Friday, October 20, 2017

And a Thousand More...

The accusation of an "-ism" is the last gasp of those who have no rational argument left to make; it is an attempt not to win the contest of ideas, nor to explore the "root causes" of whatever great injustice is supposed to have been perpetrated, but an attempt to silence -- through shame -- that which cannot be rebutted or proven through reason.

This is a bit of an extension of the arguments I've previously made here.

It happens when a word is rendered ineffective by spurious and reflexive repetition, that when it loses all of it's power to silence through shame, new words will emerge to take their place, as if the novelty of a new term for the same stupid makes much of a difference; those who fling them about so casually are still on the wrong end of history, they've just become more-desperate and developed a new vocabulary for failure. When the old tools of prying privileges and money and political status from a society in order to keep of a dead-end ideology on life support no longer suffice, the response is, naturally, to find better tools.

Except  that "better tools" often depend on better minds, and in the case of the euphemisms being thrown around these days, the same old minds are clearly at work. They've only managed to swap one stick for another quite like the first.

Just look at the new terms we find ourselves confronted with, these days:

"White Supremacist"

"Toxic Masculinity"

"Nazi and/or Fascist"


All hyperbolic, all indicative that the people who use them freely and with intent are becoming unhinged. All of these words being flung about carelessly and meanly by people who would otherwise think of themselves as altruistic, humanistic, benevolent folks who would never dream of hurting others, or stifling free speech, or "Othering" another, or, best of all, who would otherwise defend "Diversity" as a worthy goal....unless they don't like the Diversity they get.

Because these terms are used by people who, for the most part, twist words like pretzels so as to have them mean whatever they need them to mean right this very second, they have a double-edged quality to them that is a product of the Cognitive Dissonance of the modern left. The terms express, on the one hand, a meaning which is only operative if one grants the user license to turn a word into it's opposite for his own purposes or mental comfort, and on the other, can be used to distract from the fact that they are expressing a real conundrum that the user is incapable of expressing in anything but emotional terms, but which all the same expresses a truth the user cannot admit.

To take "White Supremacy" as an example.

At base, this is just a euphemism for "racist", and it's main utility is that in having declared everything under the Sun racist at one point or another, the old word has lost it's sting. It is a new term to describe the same accusation.

You can put a dress and lipstick on a sow, but that doesn't make her the Prom Queen.

It has another, unexpressed (because the user doesn't wish to admit it) connotation that if there is such a thing as White Supremacy, it must follow this is because the White Race is supreme (or is seen as such). It is a tacit admission that while the White Race (White males, specifically) has spent the better part of 3 millennium improving itself and the world around it, the other races have done little of note. It reeks of jealousy; it smells of desperation; it emits a strong aroma of admitted failure.

It is an attempt to shame one group of people (Whites) with the failure of all the other groups. We're supposed to feel guilty about being a part of a successful culture, and that guilt is supposed to lead us to forget notions of success and failure in an effort to be fair and equitable towards the losers.

Fuck that. It is not incumbent upon the Winners to raise the Losers up, but for the Losers to raise themselves.

And the truly funny (in a sad way) part of this all is that the people who scream"White Supremacy!" the loudest are usually the ones who have benefited from it in terms of medical breakthroughs, constitutional government, technological advancement, educational opportunities, entrepreneurship, and all the other offshoots of White Culture.

They simultaneously realize it and have a vested interest in not recognizing it, and this creates a uniquely-demented mindset that is incapable of solving it's own internal dilemma. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" becomes inoperative when you can't or won't do either, or worse, expect someone else to do them for you.

Because that' requires effort and brains.

"Toxic Masculinity" has become my favorite term of vilification, as of late, mostly because of the hysterically-menstrual quality of the people who use it, and the obvious sense of  sheer, helpless weakness the term conveys on the part of it's users.

The Patriarchy which used to be just "evil", "insidious", "oppressive" is now a disease. It is poisonous, gangrenous, a genetic defect, something on the order of an EPA Superfund site that must be cleaned up. Maleness is now considered a birth defect in feminist circles.

And yet, the feminist has been the greatest recipient of benefit from that Patriarchy, whether it is in terms of equal opportunity, the recognition of a woman's basic humanity, the extension of the franchise, trillions spent in research and treatment of the medical issues unique to females, the freedom and material comfort to bite the hand that feeds you and protects you from retaliation.

Notice the feminist shouting "Toxic Masculinity" does so from within a society that doesn't wrap her in a carpet and mangle her genitals as a matter of custom. Take note that the screeching banshee typically makes pronouncements of the Deadly Threat of the Male from safety inside the Ivory Tower of Academia, or the Organs of Government (surrounded by males with guns for her protection). Recognize that while the unfettered fury of the talking menstrual cycle is directed at you, you Penis-Bearer, you!, that she still insists that it should be YOU who does the heavy lifting of achieving her goals.
The Passive-Aggressive is especially rich. There's nothing like being lectured by women in Vagina Hats, who threaten to mail vials of their menstrual blood to members of the government, in the finer points of human dignity, always demanding to be taken seriously.

On the point of the whole "Nazi/Fascist" thing, we have fascists roaming the streets pretending not to be fascists in the name of labeling other people as fascists, all the while denying that their tactics and aims are reminiscent of the fascists of old. We're supposed to be able to make a distinction between the "Good" fascists (who aren't fascists...really...they aren't...they just want Healthcare and Free College) and the "Bad" Fascists (who, really, aren't that bad...except they want in on this Identity Politics thing the other fascists invented), engaged in a schoolyard slap fight over who gets to be the OFFICIAL fascists (but not fascists, really...we swear) on the left, and who gets to deem who "a Nazi".

