Monday, May 1, 2017

Voices Inside My Head #4

If you care about the "cause" of Global Warming/Climate Change, or you are convinced of the Apocalyptic end of the Planet, then do the logical thing -- rid Planet Earth of your disgusting Carbon Footprint and kill yourself -- show your devotion to the cause, for only after you set the proper example will you have the moral authority to lecture me, Pal.

Sorry, but I'm not about to live like a caveman just to suit your pseudo-religion. Besides, you're not out to "Save the World" (an impossibility), you're out to impose a world-wide Socialist system advanced under the cover of a lie, that what you advocate is an altruistic endeavor for the benefit of all Mankind.

Because what you advocate for is, in the end, a Socialist system, only one in which the choice to become a socialist is taken away from the individual. Instead of voting for our future of Socialist Hell, it will be imposed upon us by unelected world bodies -- operating under the shields of "Science"  and "Treaties"-- who will decide who needs what, when they will get it, from who it will be taken from to give to them, and how much of it they will get.


Massive transfers of capital and technology from the rich, industrialized world to the non-rich, still-pissing-in-the-same-pond-they-drink-from world. The deliberate arresting of technical and industrial progress in the Capitalist West (Carbon Credit schemes) while allowing the non-Capitalist-non-West to pollute to it's heart content, until they "catch up". Thereby ensuring everyone is equally poor and miserable.


I can hardly think of any subject in any time in history where so many have been so wrong for so many years, and yet, are still taken seriously.

When I was a kid, if Nuclear Holocaust didn't get us first, we were doomed to starve to death when the Population Bomb exploded.

Didn't happen.

When I was a kid, if we weren't done in by Nuclear Holocaust or the Population Bomb, we were all going to freeze to death in a new Ice Age.

That didn't happen, either.

I study history. I devour it, in fact. I can recite chapter and verse on pretty much any period in human history worth knowing about, and for the life of me, I cannot recall any mass movement of human beings that has been so demonstrably wrong, provably so, that has continued to both talk out of both sides of it's mouth (and metaphorical rectum), and move as many logical and philosophical goalposts in attempting to explain why what it says will happen never does happen, and why they should still be taken seriously and listened to on any important subject.

Oh, wait...I can think of two.

Religion (any one will do). And....


Global Warming is a Religion for Godless Socialists. It provides the moral imperative and spiritual energy that old-style Marxism never could.

Which is why Marxism failed. Because much like religion, it never delivers what it promises, and the promisers just invent excuses for failure.

Stalin had his "Hoarders and Wreckers". Barack Obama had his "Bitter Clingers and Obstructionists". Global Warming idiots have their "Deniers and Corporate Shills". Great new package, same crappy product.

It's all about posturing, anyway. The reason you can tell is because the same scam is being run, wherein those who expect to be "on the right side of history" behave as if they have a right to be excused from the very conventions they wish to impose on others. Happens under every Socialist regime.

So, when Leonardo Di Caprio stops flying in battalions of hookers to bang on his ridiculously-oversized yacht (are we compensating, Leo?), when Al Gore gives up the deeds to all that seafront property in Malibu he bought but assured us was going to be underwater, when the decisions that affect the course of my life, my standard of living, my future, are returned to ME and not decided by appointed diplomats and technocrats who hypocritically jet to Global Warming conferences all over the world and are who not answerable to me, then we can have a discussion.

Otherwise, to quote Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit:

"I'll believe it's a crisis when the people who tell me it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis."

Right now, it just looks like a great big power grab and global redistributionist scam.


So, if you're all in favor of "sustainability", and lowering atmospheric carbon levels, if the ideas of "peak" oil, water, and resources keeps you up at night with a flurry of nervous dread, do us -- and yourself -- a favor and jump off a ledge. Hang yourself with your hemp belt. Stab yourself with a screwdriver, repeatedly. Maybe work up the courage to pour evil fossil fuels all over yourself and strike a match. Show your devotion to the cause, and spare yourself a bleak future where you will die from lack of food, water and Wi-Fi access with a slightly-more-severe sunburn.

Because otherwise this is just a bunch of whining, and it gets tiresome.

Your other option is to shut the fuck up.

Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.

With regards to the sudden mania to erase the history of The West, particularly of America, I have this to say:

Two can play at that game, Shaniqua.

Go ahead: try to erase the memory of Thomas Jefferson. I'll be right next to you with my petition to rename every Martin Luther King Boulevard in America. Preferably with a meaningless, colorless, non-ethnic number, so that not only is no one offended, but that the memory of King and what he stood for (fucking women not his wife while claiming to be a man of the cloth on a moral crusade) is totally forgotten.

Go ahead: try to erase the memory of Shakespeare. I'll be right next to you protesting that Ethnic Studies and Ebonics have no place on Campus. You only want less Shakespeare because you can't understand it.

