Sunday, May 28, 2017

You All Suck (Exhibit #7- The Circus Is NOT Coming to Town)

Animals can have rights when they pay taxes.

Another milestone reached in our Downward Spiral: Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus is now, officially, kaput.

As I've explained in other essays in this vein, there's always someone out there who can't stand to see others happy and content, who make it their mission in life to destroy anything that gives existence any juice, any pizzazz, any reason for getting excited, or for getting out from under the covers in the morning. The Killjoy instinct overrides their consideration for others' feelings or tastes and compels this particularly nasty breed of human to pick apart our hobbies, pastimes, pleasures, and interests, in a Quixotic quest to feel better about themselves.

People like this need to be beaten bloody, wherever you find them.

The latest victim of this insatiable need to urinate in everyone's Wheaties is now the traditional circus.

Once a joyous event, filled with wonder and childish glee, the circus has become another relic of a vanished past, when people could indulge in a communal activity that entertained and fascinated them, all in the effort to turn them from sovereign, free-thinking, well-adjusted individuals into non-thinking, deeply-depressing, uninteresting, conformist drones.

For All Suckitude ultimately has but two sources:

1. Hateful, spiteful little fucktards who feel it is their mission to get back at everyone who ever pointed out that they were hateful, spiteful little fucktards, who probably earn a very good living from being hateful, spiteful little fucktards.

2. Hateful, spiteful, professional little fucktards who insist that everyone must conform to their ways of thinking and doing, who have empowered themselves to dictate to the Greater Mass of Individuals what the approved means, methods, activities, thoughts, tastes, and ideas are.

When your Overlord finally achieves total power over the Universe, people like this will be taken out and killed. On Pay-per-View.

In this particular case, the metaphorical Archangels of Suck happens to be a disgusting sub-set of humanity that refers to itself as "Animal Rights Activists".

Here we must make a distinction between "Animal Rights Activists" and "Animal Lovers", although, I think, psychologically both are driven by the same impulse: they love animals mainly because they hate people. The reasons for this are varied, but probably have something to do with the same psychosis that drives the heroin addict into church: Animals, we're told, "love unconditionally", unlike people, and love you despite your faults. This is the same dialectic at work as when the local junkie "Finds Jesus".

Because, ultimately, everyone just wants to be loved, flaws and all, no questions asked, and the source of that love -- even if it's an imaginary one, like God, or the deliberate and mentally-unbalanced process of attributing human emotions and intelligence to an animal -- is the same thing.

If you believe it, then it's true.

This has been the basis for all left-wing political movements since the beginning of time, this idea that thinking the "right" thoughts has the power to overcome time, space, matter, logic and Objective Reality, and make whatever it is you want magically appear.

Because that works all the time...

The Animal Lover is relatively harmless. They may do questionable things like dress cats in seasonal clothing and post calendar pictures on the internet; they may treat their pets as children; they might go out of their way to extend a sense of charity and compassion to animals that they wouldn't show to a fellow human being ("rescuing" stray cats, "fostering" pit bulls, and so forth), but the Animal Lover is not out to destroy your happiness. She (it's usually a "she", because vagina) extends a sense of altruism to "defenseless" animals in the mistaken belief that doing so results in a return on investment measured in love and loyalty, and it makes her feel better about herself, totally discounting the propensity of animals to a) engage in pack behavior (bonding with an individual), and b) go wherever the food is.

Because if you had to take these things into account, you might discover your per ferret, cockatoo, or pot-bellied pig is every bit as self-interested as the people you don't wish to be associated with.

In any case, the "Animal Lover" is probably trying to fill an emotional hole left behind by a human being who has disappointed them, in some way. So far as mental disorders go, this one is not all that bad.

The "Animal Rights Activist", on the other hand, is a sinister individual, driven by a need to fill psychological and emotional chasms -- not mere "holes" -- that are ultimately driven by a deep hatred, fear, and loathing of humanity.

