Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Derp State Approaches...

"Self-righteous dumbfuck is not a very good look, nor a profession, Missy." - The Overlord

"Yet it is folly to argue against determined hardness; eloquence may strike the ear, and the language of sorrow draw forth the tear of compassion, but nothing can reach the heart that is steeled with prejudice." -- Thomas Paine, The Crisis

You've heard of the "Deep State"? The all-devouring cabal of secret operatives meeting within the subterranean bowels of various government departments, laboring in darkness and anonymity, driven by a need to obtain control over all aspects of American Life? So pernicious and dangerous is this Deep State that, not content with sticking its slimy tentacles into every corner of human endeavor, it actually worked up the ambition to stage a coup against a duly-elected President on the basis that it just didn't like him?

Yeah, well, don't worry about those guys.

They're a disappearing breed. Mark my words: the day may actually come when we view the machinations, abuses of power, and misdeeds of a Robert Mueller, James Clapper, James Comey, Robert Brennan, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strozk, Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe, and even the smaller fish, like a Lois Lerner or John Koskinen, in a sort of kind and almost-forgiving light. We may look back fondly upon these days and extend something like pity towards for these people, for while they might be colossal assholes and criminals, they at least can claim the flimsy justifications that what they did they believed to be righteous and beneficial to at least themselves, and could even logically explain their actions. And they were almost smart enough to pull it off.

This lot will soon be supplanted by the "Derp State".

And this is a far-more-dangerous proposition. For if the Deep State at least had half a clue as to what it was attempting to do, the coming Derp State is utterly clueless, and couldn't find it's own collective ass with both hands and a flashlight.

Here, I must stop for a moment and describe in detail for you what this phenomena is, what it consists of, and what, ultimately, it's aims might be.

At it's simplest, the Derp State is your children.

The young, mollycoddled, spoiled-rotten brats, deprived of a critical thought process by a shitty public educational system that teaches them to value feelings over facts; raised in an atmosphere where every stupid thing they ever did (or failed at) was celebrated as if it were Nobel-worthy; marinated in a culture permeated by virtual reality. They are historically and culturally illiterate (because the prevailing culture and history is seen as racist/sexist/homophobic, and therefore, never taught, except as something to despise instead of cherished). They were incubated in a therapeutic petri dish in which they were protected from the consequences of their actions and/or failures and denied the harsh, but necessary, lesson that "Life is Hard". They were doted over by Safety Nazis. They have been encouraged to never worry, as worrying entails thinking, something they have assiduously been trained NOT to do; to think is to notice things, like tangible differences between people that may make someone uncomfortable; to think is to speak freely, to recite facts that some might find inconvenient or hurtful.

Many will have not been vaccinated against common diseases by Mothers who believed they were protecting them from Autism. It is now apparent that for a great number of these, Autism would constitute a Superpower.

They have had their ascent into adulthood deliberately delayed: the employer is to care about their tender sensibilities, the university has become a playpen of child-like ideas disguised as serious study, they have been taught that if they have the "proper" feelings, then they always have the moral high ground and this entitles them to act immorally to things they disagree with. They are taught that facts, truth, even proper spelling and grammar, are superstructural and subjective -- a tool of oppression that when encountered are to be met with self-righteousness and scorn, particularly when they are obstacles to getting what you want.

Speaking of "what you want", it is also axiomatic that the fact of wanting it is, in itself, justification for getting it. There is no concept of earning anything (particularly when everyone got a trophy for showing up, and "self-esteem" was something bestowed upon you when you got the certificate in school for sitting through the entire puppet show without wetting yourself). It is a generation living in continuous expectation of receiving the Gold Star, the Rainbow Sticker, the Smiley Face, for taking a dump. It expects to be rewarded for failure, to be elevated in losing. It lacks judgment for having been raised to understand that judgment is somehow bad, but then judges with a reflexive, sneering, insufferable countenance that which it disagrees with or fails to understand.

And then there's that word: understanding. Understanding entails knowledge; it implies an ability to deal in facts impartially; to be able to correct ideas and concepts that have been found to be wrong by experience. It DEMANDS experience, itself. This also assumes a sense of individuality -- an ability to occasionally break free of the herd mentality to assert a truth in the face of opposition, accept a premise on the basis of proof, to be able to see an idea through the mental assembly line from formulation of a concept, to testing its validity, and then making honest judgment about it's veracity or utility.

But your kids don't need no stinkin' individualism; its safer to remain in the herd, to share the hive mind, to be a conformist, or better yet, to subsume one's individuality within the poisonous idea of "identity". Only in Modern America could such a stupid concept -- that an individual's identity is tied to his membership within a group -- find any traction.

They are totally amoral, not understanding the word "morality" to begin with, having been taught some very strange things about the whole idea.

The modern 20-something in America has a very strange relationship with Morality.

On the one hand, she is taught the "conventional" morality is a mechanism of tyranny, a burden placed upon the living by the dead. It is an obstacle to true freedom, and as such, is to be ignored. On the other hand, they are brought up to see all things through a uniquely slanted moral telescope in which all relationships, events, considerations are to be evaluated in terms of "power" and "greed", so that any conception that grants power and gain to your point of view is considered just, and that which prevents your worldview from succeeding is an attack upon morality, and justifies immorality in retaliation. If you'll allow me a third hand for the purposes of this argument, morality, in many cases, simply does not exist and can be safely dispensed with , altogether, being nothing but the social expression of a variety of biases and prejudices.