Very peculiar is the political left -- which has for decades pushed the notion of Identity as the basis of politics -- is now confronted by those who claim an Identity the left has worked for decades to eradicate, and furthermore, accuses this new identity of harboring thoughts of genocide and oppression. 

Why, it's almost enough to prescribe them all a 72-hour Prozac enema.

And if that wasn't confusing to you at all, then the waters are muddied even further with terms like "Alt-Right", which is a steaming pile, considering the people it's being applied to (the "bad" fascists who aren't truly fascists, because they pinky swear\, for reals), aren't even right-wingers, seeing as how they're advocating for National SOCIALISM.

In which case, "Alt-Right" becomes another synonym for "White Supremacy", which is itself a euphemism for "Racist", which itself is a label applied to those who can by those who can't, who have belatedly recognized how deep their "can't" truly runs.

You can't keep 'em straight without a scorecard. More twists and turns (and damaged mentalities) in this meandering maze of mental than in a typical episode of "Game of Thrones".

And not to be outdone, because unlike those who hand out the label "racist" like candy, or the rancid cunt who lives in both deadly fear of, and in continual pursuit of the Dreaded Penis of Mass Destruction (all while trying desperately to emulate the behavior and performance of those so equipped), or the helplessly stuck-in-stupid Fascist-who-doesn't-know-she's-a-fascist-fighting-other-fascists-who-don't-know-they're-helplessly-stuck-on-stupid, along comes the "immigrant" who insists that enforcing laws equates to genocide.

Really. This is my shocked face.

To begin with, I put "immigrant" in quotation marks for a reason: simply crossing a border illegally doesn't make you an immigrant.

It makes you a criminal.

And this, too, has a hyperbolic connotation, as if asking people to stay in or return to or not leave their country of origin is equal to building concentration camps, vast gas works, and unloading trainloads of "innocent" people into an instrument of mass murder.

Perhaps if remaining in Mexico is an existential threat, then it must be because Mexico is an inhuman shithole. 

Considering Mexico is full of Mexicans, and said Mexicans must have played some part in making Mexico an open sewer, why oh why would we in America want millions of Mexicans? Especially millions we didn't even ASK for? What indication does a rational person have that Mexicans (in the mass) are really good at this civilization thing?

For that matter, what makes anyone believe Haitians are good at it? Or Sudanese? or Yemenis, Syrians, Khazaks, Pakistanis, Zulus, or Polynesians?

Have you seen Port-Au-Prince? You wouldn't let your dog take a dump there. Have you seen Hawaii? Its like Detroit with grass skirts and palm trees, and more morbid obesity. Get a good look at Damascus, through the smoke and chemical haze of course, these days? South Africa was once one of the richest and most-productive nations on Earth, and now it looks like Barack Obama was elected President for Life.

The rest of the world is backwards, filthy, primitive, governed by cultural and religious practices which make a mockery of the words "progress" or "civilization", and which would still be physically recognizable to the 18th century European explorers who hacked their way into the Congo, dug the Suez, or patrolled the Irrawaddy, if they were alive today. It has changed so little.

Yeah, I know, because "American Dream", however the last time I looked, that dream did not come with permanent welfare and in Spanish.

If keeping you where you are, or sending you back to where you came from, equals "genocide" then I would suggest that's only because where you come from is such a godawful mess because you left it that way, and there are millions more like you still there.

No thanks, we'll pass.

If you find that offensive, well, then it's no more offensive than having millions of uninvited guests show up on my doorstep, demanding to be fed from my refrigerator, who makes themselves at home in my living room, feet on the coffee table, hands in my wallet, demanding I serve them and that if I don't, then there's something wrong with me.

If we're engaged in genocide, then why are there so many of you still around? Apparently letting you use food stamps and hospitals and schools and earn money off the books is not working. If this is "genocide", we're obviously doing it wrong.

It's all part of the same problem:

the failures cannot succeed, they never could succeed, and the only reason they've been able to survive, as a sub-culture, as a political ideology, as members of a non-productive class, is because of their ability to extract money, power, status, guilt and shame, from the productive.

These "movements" can only ever exist in a nation that can afford to waste resources on them.

But no more.

Say whatever you will about Donald Trump (I wasn't a fan, but watching these people self-destruct is hilarious), he has at least set forth an interesting political and economic program, even if he hasn't formally announced it, as he really, really, really, mangles the English Language, like YUGE!, which consists largely of the concept of No Passengers.

He has made the common-sense argument (in far too many small words) that a nation $20 trillion in debt can no longer afford useless mouths, nor to virtue signal to the world in ways which sacrifice national interests or sovereignty.

The Whiners know it.

But, since they have never had any weapon besides whining and being unreasonable jerks at their disposal, it's no wonder they can do little more than double down on obnoxious, and what will be incredibly fun to watch is what happens as each of these mewling collections of human waste wears itself out in tantrum and invective until they are finally drained of all vitality, having exhausted themselves in a Quixotic mission of attempting to squeeze more blood from a stone.

You know what will be even more entertaining? Waiting until two or more of these groups of shitbags start fighting for ever-smaller pieces of an ever-shrinking turf in the quest to collect ever-smaller -- and eventually, one hopes, non-existent -- crumbs.

These folks are the ants at our communal picnic, and they serve just about the same purpose.

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