The Overlord has said, on many occasions, that he, too, hates people. However, he recognizes that some of humanity is worth associating with, and indeed, saving, should it ever come to that. Contrarily, the Animal Rights Activist sees human beings as irredeemable creatures with no positive qualities, virtual world-destroying animals, themselves, not worthy of love, respect, or indeed, even life. Naturally, like all the Mental Defectives at the head of any "movement", they are to be excluded from the category they've lumped everyone else into because they're special...they care...they're enlightened...and this specially specialness entitles them to special dispensations of especially special nature.

Like the "right" not to be questioned or challenged; the "right" to be excused from whatever consequence they demand be inflicted on others; the "right" to dictate terms to society; the "right" to be regarded as exceptional, and indeed, worshiped for their self-conferred exceptionalism.

To engage in a bit of animal-related tomfoolery that makes the point, because Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others.

But most of all, the "right" to tell you how you should live, think, eat, behave, etc., and all of it based upon a single impulse: they HATE YOU, and when they use the excuse that "it's for your own good", what they really mean is "because making you suffer and dance to my tune makes me cream".

Animal Rights Activists have destroyed an American institution. They have hounded something as quintessentially American as Apple Pie (excuse me, gluten-free, sugar-free, locally-sourced, organic Apple Pie) out of existence with their demands and protests that, contrary to law and reason, animals have rights.

I can't remember any time in recorded history when animals created a system of laws. I am totally ignorant of that time when animals got together in the Hague and issued a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. I don't recall any animals coming forward to make the case that they were the equal to Humans in any way, shape, or form.

I do remember, however, the animals marching two-by-two into an Ark to be saved (apparently, they can't do this themselves). I do remember animals being domesticated, fed, cared for, vaccinated, even given things like orthopedic surgery, by people.

Zoos and Circuses, I would wager, do far more to protect animals than any Animal Rights Activists do. For one thing, animals in the wild face a daily struggle for survival against starvation, predators, disease, and natural disaster. By comparison, those "in captivity" in zoos and circuses live a luxurious lifestyle, where they are well-cared for, and...guess what?...loved by Animal Lovers!

Would you take care of a herd of elephants if you didn't love them?

By comparison to the animals left in the wild, Circus animals are the 1% that the very same people who claim to be advocates for the downtrodden rail against when the target is human beings. Again, mental disorder and hatred of their fellow man, not logic, reason, or actual "love".

Generations of America Children were raised with the Circus in it's traditional form. It has been a source of joy, wonder, entertainment, for hundreds of millions. For many, it is their only chance to ever see  and experience some of the wildlife these insane little bitches claim to be "preserving" and "liberating", expanding the understanding of the world for many, pushing the frontiers of their imaginations just a little bit further out.

The experience of cotton candy, of pipe organ music, peanuts, clowns, acrobats and daredevils (who will now all be out of work, thank you. See? No one thought about them), under the Big Top, culminating in the spectacle of the Elephants on parade, or the drama of Lion Tamer putting his head in the cat's mouth, or the majestic sight of White Horses dancing about the Center Ring, will soon be a thing of the past. Destroyed by a bunch of misanthropes who would rather we be subjected to the products of their mental bowels, rather than seek professional help.

What alternative do we have?

Cirque du Soleil?

Fucking gay.

As I've always said, the first step in destroying the intolerant mindset is to identify the Intolerants, first. This is not too difficult a prospect, as they are so determined to get your attention that they self-identify.

(Another aspect of their mental disease is that they want your attention and approval while vehemently denouncing you as a plague upon Nature. Every "crusader" has a streak of Passive-Aggressive five miles wide; Communists, Antifa, LGBT assholes, SJW's, etc, etc).

There are only two weapons -- short of summary execution -- that get these sorts of pricks to go away and leave you the fuck alone to enjoy your own life to it's fullest extent:

1. Ridicule them, mercilessly. They cannot stand to be mocked, because they take themselves so seriously. Mockery drives them into apoplexy.

2. Get back in their faces, because they only do what they do secure in the knowledge that there is no consequence to doing it.

Don't meet their Passive-Aggressive with your own Passive-Aggressive, because on that battlefield they will simply overwhelm you with superior weaponry.

To not do so means the piece-by-piece destruction of the Life you've come to know and enjoy.

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