Friday, May 19, 2017

You All Suck #5 - Darwin, Two "-isms", and Survival

Have we finally reached the stage implied in Darwin's Theory which presupposes the end of Evolution within a species, marked by the unmistakable moment when continued adaptation becomes first, questionable, and then, manifestly impossible?

I'm beginning to think so. The consequences, however, are not so obvious. Perhaps there's one, last gasp of adaptation left in the Human Race, and the biological imperative to survive will kick back in, and allow us a single moment of utmost clarity within which it will become obvious as to what is required of us in order to continue as a species. The question is, will we have the brains and stomach to choose the self-evident solution?

The Overlord has no use for most people. I find the majority of people I encounter on a daily basis to be parasites, of no more practical use to me or the species than poison ivy, salmonella, or deer ticks. I find their company almost unbearable; I liken their limited minds to an omnipresent, poisonous cloud of retard; I have discovered that for all the education, all the pretense to good manners, all the balloon juice expended to express the ideals of "brotherhood", that the vast bulk of humanity is a self-interested, mentally-challenged, empty-headed, hypocritical, self-absorbed festering sore.

A bleeding ulcer upon the planet. A suppurating canker. A blister of toxic pus walking about upon two legs.

I hate people, in case you've missed it.

Your Overlord's misanthropy did not come to him naturally, nor all at once. It was a decision reached after many decades of up-close-and-personal experience with the breed.

Oh, he did, at one time, hold out hopes that, perhaps, he might be wrong in his conclusions vis-a-vis Humanity, but just as certainly as 100 follows 99 he would discover that his enthusiasm and expectations would soon be dashed. For every time Your Overlord has encountered those most rare of individuals -- the clear-minded, thinking, co-operative, genuinely sincere person -- 1000 douchebags would suddenly make an appearance and pollute his personal space with their rank stupidity and childish mindsets and blow the whole "perhaps I was too hasty" meme to smithereens.

There was a time when the reprobates could, in theory, at least be held at bay. We once had "unwritten laws" of society where the truly dumb among us kept silent for fear of exposing themselves to rejection and humiliation; there was an era when Common Sense still had enough juice left in it to overcome the inane, nonsensical and useless.

That Era has come to an end.

And nowhere is that end more apparently underscored than in the Modern propensity to view all subjects through the filter of ______ ism.

The Modern Human is confronted, daily, by a variety of  "-isms". Assaulted is probably a better word.

There's Capitalism, Sexism, Ageism, Racism, Anti-Semitism, Communism, Socialism, Trans-genderism, Classicism, Feminism, Conservatism, Liberalism, Existentialism, Deconstructionism, Nationalism, Realism, Fascism, skepticism, Terrorism, Idealism, Vandalism, Journalism (which these days may be likened to vandalism), Imperialism...why, the dictionary is full of "isms"!

And the people who cling to an "ism" are usually full of shit.

The problem is not so much the "ism", itself, but the use to which it is put. Of even greater damage to the species is the sort of person who uses an "ism" to cause damage, and does so either with malicious intent, or through crass, garden-variety stupidity. There are plenty of examples of this type of person around, and it is their very existence which convinces me that Mankind (oh, sorry, that's sexism!) has begun the slow descent into Dodo bird- and dinosaur-hood.

This human archetype usually has a single political outlook, which, very often, the "ism" in question was developed to promote. It is often difficult to separate the "ism" from the political, and it would seem that one cannot exist without the other, in many instances. In fact, I would go as far as to venture that, sans a political motivation, many of these "isms" would not exist, at all.

But I'm particularly thinking of the implications of two specific "isms" here; Liberalism and Racism.

I think these two, combined, have probably done more damage to the Human race than all the other "isms" ever, particularly in they way in which they are generally forged together into a single Weapon of Mass Asshole that leaves me shaking my head in despair.

Here's some recent examples:

We have recently learned that a reconstruction project at the University of Michigan came under withering criticism because of a plan to redecorate a study hall in a manner that befits both a study hall and a university.
According to some ditzy, irrationally-guilty, white girl of suburban privilege (I've checked: Whiter than a light bulb), decorating a room in sober grained wood paneling and expecting students to respect a Zone of Quiet Reflection and Study is oppressive to Minorities.

This is, of course racism, but of a double-edged sort, that makes me want to laugh, cry, and murder someone simultaneously.

On the one hand, those who use racism as a sledgehammer (and this chick is one of them; she's expecting to be forgiven her privilege, ultimately. Fat chance, Darlin') would argue that expecting "minority" students to exercise the proper decorum in a room patterned after centuries of Western Architectural practice is somehow personally and racially demeaning to them, and causes them grievous mental and physical discomfort, because Racism. On the other hand, the presumptive paternalism inherent in this argument -- that a suburban white girl has the right, and even more, the belief that she should speak up on behalf of minorities -- is appalling. Are they not able to speak for themselves? Are they not able to exercise a choice to not frequent the Racist Study Hall? It assumes that the offended are capable of neither.

