Monday, October 9, 2017

You All Suck (Exhibit #13: Lady, Get Over Your Snatch)

Of all the things in Creation, the dumbest are these:

Sub-Saharan Africans, Irish Setters, and Feminists.

At least the Africans and the dogs have excuses: the first never advanced out of the Stone Age mentally, despite several hundred years of Imperialism; the second is a animal with a very small braincase originating on an island where small braincases and inbreeding are common.

Any people who choose a pugilistic, inebriated midget with poor fashion sense as their cultural icon, by implication, have small braincases.

But, I digress...

Feminists....where to begin?

Of all the insane, wrong-headed, asinine, half-witted, sophomoric, self-destructive ideas that Mankind has ever produced, this may be in the Top Three of All-Time Fuckups.

And I use the term "Mankind" loosely here: for if a Man had invented Feminism, it would a) probably work, b) make more sense, and c) certainly be less-menstrual.

Instead, from the outside looking in, it would appear as if feminism was invented by a very bored, very ugly (on the inside), untalented, woman with no ability beyond inflicting her menses and self-esteem issues on to any man desperate enough for sex who would listen to her ceaseless prattle of complaints..

What started out as a quaint idea -- that the Male and Female were strictly equal, if not in ability, then at least in potential -- has warped into a miserable, humorless, non-joyous, narrow-minded, unserious ideology of pure, unadulterated, crystallized hatred for the male of the species.

I've written before on why Feminism is a load of nonsense, but just when I think I have it all figured out, the Feminists manage to reach a higher level of lunacy that defies explanation, and I have to start all over again.  It isn't just the ever-changing double standards feminists employ to excuse their bullshit. It's not just the continuous process of moving of the goalposts and finding of scapegoats to explain decades of failure. It's not even the Let's-Pretend quality of the whole thing that mystifies: it's how Feminists descended into a bunch of whining Fascists that gets me.

Although all these decades of failure might explain it. I mean, after you've fallen on your ass a few hundred times and can't be honest with yourself as to how it happened (you're not thinking the problem through, and probably not taking effective action), I guess all you have left is jealousy, fear, venom, and finally, hatred.

This is all about how "unfair" it was that Nature saddled you with a vagina, and all that entails. It's the cramps, the hormone surges, the bloating, and the migraines that drive you to be such disagreeable pieces of shit, and I reckon it's worse for women who couldn't get laid in a prison bearing a fistful of Pardons.

Hence, Pussy Hats.
However, it's gone beyond a mere social or political problem that can be discussed civilly, and perhaps solved with dialogue and mutual understanding. It would seem that some of you have taken this to the next level, and declared War on Men.

And because you're (generally) not that bright, obsessed with goes into or comes out of your va-jay-jay, and been deprived a logical thought process, you don't even realize that you will lose.

Normally, I would not give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut about some insanely insecure and paranoid broads, but I've read a few things this week that make me want to stockpile food and ammo, and build a bunker outside T.J. Maxx, so as to ambush and kill you before you do any further harm to the species and yourselves.

The first indication that we Men might soon have to deal with an army of really pissed off mental cases is the assertion by this fucking pig that she has trouble finding a husband because "she's too pretty to date".

Take a look at the photograph that accompanies the story. Too pretty?

Darling you have SKANK written all over you. I wouldn't fuck you with a stolen cock.

Perhaps THAT's the reason why you're having trouble finding a husband? Oh, and the obvious narcissism? It's bordering on pathological. A woman who tells you she's "too pretty to date" doesn't even believe, sub-consciously, her own bullshit. That's a woman who has lost touch with reality, a woman who is emotionally and logically fragile, inventing excuses because the gap between her (degraded) vision of herself and the lofty ideals of who and what she should be (as dictated by other chicks, all of whom would probably hate that fucking skinny cunt) is so vast that British Airways is offering 12 non-stops daily across it.

The second indication we're about to face an uprising of those afflicted by a monthly visit from Aunt Flo came courtesy of an Australian newspaper, where a humble housewife asked other women a simple question about making her husband a sandwich, and was savaged for it by the Strosstruppen of the Feminazi Panzergruppen SS.
Reading that article one is amazed at the depth of hatred married women feel towards their husbands, and yet, they don't seem to have divorced them, and hubby keeps coming home. Which is indicative of one of two things, really: either Australian men have pussies, too, or these women are all completely full of shit and simply shooting their mouths off. One or the other must be true, otherwise our Brothers Down Under are already done for, and they don't seem to have noticed it yet.

I'm more inclined to believe it to be more feminist bluster, because that's what they seem to do best.

That and menstruate. All the time, apparently.

Feminism was once a pretty neat idea, and then it descended into the hellhole of the Left, and became something (giving some credit for good intentions) it was never intended to be.

It has become something on the order of a Totalitarian Religion. The feminist begins by denying science (there are no differences between the sexes), it alternately enforces a rigid ideology/dogma or changes these at the drop of a (pussy) hat to suit it's immediate needs. It's failures are always due to external enemies(always the embodiment of evil), it's minor successes inflated beyond reason, it's victory is always assured...but never arrives. It is obsessed with Sex. It has it's own mythology of the Fall of Woman (Male Domination), complete with all the bells and whistles: Toxic Masculinity (Original Sin), A messiah (The Feminine Ideal).

It hunts down and destroys apostates and non-believers with a fervor that rivals the jihadis, and which would have made the Inquisition jealous. It exiles it's enemies to the social equivalent of Purgatory where they will become unemployable, socially ostracized, and systematically stripped of their rights, and hounded from the public square.

Feminism marches with an iron boot of oppression, because where it once sought mere equality, it now seeks DOMINATION. Modern Feminism seeks to create a world where women are absolved of every responsibility and granted every privilege, while men are stripped of every privilege and burdened with every responsibility.

The quest for equality implies a capacity for compromise, a sense of give and take.

To the modern Feminist, this means you Give and she Takes, and she is perfectly willing to do anything to get you to give it all. Especially use the power of government to force you to give it all, and to help them to take it all.

You now know why there are so many single mothers and deadbeat fathers.

All this because of a furry organ?

The Vagina might be the most destructive force in the Universe.

Too bad it's in the hands of the insane.
Until the day comes when someone (a Man, naturally)invents the vibrating tampon to pacify this potential threat of frothing, rabid vaginas, we shall have to be on our guard, Gentleman.

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