Eventually, we end up with an eschatology that goes something like this:

I want something immoral, but your old-fashioned notions of morality prevent me from obtaining it. Therefore, I reject your notions of morality, thereby removing the impediment. In the meantime, I will assert my moral right to my immorality, and if you don't agree with me, I shall use all immoral means at my disposal -- like doxxing, trying to get you fired, physical violence, ruining your reputation in the public square, cheating at the ballot box, subverting the court system -- to win. My position is unassailable, on the grounds that I want it, and therefore I hold the moral high ground, and your objections can be safely and arrogantly dismissed, because in the act of opposition or restraint you have shown yourself to be an immoral bastard.

Claiming morality to defend the immoral, and using immorality to achieve a moral end?

Does this sound like an adult? Does it sound like a well-adjusted human being? Does it sound like someone who should be taken seriously? And they can be seriously self-righteous, almost belligerently, violently so, while doing it.

This is a worldview of intellectually shallow people. The worst part is that many Americans will put themselves in debt to the tune of a quarter-million dollars so that people who think and behave this way can be "bettered" by "education". They only seem to get worse and all that much more dumber, if you ask me.

How else to explain the phenomenon of the Interpretive Dance Major who walks into a bank a week after graduation, demands a six-figure salary, four weeks vacation, and who wants to know what the company's position on trans-species marriage is? Who then can't understand while she didn't get the job.

We have sent millions of these bulletproof Fucktarded demons out into the world, completely unprepared, unable to identify -- let alone solve -- simple problems, unable and unwilling to learn from experience, and instead clinging to their entitled fantasy vision of themselves as always being right, always being the best, always winning (even when losing), always being a self-righteous warrior for whichever version of morality is prevalent among their chosen identity group today. Incapable of expressing themselves, incapable of formulating a thought that does not begin and end with instant gratification, slaves to electronic devices which further isolate them from a wider world experience and feed them a constant drumbeat of propaganda from within a closed feedback loop of lock-step conformists.

The day will come when these crippled creatures -- intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, morally -- will begin to creep into the nooks and crannies of power. They will someday constitute your board of directors; they will run the schools; they will control your media; they will eventually populate the ranks of the professional bureaucracy and halls of Congress. Even the White House.

Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez, the gaffe-a-minute machine, the self-righteous, upper-middle-class, lacking-in-self-awareness, confident-in-her-dumbass, two- degreed, failure at Capitalism so that she embraced Socialism, member of oppressed identity group, lived in a mansion, defender of the downtrodden -- because moralzzzz or not moralzzz, what day of the week is it?  -- is merely the vanguard of this coming invasion of dumbfuck.

Her ideas are stupid enough. Do you believe the ideas of the even stupider people behind her will be any better?

These are people who know that Socialism is theft, but are quite ready to engage in theft because their estranged relationship with morality and lack of historical knowledge of it's failure -- their inability to acknowledge the facts of failure, at all -- justifies it on the basis of "justice" (wait, doesn't justice require an immutable code of morality?), and personal need (personal in the context of a group, presented as a defense of the rights of an individual), but it's all okay; people will have voted to steal ("democratic socialism"), and if a majority agrees that theft is cool, then it is.

These are people willing to make YOU live like a caveman  -- because they will never have to actually suffer the consequences of what they advocate; they're "special", and because they will have membership in the "right" group, they expect their Gold Stars and Rainbow Stickers and Smiley Faces as a matter of course, because puppet show, trophy for being a loser and affirmation of a mob of similarly mentally-disabled people -- to "save" a planet; to impose their will upon you for their own mental comfort and benefit, and to spare themselves the consequences of idiot.

And if you stand in their way, why, you're just a great, big, immoral, Nazi, poopyhead shill for Big _____, who is also a racist, sexist, homophoboc, transphobic, misogynistic hater of People O' Color and Unicorns, who needs to be imprisoned, dispossessed, or even killed, and everything you say can be safely disregarded, facts can be denied, because you stand in the path of Enlightenment and Progress.

Both being defined as "I got what I wanted".

This is the Derp State. It is headed our way. Millions of effete, effeminate, paralyzingly-stupid, self-interested, hypocritical, un-self-aware, illiterate and innumerate fuckwits are waiting in the wings for the day when they finally get to run things. Their failures will be catastrophic, and they will still demand rewards, their defiant ignorance will be worn like a military honor.

Your children are probably going to have to be killed in large numbers before they hurt the rest of us.


Mad celt said...

So much derpery it boggles the mind.

Unknown said...

OMG! Been thinking all of this for a while. It's easy to see when you watch videos of protesters at Anti-Trump rallies, or Antifa assholes and BLM fuckers lying in a street somewhere so you can't get to work. But try talking to one of these brain trusts. It's honestly next to impossible. I had one tell me as I was on a rant about FDR and some other things to "just stop, I don't know about any of that." And that sweetie, is the problem.