Then again, if Common Sense still held sway, then those who found the atmosphere of the University "racist" and "oppressive" would do what people have done for untold generations: they'd go to a different university; they'd move to partake of a culture not so racist and oppressive-y. I'm certain the LAST thing they'd do is go to Ms. Whitey McMaynonnaise and ask her to fight their battles for them.

But that's Liberalism for you: everyone is a victim of everything, everyone is a presumed drooling idiot, and if we didn't have liberals to speak up for us, we'd all be wandering the planet, picking our noses, tripping over our own shoelaces, and petting strange dogs. A curious circumstance of this belief is that it is widespread.

Does no one take offense, anymore? Is anyone capable of doing so, anymore?

If you ask me, this is Racism. So we're to attack racism with more Racism? Someone please tell our well-meaning-but-obviously-asinine would-be heroine that she might be a fucking retard. Someone who had actual respect for the people she's "speaking out" for would understand that both her message and her method leave much to be desired, and say far more about her OWN racism, than they do the "University's".

The University, incidentally, Sweetheart, is an inanimate object with no personal motivations of it's own. So not only are you a dumbass racist fucktard, you're hallucinating and imparting human motivations to a pile of bricks. If I were you, I'd ask for my money back, because it's apparent your college experience is not making you very smart.

To be fair to the young lady at the center of this firestorm of fucktard, one of the worst aspects of youth is the trial-and-error process by which young minds strive mightily to make the leap to adulthood, and often miss the mark. Widely. She's only a dumbass because she doesn't have the experience and knowledge to make better decisions and arguments.

Here's another:

In this article, we discover that mathematics is a tool of imperialism, and oppression, and a weapon that has been used against indigenous peoples, minorities, women, goldfish, meatloafs, ball peen hammers, and Transformers since the beginning of time, by eeeeeevil White Men. So much so, that if it is taught to members of a victimized group (anyone not a White, Heterosexual, Christian Male), it should be a) derided and castigated as racist/sexist/homophobic, etc., and b) de-emphasized in any curriculum, so as to not shatter the fragile sensibilities of those who -- this argument implies -- can't do it.

No, there's no racism in that all. No, there's no Modern Liberal political agenda in that all.

I can't believe I have to do this, but here we go: once again, a policy that sets out to destroy an "ism" is guilty of a variety of other "isms". Are you saying girls can't do math? Are you saying that but for Euclidean Geometry there would have been no Holocaust? Are you implying that perhaps the reason why so many "people of color" all over this planet fail -- spectacularly, on a daily basis -- is not because they are incapable of adding and subtracting, and that expecting them to be able to learn how to do so is somehow the inexcusable imposition of a "superior" culture over an "inferior" one?

Or is it just a new way -- like Ebonics, Free Spelling, or Common Core -- to give black kids an easy A in a subject they typically despise by allowing them to continue in their ignorance? Because that's fucking RACIST.

I'm sure that when all of those minorities and women and aardvarks oppressed by traditional, non-SJW-approved, Sexist/Racist/Homophobe mathematics turn up for those job interviews as Engineers, Accountants, Research Scientists, Computer programmers, and so forth, that their potential employers are as "caring" as you, and agree that knowing how to do Math isn't really that important.

After all, bridges stay up all by themselves, rockets fly by magic, and there's plenty of Tax Court judges willing to overlook the accused's poorly-constructed tax return because it was put together by an innumerate monkey.

At what point does this all become patronizing and insulting to the extent that Liberal Peddlers of "Isms" get tarred and feathered, if not murdered, outright?

Because by these sorts of examples and these sorts of methods, it's becoming clear to your Galactic Master that the human race is succumbing to a program of Encroaching Stupid that is largely self-inflicted, and politically-motivated, at best, or driven by misplaced feelings of guilt, shame, solidarity, or empathy that are both highly corrosive to civil society and detrimental to the continuation of the species, at worst.

After all, Man's primary Evolutionary tool is his brainpower. Should that ever fail, we're done.

Which leads me to a suggestion, the nature of which will cause alarm in certain precincts, and bunch panties from Here to Aldebaran:

Stupid is a deadly threat to Humanity.  Even greater than Nuclear War, Global Warming, or Donald Trump. Without our brainpower we will survive or prevent none of those things. We can allow Stupid to take it's course furthering damaging the species, or we can take measures to extirpate it wherever it's found, which will assume methods many will find distasteful and repugnant, but which, on the whole, will be beneficial to those of us who remain.

Prime among these methods is allowing The Stupid to fail, and suffer the consequences of those failures. No more bailing people out with welfare, no more feeding starving masses who can't grow their own food, no more scholarships to people who are triggered by paneling, or who are convinced that algebra is the prerequisite for Slavery.

Let Nature take it course, ala Darwin, and Stupid will be bred out of humanity within a few generations.

If we can't wait around for Nature to breed Stupid out, then perhaps it's time to start rounding the Stupid up, and leaving them on deserted islands.

Let 'em die, save the rest of us.

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