's caught in a mistake, no matter how badly she mangles history , no matter how many phony photo-ops she stages.

In order to hide the painful truth that AOC is not some Latina/Communist Rosa Parks, we have to lie about her not being dumber than a hamster with Down's Syndrome and then prop that original lie up with a superstructure of additional lies, and then, eventually, someone will have to threaten a child's life and family (anonymously, of course, because Lefties are all cowards) in an effort to shut her up before anyone (anyone who has been unconscious for the last two years) figures out this chick is not the brightest pinata at the quinceanera.

This stands in stark contrast to the supposed concern the democrats (small 'd' intentional) are feigning about the safety of children illegally crossing the US Border. No, Mini AOC should be threatened, harassed, her personal information made public for engaging in satire, but those kids who have been brought here -- or sent here -- illegally should all be given everything America has to offer, and then some. In fact, the whole thing stands in opposition to the usual democrat ("small 'd' intentional) contention that every destructive policy they advocate is somehow "for the children", as if it's all something that will improve their lives and not make them future dependents of the state in the name of acquiring political power.

The fact of the matter is that the Left no more cares about children then it cares if AOC is "factually" correct, or that Kamala can lie with impunity about busing or smoking blunts, Lizzie can lie about her ethnic background, Beto can pretend not to be a spoiled scion of patrician White Men, or that Hillary can destroy evidence and pretend to be a centrist; these people don't care about the truth. They understand The Lie is necessary to advancing towards their goals and that if they ever told the truth about any of those goals -- they all lead to Communism -- and about the people who tell them -- they're all evil, venal, non-intelligent, hate-filled, petty, and consumed by jealousy and envy -- they'd never achieve them.

All that matters is WINNING which they define as the ability to dictate the tastes, thought, and activities of millions against their wills and at their expense for the Lefty's own personal, mental comfort.

It's a fucking revenge fantasy they all harbor very deeply in their black little hearts that stems from the fact that society considers them useless. The Left is the part of the Spectrum reserved for Life's Losers and Incompetent. They don't, can't, do anything but uselessly whine and steal and beg.

And if we have to kill an 8-year-old to hide that inconvenient truth (you too, Al Gore, you fucking putz!), well, that's just the price everyone else will have to pay.

And the same goes for killing the concept of humor. Whether it's an 8-year old making satirical/parody videos about a woman who believes in The Electricity Fairy, or making fun of an extremely mediocre character with questionable fashion sense and an even dimmer intellect, who believes that mocking a Member of Congress should be a felony.

Yes, Frederica Wilson, (Dumbass-Texas) believes that poking fun at members of Congress should be made illegal. Do you know why?

Primarily, this is because she's been the butt (which I'll bet is bigger than those ridiculous cowboy hats she wears) of many a joke, and like AOC, despite the reptilian appearance and several layers of baby fat (how many babies did she eat, I wonder?), also suffers from the thin skin disease. As a result, humor must be outlawed.

Because there is truth in humor. Humor speaks to a commonality of circumstance, experience and feeling in human life. It crosses all borders (and not just the one AOC stages Grief Orgies at): emotional, racial, ethnic, class, education, political affiliation. The first victim of a totalitarian regime, it's usually assumed, is human. I'd say it isn't: it's always humor.

Humor is the most-basic and universal form of free speech.

And when you're trying to lie your way into (or to maintain) power, the last thing you can afford is free speech. Especially if it is aimed directly at you.

Especially if you have no defense against it.

Because that's the thing, Dear Minions, they have none. They cannot respond in kind. They can't because they're truly diseased, soulless people driven by hatred and envy. They are small, nasty, unhappy, persistent blisters on the body politic, and there's nothing intrinsically funny about nasty people or blisters. One needs to be able to feel happiness to get a joke, or to give one back, and the committed Lefty cannot -- by Nature -- ever be happy.

If they were ever happy, they'd shut the fuck up and stop complaining about everything.

Just think about what the Left, recently, has found "funny"...

Decapitating a sitting President.

Raping and dismembering a First Lady.

The Homosexual Rape of the First Couple's youngest child.

Beating up anyone they apply the label "fascist" to, in fascist fashion, no less.

...and you tell me: Are these people capable of getting humor? Or is the violent nature of it all an indication that being unable to respond to The Truth or Humor, itself, they are intensely frustrated and angry people with no other means of persuasion at the ready?

Which is another indication of the AOC/Frederika Thin-skin/Dipshit disease: the Left used to be very good at persuasion, but since it has declared certain language off-limits, particular subjects taboo, expressly indicated it is not interested in dialogue, it can no longer persuade.

Only threaten, intimidate and ban.

We're told Antifa is "anti-Fascist" and yet they are Fascist to the core. We're told there's an "Alt-Right" which is actually (National) Socialist. These are two sides of the same coin, but since the mainstream left doesn't wish to be associated with the Nazis it lies about it's political affiliations and wellsprings. National Socialism is, for all intents and purposes, what everyone crowing about "Scandinavian Democratic Socialism" is fucking advocating.

Just think of all the lies the Left has told in my lifetime:

Hillary is the Smartest Woman in the World (but forgot where Wisconsin was?).

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

Benghazi was a response to a YouTube video.

I didn't inhale.

I never had sexual relations with that water buffalo.

We lowered taxes for 95% of Americans and presided over the longest and strongest economic recovery of all times.

We have to pass it to find out what's in it.

There were no WMDs in Iraq...oh, those WMD's? Those were OLD WMD's, we meant NEW WMD's.

I voted for it before I voted against it.

Anyone named Kennedy is a genius...even when they kill themselves and others by driving off a bridge they know is there, by skiing into a tree, or flying a plane into an ocean.

We will fight a War on Poverty.