I dare you: try to erase the legacy and history of the Founding Fathers, of the Roman Republic, of the Ancient Athenians, of the Catholic Church, of Copernicus, Pythagoras, Galileo, Lewis and Clark, Columbus, The Tudors, The Crusades, The British Empire, Fleming, Einstein, Ford, Morgan, Darwin, The Vikings, Faraday, Andrew Jackson. Threaten even so much as a hair on even Millard Fillmore's moldy head.

You only hate these men and institutions because they accomplished things -- are still accomplishing things long after they're gone! -- your people couldn't. You live in a world they created, and you merely take advantage of without giving very much back (oh, sorry, thanks for jazz, Hank Aaron, and The Crack Epidemic), and if that painful thought bothers you so freakin' much, I'd like to remind you of something you seem to have overlooked:

You can get the fuck out anytime you'd like. No one is keeping you here.

And you can take your Full-Metal-Retard and ungrateful sanctimony with you to someplace more to your liking. There are plenty of places in Africa still stuck in the Pre-Mud Age who could sure use your great intelligence and awesome technical skills. I'm sure within a short time Africa will become a world power when you bring them the Highlights of the Sub-Culture of Hip Hop, crack pipes, the Baby Daddy, drank, hair extensions, the Three Point Shot, and -- finally! -- bring AIDS back to it's Point of Origin.

Because AIDS was only being Culturally Appropriated in America.

But, you never will do such a thing because you know, deep in whatever it is you call a heart, that you have it oh-so-good. Your real problem is not that you aren't respected: it's that you aren't USEFUL. As I've said earlier, I devour history, and there is not an historical example that comes to mind of a people who have accomplished so little given the advantages you have today, who can do nothing except demand more, complain more, and do even less.

Because doing means work and sacrifice. Not human sacrifice, like they do in Uganda, I mean the willingness to forego immediate gratification in pursuit of a greater goal.

If there's "A Legacy of Slavery" then it is this: 400 years of importing the world's dumbest people and then selectively breeding them for physical -- not intellectual -- attributes have only given us the world's first Hopelessly Dependent Class who can catch touchdown passes and drop babies faster than rabbits, but who aren't good for much else.

I understand that's a helluva broad brush, but since some of you want me dead and my heritage wiped from the face of the planet, I don't really give a fuck.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Raekwon. Take that unfunny asshole Tyler Perry with you, too.

Let me know when you invent something more sophisticated than Jeri-Curl. I'll just be over here building and programming interstellar probes, practicing Euclidean Geometry, working on my physics and calculus, enjoying vaccines and frozen pizza, and pushing the frontiers of Quantum Computing.

Have fun with the dysentery.

Incidentally, it appears as if the Right...the WHITE RIGHT...presently controls the present.

"Trans" is just a euphemism for "mentally sick, self-hating gay dude who despises himself to the point of self-mutilation".

In fact, more likely wishes to erase himself. Completely. He wants his true self to disappear. As if he never existed. Vaporized, as Orwell would say, become an Unperson.

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner was back in the news. I don't know why, don't care why. I'm only going to explain this once:

1) There are no Chicks with Dicks...there are only Guys With Tits.

2) Bruce was born with one X chromosome, and one Y chromosome. Biologically, this makes him "male". Get boob implants: still one X and one Y. Have reconstructive facial surgery to appear more feminine: still one X and one Y.  Cut your junk off and have it refashioned into a third-rate facsimile of a vagina: still one X and one Y. Insist that people deny objective reality in order to scratch your severe mental itches: still one X and one Y.

This is not an "interesting person": this is someone with deep psychological scars who just hasn't -- YET -- worked up the courage to shoot himself. He's still in the (very extended)"cry for help" phase, only the cries are getting louder and more desperate, and if everyone wasn't  busy "celebrating" his "bravery" we'd be able to foresee his probable end:

When all the surgery in the world fails to satisfy; when all the "let's pretend" finally runs out; when Objective Reality can no longer be denied, we're going to read the following headline:

"Olympic Champion, Caitlyn Jenner, Dead from ________".

And then we'll do what we always do in America in the wake of a "tragedy" and remember a very sick, twisted, self-hating, in-desperate-need-of-attention individual without once mentioning how sick, twisted and self-hating he was, and totally neglecting to ask the question "what was it that finally convinced him that life was not worth living, anymore?".

Because we're a country of navel-gazing dumbasses. If we asked, then we'd have to answer, and it would be obvious. And in discovering it was obvious, we'd also discover we're a nation of dumbasses. All of human existence is an attempt to delay admitting to ourselves that we're all dumber than dogshit.

And then the Super Bowl will be on and we'll forget all about it.

Voices Inside My Head is a regular feature providing insights into the Superior Mental Process of Your Galactic Overlord. 

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