Diversity is our Strength...except for you white Guys.

Feminism will work.

We lost an election we fixed because of the Russians.

Hell, if there was any point in doing so I could give you five million more examples.

Before I mic drop on this bitch, just let me give one more example of where all this lying gets us, and that example revolves largely around the subject of illegal immigration.

We're told (lied to) by the left that these are simple people who are only here to find a better life, and they don't cause us any great problems, nor should they generate any cause for concern, but the facts are these:

We have American Veterans sleeping on the streets.

Tent cities up to their collective eyeballs in human feces, typhus and cholera are a mainstay of most left-leaning metropolises.

There is an "affordable housing" shortage.

There is an increasing gap in incomes, particularly for manual laborers.

Our schools no longer teach useful skills.

There are millions of people who cannot get health insurance on the open market.

Our hospitals are overflowing with sick people.

There is an opioid crisis in America.

For some reason, we can't ask people if they're citizens on the US Census form.

The prison population is exploding.

And the Left will tell you all of these problems have a common Genesis on the political right: Capitalism is to blame; "greed" -- a well-known Righty character trait (I jest) -- is the motive force behind them all; _____ ism is at fault .

And never once do they want to tell you the truth:

Illegal aliens who haven't been caught are living somewhere, paying someone rent. It certainly isn't the tony sections of San Francisco, or the high-rise condos of New York, because such august personalities never see them in their concierge-served, exclusive luxury accommodations full of new-fangled garbage disposals. I've read just yesterday that the average rental price of a studio apartment in Los Angeles STARTS at $2,500/month.

I wonder who is living in the "affordable" housing there? And how many to a room? And is it Section 8 or rent controlled? How do you build "affordable housing" in a place where other Lefties, like Tree-huggers, have succeeded in stopping all development in it's tracks?

The growing homeless populations of west-coast Sanctuary cities, drawn there by the over-generous welfare promises (which turn out to never be so generous or abundant) is creating situations where overwhelmed local authorities can do little more than allow people to live a Medieval existence on the pavement, complete with a lack of sanitation and a return of formerly-eradicated diseases -- measles, plague, typhus, cholera, malaria. If you want to know why your local hospitals are overflowing and your city smells like a Vietnamese rice paddy, this is why, and illegals are at least part of this problem, too.

If American manual laborers are getting economically shafted, then part of their problem must be that their wages are being undercut by illegal immigrants who line up for day work -- day after day -- in construction, agriculture, landscaping, out in the open. It's already difficult to make an argument for "a living wage" in a world where labor is being devalued relentlessly by the advance of automation and access to to the cheaper labor of billions on the other side of the planet. It gets even worse when The Other Side of The Planet is invited in, no questions asked, protected by the State, and given an EBT card...paid for, in part,m by the under- or un-employed manual labor via taxes, all lorded over by the Robber Barons of Silicon Valley hiding behind their castle walls.

Nah, it has to be Wall Street that is to blame.

Our schools are flooded with children who can't speak English, many of whom have never been to a school of any kind before, and we must spend money and other resources catering to them and their needs, so that our own children are shorted, and so don't understand algebra, are instructed according a set of rules designed for the lowest common denominator, are treated as if they are an administrative annoyance. That's when their unionized teachers -- another bunch of lefties -- aren't sexually preying upon them.

You think everyone hooked on opioids is getting them at CVS? Do you think doctors are just standing on street corners handing out prescriptions? Are they brought to the Addict by the Oxycontin Fairy? Is it raining Heroin? Has decriminalization in more-liberal states not drawn more drug users to them, or created alternate distributions networks and black markets? Let's not pretend the unsecured border doesn't play a role here.

Most of the prisoners in Federal prisons are there on drug charges and happen to be Central American.

But does the Left really want to solve any of these problems?

Of course not.

Solving problems is not their forte. It means having to be smart, and do work, and adequately plan, and be responsible, and none of that stuff is in the typical lefty's arsenal. In fact, they love chaos for chaos provides the excuse for control. The Left craves control almost as much as they crave other people's money. The more chaotic and disarrayed American Life becomes, the more what they offer -- even if it is a Great Big Pack of Fucking Lies -- seems more attractive.

People, in general, would rather someone else solve their problems because they;re too physically, mentally or  morally lazy to do so, themselves. Anyone who promises you a (for free!) panacea is always worth a listen, even if they have a history of failing to deliver.

The creation of the Chaos, to provide the impetus that justifies control, is why you can't ask someone if they're a citizen on A Census form. It's been postulated (I forget where) that if California, Illinois and New York all had their illegal alien populations discounted by the Census by means of s simple citizenship question, there would be a resulting loss of 18 electoral votes for the left, and probably as many seats in the House of Representatives, as well.

The Left needs Illegals to vote, too, you know, especially since the African-American vote has done a very good job at making itself increasingly more irrelevant by killing one another off, dying prematurely of preventable diseases, finding itself incarcerated, illiteracy, and the demographic decline that comes with being swamped with ever-increasing numbers of people named Pedro, Sanjay and Mohammed.

You're being replaced, Black Vote...and being lied to about it, as well.

We're all being lied to by the Left. We always have been.

Now that people are catching on, they have to be arrested and their lives threatened. It is how dictatorship always goes, it's what Fascism demands. It happened in Italy, it happened in Germany, it happened in the Soviet Union, it happened in China, it happened in Cuba and Venezuela.

No more.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

If humor is the first to go in a budding totalitarian regime, then I'm "on my last leg" for sure. My "race" is soon "to be run".
Whatever will happen to my (often) sardonic online content in the future?

I'm nothing without my smart-ass flippant attitude and occasional quips and creative diatribes.


Matthew Noto said...

Stockpile food and ammo?